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A Better Version, 2

[COLOR=silver]True to my word, here's part two. I read through it, and it made me laugh a little at parts so there's hope for all of us. In terms of writing style etc, I'm not going to go on about that any more than I did in the last one. I did some editing, but to be totally honest my heart wasn't in it. At the risk of inserting girly teen melodrama in here, a horrible messy breakup is bad for my muse. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#c0c0c0]But enough of that. Enjoy part 2. DDAI 3 will be up... at some point. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]A Better Version, 2[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]The sky was black, slashed with emerald green. There was a figure in the distance, looking up at the cold grey moon. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I'm dreaming! Adam realised. It wasn't the beach, but it was still interesting he supposed. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]It was like a clip from a film. Getting closer, the man was not a normal man. That was not any old planet, either. It was the one Kent was from, Adam was sure. Purple sky and blue grass, of course. They could never do things the normal way... Adam peered closer, took a better look at the man.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]The man was Denver, and he knew exactly where Adam was. He was sure of that too.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Wake up! He thought, but the Dream carried on. Denver and the scene blurred, until instead Adam found himself outside the hut. It was raining. Controlled by the Dream. he walked up to the door once again, but instead of going in he turned. Adam saw a sign at the end of the road, before he jerked awake.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]Kent looked up from the book he was reading. ?Adam? What's wrong??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Denver. He knows where we are. We have to leave, now.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Kent simply nodded, and got to his feet. Even when their lives were at risk he looked incredibly handsome. ?Lydia!? He nearly bellowed; the woman screamed and fell out of bed. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?This had better be good!? She snarled when she stood, wearing what looked like chibi polar bear pyjamas. She must have put them on after Adam had fallen asleep. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Denver will be here anytime now. You saw that great big limb hacker he had.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]That was enough for Lydia, who was dressed in less than a minute. Adam slept in his clothes, and it only took a moment for Kent to tug his tight blue shirt back on. They had just locked the door behind them when a very intent Denver rounded the corner, wielding that axe with a crazed grin. That was the only way out as well.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?What do we do?!? Lydia cried, waving her arms. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Did you just do that?? Adam asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Denver rushed forwards at them, and Kent stepped forwards. Denver swung the axe, and Adam retched at it landed in Kent's side. Time slowed to a sluggish crawl as Kent looked down, then back at Denver, who was drooling slightly in his malice. He raised his arm, which had also been caught by the axe, and with a tug he pulled the axe out. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Get to the car!? He ordered, and Adam and Lydia ran past.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Oh my God, oh my God, this isn't happening!? Lydia nearly sobbed as they ran down the stairs. At the reception a security guard reading a newspaper with more breasts than stories looked up, grunted, then looked down again. Adam made sure they dropped the keys off, and complimented the beds before they ran to the car.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Will he be alright?? Lydia asked as she fumbled for her keys.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?He pulled that axe out no problem. But I think you should drive. I know where we have to go now.? Getting in the car, Adam left the door open and Lydia started the car. ?It's in Prestatyn.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Where the hell is that??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I don't know! Don't you have a sat nav or something? A tom tom? A map, maybe??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I only use this car to go to work and back. I don't tend to drive around the country looking for devices which grow or shrink aliens.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I bet you feel really clever right now don't you? Adam muttered, rummaging shamelessly through the pocket in the back of Lydia's chair and wondering who put that melted chocolate there. There was a map, too. In a woman's car. Thanking whatever sentient being was responsible, Adam quickly found Prestatyn. ?North Wales!? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?What?!... hey, here he comes! Go help him!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Kent was limping from the door, but he didn't seem to be rushing. Adam got out and tried to help him into the back, but there was a lot of Kent and not a whole lot of Adam. Kent sprawled in the back seat, his thick legs on top of the passenger's seat which Lydia had intelligently lay down.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You're bleeding.? Adam said as they drove off. There was a gash along his arm, but the worst damage was a massive hack into the side of his chest. It would have surely killed a normal man. ?Here, we need to stem the blood flow...? He hated blood. Carefully he tugged Kent's blue shirt off, and spent a moment smiling inwardly at his perfect body before tearing it into strips and typing them around the arm wound. ?There isn't much to go around your chest... but it'll have to do for now.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Thanks" Kent said, with a small smile. "I should be fine now. It's just a scratch, really."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]"What happened to Denver?" Lydia asked as she drove with some speed up the motorway. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]"He's out cold. We've got a good few hours on top of him. If you hadn't Dreamed, Adam, he could have killed one of you before I could stop him. I'm grateful."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]"We know whereabouts the hut is as well." Adam said, always eager to please. "Prestatyn."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]"That's great." Kent said, wincing a little. "I'm going to sleep this off, to make it heal quicker." He spat on his hand, and rubbed the saliva on his tattered shirt. Seeing Adam's look, he explained "Our bodily fluids have healing properties. Yes, all of them."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]"They do say sex is good for your health" Adam said, then wondered why he was such an idiot. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I'm glad you agree.? Kent said. Was that a wink, or his wishful thinking?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]- [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Who put it there anyway?? Asked Lydia.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Put what where?? Adam asked, scrunching up the MacDonalds bag and throwing it casually on the floor. Lydia's eyebrow twitched. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?The device. How did it end up in that hut if Kent just lost it.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam looked over at Kent, who was just sleeping. ?I don't know. Don't you trust him??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Lydia just shook her head. ?I do, but I only have your dreams and his word to go by. I mean, he's not exactly alien looking is he??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]She wanted concrete proof. Adam understood. As if Denver leaping into his bedroom wasn't enough. ?He's loaded. He's saved us from that crazy guy twice, and he's hot to boot. I'm going along with this even if he turns out to be a crazy rich guy who didn't stop roleplaying when he turned his computer off.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Lydia turned the wheel, a Fifties American movie where they steered like crazy despite going down a straight road. ?You can't defy that logic,? she agreed.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]Kent's arm had already healed by the time Lydia stopped driving. The dark was fading, and the smell of sheep and countryside told Adam they were far away from the city. Adam gently nudged him, and he saw the harsher gash in his side was more of a small cut than an axe wound. Adam took that opportunity to look over Kent's resting torso, not fo the first time. The wide shoulders were what drew him in most. Or maybe it was his large, round biceps which looked tougher than steel even when relaxed. Or maybe it was his thick abs, defined enough that the blood ran between the deep ridges... so many things. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Kent. Are you hungry?? Adam asked. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Does he even need to eat?? Lydia wondered out loud from where she was adjusting her makeup. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Probably. He's an alien, not a robot. And that was one sentence I never thought I would say out loud.? Adam nudged Kent, harder, and he woke up with a grunt.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?How far away are we from Prestatyn?? Kent asked immediately. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?About an hour, maybe another half on that.? Lydia said. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Can you move?? Adam asked. Kent shrugged, and shifted his weight. ?Do you need anything before we go??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I just want to stretch my legs.? Kent said, opening the door and getting out his side. Adam and Lydia got out too, just for the excuse to look at him. With a red sky illuminating him, Kent looked almost as if he was overheating. Upon closer inspection, Kent was actually sweating profusely where he hadn't been a moment before.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Healing? Adam told Lydia knowledgeably. The two of them were so busy smiling at the inner warmth that came with looking at Kent, that they didn't realise what was happening until Denver crashed right into the car with his stolen jeep, only feet away from them. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam and Lydia ran behind Kent, who had not moved. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Kent?? Adam asked. ?Kent!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?He's not moving!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I can tell, dipshit!? Adam punched at Kent's back. ?Kent!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]The man actually stirred. ?What... oh! You guys, get out of here. I can handle him.? Denver was out of the jeep now, and the recipient of many stares and screams. A massive scar ran down his face, reminding Adam all too well of a character from a Playstation game. Had Kent done that? No wonder he looked so pissed off. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You're hurt. We can't leave you!? Adam said.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?What are you talking about? He could kill us with that thing!? Lydia yelled, dragging Adam back with her. They were only at the edge of the car park when she cried ?The money! It's in the car!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?The car's trashed!? Adam said. The two of them turned around, and saw Kent and Denver had abandoned weapons and were simply throwing one another around the car park, into cars and bollards with equal recklessness. "It's suicide!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?He's loaded!? was all Lydia said, before taking off her heels and tottering her way back to the ruined car. She wriggled through the broken door and pulled out a thick wallet. A very thick wallet. ?He even has a chequebook!? Marvelling at the money, Lydia was unaware of Adam's shouts to look out, or Denver charging directly at her. Adam could only watch as Denver threw himself at the small woman, knocking her back a few dozen feet. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Lydia...!? Adam cringed, unsure of what to do. Denver straightened his wiry yet impossibly strong body, and turned to look straight at the half-arsed office worker Dreamer. Adam opened his mouth, and took a step back. There was no denying that Denver would do the exact same to him, then worse. Adam felt a large hand on his shoulder, and looked up to see Kent's shining, half naked body. ?You have to get Lydia, and get out of here.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I can't carry her, she's probably dead!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Adam. If she's alive, and you leave her here, I swear I will tear your balls off.? Kent had never been angry with Adam before. Right then he looked incensed. ?I'll keep a hold of Denver. Now go.? Kent tore his makeshift bandage off, revealing a thin scar where the axe had injured him. Even there, even then, Adam was able to let himself get lost in Kent's muscular figure. The sweat only served to accentuate his throbbing muscles, to highlight the hard curves of his pecs, his abs, his biceps. He cracked his thick neck, and the noise startled Adam into action. He made his way around the cars, trying to avoid notice as Kent charged forwards at Denver. Sure enough, both men were too preoccupied to notice as Adam made his way to Lydia. She was not dead, thank God, but she was unconscious. Her ribs looked cracked, too. Her chest was strangely sunken anyway. Adam pocketed the stupid amount of money, gritted his teeth and grabbed her arms. She was not particularly heavy, but Adam was not very strong, and moving her took so painfully long. At this rate she was never going to get out there alive...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam looked at all the cars surrounding them. Many had driven away, and others lay abandoned. Adam hoisted Lydia to the nearest unlocked car, a small red one of some kind, and shoved her in the back. She didn't look comfortable, but at least she wasn't going to get squashed by Kent or something. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Hey! Hey you! That's my car!? Some random guy ran over, sweating profusely and not in the healing way. ?What do you think you're doing?!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Uhh.? Adam shrugged. ?Here, let me buy this car from you...? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Several dozen notes later, Adam was the proud owner of a Ford, or something? He didn't even have a license... he knew how to drive, but that was a different thing entirely. [/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]?Ok.? Kent got in the passenger's seat, moving the seat all the way back. ?Good choice of car, if you're a dwarf.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?That's not really PC you know...? Adam began as they drove off. ?What did you do with Denver??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Just knocked him out again. That's all we can do without the device.? Kent sighed. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam tried changing gear, and stalled spectacularly. ?Can we swap or something??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?No, I've got to see to Lydia.? Kent folded the seat down, doing much shuffling. When Adam chanced a look, Kent was facing Lydia and undoing his trousers. [/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]?Healing properties, Adam.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]There was a trickling noise. It smelled like mint.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]- [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Lydia could not get the image of Kent's penis out of her head. She didn't know whether to be traumatised, or ecstatic, at what felt like a rendition of a porn film, or possibly a teen movie. In any case, one minute she had felt all her ribs crack, and the next Kent was relieving himself on her chest. He stripped me! she thought, not for the first time. Having put her bra back on, she wondered if he liked what he saw. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Sitting up, she saw Kent was driving, and Adam was snoozing in the passenger's seat. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Thanks.? She said. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?It's fine. It's what I do.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Lydia sat and digested that idea for a while. Taking a deep breath, she thought she could smell mint. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]- [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?So this is Prestatyn? Adam said as they passed various signs written in both Welsh and English. Not only did they have to ?SLOW?, but they had to ?ARAF? as well. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Ok, we just have to find the beach? Lydia said, as they went down a random countryside road.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?With observations like that, no wonder you're a Supervisor? Adam smirked into the window. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Perhaps if you ever turned up for work you'd be in a position to comment? Lydia replied. As they passed a petrol station, she asked ?Don't we need to refuel?? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I don't want to risk Denver catching us again. The media must be having a field day with what happened earlier.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Not until tomorrow's papers? Adam said, ?and by then we'll have your growth device. Does it have a name??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Not yet.? Said Kent. They reached a small peak, and Kent stalled the car as they came to the top of a hill. It revealed the whole of Prestatyn's town to them, with the stretch of beach at the end, down below. It was a clear day, and Adam pointed out Blackpool Tower to the far right, where the beach curved into the horizon. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Isn't there a main road to go down?? Lydia grumbled as Kent restarted the car, as the whole trip down consisted of roads with room for one sole car and more curves than a fat lady with a hula hoop fetish. Eventually they reached what looked to be normal roads, with houses and everything. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Whereabouts on the beach would it be?? Lydia asked. ?Have you Dreamed anything else, Adam??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam shook his head. ?I don't think I slept enough to have a Dream that time? he said. ?I think we should keep looking, then if we don't find anything then I'll get a good sleep tonight and see what I find. At least we're close.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Agreed? Kent said, and that finalised the matter. They parked in the first car park within view of the beach, and walked towards the sea. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Keep an eye out for Denver? Kent warned, as if they needed reminding that a madman was after them. On such a sunny day though, Adam thought the skinny man would be too blinded by the light to find them, or even the car in the car park. Once on the beach, it became apparent that the hut was not visible in either direction. With nothing to lose, they headed left. Left was always best.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]With Kent in the middle, Lydia and Adam spent more of their time watching Kent's glorious bare torso than the beach. He was so broad, so powerful! What size would be become with the device, both wondered. The look they shared behind his back revealed both could not wait to find out. His full, firm pecs and those chiselled abs were just asking to be felt. Imagining the feel of them under his fingers, Adam nearly fell over a sand castle. It was ruined in any case, and a young child was left wallowing in her misery as her world was, for the day, crushed. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?She didn't wet the sand enough anyway? Adam shrugged, squirming under the glowers of Kent and Lydia. ?Hey, is that the hut?!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Don't try and change the subject? Kent began, ?That was a very-?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?No, it looks like the hut!? Lydia exclaimed. [/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]They stood at the door. It was unlocked. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You are sure, yes?? Lydia asked Adam. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Yeah, I am.? Adam said curtly. Kent opened the door, and the three of them crowded in the hut. Lydia busied herself with rummaging through the shelves. ?This needs a good dusting. Is this it?? She held up a small silver box, the size of her palm. It wasn't beeping like Adam expected, but it was the device. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?That's it!? Kent exclaimed, plucking it out of her hand. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Is this the part where you tell us you're actually the bad guy?? Asked Adam as they left the hut.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Kent chuckled, and Adam expected him to shout ?surprise!?, but instead he said ?No, I'm the good one.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Are you going to use it?? Lydia asked, but Kent had stopped moving. When the two humans looked around, they saw why. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Policemen?? Adam asked, incredulous at the number of police cars and pigs with hats squatting behind bins or plantpots with guns aimed in their general direction. ?This isn't doing my anxiety disorder any good at all...?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You never put that under 'medical Issues' on your application form!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Now is really not the time, Lydia...?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You two!? Kent turned to the Adam. ?You, take this. There is one thing I can do to distract them, and get you two to escape. Get as far away from here as you can, and I'll find you.? He thrust the device into Adam's hands and turned back to the police, his arms raised. Stepping forwards, he ignored the yells to stand still. There was a loud bang, a crack in the Welsh air, as someone fired. The bullet didn't faze the man at all. In fact, he was tugging his trousers down...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Holy... he's gonna distract them with his cock??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?It's enough for me? Lydia said, licking her lips. It was strange, how the police were all actually staring at the naked figure of Kent. Adam thought something was glowing, but he couldn't be sure. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Come on, let's move.? Adam tugged at Lydia, and they scampered the other way. Nobody noticed. [/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]?Are you going to use it?? Lydia asked as they drove. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I don't know.? Adam said. ?In my dreams, it always makes me shrink.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?But Kent said it was used to grow things.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Yeah, I was there remember? But I'm a Dreamer.? Adam waved his arms around in front of Lydia. ?A Dreeeeeeamerrrrrr....?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You're a twat.? Lydia prodded Adam in the ribs, and yelped. ?Ow!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Static shock, I think, only...? Lydia shook her head. ?I must be tired or something. Or that hit to the head knocked my senses askew. I swear that you looked purple for a minute.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?If you had any senses to begin with...? Adam began, but then the two of them had a poking match, just like on Facebook only with real live people instead. When that lost any appeal it may have had, the two of them thought about Kent again. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?He will find us?? Lydia asked as they pulled into an always-open petrol station for something to eat. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Yeah. He found my using my aura, remember? Cos I'm a-?[/COLOR]



[COLOR=silver]They sat underneath the trees behind the car park with the device in front of them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I wonder if it changes everything, or if you can be more specific.? Lydia mused.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?We may as well give it a try? Adam said, trying not to sound too keen. He had spent time exploring the little box, and it had a three-way switch under a heavy lid. BIGGER and SMALLER sat on the left and the right, with STATIC in the middle. That was where the switch stood. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam flicked the switch to BIGGER, and was enveloped in a wave of warmth. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]So was Lydia. ?Adam! What are you doing? I don't want to be an 8ft freak! I thought this didn't work on women!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Adam ignored her. To each their own... [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]It all happened at once, slowly but steadily. He wanted a figure more like Kent's, and it was actually happening. Adam watched his legs as they swelled beneath the denim, before they tugged and stretched at it. His feet fought against his shoes, which he took off before they could rip through them. Not that he could wear them again, but he was careful like that. He was getting taller as well, judging by the amount of leg showing below his jeans and the inch of skin his shirt failed to cover now. Adam tugged it up to see a developed set of abs, with a decent amount of hair without being too grizzly. He was then distracted by his pecs, which he had to keep looking over to see these new abs. They felt... right. The pushed at the shirt as well, which was a thrill. His shoulders soon joined in this, having broadened and thickened. Adam put a hand to one, and was taken aback with how much larger it was. The forearms, upon inspection, had to be at least twice as thick, and he was sure that his biceps would have torn his sleeves had they not been forced back instead. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Lydia turned the switch to STATIC. Lydia was his sworn enemy, until he realised what he was seeing. No, she had not turned into an 8ft tall muscle freak. She was still the same Lydia... with massive tits. Adam's jaw dropped, and she was giving him a good checking out as well. That was when Adam noticed his crotch. Yes, that had grown some as well. It hurt as it forced against the tight denim.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Lydia stood up, her breasts heaving. She had taken off her bra... or did she not wear one, Adam had never noticed. In any case, her shirt was having some trouble containing them. Adam stood as well, and his own clothes removed themselves before he could shout ?Great gargantuan steroids!?. The jeans tore in protest down the seams on both legs, and his shirt ripped down the back and beneath the arms. Lydia was more than happy to remove the fabric from his muscular body, looking up at him where they had been of a height before. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Looks like that device works in a radius? Adam breathed, quite enjoying looking down at his boss.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Forget that. How about you check out the radius of these?? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]This is a fade-to-black moment, but not before Adam says ?With my teeth?, grinning all the while.[/COLOR]
"There are more ways than walkers, more dreams than dreamers, more love than lovers."

- Shamshad Khan
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hehe, sexy, and exciting; hoping to see a part 3
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whole lotta fun. thanks for posting!
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Great storie, I'm Digging Lydia's B.E. too!
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This story is hilarious! Also pretty hot near the end there. Can't wait to see how he reacts to everything now in hunk form!
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