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Adam ... part 6

There was probably never much hope of me being able to concentrate on office work that day, thanks to the excitement and apprehension that gripped my mind, but Adam put the prospect beyond all doubt. With his hyperactive behavior and a shirt and pants that now clung to his athletic body like a second skin, I spent most of the day in a state of contented delirium, gazing in awe at the boy of my dreams.

Adam was also an irresistible target for the office “babes”, several of whom flirted with him outrageously. Most of the men managed to conceal their thoughts behind a mask of polite indifference, but I noticed the furtive glances and swelling erections of a few who were obviously quite aroused to have a young alpha male in their midst. All of this sparked a new sensation in me. I felt pangs of intense jealousy. I had no intention of sharing Adam with anyone, and I realized that his continuing transformation would be sure to get him a lot more fawning adulation in the days ahead. I decided that the only alternative was to tell Adam everything at the first opportunity. I would confront him with the truth that very evening.

When the time came for the drive home, Adam chattered animatedly in the car like a human dynamo while I barely listened. My thoughts were focused entirely on the coming confession. I was so preoccupied that Adam had to physically shake me to remind me to make a shopping detour to replenish our food supplies. As well as loading the car with the usual provisions, we treated ourselves to some thick juicy steaks to barbeque in the warm evening sunshine.

When we arrived at our coastal love nest, Adam busied himself unloading the provisions while I set up the grill on the patio and lit the charcoal. Once he had restocked the larder and icebox, Adam dashed upstairs to shed his office clothes. He reappeared minutes later, squashed into tight-fitting shorts and T shirt, looking very perplexed. I gasped at the sight of his tapered, muscular upper body and powerful thighs that looked certain to pop the seams of his shorts at any moment. He tugged despairingly at his T shirt.

“Jeeze, Tim, looks like my washing skills aren’t up to much. I’ve shrunk these cottons.”

His eyes misted over.

“It’s times like these you realize how little you appreciated having your Mom around.”

I nodded sympathetically and threw a comforting arm around his shoulders but, naturally, I didn’t buy his explanation. He pulled out of the hug and grabbed the platter of steaks. As he walked from the kitchen onto the patio my eyes drank in his sexy butt and the muscle and sinew that flexed so alluringly on his thighs and calves.

“My God” I thought. “How can he be so unaware of how his body is changing?”

He turned and ambled back into the kitchen, pausing to plant a kiss on my cheek. Then he drew back in surprise and studied me with a quizzical look.

“There’s something different about you tonight, Tim. You definitely look younger. Have you been using hair dye?”

My legs turned to jelly. I knew the time was fast approaching when I would have to tell him everything and I was terrified of his reaction.

It’s as well we had been good to ourselves at the meat counter, for every piece of steak got the charcoal treatment and was wolfed down greedily. Adam was the bigger consumer, of course, but only just. I surprised myself with just how voracious my own appetite was – nervousness at the confession to come, I guessed, or was it maybe the demands of a more youthful body? As we flopped onto the patio sun loungers like two satiated lions, intent on basking lazily in the rays of the setting sun, I glanced across at the awesome young hunk lying next to me. I reached out, grasped his hand and took a deep breath.

At first he giggled dismissively at what he thought was a great joke on my part. But he soon realized I was in deadly earnest and fell silent, staring at me unnervingly as I picked my way carefully through the tale. He heard every sordid detail as I recounted my four trips to the seedy neighborhood, sparing him only the wilder excesses of the old man’s methods. I told him how I had ended my dark enterprise prematurely because I had felt gullible and cheated .... but then I had started to detect changes in Adam and then also in me.

I stopped the narrative to gather my thoughts. But realizing I actually had nothing more to add, I sat in silence, held by Adam’s intense stare like a deer caught in car headlights with nowhere to run. Then he broke the spell. Jumping suddenly to his feet, he stomped off into the house. I buried my head in my hands.

“Oh Lord” I thought “I’ve totally blown it. He’s furious with me and now he’s gone off to pack his bags. Why could I not have been content with what I had?”

My despair was broken by something cold against my arm. Startled, I looked up and found Adam standing there holding two bottles of cold beer. Pressing one into my hand he sank back into his seat.

“Sorry, but I suddenly felt I needed one of these” he said, “and I figured you could do with one too.”

“But not too many” I smiled weakly, “or you’ll get fat.”

Returning my smile he said “Oh I don’t think I’ve got any worries about getting fat or being out of shape any longer, thanks to you.”

He winked and settled back contentedly into his chair. Then he raised an arm and flexed it, purring admiringly as the bicep hardened into an impressive peak.

“Hmmm, not bad. So tell me, Tim, when can I expect my skin to turn green?”

We both laughed like drains. Relief flooded through me at his apparent calm acceptance of what was happening to him. Then he glanced over at me, rose from his chair and settled onto my lap.

“Better make the most of the moment, lover boy” he said, planting a kiss on my cheek. “Soon I’ll be so big and powerful that I won’t be able to sit in your lap for fear of crushing you to death.”

As realization began to dawn, my smile slowly faded. He was toying with me. He hadn’t believed a word. He grinned in triumph, waiting expectantly for me to own up to his cleverness at not falling for my implausible fiction.

My mind was racing. What do I say now? I decided against retreat. In any case, events would soon overtake any attempted pretence. I was certain that the physical changes to both Adam and myself would be beyond denial in two more days at most. I had to convince him now.

“Oh Adam” I began, “what reason would I have to make up a story as crazy as that?”

Now it was his turn for the smile to slowly fade.

“Just a few minutes ago you told me for the second time that I’m starting to look younger. I haven’t been using hair dye, but you’re absolutely right – color is returning to my hair. And I’ll tell you something else you’ll discover if you care to look closer, for I saw it myself this morning. New hair has begun to grow on my scalp in all the parts that were thinning.”

He shot out of my lap and stood looking down at me, his face contorted in horror as his rational mind struggled to come to terms with the impossible. I pressed home my advantage.

“Go take a good look at yourself in a mirror, Adam. You’re a whole lot more muscular than you were a few days ago.”

With his hand on his forehead in stunned disbelief, he shuffled off slowly into the house, leaving me alone in the gathering dusk, my heart racing. I attempted to calm my jangling nerves with needless activity, tidying up the dishes and turning on the patio lights. When Adam finally emerged, his face betrayed his sense of shock.

“My God, Tim, what have you done?”

My head went down in despair. This was my worst nightmare. I had succeeded in making the only person in the world that I had ever truly loved and cared about frightened and angry. I reached out with both arms and pulled him to me, sinking my penitent face in his abdomen. Had my mind not been totally consumed with concern for his pain, it would have registered a firm six pack that hadn’t been there before.

The next few minutes seemed like hours. While I rubbed my face gently across the light hairy fuzz on his abs, fervently hoping that my disastrous dabbling had not totally alienated him, I began to silently plead with the Almighty to undo my folly. Then I felt two warm hands close over my ears and gently tilt back my head.

I hardly dared look at his face but, when eventually I did, it was wreathed in a beautiful smile. Relief coursed through me. I clambered to my feet and threw my arms around him. We alternately hugged then held each other at arm’s length, gyrating excitedly around the patio, almost toppling into the pool. We laughed and giggled like a pair of naughty children who had just discovered a great secret. As we separated from the final hug, words were unnecessary. We just stood grinning stupidly at one another. That was the moment I discovered another unexpected development. I seemed to have lost some height advantage.

Was Adam getting taller?

(more to follow)

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