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Adam ... part 2

It had been just a normal day at the office, but there was something very different about Adam. He was unusually quiet, sullen and morose even. As the morning progressed, two senior colleagues were snapped at irritably for daring to consult him on trivialities. It was behavior that, in any other of the junior staff, would have earned an angry reprimand. But, of course, Adam’s mature bearing and air of authority already had the entire office deferring to him. His spurned senior colleagues merely shuffled off with puzzled frowns. I could barely wait for lunchtime and an opportunity for answers.

“What’s troubling you, Adam?” I asked as I sat down beside him with my lunch. “Do you feel like talking about it?”

He eyed me with cool detachment.

“It’s no concern of yours” he answered coolly.

“Sorry” I said. “I didn’t mean to pry. But there’s obviously something bothering you. I’ve never seen you so moody or edgy.”

“Yeah, well that’s my problem, isn’t it?” he snapped. Jumping to his feet, he stormed off. Heads turned to look as my cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

I spent the rest of the day avoiding him, as did most of his office colleagues. Just as I was making to leave for the night, a strong hand caught me by the shoulder and spun me round. It was Adam. I looked into his handsome face and saw immediately that the familiar sparkle in his eyes was dimmed.

“Look” he said. “I’m sorry about earlier, I’m just kinda upset. It’s family. We’ve had bad news. Mom has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and then my sister got injured in a car accident when she was on her way to visit Mom in hospital.”

“Oh Adam” I said, extending a comforting arm which he immediately brushed aside.

“It’s not your problem, Tim. Just forget I said anything. I can handle it.”

With that he hurried off towards the exit. As I watched him go my heart was pounding. This awesome young creature was hurting and I wanted so desperately to ease his pain. His dismissal of help was so typical of his maturity and self-reliance, qualities that only increased his appeal and heightened my interest.

My evening was spent in aching concern. When I finally hit the sack I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned for hours, yearning to hold Adam in my arms, to kiss him, soothe him and comfort him in his distress. As the long night wore sleeplessly on, another thought intruded.

I was hurt that he had dismissed my help so rudely. In fact I was more than hurt, I was resentful. Was this extraordinary young man really so tough and independent that he considered he could weather a crisis alone? Gradually a new reality began to take shape in my mind. If Adam really had such amazing resources of mental and physical resilience, then who was it who stood most in need of love and friendship? Him or me? The thought gathered pace until it screamed an answer. Adam had no need of my support at all. It was me, the 52 year old, who was desperate to bond with the younger man. The personal weakness, the inadequacy and the aching need were all mine. Yes, that was it! I wanted, no I needed to be held in the protective embrace of this young god.

Aroused by the thought, I conjured up convincing mental images of him and began to glow with wanton lust. My dick swelled and throbbed with longing as I fantasized about snuggling into his warm, firm young body. I imagined the soothing reassurance of his deep, manly voice. Soon my dick erupted cum in an explosion of ecstasy and at last I fell asleep in warm and sticky contentment.

The days that followed were difficult. Adam continued to be sullen and distant, which didn’t endear him to his work colleagues. But by now everyone was aware of his family situation and was making allowances. I maintained my surface veneer of detached friendship and concern, while secretly worshipping the very ground he walked on.

The time inevitably arrived when his Mom’s fight against illness drew to a close, her last days marked by a sharp decline in Adam’s demeanor. He was almost totally withdrawn, his face ashen, his strong body crumpled. Naturally, I yearned to intervene with soothing words and a comforting arm, to plead a share of his burden and lighten his load. But, of course, I dared say nothing at all for fear of saying too much. His eventual absence from work told us that the bitter day had finally arrived, and there was much office talk about paying due respect at the forthcoming funeral.

It transpired that Adam’s mother was to be cremated, a less harrowing farewell than an open grave. I had ensured that I was in the pew among the small group from the office who had gathered to show support for a colleague. It was naturally a day for sadness and mourning for the passing of a brave lady but, God forgive me, there was one person in that congregation who had thoughts only for her lovely son. The day of the service had actually been anticipated by me with some impatience, for it was above all else another opportunity to see the object of my desire.

As I sat among the solemn congregation, a side door opened to admit the bereaved family, a grieving husband and his four children. My first glimpse of Adam made me gasp. Tall and distinguished in a dark suit, he had a supportive arm clasped firmly round the shoulders of his stooped, bereft father who was clearly fighting back tears. As he ushered him to his place, Adam cast controlling glances behind him, providing silent reassurance to the huddle of weeping siblings who were following dutifully. It was an impressive performance. With his father drained by grief, Adam had assumed command. Throughout the service which followed, Adam sat erect and fully composed, exerting a calming influence over the others.

Sitting in my pew, it was my turn to join Adam’s father in losing my composure. But grief wasn’t the emotion coursing through me. It was deferential awe of a magnificent young man. As the minister intoned the funeral service, my thoughts were entirely focused on the formidable superboy who was exerting such authority over his family. “He truly is magnificent” I thought. “How I wish I was one of his younger brothers. What must it be like to have someone as amazing as Adam to lean upon?” The thought produced a reaction in my pants that soon became such a visible excitement that I was obliged to conceal it with a hymnbook.

At the close of service the family lined up for the customary handshakes and condolences as the congregation filed out of the building. Adam dominated the line-up, towering over the other family members and making most of the small talk. When I reached him I returned his firm handshake with one that was nervous and sweaty. Doubtless my demeanor would appear to have been merely respectful grief. But in truth it was a whole lot more. At that moment my mind was exploding with the insane urge to throw myself at his feet, confess my inadequacy and beg his love and protection.

As I walked away, a large stain was spreading slowly over my pants.

(more to follow)
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