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Old January 3rd, 2008, 02:18 AM
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Bigger Is Better Part 1

Bigger Is Better Part 1
"The Realization"

Warning: This Story Contains Rape, and a Power Crazy Jock. Read at your own risk.. And Enjoy

"Hey Tyler you ready for the big game this Friday against Hillsdale?"

"Hell Ya Bro. Especially when i'm packing these babies"

Tyler flexed his 19 inch bicep and smiled confidently towards Ian sitting on the locker room bench in nothing but his underwear.

"Damn Tyler! I Can’t believe how big you are dude, You look like a fucking bodybuilder!! What have you been doing differently?!

“Good Genes I Guess haha”

“Well You better go hit the shower's before somebody calls the cops on those guns. I cant wait for you to beat those guys too, the whole team is counting on you this year"

"Of course dude! Nothing is going to stop us this year"

He laughed while he watched Ian head into the showers dropping his towel to the floor. Tyler stripped off his football shorts and underwear showing off his 9 inch cock and grabbed his balls. He slowly felt the weight of them, traveling his hand's up to his outstanding pecs.

"Damn I am getting big…"

Tyler Whispered as He rubbed his blond trail running down from his 6 pack all the way to his crotch area. He was finally becoming a full blown man like he had always wanted. He started walking towards the showers flopping his huge cock everywhere. The steam fading away revealing all the other jocks. Head's kept turning as He stepped up to the shower next to Ian and another team mate. Tyler slowly soaped up his cock reaching up his ass crack feeling his teenage bubble butt. He lathered up his armpit hair looking at how big he was. He started stroking his cock thinking..

"Fuck I'm getting big haha. Just last year I was some small little runt but now I'm the biggest fucking guy on the whole team. Can't wait to cream those guys on the field, showing them who is really in control haha"

Jacob saw Tyler stroking his cock in disbelief on how huge his pony dick was.

"Fuck Tyler would stop jerking your cock before you cum on my leg"

Tyler stroked his cock faster flexing each muscle taunting Jacob with how much bigger he was. He snickered at Jacob

"Why Bro! I'm So Fucking horny. Your just jealous because you cant get your pencil dick up"

"Shut Up Ty, I can get hard"

"Ok then come on Get it hard right now, Try to jerk off faster then I can"

Jacob started jerking his little 5 inch pric as fast as he could thinking about the hottest girl in school trying to ignore Tyler laughing at how big he was.

"Haha Look at how small you are Jacob. I guess I'm finally bigger then you aren’t I"

Tyler jerked faster stroking his balls thinking about how Jacob used to pick on him all the time and now he was the one in power now. He loved how he felt now. Knowing his dick was 4 inches bigger then his baby dick. He licked his biceps staring at Jacob's tiny body.

Everyone started cheering his name

"Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!"

"OH Shit I'm Gonna BLOW"

He started squirting cum all over Jacob's chect covering it in his man juice. He must have cummed for over 30 second's unleashing almost a liter of cum on him. The whole team couldn't believe how much cum he shot out, his balls were freaky big and covered in veins.

He grabbed Jacob's ass shoving his 9 inch hard on against his baby dick showing off how much bigger he was and laughed at him hysterically. He could feel there crotches touch each other, as he boomed at him

"Looks like I Win Little Bitch"

He pushed Jacob away and left the shower's and went over to his locker. Ian ran after him laughing and grabbed Tyler's shoulder.

"Dude You totally just humiliated the fuck out of that loser! How did you cum so much anyway?"

"I Just thought about How much better, and bigger I am then that stupid fuck"

“you serious?”

"Hell yeah of Course Dude! Which reminds me you wanna come work out with me after school?"

“Yeah Ty that would be awesome, But I have to get some stuff from my locker first can you just meet me there?”

“Yeah Sure bro No Problem”

"Ok Awesome , see you in a bit”

Tyler watched Ian quickly walk out of the locker room and then looked down at his body. He flexed his muscle's one more time before putting on his shirt. He loaded up his duffel bag and headed out


The Coach called his name right before he was about to leave the locker room.

"Yeah Coach"

"Step Into My office"

Tyler walked into his office decorated in trophies and pictures of him when he was younger. The coach was young probably about 27 but was one of the best coach’s in the district.

"Sit Down Tyler"

He watched the coach scratch his wel developed abs through his shirt as he looked around the room.

"Tyler this Friday is the most important game of probably your life. There is going to be scouts from all over the country watching you. And we have never beat Hillsdale before, and I want to win year. I'm counting on you to lead the game now. How big are you now any way’s

"6”5, and 281 pounds of Muscle"

"Good I don’t want anything to screw this game up, Now Train hard this week before Friday. You still got 3 days left until game night! Don’t waist anytime"

"No Problem Coach! I’ll hit the gym extra hard this week!”

“Ok good”

“I'll See you tomorrow then coach"

Tyler met up with Ian After school still thinking about what the coach said. They walked over to his brand new Black ford truck putting there stuff in the back. As they got into the truck Tyler turned to Ian and asked him some had been on his mind.

“Hey dude Is the whole Team Really Counting on me”

“Well yeah of course Tyler, You’re the powerhouse. I don’t think has ever been anyone as big as you that has gone to this school!”

“Haha You got that Straight, and I have still have a whole year to show the school how big I can get…. Hey were going to stop off at Safeway before We go to the gym Ok!”

“Yeah ok that’s cool, I wanna get some Gatoraid anyways”


The two boys entered the store Tyler noticing over half the people checking him like they always do. He tried to where an extra tight shirt today to see if even some of the guys would notice. Tyler loved when guys would gawk over his huge body knowing they could never have what he did. He strutted his chest out walking over to the shelf of protein powders trying to look for the best one. He always got excited reading about what they could do, finally grabbing three different kinds. The two guys were just about to purchase the items when Tyler grabbed Ian on the shoulder.

“Hold on dude I wanna check Something out”

Ian followed Tyler over to the magazine section and watched him pull one of magazines off grinning at the cover. He stared at for a while feeling his penis start to bulge up like it always did when he looked at them. He handed the copy to his friend and chuckled

“See!! This is How I want to get someday, except way bigger”

Ian looked at the huge bodybuilder on the magazine, covered in veins looking like he could barely move from all his muscle’s. He started flipping through the pages looking at all the pictures of these massive men, lifting insane weights.

“You wanna look like this..But these guys are so huge, Tyler if you got any bigger you would look like a freak!?!”

“SO! You know its going to happen!! I’m already almost as big as them and I’m like half there age haha. Oh fuck It would be so Cool To be That Big! No One would be able to tell me what to do, my legs would be bigger then your puny little waist, I could fucking crush someone with my arms!! Oh fuck just the thought of it gets me hard dude!”

Tyler flexed and giggled not even realizing he had a massive boner tenting up his tight jeans. Ian couldn’t believe what he was hearing or seeing. He and Tyler had always joked when they were younger about getting huge, but now he could see it was never a joke. Tyler was getting bigger everyday, and nothing would make him stop..

“I’m Totally buying these magazines dude, there so cool. And they will give me some HUGE Inspiration HAHAHA”

Tyler laughed walking towards the checkout lines with the muscles mags in his hands. Ian was still in some disbelief realizing that was the most he had opened up for quite some time. They both bought there items and headed off to the gym. Tyler always got excited when he went to the gym, but this time he seemed even more pumped, even more eager then he used to be. They both got there clothes on and headed over to the weights. Tyler took the magazines with him and set them down near the bench. Ian was loading the weights on the bar when he heard Tyler snickering. He turned around to see Tyler pulling down his shorts over his crotch area, showing off his huge boner

“Haha You think The Guys have Cocks like this in the Magazine!

Tyler stood there proudly flexing his cock up and down

“Dude put that away We could get in trouble”

“So I don’t care dude, I’m the biggest guy in here. If someone complains they have to go through me!”

“Haha Yeah your so true”

“Now come on lets weigh in this time”

Tyler and Ian walked over the scale, Tyler confidently stepping on the it watching it level out at a mind blowing 282 pounds.

“Haha Looks Like I’m Bigger Then I thought!”

“Holy Shit Tyler! Sense when Have you weighed over 280 pounds!!”

“Sense I started taking these..”

Tyler pulled out a couple of syringes from his pocket and grinned.

“Dude are those steroids?”

“Hell yeah!

“but Dude aren’t those bad for you”

“Bad For Me?! HAHA Are You Kidding! I have never felt bigger and stronger in my whole fucking life! When I workout I feel like I can lift anything pushing myself to the max, I Even feel hornier. And the rate that I gain muscle is amazing! I have been gaining close to 4 pounds of muscle a week! Do You Have any Idea what That Means! In less then 4 Months I’ll weigh twice as much as you! CAN YOU IMAGINE! I’ll Be the biggest teenager ever GRRR!!!

Tyler flexed again licking his biceps taunting Ian with his huge muscle’s. He grabbed the steroid injecting into his arm feeling it flow through his veins. He threw it on the floor and grinned at Ian.

“You ready for me to grow even More!”

Tyler laughed and started working out faster then ever, every now and then helping Ian with his developing body. They both worked out for almost two hours when they decided to take a break. Ian was breathing heavily drinking his Gatoraid noticing Tyler reading his muscle magazine with barely even an ounce of sweat on his body. He watched him suddenly stand up and come towards him

“Dude Look at this! Some of these Guys in here can Bench over 600 Pounds!!”

“Shit That’s So Much Tyler, and Look at how Huge these guys are!”

“Soo….. I’m Fucking huge Like them, I Could bench that Easy! Come on help me out. I bet I could even bench more then that When I get done!!

Tyler laid down on the bench a look of fear in his eye’s as he heard Ian pile the weights onto the bench. He quickly blurted out

“uhh Start On 450 Pounds for a good warm up”

He grabbed onto the bars hearing Ian load the last weight onto it. He pushed it off slowly bringing it down towards his chest, Ian watching his pecs inflate to immense proportions. Tyler started lifting it up faster and faster laughing as every vein in his body exploded from the steroids.

“Fuck Dude this is going to be so easy, Come on load 100 more pounds on GRR”

Ian fed the bar more weights watching Tyler start to get another bulge as his mammoth cock started to tent up his shorts. Ian placed the last weight on the bar watching Tyler push it up again this time grunting even louder. Ian watched as Tyler started to struggle lifting up the heavy weights. His neck and pec muscle’s flared up to the max, the threads in Tyler’s shirt started to rip from the immense pressure.

“Come On Dude DON’T Just STAND THERE, Load Up More Weights!!”

Tyler kept the bar up in the Air his whole body shaking like crazy as Ian loaded up more weights. The grunts from the muscle teen got even louder as his face turned beat red trying to hold almost dropping it a couple times”

“Tyler.. I don’t think you can lift this much”


‘but tyler…”

“DO IT!!”

Tyler finally set the bar down on the supports still shaking covered in snake size veins. Ian loaded up the final weight watching Tyler grabbed onto the bars starting to growl like an animal. He raised it above his head dropping it down to his chest, trying to push it off his pecs.


Tyler’s shirt started to split down the center as he gave it one last push, suddenly throwing the bar on the ground next to him. The power crazy teen stood up flexing his arms with a massive boner screaming at the top of his lungs.


“Dude Tyler What the Hell!! Calm down You Just benched close to 600 pounds, That’s fucking amazing!”

“So It wasn’t Good ENOUGH! I’m To Small!! I Can’t be Small ANYMORE, I MUST GET BIGGER!!”

Tyler grabbed the magazines and headed off into the locker rooms grunting with every step. All the people in the gym were looking at Ian with concerned looks. He grabbed his stuff running into the locker rooms finding Tyler next to there locker in nothing but his briefs and t-shirt.

“Tyler are you ok dude?”

“No! How are we supposed to win this Friday If I’m not big enough!!”

“Tyler your not small at all! You’re the biggest Kid in the school and probably even the state”

“You Don’t Get it Do you!? I Don’t want to be just the biggest Teen in the state. I’m So Much Better Then That!, I deserve so Much more!! Remember when we were kids? We always dreamed of getting this big so we could rule the school!! But now that I’ve gotten there, All I wanna Do Is get Even Bigger! I wan’t people to worship my body, gawking at how fucking huge I Am! I Want to keep growing bigger and taller everyday, taking better and more powerful steroids, Till I get MASSIVE!! You might not be able to grow much more, but I CAN! I'm living that dream! You’ll See Ian! Soon I Just wont be the biggest teen in the state, I’ll be The Biggest Muscle Freak In The WORLD!

Ian looked at his power crazy friend in fear as he left the locker room. Ian had no idea his friend was so obsessed. He quickly grabbed his duffel bad and ran after Tyler. They both got in the truck and headed off home. Ian glanced every now and then at Tyler’s ripped t-shirt thinking about what he said.
How big was he really going to get? He started imagining there senior when Tyler would be twice his weight and covered in even more muscle. He didn’t want to admit it but just the thought of his friend getting any bigger turned him on. Ian sat there thinking trying to cover up his raging hard on.

“Hey Dude Were here”

Ian jolted, getting out of his imagination


“Were at your house Bro”

“Oh Yeah! I’ll see you tomorrow at school Ty”


Tyler grabbed Ian’s leg with his big hands almost touching his throbbing cock.

“I’m Sorry I got mad earlier! I meant everything I said, But When I get Huge I want you to be there Bro”

“Yeah I Understand Tyler, Its late though I’m going to go inside. Later Dude”

Tyler heard the door slam and drove off thinking of ways he could get bigger, imagining how shocked everyone will be by next year. He pulled over on the side of the street grabbing the last steroid he had, injecting it into his arm.

“Fuck I Need More Roids, I Can’t stop growing.. Gotta Get Huge!!”

Tyler his the gas peddle feeling the steroid take effect on his body. He wanted to lift something heavy so he could he feel how powerful he was. He grabbed one of the magazines at a stoplight staring at the muscle monsters in envy. He started rubbing his cock thinking

“Oh Fuck Why aren’t I As Big as Them YET! I Have been taking these stupid things for months! I NEED Something BETTER!!

Tyler started getting angry with power as he pulled up to the Musclemaxx store. He quickly went into the store going up to clerk slamming his fist down on the counter.

“I Need something That Will make Me GROW HUGE!!”

“You Mean Like Steroids?”

“No I’m Already on Those, I need something Better!!

"The Clerk bent down and grabbed 2 small red containers and placed them on the counter”

"This is Some new experimental stuff they have been working on for years now bro. I’m working part time at a clinic and jacked some figuring I could make some good money off it I'm to afraid to take the stuff but the people they tested it on made them huge. But its going to cost you $500…each"

“Haha Who Said anything About Me Paying For Them”

Tyler Raised up his biceps flexing them as big as he could. The clerk looked in fear for a second and started to laugh.

“haha That’s Funny Dude”


Tyler smashed some of the display with his fist flexing his muscle’s quickly grunting like an animal. The clerk watched as his muscle’s ripped his t-shirt into pieces. The power crazy teen stood there breathing heavily standing there with a huge bulge, every vein piercing out of his skin beating red. Tyler grabbed the counter pulling it up off the floor hearing the bolts explode apart from the sheer force. He Finally yanked it from the floor laughing. watching the clerk tremble in fear as he threw the counter across the room at the shelf’s of vitamins.

“You See This!! You See WHAT I’M BECOMING!! Just Look At My MUSCLE”S!! I Could Fucking CRUSH YOU under this bicep!”

Tyler slammed the clerk against the wall shoving his bicep in his face.

“Come On Feel It! Feel What its Like to be A REAL MAN!!”

The clerk didn’t disobey the angry teen as he grabbed his immense 19 inch biceps, almost whimpering at how small he felt. He reached for Tyler’s pecs when he felt the teens hand grab him by the wrist.

“DID I Say You Could Touch Those!! I Want You to Clean my Pitts With Your Tongue!”

The clerk started to lick his pitts loving the way the muscle teen smelled. He heard Tyler snicker as he started working his way down his whole body. Grabbing the teens pecs making his nipples rock hard, massaging them watching him make them explode with size. He wrapped his hands around the teen’s perfect ass licking his rock hard 8 pack. He got down to the Teen’s blond trail when he looked down at the immense package stuff in his jeans. Tyler grinned

“Oh You Like This!!”

Tyler unzipped his pants unleashing his monster cock pushing the man's head towards his throbbing 9 inch pric. The clerk looked in fear as it looked him straight in the eye cum gushing from it.


"no its huge"


He shoved the clerk’s head on his 9 inch cock forcing him to take the whole thing down to his massive balls. Tyler laughed as he realized he was in total control just like when he fucked those puny girls. Tyler groaned louder watching the clerk cry from sheer pain of him shoving his cock further down his throat. Tyler looked down at the man's face in his pubic hair he laughed violently.


Tyler shoved his head further on his cock licking his own biceps unloading mounds of cum into the man's mouth raping the shit out of him. Tyler let go of the man's head to feel his own muscled body. The clerk pushed off the teens legs crawling on the floor with his bare hand's heading towards the phone.


Tyler grabbed the clerks scrawny legs laughing as he pulled him in with his strength the power in his eye's was unbelievable. The Clerk whimpered like a little girl as Tyler dragged his body towards him, his chest scraping against the bathroom floor.

"please no more" he begged like a dog

"NO I'm Bigger That means You DO WHAT I TELL YOU"

Tyler's Voice Boomed while he grabbed the clerk’s head shoving it in his crotch making him lick his man power.


He shoved the man's lips back on his cock bucking his ass like an animal faster and faster. aHe never wanted to lose this feeling he was having, he never wanted to be beaten again. He had to be the biggest he had to be the strongest. He started rubbing his huge body shoving the clerk’s head all the way down his cock with the other arm.
He bucked faster feeling his body rumble as he unloaded all his cum into the man's mouth.


He watched as the clerk choked on all his horse cock trying to drink all his cum up. Tyler made him lick his balls one more time.

“You Got Lucky Fairy, Because some Day I”LL BE SO BIG MY COCK WONT EVEN FIT INSIDE YOU”

He threw the clerk on the floor watching him whimper cum dripping out of his mouth covering his face. Tyler chuckled as he grabbed the formula up off the floor, loading tons of protein powder into his truck. He slipped on a new t-shirt grabbing one more thing from the store when he noticed the clerk was over in the corner jerking his cock moaning Tyler..

He grinned flexing his body one more time and headed home, ready to grow bigger. The teen got home and ran up to his room reading the directions on the bottle

“Mix one table spoon of formula with 1 cup of water a day”

“Haha That’s it!”

He filled his water bottle and dumped 4 tbls of the powder in, looking into the mirror with a huge grin. He raised the water bottle up and drank the whole bottle tasting the bitterness of the formula. He licked the water off his lips and threw it on the ground. He stood there flexing his muscle's waiting for something to happen. He looked in the mirror for over a minute now growing impatient

"AWW Why Isn't This Working!!! I have to GROW, I MUST WIN!!!"

He picked up the bottle to read the directions again when he felt his body trembling feeling like it was on fire. He could feel the power coursing through his body as his muscle's started pressing against his clothes stretching them slowly.


He flexed his biceps watching them fill up like water balloons in the mirror laughing as he grew bigger with every passing second. He grunted flexing each muscle feeling them grow as he was consumed by his desire to grow.

"Aww Fuck This is Amazing, COME ON PUMP ME"

Tyler's could hear his shirt starting to split apart down his back as his pecs pumped up with size. He could feel his balls growing in his pants making them bulge out like do huge lemons. His legs felt like they could lift a car he wanted to see how huge they were. He wanted to see his fucking penis get even bigger. He squatted down hitting a pose his muscle ass blowing his jeans apart showing off tightening underwear.

"Haha FUCK YA"

His legs expanded faster tearing off the rest of the jeans. Tyler gazed at his tight weight briefs wet from all the pre-cum. His cock looked bigger the 9 inches now it must have been at least 10 or bigger, his giant testicles got even bigger too.
He held up and flexed his 22 inch biceps in anger

"Still Not As Big AS THE PROS!!.. uhhh.. I NEED TO GET BIGGER"

He grabbed the bottle chugging the rest of the formula down. Tyler felt a bigger rush of power, feeling his body shake uncontrollably. He flexed his cock watching it rip through his briefs, cum gushing from his penis slit uncontrollably.
He started grunting louder as his body grew red with rage. Every Vein in his bodyd popped out of his skin inflating him faster now, growing out in everyway.


Tyler flexed harder watching his body grow bigger laughing at his expanding 12 inch cock. His own t-shirt was looking more like under armor and ready to burst from his muscle bound body.


His chest exploded through the fabric as it fell to the floor showing off his freaky chest. Tyler couldn’t stop laughing at how huge he was becoming slowly turning into the ultimate man. Chest hair was growing out of his enormous pecs his nipples expanding bigger. He rubbed his hands down his muscled chest feeling his manly power. Feeling his legs come together as they expanded with muscle his cock throbbing more cum then ever.


Tyler grabbed his cock squirting cum on his hand rubbing it up his muscle ass. He slowly started fingering himself feeling his raw power. He wanted more though. He wanted to fucking destroy his ass with his own hand. He finally shoved his whole fist up his ass feeling his insides stroking his donkey dick faster getting off on his own body.


He squeezed his cock harder feeling all 13 inches of it shoving his fist further up his ass. His body was still growing bigger legs expanding outward becoming more powerful then he ever dreamed. He grunted louder watching his body explode with finally bucking his ass unloading gallons of cum all over the mirror flooding the floor with his man juice. He laughed hysterically as his felt his warm sperm touch run down his body his cock up to his pecs.

He held his arms up in the air smelling his sweaty arm pits licking them with his tongue. He looked down seeing his tattered clothes all over the floor soaked in his cum.

“Haha Looks Like I’m going to Need Some New Clothes”

Tyler raised up his arm’s and flexed his enormous 26 inch biceps hitting the most muscular pose slowly squatting down feeling his bubble butt expand. His cock was still pumping out cum on his rock hard abs as he stepped onto the scale. He heard a loud crushing noise watching the needle fly 157 Pounds past the 300 mark!

“Holy Shit I Weigh Almost 460 POUNDS!!! Hahaha Fuck LOOK AT ME GRRR!! Shit I cant Wait To get bigger, I Even look a little Taller Too!!””

Tyler flexed one more time and started walking over to the master bathroom. He loved the way his legs scraped against each other with every step, his thick cock dangling down the middle. His body was overloaded with testosterone... Tyler had never felt this way before, he felt like a new man, the ultimate man. He though about football grinning at the possibilities! He now realized more then ever he Didn’t just want to beat the other team. He wanted to fucking destroy them with his gigantic muscles! Breaking there limbs under his own weight, listening to them squirm begging him to stop.. Tyler grinned at the just the idea as he walked into his parents room. He went to the drawers and started opening them.

“Lets See If that fat Fuck has any clothes that will fit me”

Tyler mumbled to himself searching through his dads clothes smelling his own sweat filling up the room. His boner was still throbbing against his abs’s, his balls feeling like they were going to explode with sperm.

“Fuck I’m So Horny. Good thing these fuckers are out of town”

Tyler rubbed his hand’s up his massive muscle legs feeling up his golden ass hair. He grabbed his dad’s XL shirts and sweat pants trying to get down his hard on, when he heard the doorbell ring.

(As many of you can Tell This is a Re-Write of my old story "Sporting Huge Muscle", But this was actually My original story. Hope Your Up For More )

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So, that's what is called "Roid rage"? Scary... :P
Your transformations are always hot as hell, even hotter i think.
The Internet is for PORN!
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Oh yeah!!!!

Your stories are still one my favourites! And thise one is really hot!!! I hope the sequel will come soon
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I thought it seemed familiar. An awesome rewrite!
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Very good and hot rewrite...
I want to read more please !

Especially a chapter involving the coach...
Thufir Hawat aka Sam
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Wow dude, that story was hot! I love how you describe him dominating the little clerk! I LOVE stories like that
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Great story! Can't wait for the following chapter!

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Fuck dude that was so hot! I just cummed everywhere, I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope tyler gets freaky huge and crushes someone
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Awesome story! Loved the growth descriptions!
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