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Old February 2nd, 2008, 12:01 PM
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Best Friends - Part 14

[Thanks to all who waited so patiently for me to continue this story.]

It was hard to concentrate on the task at hand as I made coffee for Will and myself. I kept getting distracted by thoughts of his huge body and all that had happened over the last couple of days. I had to keep convincing myself that it was true ? my best friend had become this humongous muscle-packed gorgeous monster. But to top even that awesome change was the fact that he now lusted for me in the same way I had always wanted him. That reality thrilled me more than his muscles, well, maybe it thrilled me as much as his muscles. Will obviously liked the changes to his body, but he also liked the changes inside, as well. I had been so disappointed this morning to find out that I couldn?t control his thoughts, but then to find out that everything he had done last night was because he loved me, well, that was all I needed to hear. This behemoth of a man wanted to please me out of love and not because I controlled him. As I reflected on all of this, it also hit me that reading people?s minds and being able to send thoughts to Will was still a fantastic power of my own. Deep down I knew there was a reason for the changes that were happening to both of us. It was for some unknown mission, I was sure of that. I didn?t know how everything would become clear or when we might understand what these powers were for, but I could be patient. That?s when a new idea popped into my head.

If I could read Will?s mind when we were in the same room, was our connection strong enough for me to focus on his thoughts from far away. And if it was, how could I make it happen? I tried to remember what had made the connection happen last night, what was I doing to make it so clear. It suddenly hit me and I was embarrassed that I had not figured it out sooner. It was Will?s body, his muscles, and how much they turned me on that focused my . . . my what, my thought waves on him. That was it! The stronger I focused on something about him that made my desire skyrocket, the more powerful the signal became. My next thought made me giddy like a little schoolgirl. As much as his body turned me on, it was his love and desire for me that made my heart ready to burst with overwhelming gratitude. I did not hesitate to test my new theory. I contemplated on the moment from this morning when Will had spoken the words, ?I love you,? to me. I also made my mind search for his while I allowed the warmth of his love surround me.

Images of and thoughts from hundreds of people I had loved throughout my life suddenly raced through my mind. I immediately blocked everything out of my head, because it scared me so. What the hell had just happened? After my heart stopped its heavy pounding slightly, I began to get an understanding of what my mind was doing. When I forced it to seek out Will it had acted like a search engine that went through a catalogued list of people I loved. My mother had been the first image that had popped into my head, then my father, my siblings, my first great adult love, and so on. I had also become aware of what they each were thinking at that exact moment and that had been what scared me the most. I?m not sure I was ready to get inside my mother?s head! But now I grasped how my power worked. I had focused on love and, even though I thought I had clearly centered on Will?s love for me, my mind had started going through all the people I loved in my life. And I think it had started from my strongest love and was working down. Even though I knew I would never love anyone like I loved Will, it was still basically new. I had pushed any thought of Will loving me from my mind for so long that it was going to take some time to move him to the top of my love chart, so to speak. I also wondered if my love for him would ever be stronger than my love for my parents, because there was so much history and so much physical connection with them. I had grown in my mother?s womb for nine months, for God?s sake.

I snapped back to the task at hand. There would be tons of time to analyze how my powers worked later. Right now I wanted to read Will?s mind from five rooms away. I realized I needed something about Will to focus on that singled him out from other people. Shit, how stupid could I be? It was so obvious. The reason my abilities had been so strong last night was because I focused on Will?s body. That?s why I could read everyone?s mind so clearly; everyone in the room was also focused on Will?s body. And the thing that now made Will stand above the crowd, both literally and figuratively, was his fucking muscle-machine of a body. As soon as the thought of his huge size entered my mind, it was enhanced by my desire to be inside of his head and there I went. It was as quick as blinking your eyes, no, even faster. I can only describe the sensation by saying my mind suddenly was inside Will?s mind. We were still separate people, but I was aware of what he was concentrating on at the same time I experienced my own thoughts. It was like a split screen in a movie that showed what was happening in two different places. The thought that I might be able to cause my mind to go to numerous places at the same time struck me and I stored the idea away to try sometime in the future. Right now I was picking up some thoughts from Will that deserved my undivided attention.

The huge strapping muscle-stud was thinking about his own body. Could there be anything hotter than this? Reading the mind of some massive bodybuilder as he concentrated on his own powerful muscles ? that was fucking hot. I knew someday I would have to go to a bodybuilding contest and read the minds of the guys while they were on stage. I bet most of them psyched themselves up, when they were going through their routines, by thinking about how immense each muscle was, and that could certainly be a day full of fantasies come true. What was I doing? There was no bodybuilder around that came close to the perfect man down the hall. Why were thoughts of lesser men sidetracking me? Was it because I suddenly felt like I was invading Will?s mind, now that I knew we had a mutual love for each other? My throbbing cock and lust for muscle made any doubts of using my abilities dissolve away. Will couldn?t turn off his new body, could he? So, why would I choose to not use my newfound powers? Oh, how the mind will rationalize when we desire something so strongly. I focused, again, on his thoughts.

His own chest presently mesmerized Will. All of his attention centered on its size and how he could control it. I shut down awareness of my own mind and let his thoughts become mine. ?I can?t believe the size of my pecs. I can?t see my own feet and can only see the tip of my long stiff cock that is sticking straight out. I need to get James to measure that huge piece of meat for me. I need to know how long it is. I need James to measure all of me. Look how massive these globular mounds of muscle look from above. It?s like I?m like a Greek god looking down at two massive mountains with cavernous valley between them. And when I squeeze them, those mountain peaks rise and the gorge between seems to become bottomless. I can see why those guys creamed in their pants last night when they got to witness this broad fucking torso shred my shirt. I wish I could have watched it. I bet I can get James to tape it for me next time and we can watch it together. Just the thought of that gets my dick ready to explode - both of us getting off on my mammoth bundles of flesh-covered granite. If I thrust my shoulders and arms back like this, just look at how all that muscle expands. There?s not enough room in this shower for this ample mass of beef. Where in the hell am I going to find a shirt that comes close to covering this? But, then again, why would I want to cover it anyway? God, look at how I can make these two heaps ripple like waves hitting the beach. I?m so turned on that those two man-nips are sticking out like two hard dicks. Yeah, I can even control the muscles in those protruding knobs. I got to remember to show James that little trick. Let?s see what a good intake of breath can do. Shit, look how those two muscle orbs inflate up to my face. If I just lower my head a little my chest becomes a resting place for my chin. Today, we?ve got to see what these two big fellas can do ? bust some chains with their power or get James to splinter some bats against them.? Abruptly, Will?s thoughts ceased. I was snapped back into my own mind and realized that my hard cock was out of my pants and being stroked by my hand. I tried again to focus on Will?s thoughts, but there was nothing.

?I know you?re in my head, James.? Will was sending me a message. It was so clear that it seemed like he was in the kitchen. I glanced around to make sure he wasn?t. ?How long have you been there,? he asked with his thoughts.

I already knew how to send him a message, ?Long enough to know you are freaky about your own muscle and long enough to know that it turns me on beyond belief.? This is where Will?s fun, but vicious, side came out.

He thought, ?So if I bring my big hand up to my right pec, squeeze my erect nipple, and let you know that it causes pre-cum to ooze out of my dickhead, you like it??

My hand started stroking my cock again, as if it had a mind of its own. I shot back to him with, ?You are such a cruel man. You know the answer without even asking the question.?

He was not going to give me any chance to calm down. He forced his thoughts to forget about me and return to his own body, ?Damn, this chest is so tight that a wrecking ball would shatter if someone was stupid enough to swing it at me. I bet bullets wouldn?t just bounce off my pecs, I bet they?d become as flat as dimes from hitting this impenetrable wall of muscle.? He knew exactly what these thoughts were doing to me and I could tell he was pumping his own cock in a similar rhythm as me. It was incredible to have a muscle-god like the same thing you did ? and have the body to make both of your deepest desires come true. Will was determined to bring us both to a cum-drenched climax at the same time. And the thought that we were accomplishing this task while five rooms apart made us both more hungry for release. ?How about later on we buy some thick chains, you know, the kind used to hold a small ship?s anchor and wrap them around my chest. Then I can take a few deep breaths and you can watch as the links across my pec valley become so stretched they snap like a year old thin rubber band. I think we?d both like to see what my chest could accomplish. And when it?s pumped beyond belief, and covered in my sweat, you can rub your face and tongue over every inch of these muscled mountains.?

We both knew that no matter what his last sentence had been we would have both released our load. He could have recited the ABC?s and we would have still cum with the force that made us both cry out in ecstasy. My thoughts were only of Will at that moment. I was concentrating on him so much ? his muscles, his love for me, his desire for his own body ? that my head hurt. I also could tell he was completely focused on pleasing me, and, in turn, himself. This intense connection filled both of our minds.
My entire world centered on Will and his on me.

My body shook with pure pleasure as my cock let loose with a volcano-like eruption. My eyes were tightly shut from the force of my orgasm and in order to help my mind stay focused on Will. Out of the blue I heard water running and could tell my surroundings had somehow changed. I also felt engulfed in something like steam. I opened my eyes and Will stood in front of me ? resting a hand on the bathroom wall for support from his equally momentous orgasm. He had a surprised, but calm, look on his face. I was standing in the shower, my cock and sweats covered in cum, staring at the man and the body that met every fantasy I have ever had. Will probably went way beyond every fantasy I would ever have in the future or, at least, would make every future fantasy come true. It hit me again that I was standing in the shower with Will, when I had just been in the kitchen five seconds ago.

?Well, hello there,? Will said smiling. ?Nice of you to join me.?
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This kinda stuff turns me on way more than feats of strength.
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Old February 2nd, 2008, 02:39 PM
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Look forward to this continuing
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Old February 2nd, 2008, 05:50 PM
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Great to see this series continuing; another phenomenal chapter! Especially loved how you have James foreshadowing future uses of his and Will's powers, I was wondering where the story might be heading at the end of Part 13. Also, the muscle descriptions were incredible (as usual!).
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Old February 7th, 2008, 07:05 AM
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Londonboy, you are simply fantastic. This story gets better with each and every installment. I'm interested to see where you're taking James and his power.

I have to admit that I do feel kind of bad for James that he gets left out of the physical part of things. (Perhaps it is because I can relate to James's part in the friendship better than Will's.)

As always, your work never fails to impress (and turn on).

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Old February 7th, 2008, 08:30 PM
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Thanks to all for their comments. Msclundylvr, I know what you are saying about James. I had to fight the same sense of "feeling bad for him" within myself. I thought I might have those feelings because I really like for a guy to grow big. It's hard to not just have something trigger James' growth, as well. But, I decided, that's not what I really want to do. I want to see if I can write things from his point of view - and even explore whether I can write about other "powers." Only time will tell. Mad Dog - I have to agree with you - most of the time I love the stuff that helps "connect" two men in an intimate and sensual way, but sometimes I just want a good show of strength, as well. I hope I am able to balance both in some way. And as to where this is going - who knows. I have an idea, but not a clear path. Thanks again to all for sharing your thoughts.
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Old March 22nd, 2010, 12:10 PM
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I think you satisfied a lot of people's fantasies with the smorgasbord of muscle VS strength feats that you endowed us with. My hand hardly left my cock as I charged through chapter after chapter. Did you write any more beyond Chapter 14?
"Flex for me! Grrrr, I said FLEX, dammit!!!"
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Can someone repost the whole story? I'm only seeing fragments of it.
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Old September 28th, 2012, 05:48 PM
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best friends

Hey Londonboy! Got my precum oozing after Your touch man! Damn I wan a story from you where 2 muscle dudes get ea other off reading minds. Otherwise they're str8 u know...both!
Can u dude?
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