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Becoming a Bodybuilder Part 2

Becoming a Bodybuilder Part 2
"Getting Pumped"

Brandon slowly walked closer to his Dad watching his fingers penetrate his muscular ass crack. Brandon looked away standing next to his dad turning the shower on his cock getting hard again. He started soaping up his body trying not to watch his dad massage his own 10 incher right there in front of him hearing the moans come from his deep voice. Brandon stared at his Dad’s whole body watching it flex with every stroke of his cock. The water ran down his thick coat of dark hair covering his muscled chest. David opened his eye’s and looked down at Brandon with grin. Brandon quickly turned away trying covering up his hard on feeling his face turn bright red. Brandon mumbled

“sorry dad”

“Haha Its Ok Son”

“its just… Your so huge Dad and I have always wanted to be big like that”

“So you like the way these muscles look”

David flexed his pecs up and down stroking his abs.

“yeah.. is.. that……bad”

“No Brandon not at all, I’m attracted to muscle too, I mean how do you think I so big”

David grinned holding up his thick 19 inch arms flexing them up and down smirking at his son.

“Come Brandon feel how big your Dad’s muscle are”

“you sure…”

“Yeah Come on son! I want you to feel what its like to be this big”

Brandon filled with excitement coming in closer to his Dad there erections almost touching each other. He watched the water trickle off his dad’s body trying to decide which part to feel first. Brandon had always wanted to feel how strong his dad really was, touch the body he had always desired. He placed his hand’s on his Dad’s obscene pecs his cock shuttering from just the touch of the hairy mounds of muscle. Brandon rubbed upwards towards the thick neck muscle’s sitting on the Dad’s broad shoulders. Brandon remember how his Dad’s neck always took up the entire collar, How much bigger he looked then all the other Dad’s. He touched his Dad’s deep muscular pits entranced by how huge, how manly he was. Brandon grabbed the huge biceps with both his hands pressing his face against them feeling there sheer size, his erection so hard it hurt. He had never felt this way before about anyone. His desire to explore his dads body grew every second. Brandon felt mounds of pre-cum pump out of his dick kneeling down to feel his dad ripped abs.

Brandon stared at his Dad’s cock shaft with envy grabbing the thick thighs pressing against his ball sack, he looked up asking his Dad to flex them as hard as he could. The thick muscle’s cut through his Dad’s skin showing every detail of his legs. Brandon looked up and saw his Dad’s thickening shaft eye to eye with him. He didn’t know why but he wanted to touch it, he wanted to feel every inch of it. He hesitated staring at it with wide eyes when he felt his dad touch his shoulder.

“Its ok son Go ahead… feel it..”

Brandon touched his Dad’s 10 inch cock feeling it shutter from his warm hands. He could barley rap his hand’s around its thick shaft. He slowly started stroking his dad’s cock intoxicated by the moment. Brandon wanted to stop but he wanted to please his Dad so bad. Brandon started stroking faster when he felt his Dad’s hand

“Wait Son Stop”

Brandon quickly stood up backing away

“Shit I’m Sorry Dad, I didn’t mean to, please don’t”

“haha Brandon Its ok. I was just wondering if you wanted to have a jerk Contest”

“jerk contest?”

“Yeah! When I was your age all the guys and I would stand in a row in the locker room and see who can shoot the farthest. You wanna see if you can beat me?”


“K Son you better get ready to be beat by your dad”

Brandon and David started jerking there thick cocks standing next to each other chuckling. Brandon kept looking over at his Dad thinking about how its would feel to be that big. He didn’t know why but he wanted to touch him again, he wanted to feel every part of him. His dad stroked his mammoth testicles bucking his hips wildly there grunts filled the shower. He heard his dad grunt louder and louder

“Oh Shit SON I’m Gonna UHHH CUMM”

Brandon turned to watch his Dad shoot his load with excitement. He watched as gallons of cum gushed out of his dad’s cum hole flying across the floor his whole body flexing up from the orgasm. He moaned wildly at the top of his longs pinching his nipples in total ecstasy. David jerked his cock proudly and saw his son’s reaction and flexed his bicep grinning at his son.

“Try and beat that load tiger!”

Brandon smiled at his dad and started jerking faster getting his cock rock hard. He looked over and saw his dad’s thick cock still rock hard oozing with cum. He tried to think of something else trying ti push down the desire in him. He thought about getting bigger then his dad, and a thick coat of hair to show off to all his friends, showing then who the real man was. Brandon felt a strange feeling run through his body his muscle’s starting to feel almost heavier.. His cock was pumping up so big it hurt, David came over to his son placing his hand on the muscle teens chest

“Hear let me help you son”

David started rubbing his son’s chest up and down massaging his pecs and perfect abs slowly reaching for the teen ass. Brandon started to moan with pleasure feeling his dad’s hand travel down his back to his bubble butt, slowly rubbing his crack working his way end.


“You Like this Brandon”

“Oh Fuck Don’t Stop”

David shoved his fingers in further feeling the tight virgin ass flex against his hand. David worked his way down from Brandon’s abs rubbing his cum filled balls covered in crotch hair. Brandon grabbed his Dad’s pecs squeezing them hard moaning at the top of his lungs jerking his cock wildly


Brandon’s cum went flying across the shower past his Dad’s own cum puddle. The orgasm seem liked it last for minutes cumming harder then the last time his Dad watching is amazement. Brandon laughed turning to his dad

“That was awesome did you see how far I shot?”

“Yeah Son you beat by a long shot, literally”

“haha I Know”

“Yeah well I’ll beat you next time tiger, but I got to get to the store I’m starving”

Brandon watched his Dad towel up and leave the shower. He was finally getting close with his dad like he had always wanted. Brandon jerked one more time and toweling off his body. He stepped out of the shower slipping on his clothes that were on the floor. He picked up his Dad’s swimwear holding them up to his face smelling them.

“Wait what are you doing, your not a fag”

Brandon through the swim wear across the room and went into the kitchen. His dad was just grabbing the car keys

“Hey Brandon you want anything from the store”

“Nah Dad I’ll eat anything I’m So Hungry.. Whoa!!!”

Brandon looked down at his Dads crotch

“Haha Your Still Hard?”

David looked down at Brandon’s own erection

“Like Father like Son”

Brandon chuckled heading up to his room to do his homework. He noticed his Jeans were tighter then before and put on some basketball shorts sitting down at his desk. Brandon couldn’t concentrate on his Homework from his constant erection in his shorts, and even worse he couldn’t stop thinking about his dad’s naked body. He tried thinking about all the hot girls that flirted with him that day picturing them naked, but nothing was working. The image of him and his Dad jerking there cocks together made him cream his shorts uncontrollably. He was just about to rub his cock when

“Hey Son! I got you something while I was at the store”

His dad walked over and placed two muscle mags on his desk. Brandon filled with excitement looking up his dad

“No Way!!!”

“Yeah There’s tons of advice and workouts on how you can get your body huge”

Brandon flipped through the pages looking at all the pictures of the freaky muscle guys covered in veins and barley able to move. He skipped through the pages almost drooling over all the muscle, when suddenly he saw the biggest man He had ever seen. It was a full page picture of a muscle monster. His pecs so big they were touching his chin when he flexed them. Brandon’s cock was raging hard in his pants from all the excitement as he turned to his dad

“OH man Look at this Guy!! Wouldn’t it be cool to be that big! Fuck I would blow the competition away, no one would stop me”

David looked down at his son’s massive boner tenting up his basketball shorts and chuckled

“I’m glad you like them Brandon, I’m going to let you get back to your Homework”

“ok.. Thanks Dad SO much”

“haha Your Welcome”

Brandon heard the door short feeling some pre-cum drizzle out of his cock. He turned the page to see the next set of pictures of the huge muscle monster and almost squirmed in his seat. The man was standing there flexing his ridiculous biceps, his ridiculous tree trunk size legs were wider then his whole body. They pushed up against each other disabling the man from putting his feet together. He then noticed the man’s bulge feeling his cock become rock hard. He didn’t just want to see his muscle’s, he wanted to see the guy naked. He stroked his cock just thinking about touching the guys boner. Brandon right there realized as he creamed in his shorts that he was becoming a fag. A Big teen muscle fag, who was even into his own father. Brandon started to panic thinking of what his dad would say. They were just starting to get close and he didn’t want to ruin it, he didn’t want his dad to be disappointed in him again. He closed the muscle magazine when he heard a knock at the door.

“Hey Son Sorry to bother you but I think I hurt my back while we were working out, can you give me a massage?”

“uhhh Sure dad”

“Great I’ll be in my room”

His dad closed the door when he suddenly panicked

“Oh No.. What if I get a boner while I’m on top of him, Then he’ll know I’m a fag….. Maybe he’ll just think that it’s the formula…….. Yeah that’s it”

Brandon got up trying to get his erection down slowly making his way to his Dad’s bedroom. He approached the door reaching up to the handle feeling its cold knob caress his skin. Brandon twisted the knob and nervously opened the door seeing his Dad on the bed in nothing but his underwear laying flat on his stomach. He walked into his Dad room and approached the bed trying to hold back his erection, quickly climbing up on the mattress. His dad’s broad muscular back spread across the mattress slimming down to the tight briefs shaped around his perfect bubble butt. Brandon sported a huge boner touching his dad’s smooth skin hearing him moan a little from his cold hands. He massaged his hands deeper into his Dad’s back smelling his masculine cologne coming off thick veiny arms laying at his side. Brandon leaned in almost pressing his face against his Dad watching every detail of the man he has always envied.

Brandon’s erection grew harder feeling it pump pre-cum in his underwear, the desire for his Dad grow inside him. He wanted him more then anything, he wanted to satisfy his Dad’s hungry cock. Brandon stared to lose control leaning into his Dad’s thick neck smelling his aroma. He quickly straddled his legs around his Dad’s massaging deeper into his skin. His boner so hard it hurt feeling like it was going to rip out of his skin, pumping even more cum into his undies. Brandon took a deep breath and leaned in pecking his Dad on his muscular neck working his way down. Brandon started to get nervous approaching the briefs waistband with his anxious mouth waiting for his Dad to get angry. Brandon smiled realizing his dad was enjoying it and wanted more, they both did. He looked at his Dad’s ass and rubbed the two meaty butt cheeks smelling them like it was an addiction. He pulled back the waistband slipping his tongue into the top of his ass crack. Brandon pulled back His dad’s briefs all the way down his hairy legs pressing his nose between the thick crack. He bravely licked the inside feeling his dad squirm and grunt from the pleasure.

Brandon pulled his tongue out after satisfying his craving and watched his dad start to roll over exposing the huge boner between the thick ox leg covered in cum. His dad grinned at Brandon raising his muscular arms. Brandon licked his lips crawling up his dad’s muscled chest stuffing his face into the deep hairy armpits. Brandon dug his tongue into his own Dad’s pit hair working his way out to his Dad’s pecs. David started pulling down Brandon’s basketball shorts grabbing his Son’s muscle butt, slipping his fingers inside the eager hole. Brandon moaned stuffing his face into his left nipple massaging it with his tongue tasting his sweaty chest. His dad rubbed his hard on through the silky shorts massaging his growing testicles.

“Uhh Dad I have wanted this for so long. Ever since we took that shower together when I was younger. You were so big and manly flexing your muscle’s for me, and now there all mine. My huge Muscle Dad is Finally mine”

“Its so Hot to hear you say that Brandon.. take off your shirt. Let your Muscle Dad see his muscle Son”

Brandon smiled at his dad and peeled off his skin tight shirt throwing it on the floor.
“You Like your muscle boys body” Brandon bounced his pecs Up and down watching his Dad’s face light up. David grabbed Brandon’s pecs

“Oh Son look at you your getting huge! Come on flex those muscles and make your Dad’s cock real hard”

Brandon quickly held up his arm’s flexing his huge biceps, the dark pit and chest hair on the teens body was looking thicker then before. Brandon felt a surge of energy as his Dad’s hands worship is manly body. David reached for Brandon’s waistband pulling them down slowly watching his son’s cock spring out of the fabrics gushing torrents of pre-cum. David’s eye’s widened

“Omg Son…. It Looks Bigger Then Before”

“Yeah still not as big as yours though”

Brandon chuckled and started digging his face into his Dad’s Crotch hair licking the mammoth size testicles. He started Licking the bottom of his dad’s shaft feeling the thick veins against his tongue working his way up his own dad’s 10 incher. Brandon got to the top licking up the river of cum coming out of his Dad’s cum hole, working back down to the bull size balls. Brandon wanted to make his dad so proud, he wanted to taste his own Dad’s man juice. He licked all the way up the thick shaft again reaching the top winking at his dad with a big grin. He confidently slid his mouth over the throbbing cock head hearing his Dad holding back his moan feeling him squirm. He wildly licked up the cum oozing out of the massive cock sliding it further in his mouth.

“Ohh Fuck Brandon I Can’t Believe this is Happening… Uhh Fuck, Come on son More! Make your Daddy Proud!”

Brandon slid the whole cock down his throat pushing his face back into his Dad’s thick crotch hair. He loved the way it smelled thinking about how no one at his school will ever get a chance to bond with there dad like this, sucking on the huge meat every kid always envies. He started sucking on the cock faster hearing his dad moan his whole body flexing from the intense pleasure. Brandon was finally going to get what he wanted.


David burst out screaming pumping mounds of cum into Brandon’s mouth bucking uncontrollably. He watched his son trying to drink every ounce of his warm man juice sucking harder then a penis pump massaging his tongue against the shaft. Brandon licked his Dad’s trail up to the rock hard abs. Brandon felt his cock cum uncontrollable all over his Dad’s muscular legs, David was in shock watching his son turn into a total muscle pig.

“Holy Shit Son Did You just Cum Without jerking”

“Yeah haha Its happened twice today, Is that bad..”

“No Brandon that’s amazing”

Brandon smiled stuffing his face into his Dad’s pecs making David rock hard again. David slipped his fingers into Brandon’s ass pushing further and further up.

“Ah Dad, I love when you do that”

“Oh yeah Brandon… How bout you lay on your stomach and your dad will show you what real pleasure is”

“Yes Sir!”

The teen licked his Dad’s cock one more time sliding off his and on to the comfy mattress. Brandon actually started to get nervous about what his dad was going to do. Wondering if it was going to hurt, if he was going to shove his cock up his ass like they talked about at school. Brandon’s mind was raving with thoughts when he felt a warm tongue rim his bubble butt. His Dad’s slid his two finger’s up his muscle hole each time deeper then the last. Brandon finally felt his Dad’s thick meaty cock touch the outside of his butt. He felt it widen his ass crack


“Whats Wrong?”

“I just..…I’m Sorry..”

Brandon quickly turned over on his side turning the other way from his Dad. David laid down next to Brandon’s naked body placing his strong hand’s on his shoulder’s.

“Son If I did something wrong you can tell me……”

Brandon turned over placing his head on top of his Dad’s masculine chest.

“Brandon what’s wrong?”

“Its not you Dad, Its just I have wanted this for so long and now that I have it I’m not ready. I don’t know I guess everything is moving so fast and I’m just not ready that’s all. I Hope your not disappointed..”

“Haha Disappointed, Brandon you just gave you Dad the best blow Job of His life. You couldn’t have made your Dad happier. Which reminds me where did you learn to give such an amazing blow job??”

“Haha Idk Porn..”

“Is that So haha”

“yeah.. Do You really Think That I’ll get huge?”

“Son I Wouldn’t have it any other way”

“haha Good……….. Haha”


“Its just… I now realize why I always got a hard on around you, I mean how I Learned to masturbate was because of you. When I was 13 I caught you masturbating in your bed, oh man I didn’t know what you were doing but it made me hard. I wanted to touch you again like you let me in the shower, when you flexed your big muscle’s. Haha I guess I was a fag all along”

“Like father like son….Hey Brandon how bout you let your Dad work on that growing cock of yours”


Brandon turned his waist over exposing his full on erection. David leaned his body over staring down at his own son’s monster slowly placing his mouth over the tender head..

The next Morning Brandon woke up on his dad’s bed still fully naked baring a huge hard on. He hot up out of bed stretched his body, flexing his muscles for his own entertainment.

“Morning Stud”

Brandon turned around to see his dad standing there half naked with just his business shirt on, a case in his hand.

“What’s That?”

“Well You wanted to get big right? I thought we might give you a little dose before school just to give you a boost”

“Ok Sure.. Wait aren’t we supposed to wait at least a week before the next dose”

“Well I’m just giving you a little amount, besides the worse that can happen is that you’ll get bigger”

“Haha Ok Hit Me Up”

“Ok This might sting”

David bent over pulling out one of the syringes and pricked it through his dense thigh.
Brandon felt the serum run through his body feeling better then the last time. Brandon quickly got ready for school trying to fit into his shrinking clothes. All Day at school Brandon kept getting Hard on’s uncontrollably in class worse then the last time. It felt a lot thicker and heavier then before. Brandon sat in his last period not even listening to the Chemistry teacher, He couldn’t stop flexing his muscles. He started thinking about being up on stage when he felt something in his body, like something wanted out an urge of some type. The feeling coursed through his body getting stronger making his cock rock hard, Brandon tried to control himself from the strange feeling. He felt his cock start to pump up and down. Brandon could feel himself cumming right there in class unloading his own warm juice into his underwear.


“Oh Thank God, Class is over”

Brandon mumbled trying to adjust his pants watching a wet spot appear on his jeans. He Quickly got to his car and headed home trying to figure out what just happened.
Brandon came home almost feeling bigger then before his t-shirt now barley fitting him anymore. He walked through the door and saw his Dad sitting on the couch in a tight undershirt still in his business pants.

“Hey Dad”

“Hey Sport”

David got up quickly bending over and grabbing something by the couch. He walked over to Brandon and handed him two packages.

“What are these”

“Go On and Open Them”

Brandon smiled tearing the first present open like a kid at Christmas. Brandon tore off all the wrapping paper and stared at the box with a confused look.

“A Body Shaver…. But Dad I like My Chest Hair”

“Haha It Goes with the other present”

Brandon set down the shaver and opened up the other box this time slower.


“Yeah! There is a competition this weekend, Not professional but I thought you Might want to Finally Show off that Bod of Yours”

“This Weekend!! But Don’t you need to train for weeks??”

“Are you kidding Me Brandon, look at you! You don’t have an ounce of fat. Your already signed up and everything”

“Seriously!! Oh Thank you Dad!!!!! Hey… Can I try them on now?”

“Hell Yeah Stud”

Brandon quickly took off his shirt and pants his cock half hard from all the excitement. He quickly slid off his letting his thickening cock drop against his legs. Brandon raised up the Red pair of Poser’s and slide them on. David laughed at the immense bulge pushing through his poser’s showing every detail of his cock.

“Looks Like were going to have to get you a bigger pouch! Come Brandon show me those posing routines I taught you.”

David sat down on the couch Brandon following him closely behind. Brandon started going through the poses confidently showing off every detail of his Body. David couldn’t take his Eye’s off the thick crotch hair coming out of the tight posers wanting to suck his own offspring once again.

“Ok Dad I Hope your Ready for a Real Show!!”

Brandon flexed his muscle’s as hard as he could, grunting with every hit. He never felt so good in his life watching his Dad’s smiling face. He flexed harder when he suddenly felt that urge inside him again, but this time it was stronger. It coursed through his body taking over his senses making his cock rise up. His desire to feel it intensified feeling stronger then any orgasm. Brandon didn’t want to hold back this time it felt to good, he let control of his body feeling a burning sensation in his chest. He grunted loudly like an animal hitting a most muscular pose. He started laughing hysterically feeling a rush of power fill his body. He looked down watching his veins explode with size, feeling his chest and legs get heavier expanding outward.

“HOLY SHIT!! Brandon Your GROWING”


Brandon flexed his Biceps watching it explode with size feeling his back swell up spreading out his shoulders. David watched as his Son’s pubic hair snaked out of his skin watching him become the ultimate man. Brandon couldn’t believe what was happening when he felt his poser’s slide up his ass. Brandon looked down at The swelling cock between his thick legs feeling it reel out pumping up bigger then ever. He raised up his now 19 inch biceps watching them still expand. He grunted loudly flexing his cock snapping his posers in half unleashing the throbbing beast thick with veins.

“Oh FUCk Brandon Your Bigger Then I am”

“GRR AHH!! AH Fuck Dad Please Suck My Cock Its Hurts So BAD”

David got on his Knee’s shoving his Son’s 11 incher in his mouth hearing Brandon moan louder then last night. Brandon flexed again looking at the huge laughing, shoving his Dad’s head all the day his cock. David could barely breath from the sheer size of the immense hairy monster. Brandon finally felt his growth starting to subside feeling like it lasted for hours. He gazed down at his body and snickered bucking his cock into his dad’s mouth.


Brandon roared unleashing his cum into his Dad’s mouth watching it spray all over his face like a fountain Falling to the ground from the sheer Ecstasy. Brandon fell on top of his Dad’s cum covered chest hearing the sound of their heavy breaths fill the room.

“Holy.. Shit dad.. what was that”

“I Don’t know son but it was hot.. Look at how huge you are”

Brandon turned over feeling his stomach press against his Dad’s thick abs. He gazed into his Dad’s green eye’s gripping onto his massive pecs.

“Thanks Dad”

Brandon pecked him on the lips feeling his body stir with emotions. They both grinned at each other slowly locking there lips together kissing passionately. Brandon realized he had never been kissed before, and grinned knowing his first time was with his own Muscle Dad. Brandon slid his tongue into his Dad’s mouth as they made out right there in his own cum. There hairy chest pressed up against each as Brandon tasted his sperm in still socked in his Dads spit. He rubbed his Dad’s cock and gave him one more kiss looking up at him.

“Looks like You hard Dad! I think I need do you a favor this time..”

For The next 4 Days David trained Brandon harder then ever, and had some fun in between. Saturday finally rolled around Brandon shaved his body down removing all his thick dark hair for the competition. He stepped out of the shower seeing his dad standing there

“Ok You ready big guy”

“Yeah I’m So Pumped Up!!”

"Really Awesome, Lets see how much your weigh big guy"

Brandon stepped on the scale his face lighting up throwing a killer smile at his dad

"220 Dad! Grr"

“Shit Brandon thats Amazing! You think we should give you another dose though.. Before the competition?”

“Why.... Well, Am I not big enough?”

Brandon mumbled with a concerned face..

“No Son Your Huge! But You want to stand out from the rest of the guys so you can get First Place. If you get win enough You can Go Pro Like you have always dreamed!”

“Professional!! Ok! Shoot me Up, I Wouldn’t mind being bigger anyway’s haha”

David grinned injecting Brandon with a full dose of the formula. They packed up his Duffel bag and got in the car and headed off to the competition…

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Oh,man! you really improve your work everytime you add a new story or chapter. This was very hot. Great!
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a full fucking dose, eh? oh snap--he's gonna get so fucking huge
yummy, hehe
thanks for another hot installment of this story man!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Originally Posted by chocomus
Oh,man! you really improve your work everytime you add a new story or chapter. This was very hot. Great!
Yeah what he said, lol Alex this is soo good I can't believe how hot this story has gotten, lol I thought you would just kinda die out after the first couple of paragraphs but you kept going and I hope you keep at it as well ^.^
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damn alex u just love making all of us cum in ur pants every time we read ur
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Very nice chapter again...I like the Son's growth...but I'd love to have more numbered details about him (and his Dad too ) old are they? how big (height, weigh, biceps, chest, etc.)

Thanks, you are a great writer!
Thufir Hawat aka Sam
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i need
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Another hot story, your writing gets better every time
Oiled up flexing muscle is the hottest!
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This story is so fucking hot...I think it might be better then step dad. Thanks for making me cream again
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Such an awesome story! Please continue it!
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Hey Guys

Sorry You guys I took a break from writing for a while but I'll definitely get working on them soon, Along with a few other stories.
I Definitely want to continue this one for sure. So Keep looking for updates

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