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Another Choice: Part 5

This is a long part. As usual, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

The next morning, even though there was the usual boring day at school, Carl woke up with anticipation about lifting with his family. He had wanted it for so long, just to be working out with the big men, getting huge and strong, and protecting Paul. He stopped at that thought and said to himself, ?Why am I so excited about protecting Paul??

He thought about it while he showered, dressed and went down to eat breakfast. He wasn?t sure when he had become so protective of his little friend, but nothing made him feel the way he felt when he thought about making sure Paul was safe and guarded.

Breakfast was colored with the same anticipation that he woke up with. His family joked and laughed about their first day at the gym, recanting tales of how sore they were for the first week, or the time Slater dropped the plate on his foot. But, no matter how many horror stories were told, everyone was excited to see the last Sanders boy hit the gym.

After breakfast, Carl started his walk to school. It was usually a brisk walk, but today, Carl wanted to run. Carl loved the feeling of being able to run like this and for some reason he felt like he couldn?t do as much before. That nagging sensation of lost pegged at him as he tried to remember. But, before he could linger on it for much longer, he arrived at Paul?s house. His stomach started doing flips and as much as Carl wanted to calm down, he couldn?t. All he could feel was a sense of want. He wanted to see Paul, to have Paul there next to him. He didn?t understand why, he just knew what he felt.

Seeing how he was earlier than usual, Carl went up to the door and rang the bell. After a moment of fumbling around, the door cracked and someone peeped out. ?Carl?? he heard Paul ask.

?Yeah man, I know I?m early, but I was just so excited today and I decided to run to try and calm down and before I knew it, I was here,? Carl said with a slight bubble in his voice.

?Oh, ok. Well, I?m not quite ready yet. But you can come in.? Paul opened the door and Carl?s breath hitched in his throat. Paul was in his underwear, obviously caught in the middle of getting dressed. Carl knew that Paul was really shy most of the time so he had never seen his body before like this. He was so entranced, he almost began drooling. Paul wasn?t huge or anything, but the months of lifting had done something. His frame was sleek and elegant and the muscles on him were firm, yet pliable. Carl could feel his head rushing with blood and his heart racing from seeing his little friend almost naked before him. He didn?t know what was going on, but seeing Paul like that was giving him the same sensation that he felt last night when he was jerking off, only a hundred times more intense.

?Well, are you coming in or are you just going to stand there while I get dressed?? Paul asked as he continued to his bedroom. Carl entered the house and went to the living room. He sat on the couch and stared into space. So many feelings were coursing through his head. As he sat there, reminiscing on seeing Paul like that, his cock began to get hard. Carl began to panic. He had no idea how Paul would react if he saw his cock tenting up his pants and it was way too dangerous to jerk off right now. ?Why didn?t I jerk off this morning like Brad did?? Carl yelled to himself.

?Be there in a couple of mins!? Paul yelled from the back of the house. Carl, panicking, shoved his hand down his pants and into his boxers. He was intending to try and stuff it to a less incriminating angle, but soon as his hand touched his hard cock, a glimpse of Paul flashed in his mind and a shock of pleasure ran through him. A low moan escaped his lips and he gripped his cock tighter. It felt so good as he held it, even better than it did the night before.

He just held it for a few moments, too scared to jerk off, but not wanting it to end. Finally, he heard Paul shuffling towards the front and he quickly moved his cock so the band of his boxers would keep it from pointing straight out. Then, before Paul entered the room, he adjusted his shirt to hide the evident bulge and sat back like nothing was going on.

?Ready to go?? Paul smiled at Carl.

Carl stood up, smoothing his clothing and said, ?Sure am man.? The pair left the house together and began their walk to school. The walk was unbearably quiet to Carl and Paul seemed to be looking down at the ground instead of being his usual energetic self. ?What?s wrong man?? Carl asked.

?Oh, it?s nothing man. I?m ok,? Paul said with a smile, but Carl could tell his heart wasn?t in it.

Carl stopped walking and put his hand on Paul?s shoulder. Their size difference was becoming even more apparent to Carl as he stood a few inches above Paul. ?Dude,? Carl said, tilting Paul?s head up to meet his gaze, ?You can?t lie to me. I know something?s wrong, what is it??

Tears started streaming from Paul?s eyes. ?I?m sorry man, I didn?t mean to feel you up last night!? he cried. ?I know I shouldn?t have, but I couldn?t help myself. I know I?ll never have muscles like that and I just wanted to feel how was having a body like yours. I think I?m gay and I know you?re going to hate me for it.?

Carl was stunned. ?Man, is that all you were worried about? I told you last night I had no problem with it.?

?But I?m gay!? Paul screamed as he weakly shoved Carl away. ?You?re a jock now. You probably wanna start hanging out with other jocks now. You don?t need me hanging around.?

Carl could tell that Paul was really concerned about all this. Carl was happy that he was growing but he never would?ve imagined that Paul was feeling like he was going to get dumped. He led Paul over to the curb and sat him down. Sitting next to him, Carl said, ?Look here man, you?ve been my best bud for years. We were friends when we both were getting beat up, and just because I?m getting bigger and stronger doesn?t mean I plan on leaving you. Why do you think I want you to keep coming with me when I go to the gym? You?re my best friend man.?

Carl wiped away Paul?s tears and continued, ?And I don?t mind you feeling my muscles either. To be honest, hearing you talk about how strong I am made me feel really good. I don?t mind at all man, you can feel them anytime you want.?

Paul weakly smiled at Carl. ?It?s not just that I want to feel them. Ever since last night when I felt them, I wanted more.? Carl smiled at Paul, waiting for him to continue when he felt like it. Paul sighed, gathering his courage and said, ?I want you to be huge. I mean really huge. I had a dream last night that you grew to be gigantic compared to me. You were like two feet taller than me and you had so many muscles, I couldn?t count them all.?

Paul took another deep breath, recounting an obviously vivid dream. ?You were so manly. Your hands were so huge it looked like you could crush my skull without even trying and your face looked so rugged, you looked like you had to be thirty or forty, yet I knew that you wouldn?t hurt me. And the rest of your body was so amazing. Your whole body was covered in hair that made you look like you were a lot older than me. Your chest was really thick and your arms were nice and huge. Your legs were bigger than I was and you looked so wide I could tell you could block out the sun from where I was. Everything was covered in veins like you are when you have a really good workout. You were so huge, it was like I was a toy compared to you. You bent over and picked me up and it was like I was nothing. You gave me a hug and it felt like I was completely surrounded by your hair and muscles. I felt so protected. I knew there was nothing that could get pass your muscles if you didn?t want it too. I couldn?t do anything but kiss and lick your massive chest and I knew that I didn?t want anything else in the world but to be held like that.?

Carl simply smiled at Paul. Something about the imagery he used sounded so familiar, but he couldn?t place it. Paul turned to me and said, ?I love you Carl. I want to see you get like that, but I?m scared that you could never feel the same way that I feel about you.?

Carl?s mouth dropped. ?You?love me? How do you know??

Paul leaned his head over onto Carl?s arm. ?Because my heart jumps every time I?m in the room with you. Because my stomach ties up in knots ten minutes before you get here in the morning. Because when I?m laying on your back or hanging on your waist, I want to do nothing but hold you tight and smell your body. Because every time I leave your house, I can?t wait till the next time I see you. I want nothing more than to have you hold me tight. I need you more than I need food and air. That?s what scares me so much. I don?t know if you feel the same way and I can?t imagine what I?ll do if you reject me.?

Carl?s mouth closed. He knew exactly what Paul was feeling because everything he said was how he felt about him. He took his arm and wrapped around Paul. ?I know exactly what you mean man. I love you too.?

Paul?s eyes looked up at Carl in shock. Seeing Carl?s soft gaze drained away all his fears and slowly, the two embraced each other in love. The early morning birds sang in the background as the two friends shared their first kiss. It was electric to both of them. The world could have exploded and the pair wouldn?t have noticed. The thrill that flowed through them was so passionate and intense. They had never felt this way before and now they had each other. Carl broke the kiss and said, ?I?ll do it.?

?Do what?? Paul replied.

?I?ll get huge. I?ll lift and workout and eat and do whatever it takes to get huge. I?ll do it for you. I want to be your dream man. I want to be able to engulf you in a hug. I want to be so big and strong no one will every mess with you again. I want to be everything you need and want. I?ll do it all as long as you are there with me.?

Paul began to cry, which in turn made Carl start to tear up. They both hugged, deeply in love with each other.

After spending a few moments in each other?s embrace, Carl dried Paul?s tears. ?I don?t ever want you feeling like I?m going to leave you or ignore you. I just want you to be as happy as you can be. Let me handle the rest.? Paul?s normal beaming grin returned to his face. Carl smiled back and said, ?Ok man, let?s get to school before we?re late.?

The new couple walked onward to school with a new assurance about their relationship, and while Paul was soaring, Carl couldn?t help but worry. He had no idea how his family was going to react. He wasn?t even sure if he would be able to tell them. There were so many things that could go wrong, but whenever he looked down at Paul, seeing his glowing smile, he knew that he would have to figure out a way no matter what.


?Yeah my big stud??

Carl smiled. He was starting to like it more and more when Paul talked to him like that. ?I think we?re going to have to be careful. I mean, I love you and that means we?re both gay. If we go flaunting it??

?I know. You?re scared that someone will hurt me because we?re gay and you don?t want that to happen. Don?t worry. We can hide it.?

?Good. I?m don?t know what I would do if something happened to you.? Carl didn?t know why, but it felt good to get that out in the open. Paul smiled and grabbed Carl?s hand. Carl gripped his tiny hand in his palm, and walked together hand in hand to their school.

They separated a little before they arrived, walking up like normal. After a few quick knowing glances at each other, they went through their school day. They shared a couple of classes, but every time they saw each other in the hall, they gave the other a warm grin.

The day ended without incident, and not nearly quick enough for Carl. He and Paul met at the entrance to the school and were picked up by Carl?s dad not long after. They both got in the back of the family?s van and started to cruise towards the high school where both Brad and Slater were.

?So, are you two excited??

?Uh huh! I?ve been waiting for this for so long!? Carl practically screamed.

His dad chuckled, ?And how about you Paul??

?I think it?ll be interesting watching you guys go at it.?

?You don?t plan on lifting with us??

?Oh no sir, my body doesn?t take to working out like Carl?s. I thought I would do some running. I like to run.?

?Are you sure about that son? I?m sure that we could put a little muscle on you.?

?I appreciate the offer sir. I might do that one day.?

Carl?s father nodded and they continued to the high school. When they got there, Brad and Slater were already waiting for them. Since they were between football and wrestling seasons, they could work out with their father. The two young kids were wearing their school?s gym shorts and a pair of tank tops that showed off their well built physiques. Carl smiled to himself, thinking about how it would be to be as big or bigger than his two bros.

Brad and Slater got into the van and they continued on to the gym. It was a loud, rambunctious discussion as they went. They talked about school and sports and the gym, and before they knew it, they were at the gym. Carl started to get anxious as they got out of the van. This was the first time he would have ever seen a real gym before. He knew that, even though it didn?t look fancy like all the ones he saw on t.v., he knew that his family worked out there for a reason. The old brick building sat in front of him, solid as stone, promising the ability to shape his body to be just as strong as the masonry that made the building. They walked up the stairs and went inside together. Evan was already there, running on the elliptical machine and waved at the group as they came in.

The gym owner was already at the front desk waiting on the group to arrive. Joe had told him in advance that he was bringing his youngest son and his friend to start their workouts. That made it a special day in the gym. He made sure to greet the newest lifters, giving them a great bear hug. Then, he led them into the office. Amongst the various trinkets, pictures and trophies for bodybuilding he had there was the wall of beef. On it was pictures of all the hardcore lifters that kept his gym in business. He had the two stand up against the wall, and quickly, snapped a picture of the pair. The Polaroid came out well after a few shakes and he pinned it to the wall, right next to Brad?s picture. ?This here?s so we always know where we came from and to keep us going when we feel like stopping,? the big man said. Carl took a few moments to look around the wall, catching familiar sights of his family when they first started and were small. Even a picture of his father was there, albeit a lot less muscular. Carl smiled again. He knew he could do it because everyone with him had done it.

After the quick photo shoot, they all went back onto the floor. After the six of them had stretched and warmed up, Carl?s father, Joe, started the two lifters on their way. But it was soon after they started that Paul couldn?t continue. His body refused to cooperate, no matter how much Carl cheered him on. Sad and dejected, Paul resigned from lifting and went to the cardio area instead.

?Why did he come along anyway? He?s not built for this. I mean, his bone structure looks so frail, he?s not going to build any muscle. He should?ve just stayed home,? Slater said after Paul was gone.

?Fuck you man! He came ?cause we?re buds. I invited him along and he already feels fucking bad ?cause he is small so shut the fuck up!? Carl yelled.

The entire family turned and looked at Carl in confusion. ?Dude, chill. I?m just saying that he would?ve probably been happier somewhere else. He?s going to have a hell of a time building muscle, but it looks like he likes running,? Slater said.

Carl calmed down, quickly realizing his outburst might?ve shown his true feelings for Paul. ?I guess you?re right. You are the one studying this shit.?

Slater simply smiled as he tapped his head, ?It?s not all football plays and wrestling holds up here.?

?Ok ladies, that?s enough talk,? their father growled, ?It?s time to get back to work.?

Carl took one last look at his lover on the treadmill before going with his family. Something told him that the two of them would always be separated in the gym, no matter how much he wanted to change it, and that almost broke his heart.

Carl?s first workout felt amazing. It was as if everything that he did in the basement just primed his body for this moment. The moment he touched the weights, he felt like this was where he belonged. Every exercise his father showed him once, he immediately mastered. His form was almost flawless on the first set and only improved each other time. By the time their workout was over, Carl was energized. Every muscle felt alive, similar to how he felt after a good work with Paul, but different.

Carl looked at his family. He could tell that they felt the same way. He was happy that he had a great family that was there for him. He then turned to look at Paul. He was glad to see that Paul was enjoying himself, running at a great pace on the treadmill. Carl?s father patted him on the shoulder and smiled, ?You did a great job today Carl. I?m real proud of ya. Now let?s go grab a shake.?

Carl beamed with pride and quickly ran to get Paul. Paul turned off the treadmill and slowly came to a stop when he felt Carl tap his shoulder. When he turned around and saw Carl he looked at him with a slight hint of lust. The two smiled at each other, then walked over to the counter where the rest of Carl?s family was. They all ordered a shake, including Paul with Joe paying for them. Carl was tired, yet so happy after his first day at the gym. Although he and Paul couldn?t spend any time together, each of them enjoyed their first day at the gym; Paul because he could see Carl in what looked like his natural environment and Carl because he could see himself getting huge.

The next day, Carl woke up again completely energetic. He stretched himself a little, thinking how good his muscles felt. He also woke up with a cock so hard it hurt. He looked down to see the sheet tenting up in front of him. Before he could do anything about it, Brad walked in out of the bathroom. He looked at Carl and burst into laughter. ?Guess the gym agreed with ya yesterday!? he snickered.

Carl blushed and Brad said, ?Go ahead and jump in the shower and take care of that.? Carl looked back and forth, trying to figure out what to do. Brad noticed his hesitation and started, ?Dude, we just jerked off together the other night. You?ve got to stop being so shy. I mean, you?re going to be a fucking huge fucking hung jock. You?ve got to start realizing it and be more proud. You don?t see me or Slater or Evan walking around like we?re ashamed. You should too. Don?t be cocky or arrogant, just be proud of yourself man.?

Carl smiled and took Brad?s words to heart. He pulled back the sheet, revealing his hardon to the world. Brad smiled and said, ?There ya go big man. And I do mean big.? He smiled and continued about getting ready for school. Carl went into the bathroom, took a shower and jerked himself to oblivion, thinking again about his worship session with Paul.

He was even earlier in getting to Paul?s house. Carl was surprised how faster his run went this morning. Even though he was a little sore from his workout, he felt amazing. He knocked on the door again early and Paul came down. This time he was in his pajamas. ?Man, you?re early again. What?s going on man?? Paul said with a smile.

?I don?t know man. I?ve just been waking up early and I just felt like running here and I was faster today than yesterday. I hope you don?t mind me being early.? Carl replied as he followed Paul into the house.

Paul blushed slightly as he turned to face Carl. ?I was actually hoping you would be here early. I wanted to see you again. I mean, we didn?t get to spend any time together after your workout. I missed it. I mean, I saw you yesterday and I swear you looked bigger.?

?You know what? I felt different. It was like my muscles were full and swollen. I mean, even now, my arm feels weird.? Carl slowly flexed his arm and stared at it. ?I swear, it looks bigger.? Carl continued to stare at his arm when he saw Paul?s hand reach up and settled on the ball of muscle.

?Mmm, it does feel different Carl. It feels so good.?

Carl smiled, ?You like how that feels huh? You like that I?m getting bigger, don?t you??

Paul replied, ?Yeah man, it?s amazing. I can only imagine what you?ll look like in a few months.?

Carl looked into Paul?s eyes and saw nothing but pure lust and love. Carl smiled and stripped off his shirt. ?You like my body, don?t you?? Paul just nodded as his other hand came up to his chest. ?Go ahead, I want you to feel it. I want to feel your hands all over me. I love having you feel my muscles like this.?

Paul didn?t need any more invitation. His hands roamed around Carl?s body as he moaned and whispered softly. ?Man, you feel so good. You are so big and strong compared to me. I mean your muscles feel even bigger now than they did the last time we did this. And I can feel hair growing here. You are turning into such a stud.?

Carl?s eyes closed and his head tilted back. Feeling Paul?s hands run all over him felt so wonderful. He could do nothing but enjoy the sensation. Suddenly, Paul?s hands stopped. He opened his eyes and looked down to see Paul looking at his cock fighting hard against his jeans. Carl realized he was harder than he ever had been. ?Paul, I want you to take my cock out of my pants,? Carl whispered through clenched teeth.


?My penis. Just take it out.?

Paul nodded and unbuttoned Carl?s pants. Slipping them down, he freed Carl?s hard dick. A slight gasp escaped Paul?s mouth, ?Man, even your penis is huge. You are such a big man.? Paul gingerly grabbed it, weighing and measuring it in his hands. Carl moaned as Paul?s hand gripped his cock, sending waves of pleasure coursing through his body. Carl didn?t know how something could feel so good. Paul wasn?t even jerking him off, but just having him touch it felt amazing. Carl started moaning in encouragement. Paul simply kept fondling Carl?s cock and muscles. Carl then took his right arm, reached around Paul, drug him in and gave him a deep kiss. Paul melted into Carl, submitting to him as they kissed. Carl?s cock exploded on the both of them, covering them in a huge load of teen cum.

They separated with Paul looking confused. Carl smiled, ?Sorry man, you just make me feel so good and having you play with my cock like that just made me shoot.? Paul looked at him in confusion then at his soaked pajamas. He looked up at Carl and smiled, ?Guess I should go clean up for school.?

Carl laughed, ?Yeah, I should towel up a little myself before we go.?

The next few weeks went just as well as the first day. They would meet before school where Paul would worship Carl to an explosive orgasm, walk together to school, then meet again after school was over. Then, the two, along with Carl?s family would hit the gym for a few hours where Carl was making steady progress in becoming huge and Paul was becoming quite the long distance runner.

It was one Thursday afternoon that Carl?s entire world was turned upside down. He was sitting out front of the school as usual, waiting for his dad to arrive. But today, Paul was late. Carl was a little worried; Paul didn?t mention being late or leaving early or anything. When his father drove up, Paul still had not arrived. ?Where?s Paulie?? Joe asked.

?I don?t know dad, I?ll go find him.?

His dad put the van into park and turned off the engine as Carl headed back towards the school. He knew that not many places were still open this late, so he started by going toward the band room. He walked around, seeing no signs of life. He kept going around the school, checking everywhere he could think of. Finally, he headed toward the gym. He rounded the corner near the back of the gym and saw Paul lying on the ground in a heap. ?PAUL!? Carl screamed as he ran to Paul?s side. Paul was crumpled on the ground in a heap, his books scattered around him. ?Paul! Paul! Are you ok!!!? he screamed while shaking Paul. Paul moaned in pain and Carl cried out, ?Oh my god Paul, what happened??

Suddenly, he was hit from behind by a big stick. He fell to the ground next to Paul and immediately started receiving kicks from every side. He tried to defend himself, but there was too many people and too many kicks for him to do anything but protect his face.

?See, I told you this fag would come looking for the wimp,? Carl heard Buck sneer. Carl had thought that Buck had finally lost interest in them, but obviously he was wrong. ?Damn queers, good for nothing ?cept getting their asses kicked. Pansy ass cock suckers.? A stray thought ran through his head, scolding himself for allowing people to discover their secret, but that was soon washed away by the tremendous pain that was surging through his body. Carl heard another moan, slightly louder this time and the kicking stopped. ?You still awake over there? I bet the lover boy wants to see his little girl friend. Pick ?em up.?

Carl felt a pair of meaty hands grab him and jerked him up. He saw two more guys picking up Paul. Paul looked like he was barely awake. His face was bruised and his lip was bleeding. Carl started struggling and screamed, ?Leave him alone you bastards!?

Buck laughed and spit in Carl?s face. Carl tried hard to break free, but the two guys that were holding him were too strong and he was too hurt to fight back. Buck simply laughed and walked over to Paul. He lifted up Paul?s face and balled up his fist. Carl screamed for him to stop, but Buck didn?t listen. He punched Paul as hard as he could in the face, then started punching him in the midsection. Carl kept trying to break free, screaming constantly at Buck, trying to get him to stop. He suddenly heard a sickening crunch as Buck punched and Paul suddenly slumped. Buck laughed hard again and turned to Carl, ?Looks like your little girl friend might be hurt.? Buck?s friends dropped Paul and he crumpled to the ground, lifeless.

Tears welled up in Carl?s eyes, belittling his rage. He couldn?t tell what was wrong with Paul, but he knew something was. He looked at Buck and said with all the spite and anger he could muster, ?I swear to God, I am going to kill you.?

Buck laughed again and said, ?Not likely ya cock sucker.? Then suddenly, Carl?s world went black as he was knocked out.
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Well as I said earlier Paul desire to worship Carl's body would get at best mixed reviews from Carl's Dad and older Brothers... their reaction was actually much more understanding and accepting than I had expected it to be...

I hadn't considered Buck making a another appearance like this... but it is a logical consequence of the closeness Carl and Paul must have displayed over the years even if they did not show any overtly gay behavior... Buck's homophobic nature would manufacture reasons to believe that any he had a "problem" with and their friends were gay regardless of the truth nature of the relationship...

A big question now is how badly did Buck mess Paul up and if he does survive to what level will he recover... And will Carl act on his threat to "kill" Buck and will he be sucessful... I figure Carl must be near 15yo at this point and If he were to kill buck it's likely he'll get locked up for a signifacant amount of time... several years in detention and nothing to do but pump iron would make Carl the muscle beast Lee wanted to be, But if he's in prison he won't really be able to enjoy being the Uber Stud all that much...

Another option might be that Kaos is going to offer to save Paul but at the cost of his studlyness...

Just some thoought....

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Actually, Carl's only 11 years old.

Few things: One, his family may or may not know how deep Carl's feelings run for Paul. They might be ok with it or they may be ignoring it.

Two, Kaos is going to let things play out for a while. There's only a few things that are certain right now. Carl's going to learn to be humble and he's going to end up being huge.

I hope everyone enjoys the story as much as I enjoy writing it. I'm going to try and not make it too long seeing as how I got at least 7 years to write.
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Cool... I must have misread something somewhere... I thought you had jumped ahead a couple of years between Carl and Paul starting to workout in the basement and Carl being invited to join the rest of the men lifting weights at the gym... Which is why Buck returning to brutalize Paul the why he did after a couple of years peace seem to be a bit odd...

That the homophobic Buck is a latent gay seems a reasonable assumption... But I'm not sure if and how that will figure in the future...

My take on Carl's family's view of Paul is that his dad suspect having caught Paul "coping a feel" of Carl's chest. And his brothers are straight and have some concern that little Paul having attached himself as tightly as he has may cause others (like Buck) to wonder if their increasingly studly baby brother is gay too, something unthinkable to them, and that would hurt their status with the Jock crowd...

Having Paul bady hurt and Koas offering Carl the deal to give up his "potential" of growing up to be a major stud to save Paul from death or being permanently crippled seems like an interesting side trip... to Paul becoming the stud instead of Carl... And the big Paul rather than being grateful to Carl for his sacrifice, wants the "never to be" studly Carl to worship him the way little Paul worships sludly Carl now... Sort of as a test of Carls metal... If he can "live" through that with out becoming the bitter self serving prick Lee became, Carl/Lee will get to be the stud Lee assumed Kaos would make him as the Carl personna. If he does get bitter he get the body but without enough brains to enjoy it or in some other the put of have a studly body is lost...

Getting the chance at a "do-over" on a major portion of your life and having the deck stacked to make you an uber jock stud boy might be a good deal... If I was offered the deal Carl has it might be a very fun ride...

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You must finish, you don't have to write all 7 year just flash forward every once and a while. Please don't leave us hanging.

Last edited by ttownlittlebear; June 14th, 2008 at 09:04 PM.
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Keep up the great writing. I was surprised at the reintroduction of Buck, but that's to be expected, I guess. Homophobes are everywhere, and I agree that many, if not most, are repressing their feared inherent gay interior.

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