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Old December 24th, 2007, 12:04 PM
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American Freak: A Freak Follow up, Part Three

The Freaks had decided that the best way to find the right person to become the next freak was to hold a competition. The competition was to be televised in a series of live broadcasts. On each show, the competitors would be given a small dose of The Freaks? formula and their transformations would begin. Four days later, the transformed competitors would strut their stuff for America and the audience would vote to determine who would get dropped from the competition. Then those remaining would be given another dose and so on until one man was selected to be given the final major dose of the formula.

Traffic was crazy in the City, hundreds of men were coming to the casting call at Moscone Center, the local convention center. As the three drove around in circles in search of parking, they could see men of every shape and description walking in groups and alone toward the convention center entrance.

Finally, Nathan found a spot, several blocks away. He wasn?t sure if it was a legal parking spot, but figured he?d take it so they wouldn?t have to take a cab back to the convention center. The got out of the car and joined the flow of Freak wannabe?s making their way to their judgment day. If Nathan was lucky, it would be the start of a new life: the life of a muscle Freak.

When they got to the convention center, the potential competitors were separated from their moral supporters. Competitors got into lines to register and sign releases. Their friends and family were sent up into the upper tier seating to watch the casting call.

?Wish me luck, okay??

?Good luck, bro!? Justin said, slapping his brother on the back.

Michael offered Nathan a good luck kiss, ?knock ?em dead, Nate.?

Michael and Justin sauntered thru the lobby looking at all the men. Justin attracted some attention with his perfectly proportioned muscularity. Although freaky muscularity had become the paradigm against which all men were judged, there were plenty of folks who still preferred a symmetrical and proportioned physique. Toss in his good looks, short blonde hair, green eyes and revealing clothes and heads were being turned.

With his exaggerated muscle breasts bouncing ever so slightly with every step he took, Michael was getting his own share of the attention. The cropped tank top he was almost wearing was cut so that the row of abdominals just above his belt line was exposed. The overall affect was calculated to dramatize the contrast between his small, trim waist and overdeveloped chest.

Most of the men who were headed up to the upper tier of seats were average looking guys with unremarkable bodies. Men like Michael and Justin, with bodies of varying muscularity, were the exception rather than the rule.

?Look at that guy,? Michael said, pointing to a tall guy in his middle 30?s. ?He?s got some decent arms on him. He?d be hot with 20 or 30 pounds of muscle.?

?Dude!? Justin exclaimed, rolling his eyes.

?Oops. Sorry. I forget you?re not gay. But still, he would be hot with 30 pounds of muscle,? Michael said.

?It?s all right, I guess.? Justin paused and looked at the guy. ?You know, he would be impressive. I wonder who he?s here for? Do you think Nate has a chance??

?Absolutely. Nate has the scrawny build that would produce the most dramatic before and after. I wonder how big they?ll make the winner??

Justin said, ?Shoot, I wonder how big they?ll make the selected contestants. I mean, the longer the contestants stay in the contest, the bigger they?ll get.?

?That?s true, but,? Michael said, ?I hear they plan to keep the major transformation for the last shot.?

?They say that Dale and Poindexter are almost 400 pounds and they?re your height. What would Nate look like at 400 pounds??

?Hot! Fucking hot! Can you imagine? Maybe a 50 or 60 inch chest, and 30 or 35 inch thighs. I bet his arms could get as big as his head. And his muscles aren?t the only things that?ll grow. Have you seen the packages on those guys? Woof!?

?Dude!? Justin said, punching Michael?s arm, ?That?s gross.? Michael laughed. After a minute of thought as the two sat down, Justin said, ?actually it would be fucking awesome to have a package that matches your muscularity. That would rock.?

Michael laughed again, ?It sure would, Justin, it sure would.? He scanned the lower level. ?There?s Nate!?

Justin looked in the direction Michael indicated. ?Uhh, yeah! There he is.?

Nathan stood in line for a while. He looked around at the others who were signing up to enter the competition. Some were slender and without muscle like him, others were overweight and without muscle. There were a surprising number of Michael?s single muscle obsessed cohorts and even a sizable minority of men who already had what Nathan considered muscular physiques.

?What are they doing here,? he thought. ?They?ve already got great builds.?

After filling out the forms and signing more papers than he?d ever signed before, Nathan was issued a number and sent onto the main floor of the convention center to await his moment in front of the judges.

He wondered if The Freaks were going to be there, or even do the judging. He?d only seen them in magazines and on TV. They looked fucking amazing, dwarfing even the most muscular of bodybuilders. The four Freaks, Ken, Dale, ?Poindexter? and the one known only as The Freak, had become celebrities.

Nathan, along with the rest of America and the world, had followed their exploits in the popular press. There were fan sites on the web dedicated to all four and each individual freak. It was said that The Freak had once been a 5?-9? average guy who thru the application of the bio-genetic-nano-tech formula had transformed himself from an average Joe into the biggest most wildly muscled man the world had ever seen.

The last time The Freak had been seen in public, at the Mr. Olympia contest, which he and his three friends were banned from competing in out of fairness to the non freak competitors, where he had been a judge.

In the pictures Nathan had seen, he had been as tall as the tallest of the pro?s and, Entertainment Tonight breathlessly reported, at least twice as muscular with a body fat level so low, every single bundle of gargantuan muscle fiber could be easily discerned. The pro?s were literally made to look ?normal? standing next to him. He didn?t look like a real man, but like a fantasy of the ultimate muscular comic book hero inflated even bigger in an orgiastic explosion of masculinity.

The winner of the Mr. O, it was rumored, had begged The Freak for just a single dose of the formula. The rumor went on in two versions, one that he?d been given a dose and would appear at the next competition 50 pounds heavier, the other that he?d been turned down cold and was now considering dropping out of competitions all together.

Each of The Freaks was bigger than any man their height had ever dreamed of being before they came on the scene. Ken was the shortest of The Freaks. Only 5?-5? tall, he weighed somewhere between 275 and 350 pounds, depending on what magazine or TV story mentioned him. Dale and ?Poindexter? were almost the same height, about 5?-10? or 5?-11? tall. They were each said to be in the neighborhood of 400 pounds of muscle.

Nathan, at one or two inches taller than Dale and ?Poindexter?, only weighed 163 pounds. The thought of more than doubling his weight with dense, bulging muscle often brought Nathan to tears. It excited him in every way. He often fantasized about being a total muscle freak when he was having sex with Michael. Those were the most amazing orgasms.

Some beefy middle-aged guy in a tight, sleeveless, flannel shirt and a backwards baseball cap spoke into a microphone calling the assembled men to attention. He introduced himself as Darrell Stein, producer of the American Freak TV series. He ran thru the procedure for the day, then introduced a string of ?associate producers? who would assess each of the contestants.

The associate producers were uniformly early 30?s, tanned, short haired, and built like amateur bodybuilders, some leaner and some heavier. Each of them had, it turned out, won regional body building competitions before getting into the TV industry. They would be judging each wannabe competitor based on current physique, level of exhibitionism, looks and the ?it? factor.

The men selected from this open call would be sent to Hollywood where they would be joined by the men selected in 3 other cities. There the assembled men would undergo the first treatment. A panel of celebrity judges would then select a group of 8 men who would go on to the finals.

The celebrity judges were slated to be Elijah Wood, Andy Lawrence and Justin Berfield. The judges were each young heart throbs who had jumped into the muscle frenzy almost as soon as it started.

Andy Lawrence and his brothers Matthew and Joey had been unusually beefy for young actors even before the muscle frenzy began. All three had embraced the changing muscle paradigm and were now some of the biggest of the old school actors. America had watched in wonder as Andy had packed on pound after pound of lean muscle with each new episode of ?Oliver Bean?, his first major TV role. In one season he gained 12 pounds. He started the next season 7 pounds heavier than he?d weighed at the end of the last season. By the time the show was canceled, Andy was the first of his brothers to ?moonlight? as a professional bodybuilder.

Justin Berfield had embraced the muscle paradigm after the young Erik Per Sullivan, who played the youngest brother on ?Malcom in The Middle? had started developing a strikingly muscular physique for a kid. Berfield had to build up his own physique in order to maintain the appearance of physical dominance over his TV brother. With a lanky and lean physique, he had been a hard gainer and for a while it looked like Sullivan was on his way to eclipsing Berfield. He later admitted that it was only by incorporating HGH and steroids into his training regime that he was able to develop his remarkable physique.

The cattle call proceeded slowly. Groups of about 100 were called up and lines formed in front of each of the associate producers. Each man was told to strip naked in order to be judged. Some men were offended or embarrassed and basically eliminated themselves. After each man was judged, he went back to his seat to await the news.

When the group with Nathan?s number was called, Nathan rose and walked as quickly as he could to get into line, so that he wouldn?t have to wait too long. He was already nervous and his stomach was churning. If he had to wait too long, he was sure he was going to be sick. He managed to be the third person in line to see this producer.

The man in front of him was an Obchest and had stripped off his shirt while walking up to get into line. He was taller than Nathan, but much heavier, with a layer of fat over his torso that greatly reduced the definition between the muscles. His chest was about the same size as Michael?s, but much softer, sagging more, almost like a woman?s tits.

The guy behind Nathan was a teenager, a year or two younger than Justin. Nathan had been a little shocked to see that the minimum age to compete was 14. That seemed wrong somehow, but it was their show. Nathan figured it must be something about the show?s target audience. The kid was black and looked, still in his baggy street clothes, lanky. He reminded Nathan of what Michael had looked like at 14, skinny and eager.

?Look, Mike, Nathan?s almost up to the judge now. That guy in front of him has quite a pair of tits. What do you think??

Michael looked and rolled his eyes. ?Lordy, he?s one of those guys that thinks it?s only about size. His chest is big, but it looks like he?s relying on fat to achieve the size. Dude,? Michael hollered down into the crowd of contestants, ?it?s about MUSCLE!? Then turning to Justin, ?These big boys are all muscle?. He emphasized the point by curling his shoulders in, flexing his pecs and squeezing them together.

?Fuck. Your chest is just fucking amazing.?

?Thanks.? Michael lived for people to complement his chest. ?That?s the kind of guy that gives us Obchests a bad reputation. You know, how people think it?s about having tits. It?s not about having tits at all. It?s about having massive slabs of strong, masculine muscle. Jeeze.?

?Okay, calm down there Mike. I didn?t mean to upset you.?

While they were talking the guy in front of Nathan had stripped naked. The judge had him turn around a few times and do some standard poses. He pulled his pants back on and the judge spoke to him. His head dropped and his shoulders fell.

?Oh, it looks like he didn?t get thru.?

?Good.? Michael was feeling vindictive. ?Your brother?s next. Can you imagine getting naked in front of all these people? I?m not sure I could do it.?

Justin looked at his brother?s lover. Michael was wearing clothes so revealing, he may as well have been naked. What was he talking about? Justin tried to imagine taking off his clothes in an area like this and having thousands of people looking at him. It was kind of a cool idea. He was surprised by his slight arousal at the thought. His reverie was interrupted by Michael?s elbow in his side.

?Damn, even from here your brother looks good naked. Of course, I?m biased.?

?I?ve been trying to get him to work out so that he?d at least look tight, but he didn?t? want to.?

From up in the second level of seats Nathan?s brother and lover could see that he had stripped. He was a lean and lanky guy. He looked like a hard gainer, but one who had trained. His muscles were defined if not large. They watched as he turned around and did a few poses.

?Is he getting a hard on?? Justin couldn?t believe it. It was weird seeing your brother naked in front of thousands of people and getting off on it.

Michael smiled. ?Oh, that?s my boy! Show ?em what you?ve got, Nate!?

They watched as the judge handed Nathan a slip of paper. Nathan took it and looked at it, then asked a question. His hands went up in victory and he jumped up and down with a smile on his face. He bent over and scooped up his clothes and ran off the field.

Michael looked at Justin. ?Does that mean what I think it means? Shit. Lets go down and meet him.?
~i *still* write muscle fiction~

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Wow great story so far I can't wait to see how this turns out
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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<< sigh >>

Many, many thanks!
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Hey! this was very cool! I think this story is gonna be one of the best in here. How many times I've dreamt about a world of muscle men. I wonder if the freaks want to create one That would be soooo hot.
The Internet is for PORN!
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What a hot story! Thanks so much ... looking forward to the next installment. HOT premise.
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