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Before and After - Part 8

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Part 6:

Part 7:

Before and After - Part 8
By John D.

After dinner Jimmy said, "I'm gonna take a shower. I'm goin' out tonight." He walked upstairs to his - formerly Rob's - room. Rob followed him. For some reason Rob couldn't resist following Jimmy. Jimmy was so big. So muscular. So strong. Rob was attracted to Jimmy's body even though he was straight. Very straight. Jimmy went into his room and stripped off his clothes. He stood before the mirror and looked at his body. Rob was staring too. "I can't believe my muscles have gotten so big," said Jimmy. "When I look into the mirror I sometimes can't believe it's really me. But then I feel my muscles, how big and hard they are, and then I believe. I love being big and strong. And I can't wait to get even bigger. Even stronger." He flexed his arms and smiled as Rob looked at him in awe. "I'm goin' to a gay bar tonight. I bet none of those guys will recognize me. I used to sit there hoping to pick up a guy, but I was so skinny and dorky that most of the guys ignored me. I think things will be different now." Jimmy had never talked about his sex life to Rob before. Now he felt free to talk.

"Oh yeah, I'm taking your car. You have a nice muscle car and I'm gonna look real good driving up to the bar in that car." Rob's car was his prized possession. It was a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda with a big V-8 engine and four on the floor. It was painted dark red and had leather seats. Rob had carefully restored the car. Jimmy had never been inside Rob's car. Rob had defiantly said that his faggot brother was never going to ride in his car. "What??!!!" yelled Rob. "You can't take my car! It's my car! You can't take it!" Jimmy came up to Rob and wrapped his arm around Rob's neck. He positioned his bicep muscle so it faced Rob's windpipe. Then he drew in his forearm and flexed his bicep. Rob could feel the muscle bulge into his neck. It felt like a steel ball growing bigger and bigger and harder and harder as it rammed itself into his soft neck muscles. The huge muscle smashed into Rob's windpipe. Jimmy could hear a crackling sound as his rock like bicep crushed his brother's windpipe. Rob's neck was like a soft piece of fruit to Jimmy's huge arm, fruit that could easily be crushed into pulp by his big hard muscle. "What did you say, Robbie? Were you disobeying me?" Jimmy flexed harder. Rob started to gag. His face turned red. Spit was dripping out of his mouth. He started shaking his head. "No," he murmured. Jimmy let him go a little. "Speak up Robbie." Rob gasped with his first breath of air. "No sir, I'm not disobeying you. Please take my car. Have a good time at the bar. But please don't damage my car. Please sir?" Jimmy let him go. "No, I won't damage your car. It's gonna be my car every time I come up here to visit. I hope you keep it in good shape for me." Rob looked at Jimmy's huge arm. "Yes sir."

Jimmy strutted off to the shower. Rob watched his broad shoulders and huge lats as he walked. And he saw his firm round muscle butt and his calf muscles flexing with each step. He trembled as he watched all that muscle.

Jimmy returned a few minutes later, his skin still steaming and wet. He hit a few poses in the mirror. Rob's eyes were fixated on his body. Jimmy noticed. "I think you're gonna be gay pretty soon. When I weigh 280 pounds of solid muscle you won't be able to keep your hands off my body. You're gonna want me to fuck you all the time." Rob's face turned red. Jimmy laughed.

He put on a white wife beater that stretched very snugly over his huge torso. His huge shoulders and arms were completely visible as were most of his lats and the top part of his pecs. And the waist part of the shirt clung tightly on his washboard abs. You could see the corrugated muscle under the thin cloth fibers. The he put on some shorts that hung low on his hips, exposing the top part of his round muscle butt. His huge legs almost burst the fabric apart and his calves bulged with muscle underneath. Then he put on some sandals. His size 13 feet looked thick and muscular. He turned to his brother. "How do I look?" he asked. "You look great, sir. I'd pick you up in a second if I was gay." Jimmy laughed. "Gimme the keys," he said.

The boys went out to the car and Jimmy hopped in. He looked around the car, never having been inside before. "Nice car," he said. He started the engine and the huge engine roared. Jimmy smiled. The he put it in gear and zoomed off. Luckily he could drive a stick shift. His first car was a stick shirt. But he had never driven a car this powerful before. The car was powerful, just like he was.

He drove in to the bar's parking lot. There were some guys standing around the front of the bar and they all immediately looked at Jimmy's car as he drove it in. Very few gay guys had muscle cars. They were impressed. Jimmy pulled up to a parking place near the front entrance and he hopped out. All the guys looked at him and their mouths dropped open. They gaped at the good looking blue eyed muscle stud coming out of his muscle car. And he was going to enter their bar! It was their lucky night.

Jimmy knew this bar very well and he knew some of the guys who were staring at him. They didn't recognize him with his 100 pounds of new muscle. He walked in the door. The guys in the bar were kind of segregated by social status. The dorky guys sat at the end of the bar nearest the door. This is where Jimmy used to sit. In the middle of the bar sat the guys who weren't dorks but who weren't studs either. The middle guys. At the far end of the bar sat the studs. These guys all had great bodies and gorgeous faces. They were the guys all the men in the bar wished they looked like. Jimmy had often looked at these guys dreaming he could fuck them. There was one guy in particular that Jimmy lusted over. He was dark, probably Italian, with black hair and brown eyes. His face was drop dead gorgeous. He was about 5' 10" tall and probably weighed 180 pounds. And he was all muscle, solid tan muscle. He was about Jimmy's age. Jimmy would sit at his end of the bar looking at this stud. The stud never looked at him. He was talking to his other stud friends at the stud end of the bar. And then he would go home with one of them for a night of stud fucking. He would never talk to a dork.

Jimmy came up to the bar and sat at the dork end. The other dorks couldn't believe this big buff guy was sitting with them. Jimmy recognized the guy sitting next to him. "Hi Dennis," he said. The guy looked at Jimmy's face and his mouth dropped open. "Jimmy? Is that you?" Jimmy smiled. "Yes, it's me. I've put on some muscle." "Holy shit," said Dennis. He wrapped both of his hands around Jimmy's arm. "You got so big. So muscular. You're not a dork any more." Jimmy grinned. "Yeah, but I can still sit here, can't I?" Dennis rubbed his hands all over Jimmy's arms and shoulders. "You sure can," he said. "I'll buy you a beer." So Jimmy drank his beer with the dorks. They all talked to him and marveled at what had happened to him. A couple of them bought him more beers. Lots of guys came over and introduced themselves to Jimmy, even most of the studs. They all wanted to meet Jimmy. They wanted him to sit next to them. They wanted him to move away from the dorks. But Jimmy kept his seat, the seat where he sat when he lusted over the stud. Then he saw him. The Italian stud boy had just arrived and sat down in his customary chair at the stud end of the bar. He started talking to his stud friends. Jimmy looked at him with the same lust in his mind as he had always had. Then the stud looked at him. He had never looked at him before but he looked at him now. The stud's mouth dropped open as he looked at Jimmy's beautiful blue eyes, his handsome face and his totally buffed out body. "Who's that guy?" the stud said to his friend. "His name's Jimmy, Mark. I guess he used to come in here all the time but I never noticed him before 'cause he was a dork. But he's put on a lot of muscle as you can see." Mark looked at Jimmy for a long time. His cock started to get hard. Jimmy moved his arms around, gently flexing his muscles as he was talking to Dennis. He looked so hot in his wifebeater. He knew the stud was looking at him. "I'm gonna go talk to him," said Mark.

Mark walked over to Jimmy. All the dorks stood back as the bar's former number one stud came up to meet the bar's new number one stud. He put out his hand. "Hey, my name's Mark," he said. Jimmy shook it. "Jimmy," he said. "Why don't you come over to my end of the bar. I'd like to get to know you," said Mark. "Sure," said Jimmy. He turned to Dennis. "I'm not gonna be a stuck up jock like them. I'm still gonna talk to you guys." But Jimmy was a jock. He was a stud. He followed Mark and sat down next to him at the stud end of the bar. Jimmy was now a stud. This is where he belonged.

"My friend said you've been here before. But I don't remember ever seeing you," said Mark. Jimmy smiled. "Well, I started working out and I've put on some muscle. You probably didn't notice me before because I was a skinny dork. Just like those guys over there. But now I've got muscle, just like you." Mark grabbed Jimmy's arm. "You sure do! You've got way more muscle than me. And it's rock hard. Big and hard! It took me a long time to get the muscle I have, I was always a jock in high school and I gained about 10 or 15 pounds of muscle each year. And now I'm pretty much maxed out at 180." Jimmy laughed. "Fifteen pounds a year? I've been gaining 15 pounds every week! I never worked out before and when I started lifting my body just grew. I got real hungry and I lift heavier weights every week. My muscles really want to grow. I'm gonna be huge." Mark ran his hands over Jimmy's delts and pecs. "Holy shit," he said. "Fifteen pounds a week! Jesus Christ! You're already huge! What do you weigh?" Jimmy flexed his arm. "About 225. I wanna get up to about 280 or so. All muscle. Solid muscle. No fat. That will probably take me another couple of months." Mark's mouth dropped open. "Holy shit," he said again. You weigh 45 pounds more than me already." His cock was rock hard.

Jimmy looked at Mark. "You've got a real nice body, Mark. You're not as big as me, but you look real good." Jimmy didn't tell Mark he had been lusting over his body for a year. Mark smiled. "Well, I'm nothing compared to you, but thanks. I try to keep in good shape. I sure don't have any trouble picking up guys. Not as many guys as you'll pick up though. Guys like me." He nudged closer to Jimmy. Jimmy couldn't believe what he was hearing. He could now pick up guys like Mark! He could pick up the hottest, cutest, most muscular studs he wanted. He was now the stud. Hot guys like Mark wanted to be with him! Jimmy leaned over and kissed Mark on his lips. "Let's get outta here and have some fun," he said.

So Jimmy and Mark went out and got in Jimmy's muscle car. "Nice car," said Mark. "A muscle car for a muscle stud. Jimmy grinned and flexed his arm at Mark as the huge V-8 engine roared. "Let's go to your place because I'm staying at my parents' house this weekend. And hand me a couple of those Muscle Milks. I need to keep eating protein to keep my muscles growing." Mark reached back and grabbed three Muscle Milks. Jimmy roared the engine and drove off, with lots of bar patrons looking at him and Mark and wishing they were in that car. He drank the Muscle Milks down one at a time as he drove. Mark watched him drink. He was in awe of Jimmy's body. He couldn't believe his muscles had grown so fast.

They drove to Mark's apartment. Mark had a gym set up in his apartment, with a bench, including an Olympic bar, a squat rack, a pullup bar and lots of dumbbells and barbells. "I work out a lot at home," he said. "I've been collecting these weights for years. I've got about 700 pounds sitting there. Let's work out for a while. Let's get nice and hot and pumped. I wanna feel your big pumped muscles!" Jimmy grinned. "Yeah!" he said. "Let's strip. I wanna see you naked. Your body is so hot!" Mark grinned and stripped off his clothes and Jimmy did the same thing. They stood across from each other and looked at each other's bodies. Their cocks got rock hard. Then Jimmy reached across and kissed Mark. He kissed the boy he had lusted over for a year. He was so excited.

"Benches first," said Mark. "I have two big plates on the bar already. One thirty five. You go first." Jimmy got on the bench and cranked out 20 easy reps. "Nice little warmup weight," he said as he leaped off the bench. Mark walked up to him and felt his pecs. "Your pecs are pumped already. Your muscles really get pumped fast!" Jimmy grinned. "Yeah, I always get a real good pump. Wait 'till you touch 'em after I've benched 425. They'll really be pumped then. And I benched 425 last week. I can probably bench 450 now." Mark shook his head. "I cant' believe it. You are so fucking strong. I'm not sure I have enough weights to go as high as even 400. I can only bench around 300. I only have six 45 pound plates. But I've got two 25's, two 10's and two 5's. So how much does that make?" Jimmy was very good at math and said, "That's 395. Pretty close. I should be able to do a lot of reps with that and really pump up these pecs. Your turn, stud boy." He patted Mark on his very firm round ass.

Mark got on the bench and also cranked out 20 reps. But he slowed down at the end. He wasn't as strong as Jimmy. He jumped up and Jimmy felt the tan skin covering his big pec muscles. "So hot," he said as he felt the muscle bulging. "You're pumped too. You look so great, Mark." Then he looked at the bar. "Another two plates!" He picked up one plate and Mark picked up the other. They loaded the bar to 225 pounds. "Another warmup" said Jimmy, grinning at Mark. He got under the bar and again did 20 easy reps. "Shit you are strong," said Mark. "I can't believe you gained all that muscle in six weeks." Jimmy flexed his bulging pecs and Mark felt the shredded muscle. "Yeah, I could only bench 35 pounds six weeks ago. I've gotten more than ten times stronger. My muscles really grow fast. And they get really strong. I have great genetics." Mark nodded his head. "You sure do," he said. His cock was rock hard. He got on the bench and did 15 reps with the 225 pound bar. It was obviously a lot harder for him. He was very slow for the last few reps. He jumped up and Jimmy felt his muscles. "You're not as strong as me, but your muscles are so hot! And you're so fucking good looking!" Jimmy stroked his big hard cock.

"Another two plates," he said. "Now well get into some work sets." They grabbed the plates and put them on the bar. "That's 315," said Mark. "I'm not sure I can do that, but I know you can. Bench it muscle boy!" Jimmy got on the bench and cranked out 15 reps with the huge weight, a weight he wouldn't have been able to even budge on the floor six weeks before. He jumped off the bench and rubbed his pecs on Mark's body. His pecs were now sweaty and the two boys rubbed their sweaty muscles into each other. "Gettin' big," said Mark. "Gettin' real big." He rubbed his hands over Jimmy's pumped up pecs, feeling their enormous size and hardness as he rubbed his hard cock into Jimmy's hard cock. Jimmy ran his hands over Mark's shoulders and arms. These muscle boys were getting so aroused by feeling and seeing each other's hard muscular bodies.

Finally Mark broke away and got on the bench. "Spot me, Jimmy. I'm gonna need it." Jimmy helped Mark take the bar off the rack and then kept his hands underneath the bar as Mark lowered it. Mark pushed it up and he got a quarter way up before he slowed down and finally stopped. Jimmy helped him lift. "You can do it stud! Your muscles are big! They're strong! They can lift this fucking iron!" Mark pushed and Jimmy lifted and finally the bar got to the top. They racked it and Mark rolled off the bench, exhausted. "Fuck, that was heavy," he gasped. But his skin was red hot and dripping with sweat and his pecs were bulging. His pecs were totally pumped. Jimmy grabbed him and rubbed his sweaty pecs all over his body, feeling the heat and hardness of Mark's beautiful muscles. "You are so fuckin' hot," he said. Mark was moaning in pleasure. "So are you," he murmured. They kissed each other and held on to each other as they felt their sweaty hard bodies glide over each other.

Finally Mark said. "I wanna see you lift all those weights. I wanna see your big body work! I wanna see your muscles bulge with power!" So they put on all of Mark's Olympic plates, making the bar weigh 395 pounds. Mark looked at the bar. "There aren't too many guys who can lift that weight. Most of 'em are big and fat and ugly. But look at you. You don't have an ounce of fat on your body. You're all muscle and you're beautiful!" Jimmy grinned. The boy he had lusted over thought he was beautiful! His cock twitched with excitement. He could hardly wait to fuck that boy.

Jimmy got on the bench and easily took the bar off the rack. Then he lowered it and pushed it up real fast. "That was easy," he said. "I know I'll be able to bench 450 next week. My muscles have gotten a lot stronger. I can tell." He lowered the bar and cranked out five more reps. Mark spotted him for the last two reps. "You are so fucking strong!" he yelled as Jimmy pushed up the last rep. He only had to apply a few pounds of spotting help. Jimmy got off the bench and rubbed his pecs against Mark again. "Now these babies are huge," he said as Mark moaned and felt the massive hardness of Jimmy's bulging pec muscles. Jimmy's shirt size had gone from a men's small to a men's extra large in six weeks. And now that size was getting too small for his huge pecs and lats. The boys moaned and felt each other's bodies. They were both ready to have the best fucking experience they had ever had.

"I wanna fuck you right now, but first lets pump our lats and shoulders and arms. And some squats. One set for each. Then our bodies will be totally hot. Then we can fuck and fuck and fuck." Mark smiled. "Yeah!" he said. "Me first." He went over to the chinning bar and cranked out 25 pullups. His lats flared out from his wide shoulders. Jimmy felt those muscles and said. "Mine are bigger." He grabbed the bar and did 40 pullups. "Bigger and stronger," he said as Mark felt his huge bulging lat muscles. Then they loaded a barbell to 150 pounds and pressed it overhead. Mark could do 20 reps. Jimmy could do 35. Now their delt muscles were bulging. Then they took the same barbell and did curls. Mark could do only 10 of these but Jimmy could do 25. Now their biceps were bulging too. Their triceps were already bulging from the bench presses and the military presses. Finally they jumped on each other's backs and did squats, pumping out rep after rep with their muscular lover pushing his cock into the other stud's back and feeling his pumped up shoulders as those legs went up and down, getting big, getting pumped, getting massive. At the the end of the set they each did 20 calf raises. Their legs were enormous. Shredded and covered with veins.

They had only one more muscle to work out, their abs. Jimmy got on the floor and cranked out 100 situps, doing them so fast he was done in less than two minutes. Mark was straddling him, feeling his ab muscles as they worked and got more and more shredded. His whole body was covered with sweat. When he finished he flexed his abs and they looked like a washboard of iron. Then Mark got on the floor and Jimmy straddled him. Both boys' cocks were rock hard as they looked at each other's body. Mark did 100 situps too as Jimmy felt his abs as he went up and down. Sweat was dripping off Jimmy's body onto Mark. And Marks body was covered with drops of sweat. When Mark finished his last rep, Jimmy dropped down onto Mark's body, covering him with his bulging, pumped sweaty body. The two boys felt each other's muscles, writhing around like snakes and feeling their muscles bulge as they moved. After several minutes, Jimmy sat up and straddled Mark's chest. He moved up so his cock was right near Mark's mouth. "Lick my balls, muscle stud. Lick my big balls. My balls are huge. I've got big muscles, a big cock and big balls. Lick those big mothers."

Jimmy got on his hands and knees and rubbed his balls on Mark's mouth. Mark immediately started licking. Then he started sucking. He was licking and sucking Jimmy's big balls. Jimmy moved his hips around, squirming around as Mark licked his hot balls and the bottom of his cock. He started moaning loudly. Mark had grabbed his own cock and was moaning too. Both boys were completely turned on. Jimmy moved down so his cock was now on top of Mark's mouth. Mark licked and sucked Jimmy's cock, a cock that was two inches bigger than his. Both boys were now wild with erotic pleasure. Suddenly Jimmy dropped down on Mark's body with his face opposite Mark's face. He kissed Mark as he thrust his hips up and down on Mark's sweaty body. The boy's cocks were between their sweat-covered rock hard abs. Jimmy was rubbing his cock on Mark's abs and Mark?s cock was being rubbed on Jimmy's abs as Jimmy moved his hips and his cock up and down. "Oh fuck!" yelled Jimmy. He started thrusting quickly. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" he yelled. Then he came on Mark's abs, splashing spurt after spurt of hot cum on the rock hard ab muscles. Mark yelled and came too. The boys' abs were covered with cum.

They stayed in that position for a long time, moving their bodies around and feeling their pumped up muscles as they kissed and kissed and kissed. The muscle boys fucked each other two other times. Jimmy had always been a top, but he let Mark fuck him in the face. He sucked Mark's cock and felt the big pipe go down his throat. And Mark came in his throat as he felt Jimmy's huge arms and shoulders. But Jimmy wouldn't let Mark fuck his ass. His ass was virgin. It would always be virgin. However, he fucked Mark's ass twice. And Mark loved it. This was the best sex either of them had ever had. Jimmy kissed Mark goodbye. "I wish I lived here again. I wanna see you every time I come home. And come visit me in Palo Alto," said Jimmy. Mark rubbed Jimmy's pecs and said, "I'll be there. I wanna see you when you weigh 280." Jimmy grinned. "That won't take long." He flexed his arm and Mark kissed it.

At 3:00 a.m. Jimmy brought Rob 's car home. Rob was awake. He was thinking about his car the whole time. He ran out of the house up to his car. "How's the car?" he yelled. Jimmy laughed, "It's fine. It's fine. Nice ride, Robbie. That car's got a huge engine. It roars like a lion. And my muscles are as big as a lion's. A lion car for a lion man. I'm gonna love driving it when I come back here. Take good care of it for me." He threw the keys at Rob as he flexed his arm and went up to his room. He drank four Muscle Milks and fell asleep. Rob slept on the couch.

Jimmy returned to work. He had one more week before he started his new co-sales manager job. He planned what he was going to do as the co-boss and he fucked Ben two more nights. Plus he worked out like a wild man and ate like a tiger. He grew another 15 pounds of muscle that week. Now he weighed 240. Six feet two and 240 pounds of solid muscle. He was getting huge. Very huge. He was no longer the shy, fearful stick boy. His new muscles had given him confidence, maybe even a little arrogance, as he watched his muscles grow and as he saw people admire his body. He knew he was now a stud.

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I like it!

I've been reading your stories for years now. I consider them a "guilty pleasure." The characters behave in ways that would be unacceptable in real life, but I can't deny that the things they say and do turn me on.

Simply put, when I read your stories my penis becomes erect and I ejaculate with pleasure. I don't care why your stories excite me and I don't care what anyone else thinks of that. I come to this forum for arousal, and you deliver it consistently.

My nether regions thank you.
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Originally Posted by Reeza View Post
I've been reading your stories for years now. I consider them a "guilty pleasure." The characters behave in ways that would be unacceptable in real life, but I can't deny that the things they say and do turn me on.

Simply put, when I read your stories my penis becomes erect and I ejaculate with pleasure. I don't care why your stories excite me and I don't care what anyone else thinks of that. I come to this forum for arousal, and you deliver it consistently.

My nether regions thank you.
Some people think you should feel guilty if you enjoy these things, but I will let those others "express their opinions" later. Make sure all the Jay Shermans in our community get their "two cents" in...hehe...

But I am with Reeza. I am just loving the story so far!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
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Muscle on muscle worship, awesome stuff!
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Great, I wait everyday just hoping you upload a new chapter.
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