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Andrew chapter 37: Andrew's question

On Friday, December 9th, 2005, Andrew was invited by Carrie to come over to her house and have dinner with her. Andrew decided that it was the perfect opportunity to ask Carrie the most important question of their lives, but all he said to her was that he would be there by 6 pm.

Carrie finished decorating the house with mistletoe all over the ceiling of each room, so that Andrew would have to kiss her no matter what room they were in. She knew that Andrew was very shy with her, partly because he was afraid that he'd hurt her with his great strength, but she hoped that he would be more confident tonight.

Carrie was looking forward to having fun alone with Andrew that evening; her parents had gone to Casino Rama for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary.

Just as Carrie pulled the roast beef and potatoes out of the oven, Andrew knocked on the front door.

"It's open Andrew; I'm in the kitchen!" Carrie shouted.

"Something smells good Carrie; have you been doing all this cooking just for me?" Andrew asked her, walking into the kitchen after he took off his coat and boots.

"Yes Andrew, I know what a big appetite you have," Carrie replied, setting the food from the oven on the dining room table.

"You've got that right Carrie and I don't just have an appetite for food, but for you as well," Andrew said softly, giving her a big hug and kiss. "I will have to find some way to thank you for all your hard work making all this great food," he decided. He looked around and asked, "So, are we alone Carrie?"

"Yes Andrew, we have the house to ourselves: all weekend if you play your cards right," Carrie informed him with a smile.

"How will playing cards help Carrie?" Andrew asked her with a stupid grin.

"Oh shut up Andrew!" Carrie laughed, shaking her head at his stupid joke. "Seriously though, my parents are away all weekend at Casino Rama and they hope that you and I enjoy having the house to ourselves."

Andrew walked over to the pan of roast beef and snagged a tiny piece of the moist meat to sample.

"Pretty good Carrie, and I'm glad about that because I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse or maybe you Carrie," Andrew said. He noticed Carrie glaring at him and added hastily, "Not that I'm comparing you to a horse Carrie; I only meant that you look good enough to eat in that beautiful dress."

"I know what you meant Andrew," Carrie assured him, anxious to avoid having a fight with him for the third weekend in a row. She looked his muscular frame up and down and said, "You look really good in that suit Big Man; I'm glad the clothes I bought you on your birthday weekend still fit."

"Yeah, I tried these dress clothes on for the first time last weekend when dad's coworkers had the surprise party for him at my house," Andrew informed her. "I wanted to make sure they fit properly for this special night Carrie."

Carrie looked at him in confusion, wondering why Andrew thought that this night would be special. Andrew smiled faintly when he saw Carrie's confused look, knowing that she had no idea about the important question that he was planning to ask her after supper. Carrie looked up at the ceiling and saw the mistletoe hanging right above their heads. She stood up on her toes and pulled Andrew's face down to meet her lips so that she could kiss him softly on the lips. Andrew's huge muscular arms came around Carrie gently and he kissed her back softly, breathing in the soft aroma of her perfume.

Carrie went into the kitchen and brought out the rest of the food and set it down on the table. She lit the candles and then Andrew pulled out her chair for her to sit down.

"Thank you Andrew," Carrie said, pulling her chair forward a bit as Andrew sat down. "Time to say our blessing before we eat."

Andrew said the blessing, making sure to thank God for bringing Carrie into his life.

So I can make her my wife, he added inside his head, smiling softly at her. Carrie put some food on his plate and passed it over to him. As their hands touched, sparks flew as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Thanks Carrie," Andrew said, referring to much more than the meal that Carrie had made for them.

Carrie smiled in understanding and they began to eat. She asked him all about the events of the past two weekends and Andrew filled her in, leaving out the bits about Carrie's engagement ring. Carrie was pleased that Alexander was now on their side, knowing that besides David Harrington, he had been Andrew's worst enemy for many years.

After the main course, Carrie took the dishes to the kitchen and got ready for dessert. She opened the fridge and took out some whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cherries and some nuts, as well as the two sundaes she had made. She brought everything out and set it the table beside the dessert spoons.

"Why did you make Sundaes on a Friday Carrie?" Andrew teased her.

"You're just full of jokes today, aren't you Andrew?" Carrie asked him with a laugh.

"I'm also full of something else: love for you Carrie," Andrew said, taking her hands in his own.

He dropped his hands to her slender waist and Carrie smiled, allowing him to kiss her softly. Then she realized that his iron grip around her waist kept her pinned to his massive chest, not letting her move away, no matter how much she tried. Carrie tried to remove Andrew's huge hands from her waist so that they could eat their desert before it got cold, but his superhuman strength was too great for her to get away without asking him to release his grip.

With one final kiss, Andrew reluctantly let her go; worried that he was moving too fast for her. Then he saw the dessert on the table and realized that she wanted to finish their dinner before they got comfortable by the fire.

Andrew and Carrie had their dessert, talking some more about their lives together. Carrie said that she looked forward to marrying Andrew before college next fall, and she hoped that she had set up the right atmosphere for Andrew to ask her properly, even though she had no idea that Andrew was planning to.

"Carrie, that was a wonderful meal, but I'm still hungry," Andrew said, after they finished eating their dessert.

"Andrew, you had four helpings of the main course; there's no food left unless we get more out of the fridge!" Carrie reminded him.

"No Carrie, you misunderstood me," Andrew assured her, as she took the Sundae dishes to the sink. "I'm not hungry for food; I'm hungry for more of your soft touch!" He patted his knee and Carrie came over with a smile and sat on his lap. "That's it Carrie: I'll satisfy your hunger as well!" He took Carrie's head gently in his massive hands and slowly eased it forward to his lips, kissing her with so much passion that she quivered with anticipation. "Love that mistletoe Carrie; ready for another?" Andrew asked her softly, as he once again found her lips welcoming his.

As they kissed passionately, Carrie's hands wandered all over Andrew's muscular chest and she decided to make her big man more comfortable.

"Come with me Big Man; let's get comfortable by the fire," Carrie whispered softly in his ear. Andrew carried her gently into the living room and set her down on the rug in front of the fireplace, which had a warm fire burning inside it. "There Andrew; that's better, isn't it?"

"Yes it is Carrie," Andrew replied, closing his eyes in pleasure as Carrie gently licked his neck. "Yeah, you love licking my muscular neck, don't you Carrie?"

"Take off your shirt Andrew, and I'll lick something else," Carrie said seductively.

"You're a little she-devil, aren't you Carrie?" Andrew asked her with a smile, opening his eyes again. "Do I turn you on with my massive muscles?"

"You can't turn me on Andrew; I don't have a switch," Carrie teased him. Andrew glared at her, and Carrie laughed. "What's the matter Big Man, aren't my jokes better than yours?" Andrew shook his head, getting frustrated because he wanted to be romantic with Carrie, especially tonight. "Don't worry Big Man, you do turn me on, because you're the only one with the key to my heart!" Carrie assured him.

Andrew smiled with relief and allowed Carrie to kiss him again, as well as letting her slowly unbutton her dress shirt until it fell to the carpet. Carrie gasped as she saw his massively muscled torso fully revealed to her. Andrew grinned as he realized that he and Carrie hadn't made out in a few weeks, so she hadn't known how ripped his massive muscles had become.

Carrie recovered quickly from her surprise though, and began running her hands up and down Andrew's muscular torso, now that his dress shirt was no longer in the way. Stepping behind Andrew so that she could massage his back, which was just as muscular as his torso, she pulled a pair of handcuffs from her back pocket.

"Recognize these Big Man?" she asked Andrew, dangling them in front of his face so that he could see them.

"Those look like the special Enhanced Handcuffs Margaret gave you last weekend Carrie," Andrew replied, smiling as he realized what she wanted to do.

"You're right Andrew, now put your hands behind your back: you're under arrest," Carrie teased him.

"Yeah, I 've been a real bad boy Carrie; you'd better make me pay for it," Andrew laughed. He put his hands behind his back so that Carrie could lock the cuffs around his wrists and then turned to face her. He saw the can in her hand and asked her, "What are you planning to do with that whipped cream Carrie?" Carrie answered his question by placing some whipped cream on her finger and sucking it off. Then she took her finger out of her mouth and gazed at him with a sexy smile. "You're too old to suck your finger Carrie!" Andrew teased her.

"Okay Andrew, how about you do it for me?" Carrie asked him, putting more whipped cream on her finger. "Do you want a taste of me Big Man?"

Andrew nodded eagerly and Carrie smiled, putting more whipped cream on her finger. She slowly circled Andrew's mouth with that finger, teasing him before placing her finger in his mouth and letting him suck off the whipped cream.

"Mmmm, that tastes as good as you Carrie, do you have any more?" Andrew asked her, closing his eyes as he sucked her finger gently.

"Yes Andrew, I've got nine more!" Carrie laughed.

Andrew opened his eyes and Carrie removed her finger from his mouth.

"Where else are you going to put that sweet lickable cream Carrie?" Andrew asked her with a smile, making her giggle.

Andrew sat down on the rug by the fire and Carrie snuggled up to him, feeling relieved that his hands were cuffed so that she could get away if she wanted to. Carrie spayed the whipped cream across his chest and then started to slowly lick it off, teasing him with the sensation of her tongue moving across his muscular torso. Andrew's eyes closed with pleasure as he enjoyed her soft lip sucking and he was anxious to return the favour.

Forgetting that his hands were cuffed, Andrew tried to grab Carrie to give her a kiss, but he couldn't make his hands move. He strained against his cuffs, but the more he struggled, the tighter they got around his wrists.

Feeling Andrew struggling to get free, Carrie started to kiss his neck and then moved her lips across his cheek to kiss him on the lips again.

"What's the matter Big Man: having a problem not being in control?" Carrie asked him with a sexy smile. "Now you know how I feel being caught in that iron grip of yours!" She laughed as Andrew continued his futile struggles against the Enhanced Handcuffs and goaded him, "Come on Big Man, use those massive muscles of yours! Those little bitty cuffs aren't too strong for you to break, are they?' Andrew nodded, his face turning red with frustration and the effort he was exerting to get free of the Enhanced Handcuffs. "Come on Andrew: show me that you can release yourself without my help. Margaret told me last weekend, while you were taking care of David in the Interrogation Room, that these special cuffs can be loosened by relaxing. Why don't you try that and see if you can get free?"

Andrew took a deep breath to calm himself down and found that Carrie was right; the cuffs did loosen, but still not enough for him to get out of them. Seeing that he was relaxing, Carrie decided to spray some chocolate syrup on his chest, neck and face, covering his mouth with nuts and then the cherry. She licked all the syrup off his chest, worked her way up his neck to his lips and ate the cherry first, Then she ate the nuts and licked the chocolate off his lips before giving him a warm sweet kiss.

"I think that's enough Carrie; it's time for me to do you," Andrew decided.

"Only once we're engaged Andrew," Carrie warned him, hoping that they would be by the time they went to bed tonight.

"I meant I want to lick some dessert off you, but the other idea sounds good too," Andrew said softly. "If you could take these handcuffs off me, then I can give you as much pleasure as you have given me!"

"Okay Andrew, my Big Man has served his sentence faithfully and deserves some time off for good behavior!" Carrie chuckled.

She reached behind Andrew and tapped her finger on the cuffs, releasing them from around his wrists and causing them to fall to the floor.

Realizing that he was now free, Andrew took Carrie into his arms and kissed her passionately. While Carrie's eyes were closed with pleasure, Andrew took the small black box out of his pocket and put it down on the floor in between them.

"Open your eyes Carrie and look down," Andrew ordered her softly, opening up the box to reveal the ring. Carrie opened her eyes and looked down to see a full carot diamond solitaire ring glittering in the soft glow of the fire. She looked up at Andrew, who was kneeling on one knee in front of her. "Carrie, I know that it's a little early for this to be a Christmas Present, but I couldn't wait any longer. Since you invited me over for dinner tonight, this is the perfect time to give this to you. I want you to know just how much you mean to me and that this ring will bind us together forever." He grabbed Carrie's face gently with his massive hands and eased it forward until it was only a few inches from his. "Carrie: will you marry me?"

Speechless with love for Andrew, and her eyes tearing up with happiness, Carrie could only nod speechlessly in response to Andrew's question. Andrew breathed a sigh of relief and slowly slid the ring onto Carrie's ring finger, smiling when he noticed that it was a perfect fit. He looked into Carrie's eyes and waited patiently for her to say something.

After a moment of silence, Carrie finally said the magic words, "Yes Andrew, I will marry you."

Andrew smiled at her with love in his eyes and Carrie kissed Andrew with the same passion he had kissed her with just before he proposed. With the heat of the fire warming them up from outside, and their love for each other warming them up from the inside, Andrew did what came naturally to him, helping Carrie out of her shirt so that she was only clad in her bra and panties. Andrew took off his pants, leaving only his boxers on, and then kissed her again, exploring her soft silky skin with his strong fingers.

Carrie moaned with pleasure as he touched her breasts softly, and Andrew said to her, "Carrie, please stop me from going further until we've told your parents about our engagement. I promised your dad that I wouldn't go all the way with you until we were engaged."

"I told them the same thing Andrew, and that's a good idea," Carrie agreed. "Let's make our first night together as an engaged couple the night we give ourselves to each other in every way possible." She leaned up to Andrew's ear and whispered, "I visited the drug store yesterday Andrew; I'm ready to sleep with you tonight in more ways than one."

"I visited the drug store as well Carrie, so I'm ready for that as well," Andrew informed her with a soft smile. "I know that this is a very special night, with the proposal and everything, but I don't want you to think I'm taking advantage of you. I want our first time to be very special Carrie."

Carrie looked deep into Andrew's soft blue eyes and said, "You could not have made this night any more special if you had planned it for six months Andrew. Let tonight be what it may when we go to bed. We love each other so much that it will be very special; don't worry about that."

With that said, Carrie slowly unfastened her bra and let it fall to the ground so that she was just as naked as Andrew. She took his massive hands in hers and brought them to her lips, kissing him softly to let him know that she was ready for him.

muscles, Andrew ran his hands slowly down her sides and along her toned legs, mOnce he heard her words, Andrew knew that he had lost and allowed himself to explore as much of Carrie's beautiful body as she had revealed to him. He first massaged her breasts, finding them soft and supple under his gentle touch. Then he slowly licked her nipples softly, allowing his hands to explore further down her soft torso to her panties.

Carrie felt a tingling warmth go all through her as she felt Andrew's unbelievably soft touch massaging her abdomen.

"Oh Andrew, your touch is so soft and gentle; but you're so strong: how will I ever be able to take you into my small slender frame later?" Carrie asked him.

"I'll be just as slow and gentle when we go to bed as I am right now Carrie," Andrew assured her. "Don't worry, we've both waited patiently to go all the way and I won't let you get hurt." He looked deep in her eyes and asked, "You trust me, don't you Carrie?"

"With all my heart Andrew," Carrie assured him. She looked down at his hands, which had stopped near her navel. "Well don't stop Andrew; go back up until you can kiss me again!"

"Whatever you want Carrie," Andrew said softly, sending her into ecstacy once again with his soft and gentle touch. "Let's not let this whipped cream and these toppings go to waste," he aded, covering Carrie's chest and stomach with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and cherries.

Lifting her arms to hold her hands up over her head, Andrew started at her navel and slowly licked and sucked all the whipped cream and chocolate syrup off Carrie's beautiful abdomen, stopping only to eat the cherries. Working up to her soft and supple breasts, Andrew licked slowly around one nipple and then the other, causing Carrie to moan out his name as her body writhed in pleasure from the soft touch of his tongue. Driven further to pleasure her, Andrew licked her nipples clean and then worked his way up her chest to her neck, finally ending with a soft kiss on Carrie's lips.

Carrie squirmed impatiently in Andrew's soft but firm grip, tring to get more involved rather than just being a victim of Andrew's incredible touch. Andrew looked up at her with a worried expression but then Carrie grinned at him and nodded, letting him know that he could continue.

Releasing Carrie's hands so that she could massage his massive muscles, Andrew slowly worked his way down Carrie's neck and abdomen with his tongue, making Carrie gasp with pleasure all over again. She lost track of the number of times Andrew's touch made her quiver with anticipation and finally called out for mercy.

"Big Man, stop please: I can't handle your hands or your mouth anymore!" Carrie gasped in ecstacy. "I want all of you inside me, not just your hands massaging the outside of my body! Please my big muscle god, I want all of you right now!"

Stopping the sucking of her breasts with his lips, Andrew once again kissed her chest softly before working his way up her slender neck to her luscious lips. After a long sensual kiss during which both their hands were free to worship each other's bodies, Carrie finally gasped for breath and sank back onto the rug, completely spent.

"I guess that's enough for now Carrie," Andrew decided, wiping the sweat off his brow. "We should probably go upstairs once we get our breath back, have a shower and then get dressed again." He noticed Carrie smiling at his words, knowing that she could go further with him once they were both completely naked. "Carrie, are you certain that this is what you really want? Because once we go all the way tonight, there's no going back you know; we'll never be virgins again," Andrew warned her.

"Andrew, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will never in my life love anyone else as much as I love you, even when we are both old and grey," Carrie assured him. "You are the only one for me: the one ray of hope in this uncertain world."

"I feel the same way about you Carrie," Andrew assured her, deciding not to remind her that she hadn't answered his question. "When I get filled with rage, like I did with Anthony and David, your voice is the only thing that can cut through my anger and calm me down again. I love you so much Carrie and with God as my witness I tell you now that I want us to be husband and wife until the end of our days."

"Andrew, you are the love of my life and the man of my dreams," Carrie said, before kissing him softly. "In front of God, I pledge to you to be your loving wife, your soul mate and life partner, no matter what we have to go through together. One day I hope that you will be the father of my children and then we will grow old together and die in each other's arms."

Having vowed to each other that they would be together forever, Andrew and Carrie took their clothes upstairs and had a shower together, taking advantage of their nakedness to pleasure each other even further.

When they came downstairs, Carrie looked at the clock and realized that it was 9 pm.

"My gosh, look at the time Andrew; I'd better call my parents and tell them the good news," Carrie said. "They're going to be so surprised; they thought that we were just having dinner tonight. I can't wait to hear how excited they become when they hear that we got engaged on their 20th anniversary Andrew: what a great present for them!"

"Okay, you call your parents first Carrie and then I'll call mine to tell them the good news," Andrew agreed.

Carrie took a deep breath and then dialed the number her parents had left her for the Casino Rama Hotel. She listened to the phone ring on the other end of the line and smiled at Andrew: still having a hard time believing that she was officially engaged to him.

"Casino Rama Hotel: how may I help you?" a voice said on the other end of the line.

"Hello, my name is Carrie Pearson," Carrie said. "Could you please connect me to the room of my parents Ron and Cathy Peterson please? I have something important to tell them."

"Sure, I'll connect you to the Peterson's room right away," the front desk clerk said. "Thank you for calling Casino Rama and have a good evening. I'll send you through now; it'll just be a moment."

"You slipped up by using my last name Carrie," Andrew whsipered to her. "Now the desk clerk will probably know you're engaged to me before your parents find out from you!"

"Since they'll probably tell everyone in the hotel the good news, it won't make any difference Andrew," Carrie reminded him.

Andrew nodded and then Carrie heard her father answer the phone.

"Ron Peterson here; what is it Carrie?" her father asked.

"Before we get to that, why do you sound out of breath Dad?" Carrie asked him, causing Andrew to double up with laughter beside her.

"Judging by Andrew's laughter in the background, I think you know the answer Carrie," her dad replied sternly. "Now, why don't you tell me what was so important that you had to interrupt me and your mother on our anniversary!"

Carrie recoiled from the anger in his voice and then stammered, "Daddy, before you get any madder, I really want to tell you that I love you very much and no matter what happens I will always be your little girl. I know that it's hard for you to get away right now, but..."

Carrie trailed off as she choked on the next words and Andrew squeezed her hand in support.

"Baby, are you in trouble?" Ron asked Carrie, completely forgetting his anger when he heard the nervousness in her voice. "You haven't called me Daddy in over five years; you're not in jail are you?"

"No Dad, I'm not in jail," Carrie assured him, still trying to work up the courage to tell him about Andrew's proposal. She realized that she had called him at the worst possible time, but she was relieved that he wasn't mad at her anymore. "I have to tell you that..."

She trailed off and pounded her fist on the floor; frustrated that she still couldn't get the words past her lips.

"Did you and Andrew have another fight?" Ron asked her. "This would be the third weekend in a row!" he sighed.

"No Daddy, Andrew and I didn't have another fight," Carrie replied, letting out a slow breath and trying to screw up her courage. "Andrew and I have never gotten along better; in fact, he's here with me right now. There's something very important I have to tell you and Mom Daddy: I got an early Christmas Present from Andrew."

"This sounds like something your mother should hear as well," Ron said, barely able to keep the excitement out of his voice as he guessed what Carrie was about to tell him. "I'll get her to pick up the other line; just hold on for a minute Carrie."

"Easier said than done; my nerves are a wreck," Carrie whispered, easing back into Andrew's gentle embrace so that he could control her trembling.

"You're shaking like a leaf Carrie; just relax and breath," Andrew urged her. "They'll be okay with our engagement; just trust me and you'll see."

"What do you mean Andrew; what do you know that I don't?" Carrie asked him, looking up into his soft eyes.

"No time to tell you now Carrie; I think I hear your mother's voice on the line," Andrew said.

"Carrie, Carrie, can you hear me?" Cathy Peterson yelled from the receiver.

"Yes I can hear you Mom," Carrie replied. "Now I want you and Dad to listen carefully to what I have to say, and don't interrupt me please."

"Okay Carrie, we're listening," Cathy assured her daughter. "What's the important news that you think we need to hear today of all days?"

"Andrew gave me my Christmas Gift a little early Daddy," Carrie said, before pausing again.

"You're still a virghin, aren't you Carrie?" her mom asked her.

"I told you not to interrupt me Mom!" Carrie yelled in frustration. "Of course I'm still a virgin Mom; I told you and Dad that Andrew and I were waiting until we were married or at least engaged! I've told both of you that many times!"

"Andrew had told us the same thing," Ron said. "Okay we're listening Carrie, and the suspense is killing us! You have our full attention for whatever good or bad news you have to tell us."

"First of all, I am not now nor will I soon be pregnant," Carrie informed them, saying nothing about her virginity soon ending that night. "Andrew has given me an engagement ring to show me how much he loves me. I accepted the ring and his proposal of marraige tonight."

"You know what dear daughter, if Andrew was any sort of man, he would have let me know what his intentions were for my little girl," Ron said. "You are my baby and I won't let just anyone marry you." He paused while Carrie bit her lip nervously and then continued. "But of course Andrew is a fine young man and he always does the right thing. He called last Saturday while you were at work and then came over carrying Miss Megan Randal into the house. Chad was there with me working on some reports for the Enhancement Project. Andrew told us all about how Megan's car got smashed against the tree and how Miss Randal needed one of the company credit cards to rent a replacement car until her company car could be fixed later that week. After giving Miss Randal the credit card, Chad and I listened carefully to Andrew as he explained the real reason for his visit. He finally told us how deep his feelings really were for you and that he knew he wanted to marry you before Christmas, even after your fight earlier that day. He showed me the engagement ring he had picked out for you, which had once been his great-grandmother's. Her name had been Carrie as well and I said that it was very appropriate for the ring to pass from one Carrie to another. I immediately gave Andrew my blessing to marry you and your mother cried like a baby with joy once I told her the good news that evening. Why don't you and Andrew come by the hotel with his parents for brunch tomorrow. We can surprise them with the news then like you surprised your mother and me with the news tonight."

"Okay, that sounds good Dad," Carrie agreed, breathing a sigh of relief that dad was so happy for her.

"Good Carrie; you and Andrew have a good time tonight and you have my permission to do more than marry him as long as you take precautions," Ron said. Carrie grinned at Andrew with anticipation and then Ron added, "Don't forget to remind Andrew to call his parents and invite them to brunch with us at the casino tomorrow at 11 am. Remind him also that he can call us Ron and Cathy from now on. Goodnight Carrie."

"Goodnight Dad, goodnight Mom," Carrie said, hanging up the phone.

She turned to Andrew and tackled him to the floor, kissing him passionately.

"You sneaky guy; you did have this night planned out in advance and my parents knew all about it and didn't say a word!" Carrie shouted in excitement. "That does it Andrew; I want all of you right now!"

"I'll be up there in a few minutes Carrie," Andrew said. "I have to call my parents first and tell them about brunch with your parents and us at the casino tomorrow morning. You go upstairs and get everything ready Carrie; I'll be up soon."

"I'll be waiting for you with open arms and legs Andrew!" Carrie shouted, causing him to double over with laughter.

He composed himself soon and made the call to his parents, who were both at home for once.

"Hi Mom: Ron and Cathy have invited us all out to brunch at the casino at 11 am tomorrow morning," Andrew said.

"Why are you suddenly calling Carrie's parents by their first names Andrew?" Susan asked him.

"You'll find out at brunch tomorrow Mom," Andrew replied. "By the way, I have to tell Dad something."

"Sure, I'll put him on the phone," Susan said.

Andrew waited patiently and then Chad came on the line.

"Did you do it Andrew?" Chad asked him.

"Yes I did Dad, and Carrie loved her early Christmas Present," Andrew replied, speaking in code so that he wouldn't spoil the surprise for his mom.

"Your mom and I will meet you and Carrie and her parents at the casino for brunch tomorrow at 11 am son," Chad assured him. "Good job son and see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Dad," Andrew said. "Tell Mom I love her."

He hung up the phone and then went upstairs to Carrie's bedroom, where she was waiting to give him the best early Christmas Present he had ever received.

The next morning, Andrew and Carrie woke up in each other's arms, having gone all the way the night before.

"Was it good for you Carrie?" Andrew asked her, stroking her face softly.

"Good is an understatement Andrew; it was great!" Carrie assured him. "I can't wait to do it again!"

"Maybe tonight Carrie," Andrew teased her. Carrie frowned at him, causing Andrew to chuckle and say, "Definitely tonight!"

Carrie smiled at him, and led him into the bathroom where they had their showers and brushed their teeth. Then they went back into Carrie's bedroom, made the bed and then helped each other get dressed in their dress clothes. Then they went downstairs and had a light breakfast, since it was only 8 am.

"Of course, it's going to be a full meal for you Andrew; I know what a big appetite you have!" Carrie teased him.

"In more ways than one Carrie!" Andrew chuckled. "Come here and give me a good morning kiss."

"You'll have to make me Andrew!" Carrie teased him, turning away from the bacon that was slowly cooking in the pan.

So Andrew walked up behind her and took her gently in his arms, giving her a big kiss.

"How was that Carrie?" Andrew asked her with a soft smile.

"Just a taste of things to come Andrew," Carrie replied, making Andrew double over with laughter. Carrie laughed as well as she realized that her choice of words had reminded Andrew of all their fun in bed the night before. "Well I'd better finish making breakfast and then we can go to the casino and meet my parents for brunch."

"And my parents as well Carrie," Andrew reminded her.

"I haven't forgotten that Andrew, and maybe once we're all together, I can find out who knew what and for how long about your proposal to me last night," Carrie reminded him.

"Good idea Carrie, and then once that topic is out of the way we can talk about something else: like our wedding," Andrew informed her with a soft smile.

Carrie smiled at him as she was reminded that she was now Andrew's fiancee, not just his girlfriend. Then she turned back to the stove and dished out the bacon and eggs as the toast popped up from the toaster. Andrew put the juice and glasses on the dining room table as well as the cutlery and then pulled out Carrie's chair for her so that she could sit down.

"Thank you Andrew," Carrie said, sliding her chair forward.

"You're welcome Carrie," Andrew said, sitting down in his chair. He lifted his glass and clinked it with hers, saying, "Here's to many happy years together Carrie."

"We've already had many happy years together Andrew: about seven and a half in fact!" Carrie reminded him. "But I appreciate the sentiment; let's see if we can have 70 years together!"

Andrew and Carrie ate their breakfast and made some initial plans for their wedding, trying to narrow down a date and decide who the Best Man and Matron of Honour would be. Carrie had no trouble picking Sarah for her Matron of Honour, but Andrew realized that he wouldn't be able to pick his former best friend Steve as his Best Man anymore. He thought for a minute and then realized that one of the Stevenson brothers would be a better choice for his Best Man.

"Yeah, but which one?" Andrew asked himself.

"What was that Andrew?" Carrie asked him, helping him clear the breakfast dishes off the table.

"I said 'yeah, but which one?' Carrie," Andrew replied.

"I heard what you said Andrew, I should have asked what you meant," Carrie chuckled, realizing that Andrew had answered her exact question. "You're still showing off that brain of yours, aren't you Andrew?"

"It wasn't my brain that I showed off last night Carrie!" Andrew bragged.

Carrie laughed and said, "And I can assure you that what you showed me last night was more than I expected!" Andrew smiled and Carrie added, "But enough about that Andrew; tell me who you were talking about when you were asking yourself 'which one'?"

"I was wondering which one of the Stevenson brothers I would ask to be my Best Man at our wedding now that your brother's no longer suitable."

"Ask them at Christmas Dinner next week and then you should have your answer Andrew," Carrie replied. She looked closer at Andrew and suddenly realized something. "Hey Andrew: you're wearing all the Upper Class brand names today: Hollister, Abercrombie and American Eagle."

"Yeah Carrie, I've been wearing these brands for the past seven weeks, ever since we bought them in Buffalo with the help of Jake and his friends," Andrew reminded her with a smug grin. "You only noticed that now?"

"I never noticed what your clothes looked like before: i was always looking through them to see your massive mucles!" Carrie reminded him with a smirk.

"Well you certainly got to see them all last night Carrie!" Andrew reminded her with a cocky laugh. Carrie laughed in response and when they calmed down again, Andrew said, "Let's finish our breakfast Carrie and then I'll get changed into the dress clothes I wore last night."

"Yeah Andrew; you only have the one suit that fits you now, don't you?" Carrie asked him, as they began eating again. Andrew nodded and Carrie added, "But you won't have to worry about that on our wedding day, because you'll be wearing your dress uniform!"

Andrew grinned and said, "When we see our parents for brunch today, we should try to narrow down the perfect date for the wedding."

Carrie nodded in agreement and they soon finished their breakfast. Then they got changed for brunch with their parents and left the house.

"New Years Eve in Miami will be wonderful, especially since we'll be spending it together," Andrew said to Carrie as they got into his car. "I'm glad you accepted the fourth ticket so that you could come along."

"I'm glad too," Carrie said, as Andrew started the car. "It's great that you'll get a better welcome from Anthony and his teammates."

"Yeah, we really bonded after we defeated the Seminoles' attempt to steal Mike from the Hurricanes," Andrew agreed, as he backed his car onto the street. "I hope the guys down there don't overwhelm me with admiration once they find out that I can knock down buildings with my bare hands and crush cars and vans!"

"Yes, it's a good thing that neither you, nor anyone else, let that slip out during our last visit there," Carrie said, as they drove down the street. "But I think that your status as a Provincial Champion will lead to everyone wanting a piece of you, as you found out on the Orange Bowl field about three weeks ago."

"Yeah you're right Carrie," Andrew agreed. "I guess that overwhelming attention from my fans is the price I have to pay for being a Provincial Champion!" He thought for a moment and then realized something as they headed down Laclie Street. "Actually, I'm just a member of the Provincial Championship team; Ralph and Connor are part of the team just like I am. Their plays in the game are what led to us winning the trophy, not just my plays as Center!"

"Yes Andrew, but you got the MVP Award: probably for your last-second play that prevented David from intercepting Ralph's game winning kick," Carrie reminded him.

"Yeah, but last weekend I helped Da vid intercept the floor when I threw him over the table in the interrogation room," Andrew reminded her with a cocky grin. He saw Carrie grinning in response and then decided, "But enough about me; let's talk about something else for a while."

"But this entire day is about you Andrew; or at least your proposal to me anyway!" Carrie reminded him.

"Actually, it's a special day for you Carrie and it never would have happened if you hadn't said yes to my proposal," Andrew reminded her, suddenly getting very shy and quiet.

"Why are you being so shy and quiet Andrew?" Carrie asked him. "Steve won the MVP Award last season and he wasn't shy about it!"

"No, he just continued bullying Mike, probably thinking that he was The Man after winning that trophy!" Andrew snapped at her. "But this season, I have been a big showoff, and he hasn't!"

"Why have you been like that, if you know how much it scares other people?" Carrie asked him.

"When I'm around the guys, I get so excited by their admiration that I can't help showing off," Andrew replied, grinning at the memories. "I get so caught up in the Cocky Jock Act that I just have to show off my great size and strength. But now that football season is over, I'm trying to be very quiet and humble to compensate for acting like an arrogant jock for the past five months."

"Well your concern for you image is admirable Andrew, but you have to remember that everyone reveresyou as a football hero and Provincial Champion," Carrie reminded him. "If you're too quiet, humble, and quite frankly shy, they'll begin to think that you resent the attention that they give you! But don't worry about it Andrew; even if you do act too cocky and arrogant, no one's going to tell you."

"Why won't they tell me Carrie?" Andrew asked her. "Why are you the only one who corrects my behavior when I get out of line?"

"Because I'm not a man, so you don't use your great strength and size to scare me into silence," Carrie replied.

"Like I've scared my teammates for the past few months," Andrew realized soberly. He looked ashamed of himself as he added, "So basically I have been a bully towards them, just like Darrel was towards me in Grade Four and like he and Steve have been towards Mike for the past three years!"

"Unfortunately you're right Andrew: you have been a bully towards your teammates and friends for the past few months," Carrie agreed reluctantly. "I just didn't want to say it," she added, as they rounded the curve from Front Street onto Atherly Road.

"Because I've scared you as well Carrie," Andrew realized, remembering how cocky and arrogant he had been with her on Sarah's birthday.

"I'm afraid so Andrew, and sometimes you've done it intentionally!" Carrie reminded him. "I have actually been terrified of your great size and superhuman strength since July!"

"Yeah I know Carrie," Andrew replied, looking very uncomfortable. "I know I've slipped up with you a few times, acting like an arrogant jock around you like I do when I'm around the guys. But I hope that by being quiet, humble, and shy as you put it, I don't scare you as much anymore."

"No you don't Andrew, except when you have such a firm grip on me that I can't get away, like you did last night," Carrie reminded him. Andrew looked worried and Carrie assured him, "I know that you didn't do that intentionally Andrew; it's just that you're so strong now that you forget to loosen your grip around normal people like me!"

"Normal people are still terrified of me Carrie, even if I haven't acted like an arrogant jock for the last month," Andrew reminded her, leaving out his rages at Margaret's cottage two weeks before. "Since you still hang around me, despite your previous fear of me, that makes you very special Carrie, not just normal!"

"Thank you Andrew," Carrie said, smiling at him. "Everyone else is so scared of you that I am the only one who can help you control your superhuman strength so that you don't hurt anyone accidentally. And my lessons have worked, because you've become so gentle with me over the last few months that I'm not scared of you anymore!"

"Are you absolutely sure about that Carrie?" Andrew asked her with a smirk, flexing his massive bicep right in her face. Carrie stroked it softly and Andrew laughed and said, "I guess you're right Carrie: my huge muscles turn you on now; they don't scare you!"

"You're not very convincing as a cocky muscle-head anymore Andrew," Carrie informed him with a laugh. "You'd better just be yourself instead."

"Okay Carrie, whatever you say," Andrew agreed, rubbing her face gently with his massive fingers. Carrie closed her eyes in contentment, amazed all over again at how unbelievably gentle Andrew's touch was. "Do you like that Carrie?" Andrew asked her, smiling at the look of pleasure on her face.

"Yes I do Andrew," Carrie replied, moaning in pleasure. "You're so gentle Andrew! I love you so much and I'm so glad that we're going to get married!"

"I am too Carrie," Andrew agreed, hugging her gently with his free arm. "Don't worry, I could never hurt you Carrie; I love you so much that I couldn't live with myself if I accidentally hurt you! Unfortunately, my superhuman strength makes that a more likely possibility than I'd care to admit."

"I know Andrew, but there's one thing that's more powerful than your superhuman strength," Carrie informed him, opening her eyes so that she could look straight into his. Andrew cocked his head to one side, and Carrie responded to his unspoken question by saying, "The strict control you have over your great strength is more powerful than all your muscles put together! Even when we go wild behind closed doors, like we did last night, I can sense that you're holding yourself way back so that you don't hurt me! And I think that is why I have detected an undercurrent of sadness in you since you gained superhuman strength."

"It's not exactly sadness Carrie; it's more like seriousness," Andrew corrected her. "I have become painfully aware that my great strength carries with it an enormous responsibility to protect everyone around me. And it comes in very useful, allowing me to perform great strength feats like crushing cars and knocking down buildings with my bare hands. That way, I can help everyone around me so that they won't be scared of my great size and strength anymore."

"Well don't worry Andrew, not only do you not scare me anymore, but you gave me a great early Christmas Present with your proposal and your virginity," Carrie assured him. "You know, I'm very impressed with your time management skills: you have two jobs, football, homework, working out with your friends, and you still manage to spend time with me! How do you do it Andrew?"

"There's plenty of me to go around Carrie," Andrew informed her. "And I'll tell you why: there's two of me!"

"I already know that Andrew," Carrie reminded him. "There's Andrew the Gentle Giant and Andrew the Cocky Jock!"

"Yes Carrie, I you the former and my friends usually get to see the latter!" Andrew agreed. He thought for a moment and then realized something. "Actually, I think since I've won the Provincial Championship that I've shown more of the Gentle Giant side of my personality to my friends."

"You mean more of your true self," Carrie corrected him. "Once you defeated Darrel in Grade Five, your true nature became much calmer and mature. You just used the Cocky Jock Act to live up to the superhuman image others have had of you all these years!"

"Yeah, and now that I have obtained superhuman strength, that image is a reality!" Andrew informed her, smirking slightly. "But I also used the Cocky Jock Act to make sure that I'm cool to hang out with."

"Yes you act cool Andrwew, but you look hot!" Carrie informed him with a sexy smile. "Even a suit can't hide your bulding muscles!"

"Thanks Carrie, and you'll get another opportunity to see all my bulging muscles up close when we get home tonight," Andrew promised her. Carrie smiled as Andrew turned into the Casino Rama Parking lot. "But that's enough talk about me Carrie; we've arrived at Casino Rama where we will talk to our parents about us and our future together."

Carrie nodded in agreement and stayed quiet as Andrew parked the car and got out. Oblivious to the stares of everyone around him, Andrew quietly walked around to Carrie's side of the car and opened the door for her.

"Thank you Andrew," Carrie said, accepting his hand as he helped her out. She closed the door behind her and took his arm as they walked towards the hotel entrance. "Do you have any idea which restaurant our parents are in Andrew? The casino has several you know!"

"Yes Carrie, but the section we're allowed in only has two to choose from," Andrew reminded her. "I think our parents have probably chosen the restaurant with the best view, which would be The Weirs Restaurant."

"I see you're showing off that brain of your again Andrew!" Carrie teased him, as the sliding doors slid apart to let them enter the hotel lobby.

"I wasn't trying to show off Carrie; I was just using logic," Andrew protested.

"I was just teasing you Andrew," Carrie assured him.

"That's good Carrie, but the time for jokes is over and the time to talk serriously about our future with our families is upon us," Andrew informed her sternly, leading the way across the hotel lobby. He stopped at the entrance to The Weirs Resturant and waited for the host to notice him. When the host did, Andrew said, "My name is Andrew Pearson; my fiancee and I are meeting my parents Chad and Susan Pearson here. Have they arrived yet?"

The host looked down at the sign-in register and shook his head.

"No sir, but I do see two names here that look similar: Ron and Cathy Peterson."

"That would be my parents," Carrie replied. "Could you show us to their table please? They're expecting us for brunch."

"Follow me then," the host said, leading them to their parents table.

"Hello Andrew and Carrie; a bit early I see," Ron said as Andrew and Carrie sat down.

"Yes sir, as they say in the Army: 'If you're on time, you're actually late', so I made sure we were early," Andrew informed him.

"You called me 'sir' Andrew: which was fine before you were engaged to Carrie, but now it's time to call me Ron in public," Ron said.

"Yes sir," Andrew said automatically, before correcting himself by adding, "I mean Ron. Sorry about that."

"That's okay Andrew; your great respect for authority is one of the main reasons why I had no trouble granting permission for you to marry Carrie," Ron said, smiling at his future son-in-law.

"Speaking of granting Andrew permission to marry me, wehn exactly did you do that Dad?" Carrie asked him.

"Back in October: one day after Andrew's birthday," Ron replied.

"So granting Andrew's request could be considered a belated birthday present for him, while Andrew's proposal to me last night was an early Christmas Present for me," Carrie realized.

"Exactly right Carrie," Cathy said, smiling at her daughter's insight. "Obviously Andrew isn't the only one in this family with brains!"

"Yes that's true Mom," Carrie agreed. "Now why don't you tell me when you found out that Andrew was going to propose?"

"I found out over two months ago, when Andrew and Carrie told me in Miami," Cathy replied.

"I see Mom, so you and Dad have had to keep the secret for more than two months!" Carrie realized. She turned to her dad and asked him, "How did you keep Andrew's secret for so long Dad?"

"Once Andrew and I discussed it the day after his birthday, we didn't have to talk about it again until one week ago," Ron replied. "When Andrew's parents arrive, they can tell you how much they knew and when."

"Yes that would be great Ron, but don't mention it until I officially tell them that Carrie and I are engaged," Andrew ordered him. "Unlike you, Cathy and my dad, my mom has no idea."

"Okay Andrew; I'll keep my mouth shut and let you tell them everything," Ron agreed.

The four people chatted for a few minutes until Andrew's parents showed up at the front entrance to the resturant. The host showed them to the six seat table and they sat down and ordered some water.

"Welcome Chad and Susan," Ron said.

"Thank you Ron," Chad said, looking over at Andrew and Carrie holding hands. "Now, why don't you tell me why you asked your mom and I to come here for brunch with you Andrew?"

"Okay Dad," Andrew agreed. He looked over at Carrie, who nodded and then turned back to his parents. "I asked Carrie to marry me last night and she said yes."

"Oh Andrew, I'm so happy for you!" Susan shouted in delight, standing up from the table and giving him a big hug. She turned to Carrie and added, "Welcome to our family Carrie!"

"Thank you Mrs. Pearson," Carrie said, smiling at Susan's delighted reaction to the great news.

"Call me Susan now Carrie," Susan ordered her with a big smile.

"Sure thing Susan," Carrie said. "I see that you had no idea that Andrew was going to propose to me last night."

"No, but since no one else got excited, I can see that they all knew about it already," Susan realized. She turned to Chad and asked him, "How long have you known about this Chad?"

"Since Thanksgiving weekend, so as long as Cathy has known about it," Chad replied. "Ron has known since Sarah's birthday, when Andrew went over to his house and told him his plans."

"Show everyone your engagement ring Carrie," Ron ordered his daughter.

"Okay Dad," Carrie said, lifting her left hand and showing off the ring, which had originally belonged to Andrew's paternal great-grandmother.

"That ring looks great Carrie," Cathy said, smiling at her daughter.

"Thanks Mom," Carrie said, squeezing Andrew's hand gently. "It was a great early Christmas Present from my fianceee Andrew."

"Well now that Chad and Susan know everything about the proposal, it's time to plan the wedding," Ron decided.

But before anyone could make any suggestions, the waiter came back to take their orders. Everyone gave their meal orders to the waiter and then began making suggestions for the wedding.

"I heard from Cathy in Miami that you want to have the wedding in your backyard Ron," Andrew said.

"that's true Andrew," Ron agreed. "Nothing would make me more porud than to walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away to such a fine man as you."

"IT would be pretty hot in your backyard in the summer; a church would be a better place to have the wedding," Andrew suggested quietly. "HOw about the Peter Street Presbyterian Church instead of your backyard?"

"That's a good idea Andrew," Ron agreed. "My wife and I go there almost every Su nday and even though carrie doesn't go that often anymore, we all know the minister well. I can see that your 150 IQ isn't going to waste Andrew."

"Thank you Ron," Andrew said quietly, resisting the urge to call Ron 'sir.' "All the balcony seating in that churrch will make more room for the wedding guests. Any idea who you'd like to invite Carrie?"

"I think I will invite my friends from school," Carrie decided. "How about you Andrew?"

"I'll invite my friends from school,l as well as some from the base and Miami," Andrew realized. "Between the two of us, we should be able to assemlbe agood cross section of guests."

"It's best if you guys let your respective deputies do most of that," Cathy said. When Andrew and Carrie looked confused, cathy elaborated by adding, "Your Matron of Honour Carrie and your Best Man Andrew."

"Good idea Cathy," Andrew agreed. "But while Carrie had no trouble picking her Matron of Honour, recent events have complicated my choice of Best Man."

"YEs we're well awarte of those recent events Andrew," cathy assured him with a frown. "I imagine that theree are at least three names that won't be on the guest list."

"Actually only tow: Steve and Darrel," Andrew corrected her. "While Phil just stood by and let the Seminoles attmept to steal Mike from the Hurricanes, he is also the only one of my big friends that never bullied Mike. So he will be invited to the wedding and may be a candidate for one of the groomsmen."

"Two other candidates would be Ralph, Connor, and whichever two of the three Stevenson brothers don't become your Best Man Andrew," Carrie reminded him.

"Good point Carrie," Andrew agreed. "Well I guess that's it for the wedding assistants. Now we can start planning an actual date and more details."

So for the rest of the brunch, the six people who would soon become part of one family continued planning the wedding of Andrew Pearson and Carrie Peterson.
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