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Bigger Is Better Part 2

Bigger is Better Part 2
"The Mind of a Giant"

Tyler opened the door with a huge grin on his face feeling his gigantic pecs push through his white shirt. He watched as Ian?s face turned from happy to scared as the door fully opened revealing Tyler?s monstrous body.

?Hey Bro What?s Up?


?Haha You Like This, You Aint Seen Nothing yet! Now You Coming in or what?

Tyler?s voice boomed as he watched Ian look like he was going to piss his pants right there. Tyler flexed his pecs taunting him rubbing his legs making him look at his obscene bulge. Ian stood there speechless his eye?s wide open, his little boner popping up in his shorts. All Ian could say was


Tyler grabbed Ian?s shoulder pulling him through the door, slamming it behind him.

?So Why did You Come Dude??

?I uhh?I just got bored.. But I brought some muscle mags for you?

?Haha Awesome!! We can make fun of how small they are compared to me now! Hey dude you want anything to drink? Let me see what we have in the fridge?

Ian watched Tyler go over to the fridge bending over his balls could be seen from his back side they were growing so huge. Tyler bent down a little lower hearing his shorts blow apart. Tyler laughed watching the clothes drop to the floor exposing his tight white briefs.

?Oops! Looks Like I?m going to have to stop wearing clothes soon?

Tyler winked at Ian, his whole cock was visible through the almost transparent fabric straining to hold in his crotch. Tyler came over to Ian flexing his pecs stretching the fabrics making even his chest hair visible handing Ian a Soda.

?Uhhh Tyler..?

?Yeah Bro? Tyler Looked down at his friend

?What THE FUCK Happened To you Dude? Your... Your FUCKING HUGE?

?Hahaha I Told you Dude I was going to get BIGGER! But I Still think I?m to small?

Tyler flexed his 26 inch bicep looking bigger then ever, ripping his sleeve wide open making his armpit hair visible. He held the pose with a huge grin on his face watching his friend sporting a boner right in front of him. Ian tried to reason with the giant

?To Small??Tyler You?re the Biggest Guy I Have Ever Seen?

?So Dude, I wanna Get Way Bigger!?


Ian mumbled watching with wide eye?s as Tyler walked over to the couch. He glanced at his huge muscle ass stuffed in his briefs. Tyler walked over to ask him what he meant by bigger when Tyler sat down on the couch. Ian watched his huge 9 inch flaccid cock pushing up against his briefs traveling down the side of his leg looking thicker then fire hose. Tyler switched on the TV to ESPN.

?So? You Wanna get Bigger?

Tyler turned to Ian

?Big haha?

Tyler?s grin started growing on his face as his eyes filled with power.

?I want the biggest man in the world to look like a fucking midget next to me, and then I want to grow even more Ian!! So huge I wont be able to fit through the front door. I WANT My biceps to be bigger then my waist, Cars Will Be Like toys to me?. Haha I Mean did you see the way people looked at me, how they stared at my massive body, wishing they could be just like me! Can You Imagine if they saw me now, I Would make them tremble in My Presence! IF ONLY you could feel what its like to be this fucking MASSIVE. I now Realize more then ever I Just don?t Wanna Be Big, I want to become a MUSCLE GIANT!. And I?m So Glad your Here, Your going to help measure me.?

?But How? how are you doing this??

?I Found this experimental drug that makes me grow bigger in everyway, Haha I Can Almost feel my body growing right now GRRR!!! Now get the measuring tape on the table over there so you can start measuring me.

Ian Watched as Tyler rubbed his body his obscene muscle?s bigger then anyone dreamed possible. Ian grabbed the measuring tape off the table not knowing what to do. He turned around slowly seeing Tyler standing up flexing every muscle.

?Shit I Can?t Wait To See How Big I Am, I mean? Just Look At ME?

Tyler Stood Up expanding his chest making his t-shirt burst open unleashing his obscene chest muscles, lightly covered in his manly hair. He heard Ian gasp as He flexed his arms laughing hysterically still in disbelief how huge he was.

?Aww Fuck Dude I must be bigger then any bodybuilder!! And I?m Only 17 hahaha, can you imagine when I get Bigger!!!?

Tyler grinned feeling his penis expand hearing his briefs start to tear as he got excited thinking about the possibilities. He laughed watching Ians face as the immense pressure of his monster cock started to rip a hole in his briefs. His Legs were shoved up against each other making it look like he could barley walk. He groaned holding his arms up in the air looking down at his chest hair letting his armpits breath, making his cock expand even further. He slowly closed his eyes thinking about himself growing out of his house, destroying it with his bare hand?s.

?uhh?just a little more?

Ian and Tyler both herd a massive ripping sound as the threads ripped apart from each other unleashing the hairy 14 inch monster from its cage. Tyler moaned feeling his balls drop free down onto diamond cut legs. He now stood there completely nude watching Ian?s cock uncontrollably cum in his pants.

?Holy Shit It looks Bigger Then Before HAHA!! Come on Lets see yours?

?no that?s ok..?

?DO IT!?

Tyler Flexed His Bicep showing he wouldn?t take no for an answer. Ian slowly unzipped his jeans almost crying about how pathetic he was. He dropped the cum soaked jeans over his small erection. He grabbed his waistband and hesitated for a while totally humiliated.

?Well, come on! Show It To Me you Pussy?

Ian finally summoned the courage and took off his briefs exposing his average 7 inch boner. He heard Tyler start to laugh and looked up at his insane manhood

?How does it Feel?? To Know My Cock is twice as big as yours HaHaha. Shit Though I Can?t Believe how Small You look! My Cock Is almost as long as your whole chest Dude, If This thing got any bigger and I Fucked You I Would Probably kill you! Haha. Oh Fuck Dude! Isn?t that awesome knowing that I Could Kill Someone with this thing! That just show?s your how powerful I am! Now Come up here and measure me, oh and try not to cum to much haha?

Ian's face filled with fear as he approached his best friend. He stood on his tip toes trying to measure his insane biceps, smelling the manly musk come off of him. He brought the measurements down and trembled trying to say the numbers

?its.. 27 Inches?

?Holy SHIT HAHA! SO Fucking STRONG!! Now Measure the Rest?

Ian measured the rest of his friends body trying to avoid the massive boner right in his face, shocked at the numbers he was getting. It was only 2 hours ago when his friend was like any other football player. Ian had to grab a chair for the last measurement which was his height. He had never felt so small in his life then he did right there as he stood up on that chair. He brought the measuring tape right to the top of his head and gasped..

?What is It??? Tyler Boomed

?your? Your 6?9?

?Haha YES!! Almost 7 Full Feet Of Muscle GRRRRR!!!?

Tyler started hitting pose after pose making every vein in his body bulge out of his skin making him look freakier then ever. His body started shaking a little as he pumped every muscle, staring to laugh?

?Oh SHIT IAN I FEEL UNBELIEVABLE!! I Feel Like I?m Actually GROWING!! Maybe If I Just Flex a Little MORE?

Ian watched his friend flex his muscle?s even harder when it started to happen. Ian watched in aw as his huge muscle friend started to grow right before his eye?s.


Ian watched Tyler roar as he inched up towards the ceiling every muscle in his body growing thicker and bigger, filling up every part of his already massive body. Ian felt his body growing wider and heavier watching the world shrink around him. He was in complete ecstasy gushing torrents of pre-cum from his massive man shaft.


Ian got off the chair watching the muscle studs arms swell bigger and bigger, hair growing out of his mammoth chest trailing down to his growing crotch. Ian shifted his eye?s towards Tyler?s testicles watching them expand, filling up with hot man juice. Ian wondered if he would ever stop growing when he heard his friends voice boom through out the house bellowing deeper then before. He watched Tyler?s feet unable to stay together as his legs muscle?s pushed them further away exploding in size. The muscle giant flexed his obscene back making it stretch wider, flexing his bubble butt feeling it grow stronger and harder. Tyler?s cock started throbbing up and down as the muscle teen groaned cumming all over the floor as he threw one last final pose! Ian stood there with the biggest boner he had ever gotten before, still in shock in what just happened. Tyler wiped some of the cum of his dick with his tongue starting to snicker looking down at his shrinking friend with a cocky smile.

?Haha What?s The Matter Little Dude! YOU THINK I SHOULD GROW EVEN BIGGER!!?

Tyler pushed up both his arms pressing it up against the ceiling, watching it crack under his power laughing feeling the house tremble?


?Tyler Please Stop!?

?Aw Whats the Matter Bro, You Scared of all This! WELL GET USED TO IT! This is Only The Beginning, and your going to be part of it!! Now Measure this monster for me!!?

Tyler pointed as his huge cock with a big grin. Ian slowly took the measure tape and started measuring the hairy beast between the giants legs.

?Its 16 inches long?. And 12 inches thick??

?Holy SHIT!! I Really Could Kill Someone with this Thing!!. Wouldn?t be awesome though if it was BIGGER! So I can just stick out my tongue and lick it? But I guess You?ll have to lick it for now?


?Come On You know you want it!! You have only had a boner sense you walked through the door! NOW Worship your GIANT!?

Ian couldn?t take it any longer, he wanted his friend so bad it hurt. He bent down on his knees and started licking Tyler?s thick legs.

?Ohh Yes?.. WORSHIP ME?

Tyler sneered as Ian stood up licking his furry pec?s making his nipples tighten. He started to feel like a god as his own friend licked every part of his rippled body. Tyler flexed both his arms feeling Ian wildly lick the veiny giants. He slowly lifted up his arms placing his hand?s on his head.

?Come On Dude, I want You To Lick Them. I Love when my slaves lick my hairy Pitts!?

Tyler moaned slowly rubbing his raging hard on, laughing at the sheer size of his body. Ian licked every part of the muscle studs body finally working his way down to the thick hairy crotch. Tyler snickered watching Ian drool over the massive beast

?Oh Shit You Want me So Bad, I?m Going to Fuck You Right Here, But First?

Tyler turned around bending down rubbing his hand up his ass crack.

?You Got To Lick My Muscle Ass Tell Its Clean!?

He shoved Ian?s head into his muscle butt feeling him rim every inch of it tasting his butt hair. Tyler?s cock was raging hard squirting cum right into his face. He slowly started sucking his own monster dick tasting and drinking his own man juice. Rubbing his giant balls Watching his own friend obey his every command.

?Uhh Yeah You like my Muscle ass! You Wanna Suck my Huge Muscle Cock Don?t You?

He faintly heard Ian say Yes as he continued to rim his ass. Tyler turned around quickly almost slapping Ian in the face with his huge meat.
Tyler grabbed Ian?s head shoving him on his 16 inch pric hearing Ian choke on his own cum. The power was coursing threw him feeling bigger then ever as he dominated his friend.

?Aw YES!! MORE!?

He Shoved Ian?s head as far as he could realizing it wouldn?t fit down his small slave. He loved what he was becoming looking down at all his muscle?s and sheer size. He could almost no longer see past his pecs,. He felt a surge of power feeling like he was growing a little more

?Uhhhhh!!! Are You Ready Slave! Are You Ready For your MASTERS COCK!!?

Tyler turned Ian around expanding his slaves ass with his fist hearing him scream like a girl. Tyler moaned like an animal as he shoved his manhood up Ian?s ass in complete ecstasy. The muscle monster bucked his ass faster ramming his cock into the small hole. His furry body slammed against his friends smooth back feeling his balls rumble as he squirted mounds of cum into Ian?s ass crack. He quickly pulled out his cock watching it dump On Ian like a fountain. Tyler licked his own biceps barley able to even touch his own head. He couldn?t stop cumming dumping layers of man juice on Ian?s Body, as he worshipped himself rubbing his massive balls. Ian turned around jerking his little pric

?OH Shit Tyler Your So Hot?

?Aw Fuck Yeah You Like This Cock, Cause I?m Going TO Fuck You All Night?

He Turned over Ian on his stomach licking up the cum covered ass crack tasting his own sperm. He shoved his cock up his ass again grunting


Tyler fucked Ian all Night Destroying His house with cum and the odor of his sweat. The next Morning Ian Laid there on the floor exhausted.
Tyler woke up, his huge cock laying beside him still leaking out cum. He grinned remembering how huge he had become as he stood up slowly Hearing the floor creek beneath him. The ceilings looked shorter then ever as he felt the house rumble with each of his massive steps. He turned his body sideways trying to fit through the tiny bathroom door. He grabbed his cock with 2 hands and started pissing in the bathtub with his long horse cock, rubbing his pecs.
He walked over to the mirror hitting a pose watching his body bulge with every flex..

?Oh Fuck I Look Bigger Then Last Night!! And look at All This Hair, So Fucking Manly! I would Put My Dad To Shame I?m So Hairy!!. To bad I?m going to shave it all off soon. I wish He was here though right now so I could shove his face in my crotch showing him what A Real Man Looks Like! Then watch him squirm under my crushing muscles!!?

Tyler snickered turning on the shower flexing his body as the water warmed up. He ripped the shower doors out so he could fit his wide body into the small space. He watched the sides of the walls crack as he stepped into tiny tub. He slowly shaved his body soaping himself up feeling every inch of his new power house. He finally got to his cock making it grow up to his giant pecs. His balls were almost as big as melons, and filled with his manly cum. He looked at his cock slowly placing his mouth on it sucking his own rod for the first time. He blew his load in his mouth with a huge smile drinking every ounce of it. He finished up shaving his chest and got out of the shower walking out into the great room. Tyler saw Ian getting his cum soaked underwear

?Morning Dude!?

Ian turned around looking at the giant in shock trying not to look down at his soaking wet crotch. He watched the muscle freak enter the kitchen finally getting the courage to talk

??.Whoa, Tyler? You look a lot bigger! Its So Hot Bro?

?You Better Believe it Ian, this stud is probably Growing in His Sleep Haha. Oh Shit Dude I?m So Hungry!! You Want anything to Eat??

?No that?s ok..?

?GOOD! I?ll Probably eat this whole fucking kitchen! Haha?

Tyler slammed a Hungry man TV Dinner into the microwave, feeling the house shake with every step he took as he walked over to the couch. The Muscle giant sat down hearing the couch creek. He flexed his huge arms

?I Still Can?t Believe How Fucking HUGE I am, though!! I Could probably Tear down this Walls With my Bare HANDS!! ?I Could barely fit in the shower while you were sleeping Haha I?m going to have to start bathing in the Pool!! Oh FUCK Ian You Have No Idea what It Feels Like To BE THIS HUGE!!!

Tyler Boomed Flexing His massive arms up in the air

?I can?t wait to see My Parents face when They Come Home Tomorrow!!

Ian laughed a little

?Yeah, Your Dad is going to piss his pants right There if You Flexed!?

?Haha That Would Be So Awesome! Especially When I get BIGGER! I?m Actually going to take some more formula today!?

?Are you sure you wanna be bigger Tyler, Seriously look at You..?

?YES! I?m More powerful then any man has EVER BEEN!! And My Desire To Grow Bigger Increases Every Minute! I NEVER Wanna Stop Growing, and no one can stop me!!

?But look at you! You can barley fit in this house?

?SO! I?ll FUCKING Crush This Puny House Under My Foot When I?m Done? You Just Wait Dude.. I?m Going to Show you How Big I Really Wanna Get? GRRRRR!! Come on little dude Its time to measure your giant?

Ian Took all his measurements in disbelief on how much Tyler had grown since last night. He stood up on the chair and took his height measurement, staring at the teens hot shaved chest. He held the tape up to Tyler?s head and trembled

?Your? Your 7?7?

?HOLY SHIT Hahaha!! GRRR!! Fuck Dude I Really Am going to become a Giant!! Come on Bro Measure my Biceps?

?There.. 36 Inches?

?HAHA 36 FUCKING INCHES!!!! SO Fucking Unstoppable!! Just the thought that I could destroy anyone with one arm? Oh Man FEELS SO GOOD!! I Wonder How strong I Really Am?.... Come on Dude Were going to the Gym! Were going to show those fuckers what real muscle looks like!?

Tyler grabbed the TV Dinner from the microwave pouring the food down his throat like it was nothing, heading towards the garage. Tyler?s squeezed through the door heading towards his truck trying to fit into the driver seat, feeling the truck groan under his weight. He laughed realizing he was so massive he wouldn?t even fit in his own truck. He turned to Ian and chuckled

?Looks like You?ll have to Drive Bud?

Tyler went over to the passenger side ripping out the front seat with ease, sitting the in back seat.. Ian got into the truck looking at his friends naked body barley fitting into the once huge truck.

?You ready Bro! First were going to have to get me some clothes.. If anything will Fit haha?

They drove off to the Big and tall store grabbing the biggest clothes they could. Everyone there was paralyzed at the teen?s sheer size, some of them scared out of there mind. Tyler laughed when they got in the car.

?Did You see the Way people Looked at Me when we were in there!! That?s How the WHOLE WORD Will Look at Me Soon when I grow Bigger!?

They pulled up the gym the huge teen getting out of truck with the biggest grin on his face. He ducked under the doors watching everyone in the gym turn there heads, dropping there mouths. Three of the Jocks from there school were there in disbelief, as Tyler came towards them.

?Hey Guys! You mind if I Use This!?

Tyler grabbed the barbell off the bench with one arm lifting all 300 pounds of it, curling it like it was nothing. His huge biceps bulged out ripping his sleeve apart exposing his monstrous arm to everyone. He started curling it faster looking down at the jocks

?Fuck Dude This Is So LIGHT! I Can?t Believe this is How Much you have been benching, No Wonder you suck at Football!! Come On Take off your Shirts I wanna See How WEAK You guys are!?

The three jocks didn?t disobey the giant and slipped off there shirts trembling in fear, just about to cry. Tyler let the weight drop down the floor making a loud crashing sound. He made a cocky grin at them and snickered

?Shit You Call Those Muscles! This is What a Real Jock Looks Like?

Tyler hit a huge muscular pose flexing his chest to the extreme feeling his shirt start to tear. He watched as people gathered feeling the power course through his blood, expanding his body. The muscle teen hit one more pose watching his obscene pecs start to rip through his shirt, growing further away from his enormous body. He laughed feeling his rock hard nipples breathe feeling abs getting tighter and harder tearing through the worthless fabric. Everyone stood there pulling there cell phones taking videos and pictures of the giant muscle stud tear his shirt away from his body. Tyler pulled off the remaining fabric hitting the most muscular pose watching the three jocks sporting a huge boner.


Tyler swatted one of them out of the way like he was a fly grabbing the gigantic weight machine with both his hands. He slowly lifted it in the air making the seems of his pants start to rip from his mammoth legs growing even bigger. Tyler lifted it above his head feeling his body start to grow a little faster then before laughing as he inched up towards the ceiling watching everyone shrink before him. He started curling it with both arms faster and faster feeling his body pump up bigger


Tyler threw the weight machine across the room watching the people scream humping out of the way of the massive weight machine. Tyler laughed looking down at the jocks picking one up with his massive arm.

?How Does It Feel Knowing I?m Stronger In This Arm THEN YOU ARE YOUR WHOLE BODY!!

Tyler started to snicker slowly squeezing the jock watching him squirm. Tyler started getting turned on making his monster cock grow in his tightening pants, watching the tiny jock plead for mercy as he squeezed harder laughing out loud, hearing the jocks body start to snap under his power.


Tyler Dropped the Jock to the floor, looking at all the people?s scared faces and chuckled.

?Haha You Guys Just Wait! Next Time I?ll be So Big I WONT EVEN FIT IN THE GYM?

Tyler?s monstrous laugh filled the gym as he walked out towards the truck standing over 8 feet now. He got into the passenger seat hitting his head on the roof.

?Fuck Ian I Never Realized How Puny This Truck Is?

Tyler groaned pushing up on the roof watching the metal start to tear away from the rest of the truck shattering the windows to pieces. Ian watched as Tyler grew a little more making the truck groan from his increasing weight. Ian smiled realizing more then ever he loved watching his friend get bigger. He drove them back home with a huge boner wondering when he would grow more.

?Shit Tyler I still can?t believe how much you lifted in there?

?SO! That wasn?t even A Warm Up For Me Dude!?

Ian was in shock as they pulled up into the garage

?I want something to really test out my strength making me EXPLODE IN SIZE!!?

Ian tried to think of something when Tyler turned with a huge smile staringt to streak across his face.

?Get Out of The truck Squirt?

Ian quickly got of the truck closing the garage door so no one would see the giant get of the truck. Tyler walked over and went to the back of the truck looking over at Ian?s Confused face.

?How Much Do You think This Weighs? 5000, 7000 Pounds?

Ian Grinned whispering to himself


Tyler?s veins exploded all over his body feeling his neck inflated as he yelled like an animal. The Cement started cracking underneath his feet as he lifted the truck off the ground making every muscle in his body visible. His pants exploded off the huge veiny legs he had, hearing his raging hard on starting to rip through his small briefs.


He felt his body starting to swell up from lifting his enormous truck off the finally get a taste of his true potential. His briefs tore off unleashing his giant man hood and massive hairy balls as ge lifted the truck higher feeling a rush of energy again


His Craving for power was filling up inside of him as he went underneath the middle of the truck grunting like a beast feeling his legs explode with muscle as he pushed his body to the extreme. Ian watched in disbelief as his friend started to raise the 6000 pound truck above his head. He couldn?t believe how insanely freaky his best friend was getting, crazy with power. Tyler yelled one more time making Ian cover his ears blowing the truck through the ceiling as he extended it completely above his body. He laughed like a mad man and started using it as a weight, lifting it up and down, his penis standing at full attention. Tyler could feel his body really growing now making him feel like a true giant. He lifted the truck over and over watching Ian jerk his cock to his muscle. Ian was scared but amazed as his friend?s growth was pronounced as he expanded out in every direction, smashing the truck through the ceiling. Tyler pushed up the truck one more time then letting it fall back on the ground shaking the whole house. Some of the destroyed roof caved in on the muscle giant as he laughed hysterically flexing his muscle?s jerking his cock. He Moaned like an animal as he pumped sperm out everywhere just thinking about what he just did. The giant stood there covered In his own cum flexing his muscles.


The Giant smashed through the door to the house with ease blowing a hole through the wall to make room for gigantic muscle?s. He stormed back into his house his head almost touching the 9 foot ceilings. He walked down the hallway to the master bedroom feeling his wide shoulders scrape against the wall. Ian watched The giant ripped open his duffel bag watching the red bottle drop to the floor. Tyler walked into the huge master bathroom turning to Ian while popping off the cap


Tyler quickly chugged the whole thing down. Ian watched as the crazy teen started laughing, his body trembling as he raised his arms in the air.


Tyler?s whole body shook as his pecs inflated bigger then watermelons flexing his back grunting as blond hair grew out of his inflating chest covering his hardening abs. Tyler couldn?t stop laughing as he watched his own muscle?s in the mirror explode with power watching the room get smaller and smaller.


The giant watched his biceps expand past 50 inches, his thick pecs no longer visible in the tiny bathroom mirror. He licked his biceps snickering feeling like he was unstoppable wanting the growth to never end. His head started pushing up against the ceiling watching it crack into pieces, feeling his chest hair that he just shaved start to grow back in. He squatted down squirting cum everwhere filling up the entire room with his body, hearing the floors start to strain under his muscle?s. He looked over at his arms watching them grow bigger then he ever dreamed possible


Ian pulled out his cock watching the giant monster almost destroy his parents bathroom without even trying. He had never seen someone so tall and muscular in his life, even some muscle?s he never new existed were starting to become visible. He jerked his tiny cock watching Tyler?s own penis unload mounds of onto his tree size legs.


Tyler cummed falling to his knees shattering some of the windows in the house, smashing the sink into pieces. Ian cummed feeling the quake of his friends body hit the shrinking house. Tyler knelt there spraying the mirror with his cum, not even realizing the room was crumbling around him, feeling his growth start to accelerate. The giants pecs pumped up bigger, his neck muscle exploded across his shoulders. He laughed feeling the two massive legs slam up against the side of the walls smashing the bathtub as he grew wider and wider. Tyler watched his cock as it reeled out of his body, pumping more cum then before. The massive testicles touched the cold floor filling up bigger with gallons of cum, his ass filling up with manly hair. The giant Roared hearing his voice deepen even further as the walls and floor started cracking under his own weight. Ian watched Tyler fill with anger as his growth started to sudside.


Tyler flexed grunting making his body grow even faster, wanting to destroy the house, wanting to show the whole world how powerful he really was! Ian started to panic as the giant?s body slammed him up against the wall starting to crush him without even realizing it. Ian yelled at Tyler in fear



?Please DO IT FOR ME?

Tyler put down his arms and looked over at Ian, his arm heading towards his small friend...
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Wow !!!! Hot !!!! What More Can Be Said......
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I didn't think it was possible! but this is hotter then the first chapter!
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This reminded me of something: HULK SMASH!
Very hot, keep going/growing
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That was soooooo hot!!! Your stories keep getting better!!!! i hope this isn't the end yet
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ho yeah! this is fu***ng hot !
Brillant !
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Amazingly HOT ! so BIG, so STRONG... I LOVE it !!!
Make Tyler BIGGER !!! and STRONGER !!!

You rock, musclegod300
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Musclegod300, your stories are simply amazing! Thanks for 'inspiring' me.
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Holy Shit. You really know how to make a story hot. More, you got to give me more !!!!!
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Old January 9th, 2008, 07:46 PM
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Maverick0095875 is on a distinguished road
whens the next chapter comin
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Old January 21st, 2008, 02:50 AM
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Any idea when we might get an update of this very hot story?
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Old January 21st, 2008, 06:37 AM
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Ian pulled out his cock watching the giant monster almost destroy his parents bathroom without even trying.

Can't you just see this!
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