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Old September 2nd, 2010, 01:35 PM
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A Fresh Start - Story Preview

Hey Everyone,

Been a while since I posted anything. Reading some of the new stuff from Cooper, Muscl4life, and all the talented writers here made me want to try something again. Here's a little preview of a story I'm working on. Feel free to let me know what you think. I've got a lot of work to do, want to make it really enjoyable before i post more.


A Fresh Start

I never thought I?d be in this situation, that I would be getting worshiped by one of the of the hottest jocks in school in the football locker room. As he sucks on on my massive cock and grabs onto my thick glutes I cant help but think: This would have been impossible 4 months ago.

Last semester Jason Stender, the 6?4? 250lb quarterback currently servicing me with such passion, didn?t even know I existed. Though to be fair to Jason, I didn?t really exist. At least I didn?t exist in this exact form. I didn?t have these broad shoulders, insane biceps, porn-star cock, or powerful legs...but I?m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain how I became the big man on campus, because its quite a story.


This all took place the summer before my junior year of college and while I was driving back towards my college in California. Growing up in Iowa, I?d always wanted to be near the water. So when the time came to apply for schools I applied exclusively to schools along the coast, and thanks to my grades got accepted into Pepperdine in Malibu.

Now you may be imaging some farm-raised stud who wants to go surfing and take his shirt off at every party. Thats not me, or at least I didn?t used to be me. I started my freshmen year with a solid 110 lbs packed onto my 5? 5? frame. I was skinny as a rail, shorter than everyone in my class, and pale enough some people thought I had a ?Twilight? fixation.

Although I was the opposite of the California surfer boys that I wanted to be, I still loved living in Cali because it was so much better than my home life. My parents died serving overseas on a scientific expedition when I was a child, leaving me in the care of my mom?s brother from the time I was 4. I grew up in their family as an outsider, that kid without his ?real? parents. Sure they fed me, clothed me, and all, but I never fit in with my uncle?s family.

My uncle is a Marine, and a big one at that. He and his twin sons, two years younger than me, had great genetics. They were always bigger and stronger than me, but in high school they quickly grew past me thanks to puberty. Both Mark and David are now well over 6 ft tall with more muscles than they knew what to do with. I looked like a 10 year old compared to them. Needless to say, I got bullied a lot at school and at home. Even being a ?misfit? at College was better than being a punching bag back at home. Add to all this that I was gay, and too afraid to come out, and you get the idea why I hated summer break with my big muscular brothers. I normally kept break as short as possible and this summer was no different. I?d spent only four miserable weeks at home prior to beginning my trip back to California for an internship at a bio-tech firm in Malibu. It was on this supposedly uneventful trip back to college that my life changed forever.

I?d never been a great driver, just didn?t really have it in me to pay attention to the road. My mind wandered too much thinking about equations, chemicals, and all the science nerd things that I?d taken as my major. I?d love science from an early age, and after my parents death I?d decided I wanted to be a scientist too, sort of my tribute to their memory I guess. All that thinking, combined with a relative lack of interest in the world of ?things you can see? wasn?t really the best mix for me.

Anyway absolutely nothing was special about this trip back until I got to Southern Nevada. Unfortunately I don?t remember all the details, its just a little fuzzy. I know I was driving down a road at night not far from some of the military installations there. Everything was fine, but then I went around a corner. Suddenly my headlights were shining on what looked like a giant silver man standing in the road. My brain tried to switch gears as I realized I should probably do something about the car speeding towards this thing. I slammed on my breaks, but I had a really crappy car and really slow reaction times. As the peddle went to the floor, I knew that whatever this thing was I was going to hit it. I didn?t even have time to consciously close my eyes before everything went black.


Have you ever woke up strapped to a table? How about strapped to a table naked? Well, if you haven?t I can tell you its not the most pleasant experience one can have. Its cold, uncomfortable, and rather shocking.In fact, I would have been very turned off by the whole experience, except when I opened my eyes all I were the huge muscles that made up my chest. Now I am not the kind of person that wakes up and sees muscle. I normally wake up and put on clothes as quickly as possible to hide the fact that my chest is practically concave. This chest I was looking at was definitely not concave, quite the opposite actually. I was staring down at the most incredible chest I?d ever seen.
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A very good start, though there are some things that need changing (missing words, missing apostrophes, etc.). I would suggest that you re-read your stories before you post them, as you might find something that spell-check doesn't look for.

Other than that, keep it going.
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