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Alt World: A Father's Child (alternate ending)

In the comments, Clarence said he wouldn't mind if someone continued his story. I liked the story, but wished there was a different ending (not that there was anything wrong with the ending Clarence chose, I just loved the character of The Wall, with the power of 2 huge men, and didn't want to see him go away)

This is my ending to the story... Hope people enjoy and Clarence isn't offended.

Corwin (aka Scott)
For the next several week’s Wallace was too sick to leave his house. He had forgotten what it was like to have allergies and be frail, and his body took it hard. His father took care of him, but at the end of the first month, his father was hit with his large medical bills.

The Wall’s disappearance was a mystery at school, but not one anyone was too eager to pursue. The teachers seemed relieved that their problem student wasn’t an issue anymore. With football season over, the principal had no incentive to rock the boat. While the star player was gone, the Coach’s own sons, such nice boys, had begun to live up to their genetic potential. Everyone was sure they could easily take the Wall’s place, and wouldn’t be half the problem.


Bruce took great pride in his son’s and their recent growth spurt. He trained with them, and the three became more like triplets than a father and two sons. At first, the boys were awkward in the weight room. Their bodies weren’t use to lifting the heavy weights they were now capable of. Bruce had to teach them proper form, and show them how to eat right. He was especially pleased when they asked to compete with him in a teenage and master’s bodybuilding competition planned for the next month.


Things went from bad to worse for Stanley. With the disappearance of The Wall, his boss began to hound him, regretting the incident that had promoted Stanley to his current position. Stanley was put on probation, and it looked likely he would loose his job. At the same time, Wallace’s medical bills were increasing. The only good thing was that now father and son had bonded once again. Wallace seemed honestly sorry about how he had behaved before the accident that had stripped him of the magical enhancements.

At first, Stanley had a hard time believing Wallace’s story. Indian folklore and magic charms were not in his reality. As the financial situation became critical, Stanley’s curiosity was peeked. He Googled the story, and found a number of websites that contained the mythology. Each described the same horse-shaped charm that Wallace had mentioned.

“Dad, I know,” Wallace coughed, “that we’re hurting for money. I,” he coughed again, “still have about ten thousand from before.”

“That much?” his father asked.

“And we could sell the truck. I won’t be needing it,” Wallace said with a wheeze.

“How much did the truck cost, son?”

“$55,000, but I paid cash and for a full year’s insurance.,” he moaned.

“You made that much money?”

Wallace nodded, almost ashamed. “I spent at least that much on supplements and travel too.”

Stanley thought. That much money? He had no idea. An idea dawned on him, but it was unthinkable. But why not? His son had worked hard for what he had attained. Sure, he was a jerk, but was that all his fault? Hadn't Stanley used him to get a promotion? The school used him for all those championships? If everyone was using Wallace for his ability, why shouldn't the boy have learned that using others, was OK? Why shouldn't he have resented being used? And what had the coach or his boys done for the recognition they had now? Their genetics were a gift, but how had they earned that gift? Suddenly, Stanley's idea didn't seem so evil.

“Wallace, do you still remember where this cave is?”

He nodded, “but Tyler and Taylor covered it with rocks.”

“Son,” he said, “I think I can help with that.”

That night, father and son struck a bargain.


The local paper was abuzz with news of the father and sons that had taken first place in a local bodybuilding competition. Competing as heavyweights, Bruce had dominated his class and narrowly beat out the super heavyweight for the title. For the first time, the judges had allowed a tie in the teen competition, both Tyler and Taylor sharing the top prize. The prize was even more special to the boys who were wearing pairs of their father's old posing shorts -- a gift to them for luck. "I had to have them special made," he had said, winking at them as he handed the shorts over.

Bruce put the trophies in a special spot in his cabin, with photos of the event displayed prominently. He celebrated by taking Callie out to a special dinner and dancing.

The boys too celebrated. They went out with a couple of the guys from the football team. These guys were big like them, and obviously into muscle. All the boys were more than willing to show off, stripping off their shirts and wearing tight jogging shorts that accentuated every bulge. After catching a bite to eat, the four arrived at the cabin. They had agreed that what happened at the cabin stayed at the cabin, and all anticipated the ways they would relieve their pent-up sexual and muscular desires.

When they got to the cabin, they saw a large truck parked in front.

“That looks like Wallace’s truck,” said one of the twins.

“What’s he doing here?” asked Tyler, a bit concerned.

The four got out, and Tyler and Taylor let them in the cabin. The two boys went and checked out the trophies and the pictures while the twins search for Wallace. “There’s nothing he can do to us now,” Taylor said.

“Not when we find him,” Tyler said.

When it was clear he wasn’t at the cabin, the boys got worried. “You don’t think he went to the cave?” Tyler asked.

“Why would he go there? We blocked it up?”

The boys knew why he'd want to get in, and started to panic. “Maybe he figured out how to get in?”

“We should check.”

“What about,” but before he could finish his sentence, his brother was apologizing to their new team mates. He told them they had to go out, but would be right back. The boys were disappointed, so Tyler struck a double bicep, letting the two feel his hard muscles.

While Tyler was apologizing to his guests, Taylor called their father. He got voice mail, and explained that Wallace’s truck was at the cabin. The twins were going to investigate.

As their friends went down the road, the twins started running to the cave., their lithe bodies easily jumping over rocks and swerving around trees. As they approached the cave, they noticed changes. Someone had been there.

Most of the rocks were still blocking the entrance, but several had been disturbed, making a gap large enough for a small boy to crawl through. There was the sound of rustling coming from inside.

“Wallace,” Tyler’s deep voice shouted. “Is that you?”

No response, but the rustling seemed to stop. There was the sound of a rock falling inside the cave. “Wallace, we know you’re in there. You better come out.”

Wallace’s wheezing voice replied “Make me,” from behind the rocks.

“It could be a trap,” warned Tyler. "Maybe we should wait until Dad gets here?"

Taylor shook his head. “Don’t worry. We know how it works now. He can’t get us. We’re too strong and fast.”

Tyler reluctantly agreed, and the two, working as a team, began to remove the rocks to create an opening big enough for their virile bodies to fit through.

The cave was dark, and it was a new moon. The twins had failed to bring a flashlight, so they carefully walked inside. Everything seemed to be as it had been the last time they were there. As their eyes adjusted, they saw the skeletal arm with the horse pendant.

Outside the cave, Wallace and his father watched the twin boys moving the rocks. In the darkness, their sinewy muscles rippled with dark shadows accentuating their powerful physiques. Stanley noted how big the boys were, but not nearly as big nor intimidating as his son had been.

They had paid a burly constructor worker $2500 to come and create a small opening in the cave. Another $2500 had been spent on electronics to create sounds like someone was inside. Finally, a recording of Wallace’s voice would be used to lure the twins inside. Everything was working perfectly.

As the twins entered, Wallace and his father began to move. Each carried a bottle of chloroform. They stood at the mouth of the now open cave.

Taylor knew something was wrong when he tripped on something. It looked like a fancy tape recorder. Suddenly, he heard the sound of glass shattering. Outside, two figures ran aside. There was a strong smell, and he and his brother began to cough. They started to move outside the cave, but the world began to spin. He heard Tyler fall. Moments later, he too passed out.

The cave aired out quickly. Stanley stood outside, helping support the frail Wallace. “OK, son. Now it's your turn.”

Wallace nodded. He walked into the cave. He heard his father say, “And I am proud of you, son.”

Wallace walked back to the skeletal arm. He saw the pendant, and took it in his hand. He moved to the twins. They looked like their father, with his powerful muscles. He grabbed Tyler’s shorts first, pulling them off. It was hard, but he slowly exposed the boy’s massive organ. Taylor was next. As he worked, the boys rolled over, but didn’t awaken.

Wallace moved between them. Each boy had an endowment equal to their father’s. He reached over and grabbed one boy’s abundant sack, then the other’s. Each seemed about half of what his had felt like.

He closed his eyes. Words formed in his mouth and the charm felt warm. “Axaych?kish araav. ?fisheen araav. Ave?p araav. Axak-iv?vapu ?rihish ?xaska. Anamahach avanaxiich ?rihish ax?kyaan axyar ?vansa.” The three were paralyzed, time slowing. Wallace was aware of the change this time. He felt his body becoming alive, speeding up and becoming more agile. He felt healthier, then handsome. He felt sexy, then finally, he began to feel strong. As he finished the chant, he felt the twin’s sack shrink. Between his own legs, he felt a familiar heaviness.

Wallace held the pendant and stepped over the still studly boys. Each began to move into the fetal position, moving their hands to their now shrunken sacks. Their penises still looked large, but somehow lacked a certainly manliness. With his back to the cave opening, he sat down and waited.

Stanley walked slowly to the cabin. He saw lights inside, and peered through a window. He saw two muscular teens naked. They were looking at pictures of the twins posing and were masturbating. While the boy’s were muscular, neither had particularly large genitalia. One of the boys started to shoot a load, then the other boy followed. They then turned and went upstairs.

Stanley let himself into the cabin. He heard water running. He walked into the room, the smell of potent youthful man-juice strong in the air. He looked at the pictures. He saw Bruce wearing nothing but posing briefs displaying his muscles next to a more thickly muscled, but not quite as defined larger man. As he looked at the picture, he couldn’t help but notice that both men more than adequately filled out their posing briefs.

“Soon…” he said.

As Wallace sat, he began to feel more and more like his old self. He saw the twins become soft, their athletic and toned bodies shrinking and becoming pale. At the same time, he felt his own body growing. His shirt became tight and started riding up, revealing his emerging abs. The short sleeves rode up and stretched to contain his widening, round delts. Seams popped as he breathed or moved slightly. Soon his expanding chest and back shredded the shirt, which tumbled to the ground as rags. Looking down, he bounced his twin plateaus, then raised an arm and flexed a huge peak. “Welcome back,” he grinned, his voice deep again and lacking the asthmatic wheeze he normally had. His pants were fairing no better. First they rode up as his legs grew, but the pant bottom soon encounted his massive calves, which tore them apart. Normal pants weren't made for the size of Wallace's quads, which took equal pleasure shredding the fabric that tried to contain them. As Wallace changed back into the Wall, his powerful body mocked the fabric that tried to contain it.

When the twins began to stir, Wallace stood up. He was only 6’5” but growing quickly. His old small clothes were in tatters on the floor. He moved his hand to his balls. They were huge and hairy and he scratched them, feeling their weight. Smiling, he walked naked outside the cave, holding the pendant.

Taylor and Tyler’s first vision on awakening was of a massive shadow walking into the woods. As they became conscious, they became aware of a sick feeling. They reached toward their organs, feeling the pea-sized nuts and small organs. They started to cry.


Callie had just told Bruce the news. She was pregnant. She wasn’t sure she wanted to keep the baby, but Bruce would hear none of it. What Callie didn’t tell Bruce was that the timing meant that The Wall was the father.

He picked up his phone to call his boys with the good news when he heard the voice mail. Both he and his wife left to drive to the cabin.


Stanley turned when he heard the door open. The 6’8 ? inch, 335lb body could only belong to one person – his son, the Wall.

“It worked!”

The handsome powerhouse grinned, and in a voice deeper than either remembered said, “I’m back.”

Footsteps came running from upstairs. The two players stopped, seeing the naked Wall. They wore only towels. The Wall grinned at the players. “Sorry guys, I was away. You visiting the coach? He didn't tell me we were going to have visitors.” The Wall noticed that both boys began to tent immediately upon seeing him. It felt good to have this effect on people return to him. He took a step closer, reached out and grabbed the towels, revealing the youth’s energized poles. The Wall raised his arms, placing his hands behind his head. He flexed his abs, willing his own horny rod to life. "It's OK, guys. I'm horned up too."

The boys watched as the hyper-masculine Wall’s monster cock began to grow. Within seconds, his tool extended into the top of his cinder block abs. “It’s OK, boys. Nothing wrong with a few studs being all horned up.” He lowered his arms, grabbing the boy’s erections and squeezing hard. “Why don’t you two studs wait upstairs for me?” He squeezed their small tools hard enought to make the boys flinch. The guys grabbed the Wall's arms, feeling his forearms ripple with power. When he let them go, they ran upstairs.

The Wall walked forward. Taking a string from a drawer, he wrapped it around the horse pendant. As he did, a car sped to the cabin. He put the pendant over his father’s head. “You’ll be needing this in a second.” The Wall moved to just inside the room, hiding himself in a corner.

Bruce ran into the cabin. He turned, and saw someone in the main room. He walked forward, seeing Stanley holding one of the pictures. “What are you doing here? Where are my boys!”

“I’m right here, Coach,” said an incredibly deep and husky voice behind him. Before he could turn, powerful arms grabbed his guns and held him tight. “Did you miss me?”

“Wallace! What did you do…” Before he could finish the sentence, Stanley moved forward. Unsnapping Bruce’s pants, he pulled them down, his overstuffed underwear coming into view.

“Maybe,” Stanley started, but the Wall stared at him.

“You know you want it. That’s our deal. It was your idea.”

Stanley nodded. He pulled Bruce’s pants down. Bruce tried to break free, but the Wall was easily twice as strong as he was. Bruce knew his boys had given up their gifts to this monster.

“So, you want to steal from me like you stole from my boys?”

“If anybody had anything stolen, it was me!” said the Wall. “Your saintly sons started it when they forced me to jack them off. What happened next was an accident. After that, I worked for what I became. I was the one who trained! I was the one who dieted. I may have taken their potential, but it was me who shaped it into what I am today. Then, they stole it back from me. They didn’t spend hours in the gym building muscle, or eating 8 meals a day of high protein. That was me. Why do they deserve being the big men on campus? Because they are your sons. I don’t think so!”

Before Bruce could respond, Stanley had lowered his briefs. “It’s huge,” he whispered, then put both hands to the Coach’s balls. He felt himself go into a trance. The Coach froze, and Wallace stepped back.

“Axaych?kish araav. ?fisheen araav. Ave?p araav. Axak-iv?vapu ?rihish ?xaska. Anamahach avanaxiich ?rihish ax?kyaan axyar ?vansa.”

When it was over, Stanley moved back as if in shock. The Coach fell to the ground grabbing his groin as if he had been kicked in the nuts. At that second, Callie walked in.

“Bruce! What happened!”

The Wall grabbed the Coach’s wife, swung her around and kissed her deeply. She seemed to melt when she realized who it was.

Bruce rubbed his sack, but it was now so small. His giant eggs had been reduced to peas. He felt sick. He felt unsure, the confidence that came with being strong and irresistible gone. He felt ordinary.

Stanley felt uncomfortable too, but this time in a good way. He felt his nuts between his thighs. He moved to adjust himself, and felt huge rocks where his small cock should be. His clothes were beginning to feel tight.

“Son, I think we should be leaving.”

Callie looked at her fantasy lover. “What did you do?”

“Settled the score,” said the Wall. "Guess you left the T-club, huh coach?" The Wall moved, turning to the stairs. “Sorry boys, my Dad says I need to go,” he called. “Maybe we can play some other time.” Stanley and the Wall left.

Outside, the Wall opened his truck’s door. He got in, and pushed the seat back. His father climbed in the other side. As he sat down, a seam in his pants ripped.

“You might as well shuck those clothes,” Wallace advised. “You’re gonna be too big for them in a few minutes.”

A button popped on Stanley’s shirt. As he moved his arm, a seam ripped around his shoulder. He stopped. “I think I’ll keep it on,” succumbing to an inner fantasy. He recalled the opening sequence of a 70s television show, and he felt a throbbing in his now large manhood.

As Stanley breathed, more buttons popped. He raised an arm and flexed, causing the sleeve to rip around his bicep. As his body inflated, causing his close to shred, Stanley felt more like a man than ever before.


Tyler and Taylor were out of breath. They were small, and wheezing. When they awoke, they searched the cave frantically. The pendant was gone. They tried to run the distance back to the cabin, but couldn’t. They saw the Wall and another man get into his truck, then drive off.

When they got inside, they saw their mother leaning over their father. He was curled up on the floor. He looked pale. “Dad!” He moved to stand, wearing only his underwear. The boys gasped when they realized. They had seen the pictures of his underwear modeling days, and the magnificent bulge that made him famous. Now, it was flat. His award winning thighs lacked definition, and appeared smaller. “Not you too!”


The man that stepped out of the truck was not the same one that entered. His pants had ripped seams and form fit thick calves, quads, hams and glutes. It appeared he had stuffed two socks down the front, but Stanley knew that was all him. Both the shirt and pants had ridden up, proving he had grown almost 9 inches taller. His flat stomach had a fine growth or hair covering it. His shirt was in tatters, revealing thick pecs, wide lats and round traps. The sleeves of the shirt had suffered the most damage. His cannonball delts and massive arms had totally destroyed them as the remaining fabric hung at his side. He looked at the tightness of his skin, the veins showing on his arms and forearms. He loved the motion of the muscle that accompanied his every move.

The Wall looked at his father and smiled. “Now we look like father and son.” He came over and hugged his Dad. For the first time, he hugged his father hard, knowing his new body could handle a bit of the Wall’s power.

Stanley went into his room. He took off the pendant that still hung around his neck and laid it on the chest of drawers. His pants were too tight to pull down, so he took out a pair of scissors. Looking at the shears, he suddenly realized he didn’t need them. He put them down, grabbed his pants and pulled. He felts his hard muscles flex with strength and watched as the pants ripped with ease. “I’m so strong,” he thought.

His white briefs were pulled tight by his glutes and his now larger than average bulge. Stanley chuckled. “No wonder I feel so uncomfortable. He took the scissors and made a small cut in the elastic. Then, pulling with his now powerful arms, he ripped the briefs off himself. Freed from its constraint, his cock popped out and stood at 45 degrees. Stanley’s eyes widened at the site at its thickness and length. He turned toward the mirror and looked at his new self. He barely recognized the reflection, but the virile man that stared back at him turned him on.

“My god, I’m a stud,” he gasped, watching his cock come more and more to attention as he took himself in. He turned to the side. “Wow!” then back to the front. He put one leg in front of the other, and twisting, checked out his football-sized calves and ripped-to-shreds hams and quads. “Amazing,” he said, flexing his legs. Stanley felt something hitting his stomach, then realized it was his own erection. “I’ve never gotten that hard before,” he muttered in amazement. He flexed his abs, watching his organ reach the ridge of the top two bricks. It began to ooze with his abundant juices. He moved his hands to his thick powerful chest. His finger brushed his nipple, and an electric charge of sexual energy shot through his body. “OH!” He rubbed the nipple more, testing its enhanced sensitivity. Reluctantly, he stopped, and raising his arms, extended his lats like a falcon’s wings. With confidence, he flexed his 21 inch arms. “Fuck yes!” Ready to finish his explorations, he moved his large hands to his nuts. The erotic charge of touching his heavy eggs was almost too much. He grabbed his titanium-hard dick, barely able to get his hands around it. “So big,” he said, realizing he could use both hands to jerk his meat. He placed his other hand above the first, and still had more dick than both his man hands could grab. He squeezed, noting how his hard cock resisted his powerful grip. He began to stroke. He watched as his body flexed as he jerked, watching his chest bulge and arms pulse with power. He began to understand his new masculinity. He felt his balls begin to pull tight, the pressure of his juices building. He held back, rubbing the precum over his sensitive head. His quads were massive and thrust powerful in unison with his flying hand. He watched thick veins around his lower abs feeding blood into his massive hard cock. Finally, the sight of his now powerful body caused the pressure of his juices to reach a breaking point. He let loose, showering both his body and the mirror with an abundance of cum. For all his life, Stanley had only dribbled. Now he was a geyser. For the first time, he felt like a man. When he stopped, he walked to the bathroom for a towel. He cleaned up his mess, then noted he was getting hard again, ready for another round. That was new for him too, and he loved the feeling of sexual energy he felt about himself. He looked at himself in the mirror, feeling like a superman and struck a most muscular pose, his hard cock pressing into his abs and his huge balls pressed forward by his thick thighs.


The Wall was the first to get up the next morning. We walked naked to the kitchen and started preparing himself oatmeal and 10 egg whites. It felt good to be this hungry again, and be back on his diet. He could barely weight to get to the gym.

His father awoke a bit later. He wore only his briefs, and the wall noted the white crust on his abs and pecs.

Stanley was starving. He saw his son eating. He was naked. Instinctively, he was about to object, then thought about it. “Good idea, son. Just us men here.” Stanley grabbed his dirty underwear and pulled them down before tossing them behind him.

The Wall looked at the body of the Coach with his Dad's face, and noted his father was getting hard.

“I made you eggs and oatmeal Dad,” he said. The Wall had come to terms with his over-sexed nature before, and now found something else he could share with his father. “How are you feeling?”

Stanley picked up the oatmeal and started eating it. “Good, but I can’t seem to satisfy this thing?” he said, a bit embarrassed by his hard cock.

“Think what it’s like for me,” Wallace said, allowing his longer thicker organ to come into view. He moved an arm to his balls and scratched them, making sure his Dad saw his superior size. “And I’m just 16, so the hormones these big boys produce is crazy.” He grinned, proud to show off his own development now that his father understood. “Which reminds me, I have to go into the city today. I have a meeting.”

“I’m not sure I approve of your prostituting yourself. You are still only 16.”

“He’s paying me $2500, and besides, I need to find some release and why not make some money while I do it.”

“Still, I don’t think,” but before Stanley could finish, the Wall stood up and towered over his father.

“I can take care of myself, of did you forget that?” he said, an air of intimidation in his voice.

Stanley backed down. Father and son had a new relationship, but Wallace still could intimidate Stanley.

The Wall sat back down and continued to eat. “You should hurry up and get yourself cleaned up. We can go to the gym and train together. You ever lift before?”

“I tried when I was younger,” Stanley admitted.

“I’ll show you. With that new bod, you’ll be a natural now. “ The Wall’s voice took on a softer tone. “It will be nice having you as a work out partner, Dad.”

Stanley knew he meant it. He just wished he could assert more parental control over his son.


The Wall walked with confidence into the Gold’s gym. He owned the place. All of Stanley’s lifetime of insecurities came to the surface. He was easily one of the biggest guys, but he felt small.

“Let’s pump guns,” the Wall said, putting two plates on a bar. “This is your warm up. Keep your elbows at your side, and flex the bicep.”

“It looks heavy,” Stanly whispered. “Son, you did work for your muscle. You know what you’re doing. This isn’t right. I didn’t do anything to…”

“Just lift,” Wallace said. “That person was right. He’s not my father. You are. And I want you to be. It’s you and me against the world now, Dad. So lift.”

Stanley took a deep breath. He grabbed the bar, and Wallace adjusted his grip to be a bit wider. He then lifted the bar. “It feels light,” he said loudly, not believing it.

“Don’t kid, Dad,” the Wall said just as loud. “You know you work out with 250!”

Stanley looked at his son, and the Wall nodded. He had worked out with the coach, so he did know the capabilities of this body. A tinge of jealousy over that prior relationship hit Stanley. He began to curl the bar. He did 20 before the Wall stopped him. “Don’t over do it now, this is just your warm up.”

Father and son worked out. Stanley did do reps, but with 275, watching his big arms pump huge. He felt alive. His body loved lifting. The Wall told him how much Bruce had used for every lift, and Stanley made sure to do more. His son encouraged him, and was proud of his grit. That was when Stanley realized the truth. Ya, he had taken the Coach’s potential, but the Coach had never lived up to that potential. Stanley vowed he would.

After an hour of lifting, the Wall said he had to leave. “My appointment.”

“I’m gonna do a few more sets,” his father said, raising an arm and checking out the 23 inch pump he had going. “These big boys want more,” he said, flexing even harder.

The Wall just smiled, then turned to go to the locker room.

Stanley walked over to the bench, and loaded a bar with 250. He laid down, lifted the bar, and did another set of tricep extensions. He did 8 reps, and went for 12. At eleven, he began to have trouble. Gritting his teeth, he started to force it out when a large hand appeared, stabilizing the bar.

“Looks like you could use a spot,” said a voice from behind him. Stanley finished the rep, then started another, the helping hand guiding him as he finished. After twelve, he lowered the bar.

“Thanks,” he said, sitting up, then turning around, his hand extended. He almost gasped when he saw the size of his savior. The man was huge. Not as large as his son, but bigger than he was. He recognized the man. It was the super heavyweight that Bruce had beaten at the competition.

The man shook Stanley’s hand. “No problem. Mind if I work in.” Stanley stood, and the bigger man took his position. He lifted the bar, and did 14 before he signaled for a spot. Stanley stepped forward and helped.

The big man’s name was Eric. “Saw you working out with the kid. He’s The Wall, right. Great potential.”

“He’s my son,” said Stanley with pride.

“What’s he on?” Eric asked. “Kids don’t grow that big unless they are on something.”

“Totally natural,” replied Stanley. “He and I, we got our own supply.” Stanley grabbed his crotch.

Eric laughed. “Me too,” he said, grabbing his own basket. “Still, I wasn’t that big at his age. Ya, I was pretty huge, but not that big.”

“He’s gifted,” Stanley said, getting in position for another set.

Eric and Stanley worked out for the next hour. After a few minutes, Eric gave up asking what Wallace was on. Instead, he began to talk about all his conquests. He bragged about not only being a muscle monster, but being hung better than any horse.

“Once, in college,” he said, bragging about one of his conquests, “me and my mate were on a double date. My date started saying how hung I was and how she had never cum as much in her life until she was with me. Well, one thing led to another and the four of us ended up having an orgy. Poor guy, my pinkie is bigger than his dick. When I did his girl, I watched her eyes nearly pop out of her head when I pushed my monster in. He told me she never screamed with him like she did with me. They broke up a few weeks after that. Never told him she called me and we dated for a couple months. Ya know, he’s been divorced three times. That little dick never could satisfy a woman.” Eric laughed, slapping Stanley on the back.

The more arrogant Eric became, the less Stanley liked him. Sure, he now had a cock that could choke an elephant, but he didn’t always. Hearing Eric's bragging just made Stanley angry and he took that anger out on the weights. His transformation was too recent. He completed a set of tricep kickbacks with 110lb dumbbells.

“Let’s hit the showers,” Eric said.

Stanley was almost relieved that his time with his new friend was almost over. He stripped off his shirt, and hit a few poses in the mirror.

“Damn, you’re ripped,” said Eric. “Wish you had competed in my last competition. I wouldn’t mind losing to you, and I bet your bod would have beaten that school teacher. Your arms are killers. Way bigger than his.”

“It’s the pump,” Stanley said, knowing their origins. He put his hands in his shorts to lower them when he felt something. It was the pendant. He had taken it with him to keep it safe. He wouldn’t put it past Bruce or his boys trying to get it back. He palmed it and put his pants in the locker, then started looking for a towel to wrap around his waist.

“Ya, your arms are good, but it looks like I beat you in one area,” Eric bragged. Stanley turned to see the bigger man naked, pointing at his groin. Stanley looked in the mirror, comparing them. Eric was actually bigger than he was, but still not as big as Wallace. “Better not invite me to fuck your woman,” Eric bragged. “You know what would happen.”

Stanley felt something in him snap. His old insecurities fueled his desire for revenge against this arrogant SOB. How many lives of men like he had use to be had this jerk ruined? He didn’t even think about it. He stepped forward and grabbed Eric’s huge nuts in his big hands. Stanley let the horse charm dangle from his free hand. Before Eric could say anything, Stanley started to chant. Eric froze. “Axaych?kish araav. ?fisheen araav. Ave?p araav. Axak-iv?vapu ?rihish ?xaska. Anamahach avanaxiich ?rihish ax?kyaan axyar ?vansa.” When he finished, he felt the man's huge nuts shrink in his hands. From huge eggs, within a moment Eric had been left with nuts the size of kernels of corn.

When he finished, Eric fell to the ground. “What are you, some kinda faggot. Shit, you crushed my nuts!” He grabbed his diminished sack, shock coming across his face as he felt his peas.

Stanley turned and saw his new sack. It was massive. He felt the same thing as last night, but more so. He felt stronger, more virile, more like a man than ever. He grabbed his shorts and walked out of the locker room. He’d shower at home.


As he drove himself home, Stanley felt the changes. He needed to move his seat back several times as he grew even taller. His body swelled with new size. His pecs became thicker and broader. His shoulders got rounder and wider. His biceps thickened. His legs got so big his shorts start to rip. He moved his hands, checking out cinder block abs. He needed a mirror.

He parked his car and ran inside. He bounded up the stairs and went into his room. His mirror was still caked with the results from his prior night’s activities. What he saw now astounded him. He was easily as big as Wallace. He couldn’t believe it. He ran to Wallace’s room, and found a tape. Coming back, he looked up. His head nearly brushed the seven foot door frame. He used his fingers to measure the gap, finding it to be about an inch. Next, he flexed his bicep. His eyes widened when he stretched the tape to over 29 inches. His chest was 70 while his waist was only 34. His thighs were 39. “I’m bigger than Wallace,” a very deep voice said in disbelief. He ripped off his shorts, starting at his monster cock. It too looked like it could give his boy’s a run for it’s money. And the nuts that were forced forward by his ripped quads were noticeably larger than his son's.

At that second, Stanley heard someone pounding on the door. Looking outside, he recognized Bruce’s car. He quickly grabbed the pendant and opened a lock box that he kept all his valuables in. He put the pendant inside and turned the combination lock. The pounding got louder.

“I’m coming,” he shouted, his deep voice had a threatening tone.

He went back into Wallace’s room and threw the tape on the desk. He grabbed a pair of his boy’s speedos. He looked at how stretched out the pouch was. He pulled them over his own “towers’ as Wallace called them. He stuffed his crotch into the spandex fabric. His huge balls barely fit, and the fabric was stretched to the breaking point.

He bounded down the steps. He opened the door, to find Callie. “You’ve destroyed my family,” she screamed, pounding her hands against Stanley’s chest. “Bruce! My boys! I told him it didn’t matter, but he can’t even get hard anymore. They’re so small. Bruce went out, bought steroids and growth hormone. What did you…” She looked up. “You’re not Wall!”

“I’m his Dad,” said Stanley.

“You’re the one who… but you’re so huge!”

Stanley nodded.

Callie took a step back, then looked him over. “But Bruce was never that big.”

“Bruce never really took advantage of his potential, did he?”

Callie felt both anger and desire. “He always took care of his family,” she said.


“But,” she continued, “he never liked the corporate offers. He had them, but always said he wanted to remain pure.” She sighed.

“A lot of money?” Bruce asked.

“We could have had the big house, and cars and be set for life. He didn’t want that.”


“I stayed with him because,” her voice trailed off.

“Because he was good in bed,” Stanley asserted.

She started to cry. She ran to Stanley, and tried to put her hands around his massive muscle, but couldn’t reach. He was too big. “Now he’s a wimp.”

Stanley picked her up. As he carried her upstairs, he felt his cock stretching the speedo to its limits. It began to tear.

As he laid her on his bed, he said, “I can stop.”

“Don’t,” she said.

As he fucked her, she started to scream. “You’re so big! You’re the biggest ever. Bigger than Bruce. Bigger than the Wall. You’re so strong.” That’s when Stanley realized his son had had this woman. Still, his hormones were almost as enraged as his teenage son’s. He needed to get off, and this woman wanted it almost as bad as he did. For two hours, he and Callie had sex. Finally, she fell asleep, unable to go on.

Stanley walked into the kitchen. He saw Wallace’s protein powder, and made himself a shake. He heard his son’s truck pull up. Wallace came in the front door.

Stanley saw his son counting a wad of money.

“I’m home,” he yelled, without looking up.

“I don’t think I like you doing that,” Stanley said, stepping forward, his deep voice resonating.

“And I said I don’t ca..” The Wall said, looking up. He gulped. “Dad?”

Stanley took a step forward, towering over his son. “I think we need to make some rules. Rule one,” Stanley flexed his arm in front of the Wall.

The Wall raised his own 26+ inch arm, and realized that his Dad’s was now bigger. To make his point, Stanley grabbed the boy by the wrist. Both muscle giant's flexed, and for the first time, the Wall felt someone overpowering him. He flexed harder, but his Dad's strength was greater and he saw his arm start to straighten as Stanley unflexed his son's arm. He dropped his son's hand and moved his bicep to his mouth and kissed it.

“Rule 1 is listen to your Dad or I’ll put you over my knee and spank you.” Stanley pointed down, and Wallace saw that his father really was bigger than him everywhere. “Now, I don’t think you should be making money this way at 16. The webcam comes out of your room tonight.”

“But my clients. They have contracts with me.”

“I’ll settle the contracts,” Stanley said. “I’m sure they won’t mind a man who makes The Wall look like a 16 year old boy,” Stanley laughed. He began to walk upstairs, smacking Wallace on the butt. “Now go make yourself a protein shake. You have school tomorrow. And I want you to start getting A’s, do you hear me young man.”

Wallace looked at his father with new respect. “Yes, Dad!”
Epilogue (Web cam show)

You sit at your computer, and type in the URL The email said the show was scheduled for 9PM. The site had been down for a few months, and you had almost given up on it. But now, the massive muscle god was back.

300 other viewers joined you. At 9 PM, the black video sparks to life. There is a closeup of a huge nipple, then as the man backs away, the image of a massive pec, then ripped abs below the huge pecs shelf.

"Oh man," you say, your hand moving to rub your cock. "What a monster..."

The Wall's face comes into view. "Hi guys," his deep voice booms over the speakers. "Sorry I haven't been on. You guys have been really great and I appreciate your patience. But, I'm back and bigger than ever." The wall zooms out and flexes his arm. He pulls a tape out and wraps it around his arm. Zooming in, you can see the tape stretched to 26 3/8 inches. "And I'll be bigger soon, too."

The camera zooms out, and The Wall stands up, his monster cock flopping against his legs. His balls sack looks larger than a grapefruit. You cup your cock and stroke your hard meat, wondering if The Wall is actually larger limp than you are hard. The thought makes you stroke harder.

The Wall flexes, showing his huge muscle size, then speaks. "Guys, I know how much you love looking at my body. But I do have some bad news. I can't do these shows for you for a while. I need to worry about school. But before you complain," the Wall steps aside and another man appears. He's also naked. Your eyes go wide, seeing that his is taller and more muscled that the Wall, yet just as ripped. Even more amazing, the limp cock the man had seemed to reach down to his knees, and his balls were even bigger than the Wall's! "as you can see, I found a guy even bigger and stronger than me."

"You can call me The Man," said the huge monster, "and I'm much stronger and bigger than Walla... the Wall."

The Wall walked over to the man with a tape. The man flexed his arm, and the camera zoomed in to show the tape stretched to 29 inches. The man raised his arms, flared his lats that formed a T more than a V, and the Wall wrapped the tape around. 72 inches of power in The Man's chest.

The Man struck a most muscular pose into the camera and growled. "But that's not what you guys really want to see, is it? You want to know about my boys and my huge cock, right." The man put his hands behind his head, and flexed his abs. As he did, his cock starts to grow. The Wall stands next to The Man and does the same.

'I don't believe it... the Wall looks SMALL compared to him...' Your hand strokes your own inferior cock harder and faster.

The erections of both muscle gods slam into their abs. The Walls' dick reaches just below his pecs, while the Man's slips between his two globe-like chest muscles. The Wall grimaced, trying to will his cock bigger, while The Man smiled. "Why would they want a boy when they can have The Man!" The Wall started stroking his cock, trying to encourage it to get bigger. The Man did the same. He raised an arm, and began kissing his bicep, sticking his nose into his pit. "Damn, that is a man's smell!" You watch while the two huge men stroke faster.

"God..." says the Wall. "You must be totally awesome...." "Oh Da... Man!" The Wall's huge nuts move up, his sack become tight. Suddenly, he releases a geyser of white juice that flew high, hitting his pecs and dripping over his abs. Two smaller ejaculations flew just as high.

"OH FUCK!" you scream, seeing how much juice the Wall produced. "He's never cum that fast before!"

The Man laughed. "That all you got." With that, The Man slowly stroked his rod and fired. A massive eruption of cum shot out his cock, hitting his bigger chest with load after load of his potent juice. A second load, just as large hit his left pec with precision. Then a third monster load hit the right. Finally, two small geyser-like squirts hit him in the chin. The Man produced almost twice as much juice as the Wall.

The Man moved forward, zooming the cam so his powerful chest and broad shoulders were in the frame with his handsome face. "You men deserve better than the Wall, and that's me. He'll be back later, but for the next few weeks, you can enjoy the Man. Of course, if you want the smaller, weaker Wall, well, we'll refund your money. But I don't think there will be any takers."

With that, the Man zoomed out. His cock was still hard. He stood up, and started flexing, feeling his muscles and stroking his monster cock and pulling on his enormous nuts.

You watch, your own dick shooting its load at the sight. You keep stroking you limp dick as the Man cums again, flexes more, then cums a third time. You decide not to ask for a refund.


Epilogue (25 years later)

Wallace and his wife took their seats. “You’re Mr Olympia!” the guy next to him yelled.

Wallace nodded. “For the past fifteen years.”

“Shit, for the next ten too. Nobody can beat you!”

“Tonight’s not about me, it’s about my boys. Twins. They’re gonna win the teen competition. They have their father’s gifts.”

“Don’t forget their grandfather’s” Stanley said, taking a seat next to Wallace’s wife.

“Shit!” the guy said. “If it runs in the family…”

“It does,” said Wallace’s wife.

The teen’s walked on stage, and the guy’s eyes bugged out. They were huge. At 16, they had 26 inch guns and 65 inch chests. “Like father, like son,” said Wallace.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria

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Nice, very nice, although as a fan of muscle kids it would be cool to see them growing up into their muscles, how big they were at 10 or 12, you know what I'm saying? And of course how strong they are, since I'm a big fan of strength feats in stories.
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Scott, you have made it clear you don't care what I think and have elected to block my posts based on you not approving of a statement I made several years back voicing my preferences in story content... For what it is worth I like your extension to "My Father's Child." The premeditated muscle theft, in particular from Bruce and Eric is a bit of a gray area but but both were in need of an attitude adjustment so although I might have preferred their and the twins fate be less extreme then it is, but the nature of the charm required a nearly complete transfer of muscle and virility... as the making Stanley a being that could curb the baser impluses of the Wall.
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The thing with muscle-theft stories is... You always have a winner, and a loser. There is no win-win situation.
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Great story can't wait to see if you continue it
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Originally Posted by rextorres
The thing with muscle-theft stories is... You always have a winner, and a loser. There is no win-win situation.
I agree that win-win is good but if the end-losers have been shown that when they were the winners that they took their gifts/position for granted, used their gifts/position to abuse or torment others, and in general be bad winners to see them brought low and their victims be come better winners feels sort of good too...

As I said the Wall was (in my opinion acting out what the twins were going to do had their abilities and flaws not been transfer to Wallace by an accident brought about but the twins tormenting Wallace... actually since the Wall appeared to have consider the reduced twins to not worth the effort to torment so they fared better under the Wall then Wallace did under the twins... at least until the Wall went Psycho near the end of part 5.

I forgot to mention above that Scott modified the action of the charm by removing it from the remains of Akthip-Amvaan. Whether that was intentional or not is Scott's call. But as I read it the flaws of the twins, Bruce and Eric were not transfered to Wallace and Stanley as the twin flaws were transfer to and from Wallace when the charm was held by the remains of Akthip-Amvaan. Allowing them to remain true to their original somewhat nerdy nice guy natures instead of re-incarnating the original Wall and an equally unlikable father to match him...


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I cleaned up this story so that it could be added to omelissokomos's archive. I added some more details, added another epilogue and cleaned up some typos. Changed the story above, but also on google docs too.

Hope people enjoy the changes...

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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