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Old December 16th, 2009, 04:46 PM
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Andrew's first day of grade five

I am putting Andrew Prequel Chapter 10 on here first because, like Chapter 8, this chapter is written without a paper copy first. As soon as I finish the paper copy of Chapter 9, I will post it. But first, I hope you enjoy the culmination of Andrew's first summer of working out.

By the end of the summer of 1998, Andrew had reached 5 foot 8 in height and 160 pounds of solid muscle, making him bigger than Chad had predicted.

Chad knocked on Andrew's door the first day of school and asked him, "Are you ready for breakfast son?"

?Almost Dad; just give me a minute to finish getting dressed,? Andrew replied.

?You?ve been at it for almost ten minutes son,? Chad informed him. ?Breakfast is getting cold and we?re all waiting for you.?

?I understand Dad!? Andrew snapped at him. ?I said just give me a minute!?

?Now listen here young man!? Chad roared as he opened Andrew?s door. ?Don?t you ever speak-?

Chad broke off in mid-sentence as he saw his son?s massively muscled torso; massively muscled for a 10-year-old that is.

"I told you I wasn't done yet Dad!" Andrew snapped, struggling to get his arms into his t-shirt. "Rats!" he shouted in frustration, ripping the t-shirt in half and standing up. He saw the look of shock on Chad's face and asked him, "Are you okay Dad?"

"I'm just surprised to see how big and muscular you've become over the summer Andrew," Chad said. "It's been a couple of weeks since we last went swimming and I haven't seen you with your shirt off since then."

"That's nothing Dad; I've ripped three t-shirts trying to get into them!" Andrew bragged.

"What size were those t-shirts son?" Chad asked him.

"Size small Dad," Andrew replied. "I guess I can't fit into my old t-shirts after all!"

"You'll have to wear size medium then," Chad decided. "Though judging by how you couldn't get into size small t-shirts, the medium t-shirts are going to be a lot tighter on you then we thought."

"That'll show Darrel what he's up against when he tries something today!" Andrew growled in fury, as he hunted for his new medium size t-shirts.

"You're still planning on showing Darrel what he's up against at school today?" Chad asked him.

"Yes Dad, since he didn't get the message a month ago on the beach!" Andrew informed him, getting into his medium t-shirt after a bit of a struggle. "He still outweighed me by about 10 pounds then."

"But if he was only 150 pounds then, that means that you should outweigh him by 10 pounds now, since you weighed 160 pounds yesterday," Chad reminded him as they headed downstairs.

"So that's why I split apart my small t-shirts," Andrew realized as they got into the kitchen. "I weigh 10 pounds more than I thought I would."

"It looks like you're well on your way to splitting that medium t-shirt apart as well," Sarah informed him as she saw how big he was.

"Yeah, Carrie loves seeing my huge muscles barely contained by skintight t-shirts!" Andrew bragged, flexing his 14 inch bicep. "I'm a god among 10-year-olds!"

"Yes you are Andrew," Susan agreed, as they began eating breakfast. "Just remember to be merciful with your fellow classmates, since you're probably twice as big as they are!"

"Yeah I am Mom!" Andrew laughed. "I've seen them from the car as Dad and I have gone to and from the gym and they're no bigger than they were when school ended in June!"

"Make sure to protect them from Darrel, since he'll probably turn on them once you've ended his bullying of you," Chad realized. "I'm very proud of how you've completely transformed yourself in only one summer Andrew! You're no longer a little boy anymore!"

"No, I'm a man!" Andrew shouted in excitement, pleased that his voice was deeper than in June. "I can't wait to see how much taller I am with my cowboy boots on!"

"Don't forget your leather jacket to complete your tough new image Andrew," Chad reminded him. "It will be quite a shock to your classmates when they see how big and strong you've become. They probably won't recognize you!"

"Yeah, and since Steve and Carrie have kept quiet about how big I've become, noone will know anything until I step onto the bus in 30 minutes!" Andrew chuckled.

"Then let's hurry up and finish eating so that you can get changed and get to the bus on time," Susan decided.

Everyone followed her suggestion and in ten minutes had finished their breakfast. Andrew went upstairs to change his jeans, since he had spilled some milk on them and used that as an excuse to get into the tightest jeans he had, just to emphasize his leg muscles for Carrie. Then he struggled into his tight leather jacket, and put on his black cowboy boots, after measuring the heels.

"2 and 1/2 inch heels means I stand at 5 foot 10 and 1/2 inches with these cowboy boots on," Andrew realized. "I'm going to tower over everyone at school, even Darrel and Steve!" He looked in the mirror and grinned at how his tight clothes showed off all his muscles, making him look really tough and scary. "Yeah, Darrel's going to be so sorry he ever bullied me!"

When Andrew came downstairs, he grinned at the look of shock on the faces of his sister, Mom and Dad.

"How do I look everyone?" he asked them.

"You look really tough and scary Andrew," Chad informed him, once he could speak. "Did you have any trouble fitting into those tight jeans?"

"It was quite a struggle Dad," Andrew admitted. "These jeans were just normal straight leg three months ago, and they're practically skintight now. But it'll be so worth it when I scare Darrel senseless today!"

"You're right about that Andrew; even I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley and you're only 10 years old!" Chad realized. "I can't wait to see what you look like in five years, but I'm almost afraid to find out!"

"You'll find out soon enough Dad!" Andrew promised him. "See you later!"

He and Sarah, who he now towered over, walked to the bus stop. Along the way, Andrew ran into Steve and Carrie.

"Hey Andrew, I see you've completed your new image," Steve said, realizing that Andrew was about three inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than he was. "You look really tough and scary man."

"Thanks man," Andrew said, shaking his hand firmly, which made Steve wince. Andrew grinned and released his iron grip, before turning to Carrie and engulfing her in a hug that literally took her breath away. "How are you doing Carrie?"

"I'd do better if...I could breathe!" Carrie managed to gasp.

"Oh, sorry Carrie," Andrew apologized, releasing his massive arms from around her. "I guess I don't know my own strength, but thank you for informing me!" He chuckled softly and then noticed Carrie staring at him with a mixture of shock and lust on her face. "Stop staring at me like that Carrie; you're practically undressing me with your eyes!" he teased her.

"I wouldn't mind undressing you for real later!" Carrie informed him. "I particularly look forward to taking on the challenge of getting you out of those skintight jeans! How did you get into them anyway?"

"With a lot of effort Carrie!" Andrew informed her with a wink. "And I expect you to expend just as much effort to peel them off me!"

"Hello guys, big brother of Carrie over here!" Steve informed them, waving his hand to get them to stop. "Would you mind getting a room if you're going to talk about stuff like that?"

"Sure Steve," Andrew smirked, putting a big arm around Carrie. "How about it baby: your room or mine?"

Andrew and Carrie both laughed when they saw the shocked look on Steve's face. Before he could think of something to say, the school bus arrived. Andrew and Carrie walked onto the school bus holding hands, and Andrew smirked at the look of shock on all the children's faces. He realized that he dwarfed even the Grade Eight students on the bus and he hoped that noone would tell Darrel just how big and strong he'd become.

"How- how was your summer Big Guy?" Connor asked him hesistantly.

"It was very productive Connor," Andrew replied, sitting down behind him. He casually flexed a massive bicep in Connor's face and added, "It looks like you've grown a little bigger over the summer."

"Nowhere near as much as you!" Connor gasped in shock. "You've literally grown into a man over the summer!"

"Only size-wise," Andrew corrected him. "My voice is barely any deeper and I don't have to shave yet."

Connor nodded and hastily apologized to Andrew for his mistake. Andrew assured him not to worry, that he wasn't mad, but he couldn't help noticing that Connor was very eager to please him. During the short ride to school, everyone asked to feel Andrew's biceps to see if they could fit their arms around them. Andrew promised them something much more exciting once they got off the bus.

When the bus pulled up in front of the school, Andrew led the way off the bus, surrounded by a crowd of admirers. He barely had time to appreciate how popular his new size had made him when he had an idea.

"I can lift each of you above my head with no effort!" Andrew bragged. "Who wants me to give them a ride first?"

"I do, I do!" Connor shouted in excitement. He squeezed his way through the crowd until he stood right in front of Andrew, who towered over him. "Lift me over your head first Andrew!"

"Okay Connor, hold on," Andrew warned him. He reached forward with one big hand, grabbed the front of Connor's t-shirt and lifted him off his feet with only a bit of effort. Then he got his other hand on Connor's legs and straightened his arms. "How's the view from more than six feet up Connor?" Andrew asked him.

"It's amazing Andrew, and a little scary!" Connor replied, his voice trembling. "Can you put me down now?"

"What's the magic word Connor?" Andrew teased him, pleased that his arms weren't tired yet.

"Please?" Connor asked him.

"Not that word, the other word little boy!" Andrew growled in fake fury.

"Sir?" Connor asked him, barely getting the word out past his fear that Andrew was mad for real!

"That's a good boy Connor; you know how to respect the big guys," Andrew congratulated him. He set Connor down on the ground gently and said, "That wasn't even a warm-up, but I'm getting hot with this jacket on." Andrew slowly peeled his tight leather jacket off, disguising the effort to make it look like a show for his new admirers. When he handed his jacket to Carrie, he grinned as the gasps of the crowd, which turned to yells of excitement when he flexed his biceps for them. "Who wants to go for a ride next?" Andrew asked.

Everyone in the crowd raised their hands in excitement, and Andrew decided to lift one person in each hand to save time. When he finally got to Steve, he was breathing a bit heavily, but still managed to lift Steve six inches with his left arm, which was the least tired.

While Andrew was busy showing off in the parking lot, Darrel's brother Phil was watching from the hall window, having kept his twin brother Darrel away by telling him about some graffati on the bathroom stall that had been written about him. Darrel had no idea that Phil had written that graffiti himself, to keep Darrel away from the windows so that he wouldn't see how big Andrew had become.

"Darrel's really going to get his clock cleaned by Andrew after his first class today," Phil realized. "I just hope that my friendship with Andrew keeps him from turning on me next!"

Once all his new admirers had finished worshipping his great strength, Andrew led the way into the school and headed for his locker. He breathed a sigh of relief when the crowd had dispersed and smiled softly at Carrie.

"Well that was certainly something I've never experienced before Carrie," Andrew said, as he put his bag in his locker.

"You're already a hero to those people Andrew, because they know that you're going to put an end to Darrel's bullying once and for all."

"I must admit, I was not prepared for such a passionate response to my arrival," Andrew informed her, getting out his books for class.

"Get used to it Andrew," Carrie advised him, as they headed to her locker. "Everyone loves you now and worships you as their hero!"

"Even though I haven't done anything yet?" Andrew asked her.

"You will do something to Darrel once you get your hands on him," Carrie assured him. "All those muscles aren't just for show after all!"

"I guess you're right Carrie," Andrew agreed, as they reached her locker. "But I will have to wait until after class to see if that's true."

Andrew's prediction was correct, because as soon as he stepped into the hall after his first class, he heard a shout of "Pearson!" from behind him.

Andrew turned around slowly, trying to fight the old surge of fear that flowed through him.

"Hello Phil," Andrew said, deliberately getting Darrel's name wrong to make him mad.

"It's Darrel, you idiot!" Darrel shouted in fury, advancing on Andrew until he was right in his face. "You're going to pay for that graffiti you wrote about me in the bathroom!"

"What are you talking about Darrel?" Andrew sneered at him with contempt. "I know it's hard for you to get it, but I couldn't write any graffiti about you if I haven't set foot in the male washroom yet."

"You'll be in there wiping both blood and tears off your face when I'm through with you!" Darrel shouted at him in fury.

"I expected more from you than an idle threat Darrel!" Andrew laughed at him. "Or are you afraid that you can't take me on now that I'm bigger than you are?"

"I'll show you that your size is just fat with no muscle behind it!" Darrel roared, punching Andrew in the face.

Andrew was as surprised as Darrel when the punch didn't even make him blink.

"I hope that wasn't the best you've got Darrel!" Andrew laughed, as Darrel looked at his ineffective fist in shock. "But you won't get another chance, because only the first shot is free."

Darrel swung at Andrew again, but this time Andrew caught Darrel's fist in his iron grip and squeezed.

"How does it feel to finally be outmatched Darrel?" Andrew asked him, grinning as Darrel pushed forward with all his strength and got nowhere. "It's a new feeling for you isn't it?"

Darrel didn't bother answering; he just punched Andrew in the abs with his free hand as hard as he could. His hand bounced off what felt like a brick wall as Andrew tensed his abs to withstand the blow. Andrew grabbed Darrel's free hand as Darrel tried again and squeezed that hand too. Darrel began to wince in pain and Andrew grinned at him, waiting for him to stop his futile efforts.

"Do you give up yet Darrel?" Andrew asked him. "Have you learned your lesson yet?"

"I"ll never give up Pearson!" Darrel screamed in fury. "You'll pay for what you've done!"

"I told you how it's impossible for me to have written anything about you today," Andrew reminded him. "I want you to apologize for that lie right now!" When Darrel shook his head, Andrew sighed and said, "I don't want to do this Darrel, but you leave me no choice."

"What are you talking about?" Darrel asked him in confusion, before Andrew began bending his wrists back. "NO!" he shouted in futile fury, as Andrew began to force him to his knees.

"Give up Darrel, and say you're sorry!" Andrew warned him.

"Never!" Darrel gasped between winces of pain. "You're pathetic Pearson!"

"Then why are you the one on your knees?" Andrew asked him, forcing Darrel down all the way. "You're the one who's pathetic Darrel; you're not even worth fighting anymore. Have a nice day."

Andrew released his grip on Darrel's hands, ending the resistance Darrel had been facing as he pushed forward. So Darrel ended up flat on his face as Andrew walked away. Carrie held Andrew's hand as he walked down the hall to his next class and neither of them saw Darrel get up and run towards Andrew with a heavy book in his hand.

"Look out behind you Andrew!" Connor shouted out in warning.

Andrew turned quickly, shoving Carrie protectively behind him as Darrel rushed forward. Andrew caught Darrel's arm and flung him in the direction he was already going. Darrel slid helplessly down the hall on his stomach, crashing into the legs of a teacher who came out of a classroom. The teacher was knocked off balance and all the books he was holding fell out of his hands onto Darrel, making him yell in pain.

"What do you think you're doing Mr. Parker?" the teacher yelled at Darrel in fury. "You almost knocked me over!"

"He was trying to knock Andrew out with that book in his hands, but Andrew stopped him!" Connor shouted.

"Is that true Andrew?" the teacher asked him; his eyes widening as he saw how big Andrew was.

"Yes it is sir," Andrew replied. "Darrel also punched me in the face and the stomach."

"Well well, it looks like you and I are going to take a little trip to the Principal's Office, aren't we Mr Parker?" the teacher asked Darrel, who was struggling to his feet. Darrel nodded meekly and the teacher turned back to Andrew. "Thanks for reporting this assault Andrew; but you'll have to come with me to the office to tell the Principal everything that happened."

"I'll come along," Connor volunteered, "since I saw the whole thing."

"Good idea; we could use an independant witness to the events," the teacher agreed. "Let's go everyone."

Andrew hugged Carrie goodbye and then followed the teacher and the two students to the office; surprised that he was just as tall as the teacher. When everyone got to the office, Connor told the principal everything he had seen, including Darrel's unfounded accusation that Andrew had written some graffiti about Darrel in the boy's washroom.

"Let's see this graffiti," the principal decided. "If someone's been defacing school property, then Darrel is not the only student facing a one week suspension today."

Darrel led the principal and the other three people to the washroom in question and then opened the stall door. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw that the wall had no graffiti on it.

"But-but it was right here!" Darrel sputtered in disbelief. "A message saying that Andrew would make me sorry for bullying him for years!"

"Ah, so you finally admit bullying Andrew all these years!" the principal shouted in triumph. "Andrew tried to tell me that before, but he had no proof. Thanks for furnishing it, and adding another week to your suspension!"

"But sir, I'm telling the truth!" Darrel protested. "It was right here!"

"Enough!" the principal roared. "Since you can't produce any witnesses to this so-called graffiti, I see this as a misguided attempt to pick a fight with Andrew over something he obviously had nothing to do with! That's another week of suspension for lying to me!"

"But I'll miss all those classes!" Darrel sputtered in desperation.

"You have a brother who can bring all your homework to you at home," the principal informed him. "He should be willing to help you if you haven't been bullying him as well." Before Darrel could say another word, the principal stepped right up to him until they were face-to-face. "And if I hear that you tried to switch places with your twin brother to get around this suspension, I'll make sure you're expelled! Is that clear enough for you Mr. Parker?"

"Yes sir," Darrel said meekly, looking down at the floor.

"Good," the principal said. He looked at the teacher and said, "If you'd escort Mr. Parker to the office and call his parents, I'd appreciate it Mr. Aiken. I'd like to speak to Andrew privately for a few minutes."

"Certainly," Mr Aiken said. He took hold of Darrel's arm and guided him out of the washroom. "Let's go Mr. Parker; I'm sure your parents are going to be absolutely thrilled when they hear what you've done today."

Once the principal, whose name was Mr. Connors, was alone in the washroom with Andrew and Connor, he turned to Andrew.

"I appreciate that you finally put an end to Darrel's bullying," he said. "Congratulations Andrew."

"Thank you sir," Andrew said. "It felt great to finally defend myself against Darrel."

"Just don't make a habit of fighting to solve your differences with others Andrew," Mr. Connors warned him. "Judging by your size, you'd be able to cause a lot of damage and only a teacher could physically restrain you."

"And that will only be the case for a couple more years sir," Andrew informed him with a big grin. "I'm going to get so big and strong that noone will be able to control me ever again!"

"Then it's more important than ever that you learn self-control Andrew," Mr. Connors reminded him. "You don't want to become a bully like Darrel, do you?"

"No sir, I don't," Andrew assured him. "In fact, the way everyone has worshipped me today, I don't have the slightest desire to be a bully."

"That's good Andrew," Mr Connors said. "Well, I'd better let you get back to class Andrew. Enjoy the rest of the day. Don't worry about Darrel anymore; his suspension starts as soon as his parents arrive to take him home."

Andrew grinned at the thought and hurried off to his next class, which he happened to share with Connor.

After class, it was Lunchtime and Connor was eager to tell everyone he met how Andrew had saved the school from Darrel the Bully. Andrew tried to downplay his role, but Carrie backed Connor up, leaving Andrew no choice but to revel in the praise of his classmates.

"Yes it's true everyone; I took care of Darrel with the help of these," Andrew bragged, flexing his biceps. "There will be no more trouble from Darrel now that Andrew's back!"

"Congratulations Andrew; it's about time someone showed my brother who's boss," Phil said, sitting down at the table with Andrew and his friends.

"I'm surprised that you didn't stop Darrel from bullying people years ago," Andrew said, glaring at Phil.

"Since we're identical twins, that would be kind of hard," Phil said nervously; afraid that Andrew was going to hit him. "I hope you can understand that Andrew."

"I understand Phil," Andrew assured him, his angry glare fading into a reassuring smile. "No need to get nervous Phil; I'm not going to toss you down the hall like I did with your brother!"

Andrew's reassuring words were cancelled out by his arrogant laugh, but Phil was too scared of him to point that out.

"Is it true that Darrel punched you in the face and the stomach and you didn't even flinch?" Phil asked Andrew in disbelief.

"It's true Phil; noone can dent these bricks!" Andrew bragged, lifting up his shirt to show off his six-pack abs.

"Wow Andrew, those abs are amazing!" Connor gasped in astonishment. "Can I touch them?"

"Sure man, just don't hurt your hand!" Andrew chuckled. He grinned as Connor poked at his abs. "Do they feel like bricks Connor?"

"Yes they do Andrew," Connor replied, as Andrew pulled his shirt back down with difficulty. "I can't believe how tight your t-shirt is Andrew; it looks like it's about to rip apart!"

"As I get bigger, it will rip apart!" Andrew assured him. "I want to wear skintight clothes that show off all my muscles because I worked hard for this body!"

"You've done an amazing job of transforming yourself in the course of one summer Andrew," Steve congratulated him. "I'm very impressed with your progress and I hope it continues in the future."

"Oh don't worry Steve; you haven't seen anything yet!" Andrew assured him.

Steve nodded in agreement as they finished eating lunch and he wondered just how big and strong Andrew would become.
Sean Lackie
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Dayam! Really hot story mate, 160 pound 10 year old, holy shit! Talk about the ultimate role reversal. Is the story going to be continued? I hope so, I really wanna see andrew get huge!

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Story will continue

The Story WILL continue; I plan to take the Prequel up to the start of Andrew's Grade 12 year, which is where the Andrew Story starts. That story is up to Chapter 28 on this forum and can also be found at my websites: and
All 9 COMPLETED chapters of the Andrew Prequels can be found at
And the short story Andrew's Enhancement, which fits between Andrew Story Chapters 3 and 4, can be found at
Hope you enjoy reading those chapters before I get Chapters 9 and 11 of the Prequel posted. Those Chapters will explain how big and strong Andrew becomes as well as HOW he becomes so big and strong.
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