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Alex Online by Brians (updated)

I tried going out to the club tonight but I came home early, pretty disappointed. I'm a rookie to the whole club thing. I got there way too early, I didn't know there wouldn't be anybody there at 9:30. I lasted about an hour. Everybody seemed to be so comfortable and already with another guy. So I felt pretty out of place. It cost me $4 for a small glass of Coke.

I drove back in from the city and settled down in front of the computer with a TV dinner. I logged in to the chat room. By this time on Friday night it was loaded with people. I got into board number seven in guys seeking guys. Most of the talk that goes on in the actual room is pretty much bullshit. First of all, I find it too hard to follow and the neverending barrage of nonsense pretty much makes me sick to look at.

I opened up another window and got onto a muscle personals website that I found the other day. This is a pretty cool site. Everybody who is on there is interested in sports and working out and shit like that, which really turns me on, and coincides with my interests. Too bad most of the personals don't have photos and the ones that do usually have only one.

But it's not a pay site so while I was half watching the chat room and browsing through profiles, I signed up for the muscle personals site.

You had to sign up to view the full profile. I really didn't feel like posting my own profile at the moment, but I went ahead and did it anyway. It warned me to be as truthful as possible about myself. So I put in that I was 22, single, average looking with an average body. I said that I don't drink or do drugs. And I added that I was in to sports and looking for somebody interested in long term.

So I submitted the profile without a picture. At least I could check out the profiles now to see if there are any hot guys.

The first search brought back about 300 people, so I narrowed the search down to a 60 mile radius. Now there were seven people. They all had usernames like "sportboy" and "muscle_dude." One of the profiles had a "currently online" prompt on it. So I looked at his profile:

within 20 miles from your location
I live alone
20 years old
bisexual male
brown hair
blue eyes
taller than average
I don't smoke
I don't drink
not religious
some college
seeking a long term relationship
income $10,000 to $20,000
single, never been married
I don't have children

What's up guys. New to the site. Pics available, just ask. I pretty normal and easy to get along with. I just like having fun and hanging out. I'm into all sports and working out. Looking for somebody who is into the same. Basically looking for someone to chat and hang out with. Just shout out. Later.

So it was a fairly typical profile along the lines with what I was looking for. It perturbes me that he doesn't have any pics up but I don't either, so I guess I can't expect everybody to.

I messaged him:

hey alex

(He got back right away which is cool.)

a: yo what's up

not much just hangin out. i saw your profile. i actually just joined

a: yeah i've only been on a few weeks

lol. have any luck yet

a: haha, no not really. i'm actually talking to some other guy from raleigh

bleh. forget about him he's a loser

a: haha, you know who i'm talkin about

nah, i was just joking. he's an hour and a half away though. i'm closer.

a: yeah i just read your profile

well there's not much there. i just joined and didn't spend much time on the profile yet

a: no prob.

so is your name alex then

a: yeah


a: haha, yeah i guess so

justin here

a: cool

i like this site because it's pretty hard for me to find another guy who is into sports like i am

a: yeah i know the feelin

so you are bi then? have you been with a guy before

a: yeah i've been with both. i've had a couple gf's. but i would kinda think about guys a lot while i was with them so i knew i wanted something more.

have you been with a lot of guys

a: nah just 2. and not since i've been going to college. i've been getting more into guys just recently. i couldn't really do anything like that back in high school

sorry for asking so many questions

a: nah it's cool. what about you

well i'd say i'm gay. i've had two bf's but i've been single for about a year. i guess i just don't do very well meeting guys.

a: yeah me neither. at least not guys that are gay anyway. and it's not like going to the gym or playing sports you meet any.

yeah I know. are you still talking to that other guy?

a: he hasn't gotten back to me in a while so i guess not

(Right now I just want to see a pic. If I'm going to spend any more time with this chatter I want to know that it's worth it.)

so do you have any pics?

a: yeah do you

well not available but i could take one on my webcam real quick

a: here i'll send you a file through messenger

(Now we're talking.)

ok that's awesome

a: here you go

(Alex transferred a file over. And I opened it and I was freakin' floored. I was a little pissed it was just a headshot, but he was hot. He was red hot.

He had short-cropped hair with blonde highlights and sideburns. Alex had strong looking cheekbones, long accentuated eyebrows and a cute button-nose.

I was envigorated by the prospects of this guy. As long as he is who he says he is, I've really got something going here.)

a: did you get it

yeah. awesome. you are hot. but i know you get that all the time

a: ha, not really

yeah right. i find that hard to believe.

(I figured I should reciprocate and send him a pic. So I started screwing around with the webcam while we were talking. I took a few pics, trying to come up with one that was decent enough to send. But I decided I'd wait until he asked again to send it. I am pretty plain looking I guess so I might as well not rush.)

so are you seeing anybody right now

(now that I know he's hot I really will start pushing.)

a: nah not at all

so do you go to school or work

a: I should be in school but i'm taking this semester off. i'm a waiter at delmonico's

are all the waiters there models

ha. i love guys that play sports and are athletic. one of my bf's was in really good shape and it was such a turn on to feel his hard body under me

a: you would like me then

yeah i bet

a: no really. i bet i would put that other dude to shame.

how so

a: check this out

(WOW! This chat is fuckin' phenomenal. He sent me another file. This was a shot from his webcam and he was sitting in his desk chair and flexing his right arm. He had his head turned, staring adoringly at his rock hard bi. The sleeves of his red polo were stretched tightly around his hard arm and it was enough to really make me hot. All I could think of was ripping that fucking shirt off of him and catching a glimpse of what was underneath.)

dude you are fuckin ripped.

a: i told ya

well it looks good on ya

a: thanks

a: the guys that i was with before just wanted a hookup. and afterwards it sucked. i was really turned off by everything. whenever i talked to them after we have sex it was awkward, like they were done with me and on to the next thing. so i'm looking for someone who i can actually have a relationship with.

yeah that's exactly what i'm looking for. and i can see that you are a nice guy and your bod is awesome. your pics just make me want to run my hands all over your body.

a: yeah that would totally turn me on. I could lie on my stomach and you could sit on top of me and just rub my shoulders and my back as hard as you can.

well we better change the subject cause you are turning me on

what? too soon

a: nah it's not that

what then?

a: it's prolly not a good idea cause i'm kinda hot right now FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT= " i might say something i will regret

dude there is no way you can be nearly as hot as i am right now. i've had that last pic you sent me up on the screen for the last 10 minutes just checkin you out

a: i'm glad you like it but there's more where that came from

will you call me

(I felt that it was a little bold to ask him that. We've only been chatting for about two hours and I definately didn't want to lose his interest. But he seemed like he was digging this conversation, and since he said he was kind of hot, I thought I'd take a chance.)

a: yeah, i got a while. what's your digits

phat. 555-3751

a: ok i'm gonna log off. give me a couple mintues and i'll call

can't wait


c ya

.................................................. .................................................. ......................

I sprang out of my desk chair and ran into the bedroom. I took off my clothes and left only the night light on, as I piled into my bed. I grabbed the phone off of my nightstand and set it next to me. I was a little nervous and I was just hoping that it wouldn't be too awkward. In my mind, I began rehearsing a few things that I could ask him that wouldn't sound too dumb, in case we needed something to break the ice. The phone rang. I answered on the second ring.

a: Hey dude what's up?

Hey not much. Just chillin out. What's up with you?
a: I'm just sittin' around now. It's good to shut the computer off and sit back and relax.

Haha, well don't relax too much. (I said, slyly.)
a: Huh, well... (and his voice trailed off.)

Well what?
a: Well I definately LOOK relaxed.

What do you mean you look relaxed.
a: Well I'm sitting back in my leather chair with my headset on, and my hands locked behing my head. (I could tell he was smiling as he said this. Alex had a sexy, somewhat deep sounding voice.)

Can I ask what you're wearing?
a: Well I have my black Umbros on. My socks are off. And I'm just wearing a white t-shirt.

Damn you paint a pretty picture.
a: And what are you doing?

Uhh, lying in bed actually.
a: Nice. God I wish I had a boyfriend so I wouldn't have to be here alone all the time.

Yeah I know what you mean.
a: Know what I'd want you to do if you were here?

No what?
a: Well... I'd want you to climb up on me and sit on my lap.

Oh yeah!
a: Then, while I have my hands over my head like this, you could reach up and feel my muscles which I'd slightly pump for you.

Fuck that's hot! I would run my hands all over your bi's and your forearms. Then I'd run down and feel the hair in your pits.
a: Feel my strong legs underneath you as you sit on me.

Fuck yeah.
a: I'd bounce my muscles for you and be able to feel you getting harder and harder by the second as you squeeze my bi's.

Dude you are makin' me so fuckin' hard.
a: I've BEEN hard.

I would need that shirt to come off pretty soon. I want to check you out.
a: I would ask you to rip it off of me. Or if I needed you bad enough I'd reach up and tear the fuckin' thing off of me. It would be hangin' off of me in shreds.

Yeah I would tear that fucker right off.
a: Then I would reach down and put my arms around your ass... then you know what I'd do?

What, tell me.
a: Well I'd hold you close to me and stand up, picking you up with my arms.

I'd wrap my arms around your strong neck.
a: Yeah that's it. Just hand on to my neck. And feel how strong I am as I carry you around. I've always wanted a boyfriend that I could pick up and carry around the house or up the stairs in my arms.

I would love that.
a: I'd pull you in to me and begin to tongue kiss you as you tightened your grip around my neck.

Your tongue would taste so good in my mouth.
a: I would carry you into the bathroom and stop in front of the full length mirror. And we could see ourselves in the mirror, me holding you, muscles flexing, and your arms around my neck, holding yourself up.

You know what though?
a: What?

I like playing hard to get sometimes.
a: Haha, oh you do?

Yeah, I'd push myself off of you and make you chase me!
a: Haha, well first of all buddy boy, you would only be able to get out of my arms IF I let you. Cause if I didn't want you to go, there is no way you could get out of my grip. And second of all, no matter how far you'd run, I'd chase you down, cause I NEVER get tired.

Well I might just lock myself in the bedroom.
a: Oh yeah? Is that supposed to stop me? If I wanted you bad enough, I'd feel pretty sorry for the door because I would easily punch right through it and unlock it. Then I'd stand there in the doorway and pull down my shorts so you could see my rock hard cock. Then I'd slowly step out of my shorts and walk over to the bed where you were laying.

I'd reach up and feel your thighs and your tight ass.
a: Fuck yeah. I'd stand there and let you try to pound your fist up into my tight ass and I'd look down and watch my cock get harder and harder.

You are so fuckin' hot. Come on stud, let me see some muscle.
a: Hmm, you want some real muscle?

Fuck yeah.
a: I'd sit up on my knees, stradling you as you lay on the bed. And I'd flex both arms for you so you could see my hard bi's.

Oh yeah that's so AWESOME! Fuck your big.
a: Your damn right I am. Look at these arms. Come on... reach up and feel that rock.

Damn you're ripped.
a: You'll never be with another guy who's cut like this.

Come on, make it bigger.
a: You want my arms even bigger?

Fuck yeah.
a: I'll lean forward and flex my arm right in front of your face. Yeah look at that shit. Feel that fuckin' power. If anybody ever wanted to take you from me, I'd crush them to death with this one... fucking... arm.

I'd start to make love to your bi and taste it with my tongue.
a: Then I would lean back and let you look at my abs.

I'd reach up and run my fingers over them.
a: Yeah feel that stomach. Your boy doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. And it's all for you.

God your body is perfect. Your abs are so cut.
a: Wanna pound 'em?

Can I?
a: Sure if you want to. If it would turn you on.

Hell yeah. I'd make a fist and drive it right into your abs.
a: Was that supposed to hurt?

I'd hit you again.
a: Fuck. I can't even feel that.

I'd hit you again.
a: Come on, I'm a man you gotta hit me harder!

I hit you again and it's starting to leave a big red mark.
a: You can't break me. You can't break through that muscle.

No you're too strong.
a: Damn right I am. One time a couple years ago this dude tried to fuck with me and he started wailing me in the stomach. Well that was a big mistake cause I just stood there and took every shot he gave me. Then when his hand hurt too much to hit me anymore, I broke his fuckin' arm in about five seconds by snapping it like a twig. He never fucked with me again.

Can I jerk you off? I need to see you shoot.
a: You can do anything you want to me, I'm all yours. I'm your boy.

Lean back a little.
a: OK, go ahead.

I'll grab your cock hard and stroke you as hard as I fuckin' can.
a: Yeah I can feel that. I need to unleash my come.

I'm going in big, long strokes, feeling every inch of your big muscleboy cock.
a: Yeah I need to show you how much come I have for you.

Well come on baby, give it to me.
a: I'm almost there.

I love how you tense up all of your muscles before you come.
a: Uhhh

Yeah I can see that vein going down your biceps.
a: Uhhh fuck!

Yeah look at how tight your chest is and the veins in your neck.
a: Ahh I'm almost there.

Come on, give me it. I want it.
a: Uhh

Oh the first shot went up over my head.
a: Uhh take my come.

Fuck you shoot hard.
a: Keep pulling me.

Yeah baby. Damn that's a huge load. What a stud.
a: I'm your stud.

I love watching you unleash your load.
a: Yeah keep rubbing me like that, that feels so nice.

God your still so hard.
a: That's cause your man's got more come to give you.

Fuck, you want to give me another load.
a: Fuck yeah. That load was nothin'. I'm like a bull, I've got an even bigger load for you.

I want it.
a: I need you to fuck me.

OK lay down.
a: Come on baby, get up on top of me and ride me. I want you to just shove yourself into my tight ass and I'll come enough to soak this whole fuckin' bed.

I was worried that after that explosive night on the phone that the following morning everything was just going to go back to normal. As is usually the case, a reality check comes with the dawn of a new day. I figured I'd never track down Alex again and even worse, if I did, he'd blow me off and that would be the end of it. But Alex wasn't like that. The next night he called my cell and we set up a date. Boy was I nervous. But the cool thing was that he was nervous as well and it allowed me to relax and ultimately he did too.

After about a week and having seen eachother twice, we were getting really hot for one another. And it appeared as though this was going to be something more than physical. We wound up hitting it off pretty nicely in person on that first date. It was dinner and the movies and making out during that and afterwards in the car. But we consented to not spend the night together, seeing that we had to be up the following morning.

We both had a day off on a Thursday and we spent the day together, hanging out at his apartment. I had every intention when I went there of getting some daytime sex. But we wound up really bonding and we snuggled on the couch and got into conversation for hours. I left there that evening horny as fuck, but really feeling good about things.

By this time we were bursting for eachother. We had a Friday night where I could sleep over at his place and neither of us had to get up in the morning. We got something to eat and then met up with this girl that I knew and her boyfriend to go bowling.

Katie was one of my closer friends, but her boyfriend, Eric, was kind of annoying. Not a bad guy I guess, but I didn't really like hanging out with him.

But Eric was big into sports so of coarse Alex and him hit it off pretty well talking about all that crap.

I was dying to introduce Alex to Katie because he was so fuckin' hot and I knew she'd be impressed and jealous as well. At one point while those two guys were up on the lane she grabbed my arm and pulled me in close, "how the hell did you find him," she said? "He's gorgeous."
"Tell me about it."
"No I mean it. I can see his pecs coming out of that shirt and I just wanna grab them and squeeze 'em," she said while bursting out laughing.
"I told you I just met him online."
"I bet he is as big as a horse."
"Almost," I said.

I sat back there when it was Alex's turn and became hornier for him by the minute. Especially in contrast to all the other kids and guys who were there bowling and fucking around that night on the other alleys. He blew everybody away.

I mean he was a pretty boy with his hair spiked up and styled nice, but he was a jock too with the tight polo shirt and bulging and veiny arms. When he threw the ball and turned back around facing me I couldn't help but swoon over the veins running down the length of his biceps. God it was so hot.

I think he was hit on by three girls and at least one guy that I could see during the night. And I decided then and there that I was going to do every fuckin' thing I could to hang on to him.

He was a little bit more forward than I was too. Not as though I minded it. But he was getting to the point where he'd start to be touchy-feely with me and it didn't matter to him at all who was around to see.

When bowling was over, we both wanted to be alone so we made and excuse to drop Kate and Eric.

I followed Alex through the crowd of drinking idiots and into the back of the alley where the locker rooms where.

"I'd like to throw you up against those lockers and fuck the shit out of you," he said.

"Why don't you then?"

"Not here. Come on."

I continued to follow him through a couple of doors and then out the back door of the alley. I shut the door behind me and it was one of those that didn't have a handle to get back in. There was one flourescent light back there and just some dumpsters and typical alleyway stuff.

"Come here, you!"

He bent down and with one arm hoisted me up on his shoulder.

"There's a spot I wanna take you to."

While he was walking I reached my hand into his pants and felt his intense butt muscles. Then I started putting my fingers up his ass a little.

"Oh I need you so bad," he said as he walked briskly to the end of the alley and into the wooded area next to the bowling alley.

Alex carried me into the woods a bit and then up a little hill. There was actually a pretty nice spot in there. It was a grassy area up on a hill flanked by big boulders on three sides. He then shrugged me off his shoulder and reached down and pulled his shirt up off him.

"Take your fuckin' shirt off before I rip it to shreds," he demanded.

As I took my shirt off he began unbuttoning and pulling down his pants. I could see his cock, already hard, poking out through his boxer shorts.

He grabbed the back of my head and moved closer and thrust his tongue into my mouth and I grabbed a handful of his gel-filled hair and pushed myself into him. With my other hand I grabbed a handful of his cock and started massaging it, playing with his load.

"You want this body," he said in between kisses. "Fuck yeah."

"You want this rock hard body? You want this muscle?"

"Oh fuck yeah."

He started unbottoning my pants.

"I need you inside me," he said. "I need you to fuck me hard."

I thought Alex would top me first but I certainly had no problem fucking him.

"Can you fuck me, baby."

I had my hand around his shorts pulling them down as he stepped out of them.

"Can you fuck me hard enough, baby."

"Hard as I can muscle-boy."

I stepped out of my shorts as well and we lied down together in the grass. Then I began feverishly kissing his ripped back. I worked my way down to his thighs. I squeezed that awesome muscle in his thighs hard with my fingers while continued kissing and softly biting him.

He was groaning with pleasure. "Get up on me."

I mounted him up put the tip of my cock on his ass, toying with him.

"Don't fuck with me, I need you in deep."

"You sure you want me," I played with him.

"Fuck me or I'm gonna make you my bitch! Fuck that rock hard ass!"

So I eased myself into him as he moaned with pleasure.

"Harder, I want it rough. Be rough with me."

With one hand I grabbed him hard on the back of the neck. With the other I spanked his ass sharply. He jerked his head back and bellowed, "oh fuck. Oh that's fuckin' hot."

I began working him hard now. I was enjoying his man-ness. The harder I abused him the more he enjoyed it.

"Come on bitch, fuck me harder."

I don't think I have ever been harder in my life.

"Come on deeper, I wanna feel all of you, baby."

I drove myself into him. At first I did it rhythmically, then as he screamed for more I want at him with reckless abandon. Sweat began on drip off of me and onto his back.

"Oh I'm gonna shoot my load!"

"Yeah, come on. Give it to me."

After holding it in as long as he could he finally released. And God he shot like a fucking cannon. His body was jerking wildly, nearly throwing me off of him several times.

He finally wound down and lied there under me, almost limply.

"Aw that was incredible."

I rolled off of him and lied beside him to look at him. His eyes were closed and he was smiling.

"Hope I wasn't too hard on you."

He opened his eyes and smiled widely. "No you were perfect."

I couldn't help but think how cute he looked laying there, with his hair all messed up from me pulling it.

"Guess what."

"What," I said.

"Your turn."

------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

(Writer's note: This is part 1 of 2 of the next chapter)

Alex was ultra hot and such a good boyfriend. He was caring and down to earth and always used his bod to turn me on. But one thing about Alex was that he was a jealous fucking kid. Admittedly, I'd play off on that every now and then. I would purposely check out some hottie at the mall or some place like that, just to get a reaction out of him. His jealousy turned me on in a way. But sometimes I get myself in trouble.

Alex spent most of his time with me now and was half moved in. The complex was loaded with kids signing one-year leases who are going to college. I can't help myself, but I'm a little bit of a voyeur. I catch myself standing at the window watching the three jock boys who live nearby playing catch on the weekends. Or checking out who's around when I'm walking the sidewalk or in the parking lot.

It was always interesting when somebody new moved in near me. You'd see the moving truck in the lot and then try to catch a glimpse of who the hell was moving in. One day I was home on a Saturday and I couldn't believe what I saw.

The place right next door to us had been vacant for almost a month and new people finally were moving in. I was peeking out during the coarse of the day and there were a lot of people coming and going, helping move. Finally, I was able to narrow down who the people were that were actually living there.

One of them was not a bad looking, but fairly plain, punk-looking kid. But the other kid was awesome. He was a little bit shorter than me, but was cute as a button. He had short dark hair with hot sideburns and was clean shaven. He dressed prep with his collars flipped up and Pac Sunwear necklaces. He was kind of thin but had nice shoulders and a hot ass.

The second day I stared at him from my second floor window as he sat shirtless out on his porch listening to Ipod. He had a good tan base and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Alex turned his nose to him when he first saw him through the window and right off the bat started in with the snied remarks. For all of Alex's looks and body, he was really insecure and tried to put down any boy whom he thought could be his competition.

One day I was at the window and the kid next door was walking up the sidewalk on his way home from wherever he was. Alex came downstairs and caught me checking him out. He came behind me and put his arms around my waist. He pressed his crotch against my ass and spoke quietly in my ear. "Why don't you go over there and play with your boy-toy?"

"Knock it off," I said. "You're the one I want."

"I didn't know you were into 12 year olds? Maybe you should start going to elementary school dances," he said, sarcastically.

"Shut up. He's in college."

Alex crouched down and picked me up off the ground.

"Well do you want a boy fucking you or do you want a man?"

"I want YOU," I replied.

This was the kind of back and forth that went on for a while over the boy next door.

The day finally came about two weeks in where I was on my way out alone, and he was outside on his porch area and we got to meet. He had seen me come out of my door and I made quick eye contact with him for the first time. As I was near walking by on my way to the parking lot, I was trying to decide about saying "hello" or just nodding and passing by. But he was really outgoing and forward and he came right up to me smiling and extending his hand.

He had a good grip and kickass smile.

"Hey, I just moved in a couple weeks ago."

"Yeah, I know. I've been meaning to come over and say 'hi.'" I'm Justin by the way."

"What's up Justin, I'm Palmer."

"So are you in school," I asked.

"Yeah I go to Community. And I work at the school pool when I get out and on weekends and stuff."

"Cool. You have a roommate too, right?"

"Yeah, David. He's not home right now. He's at State and he takes a lot of classes."

"How long of a lease do you have," I asked.

"Just a year. We'll see what happens then."

"Well that's cool. I guess I'll see you around then."

"Yeah, you will."

So I got on my way feeling weird about what he had said. "Yeah, you will." The way he said it was almost devilish. I didn't know if he was gay or what his story was. I didn't know if David was his boyfriend, although he was ten times hotter than David. I didn't know if he knew I was gay or if he had even seen Alex yet or not. I mean, I assumed that Palmer was straight and that he and David were only roomates, but I had no real reason to think anything either way at this point.

Naturally, Alex wasn't impressed.


"What the fuck kind of name is that?"

"Is that what you want? A geek?"

All he did was say 'hello,'" I said.

"Yeah well Palmer better not say another fucking word to MY boyfriend or I'll rearrange his pretty fucking face for him!"

Now in no way, shape or form did I want Palmer over Alex. But I have to admit that when Alex gets this way it turns me on.

"Maybe I'll drag Palmer's skinny ass over here and tie him to the chair and fuck you in front of him so he knows who the fuck you belong to once and for all."

"That might be kinda hot," I said, joking.

"Oh yeah?"

Alex started unbuttoning his shirt and he undid the cuffs and pulled it off and threw it on the floor.

"I might just have to remind you of who you belong to right here in the living room."

Anxiously, I started stripping.

Alex had is pants off now.


He started bouncing his pecs. First together. Then one. Then the other. Then together. That was so hot. Alex's pecs were rock hard first of all and really defined. When you watch him bench press, you can see the power he's got there. Tight and strong.

Alex walked right up to me, we were both half hard already. I ran my fingers hard through his spiked hair.

"Put your hand around my neck," he demanded.

I grabbed his neck with intent.

He put one arm on my ass and pulled me closer.

"Come on. Squeeze me," Alex said. "I can take it."

I clenched his neck as hard as I could with one hand. He was smirking at me. He had a little stubble on his chin after not shaving this morning and being this close I noted how hot it looked.

"Feel that neck, baby. I'm like a fuckin' bull."

His hard cock was poking my stomach.

Then, looking confident and dominant, Alex began walking me backwards, forcing me towards the wall of the living room.

"Harder," he egged me on. But his neck was too strong. I couldn't phase him.

He forced me to the wall and pressed his chest into mine. I released my grip and put my hand on the back of his neck.

We began kissing, licking eachother's tongues. He was warm and masculine. I licked his chin and rubbed my cheek against his stubble.

He eased me down towards the floor. While still kissing with my head turned toward the side, he positioned me on my stomach. Then Alex put his hand on the side of my head and pushed me down onto the carpet. He lubed my ass and ran the tip of his cock over my hole.

He put his mouth near my ear.

"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you."

He put his tongue in my ear and his cock in my ass. My eyes rolled up in my head. Alex's cock is big and so hard that everytime feels like the first time.

He controlably drives his cock down and then back almost all the way out, before hammering me again.

I moaned, helplessly.

"Who's your man," he said while pounding me on the floor.

"Who's your boy, Justin?"

"You are. Fuck me."

"When I put my cock in you, it makes you want to come instantly, doesn't it?"

"Oh fuck yeah."

"Who can dominate you, Justin. Who's your boy, Justin."

Not even a minute had gone by and I was desperately trying to keep myself from exploding my load.

"Only I can take you. Only I can fuck you, Justin. Only I will ever fuck you, Justin."

Alex kept pounding me. His whole body was hard and in control of me. Veins were running down both of his biceps.

He sped up his delivery and was pounding the fuck out of me. He had a handful of my hair. Suddenly, I couldn't stroke myself anymore and my body became limp. I lost feeling in my arms and I felt my hot load in my hand. Alex synchronized his thrusts with my shots.

Finally I was dry. He helped me turn over and raised my wet hand to his mouth. Through half-opened eyes I looked at his veiny guns as he feverishly lapped up my cum.

"Mmm, I eat up all your cum, baby. You belong to me, Justin. Only I taste you."

"You are so fuckin' hot," I managed to say.

"You bet I am. You're never gonna find a boy who can take care of you like I can. I'll protect you, I'll fight for you, I'll do everything for you. I love you."

"Love you too, Alex."

The next chapter is on its way!
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