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Old September 21st, 2011, 02:55 PM
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A Weapon Named Rickey - Season 1, Episode 3

The ground felt soft as he ran past the dorms. The wind felt refreshing as it blew his hair back. He rounded a corner and ran down the path heading towards the classroom buildings. As he ran, Chris? thoughts circled around Rickey.

It was random chance that Chris and Rickey were paired up as roommates their freshmen year. Chris looked at Rickey?s Abercrombie and Fitch attire and immediately thought ?preppy jock?. Chris himself had always been somewhere between outcast and marginally popular. The fanciest store he?d consider wearing clothes from was Old Navy. Chris soon realized that he and Rickey were not as different as their taste in clothes suggested. That evening, Rickey unveiled his Xbox 360 and the two bonded over hours of playing Call of Duty. The months following were ones filled with a blossoming friendship as Chris and Rickey discovered enough similarities and differences between them that added up to the perfect balance. Fellow residents in their wing teased them over their ?bromance? and whether either could ever get a girlfriend because that girl would have to contend with dating both of them. Indeed, there were some rough times with both of them concerning relationships. Chris was the first to have a girlfriend, but she was very catty and demanding, and it took Rickey to make Chris see that. And so every girl that dated either Chris or Rickey had to pass the test of impressing the other. Even Rachel, Rickey?s current girlfriend, had some tests yet to pass, but she was definitely proving the best fit so far.

Chris slowed his pace and came to a stop to catch his breath as he approached the science buildings on the far edge of campus. The sun had just set, but there was still enough light to make out the details, and Chris noticed Rachel walking into the Chemistry building.

Pretty late for lab work,
Chris thought.

Chris knew he rushed Rachel out before when she was genuinely concerned about Rickey. Chris began debating whether he should go apologize when he felt a low rumble in the ground. He looked around wondering what it could?ve been. Another rumble, then another. It began feeling and sounding like someone stomping down the hallway at the dorm. Chris began looking around for someone approaching. The rumbling grew stronger until Chris had to brace his legs to keep his balance. He finally realized it was coming from behind and Chris spun around.


Something. An animal?

It flew by Chris with a speed that knocked him back a couple of steps. Catching himself on a tree, Chris darted his gaze towards the science buildings. Now darkness was gripping the area, but Chris could see the shadow of something large run up to the Chemistry building. It grabbed the door and with a jerk, ripped it off its hinges and sent it flying across the courtyard. The figure ducked and moved into the building.


Chris left his cell phone in his room, and the area was secluded for this time of day. After a quick debate, he started running towards the Chemistry building.

* * * * *

?Rachel, this is Professor Burress. I just received an urgent call pertaining to the experiment. I cannot go into detail, but I need you to hurry to the Chemistry building and remove the test tubes. Put them in a portable cooler and keep them with you. I am on my way to campus, but am unsure how long I?ll be. I?ll call you in a bit to arrange a spot to pick them up. Please let me know when you get this message. Talk to you later.?

Rachel was confused by the voice mail, but she immediately set out from her dorm for the Chemistry building, calling Professor Burress along the way. He sounded even more frantic than when he left the message. Now Rachel stood in the lab putting ice packs in a portable cooler. She walked over to the wall, opened the storage cooler and removed the test tubes. She placed them inside the portable and closed the top. She walked out of the lab while calling Professor Burress.

?Professor, it?s me,? Rachel said.

?Do you have the test tubes?!? Professor Burress gasped.

?Yes,? Rachel said, ?I?m leaving the lab now.?

?Thank goodness,? Professor Burress breathed, ?I should be on campus within the next ten minutes. Can you meet me at the student center??

?Sure,? Rachel answered, ?But I still don?t understand??

?Thank you, Rachel,? Professor Burress interrupted, ?I?ll see you soon.?

With a click, he hung up. Rachel shrugged and put her phone away as she approached the stairs to the first floor. It was then she heard a loud BOOM and saw the walls rattle. She gasped and almost dropped the cooler. A series of small bangs began rattling the lights above. It sounded as though someone was walking upstairs, but the footsteps sounded enormous. Rachel was on the basement floor where the lab was located. She heard the loud footsteps approach the stairs above her. She glanced up the stairway and saw a huge shadow appear from the top of the stairs. The shadow didn?t look human. Suddenly, whatever it was jumped from the top of the stairs and landed on the landing halfway down. Rachel only caught a glimpse of a hulking figure as she quickly darted across the hall and into a janitor?s closet. She quickly but quietly shut the door and crouched down. She trembled in fear and confusion. Another large bang told her that thing was now on the basement floor and right outside the closet.

?Yes,? she heard a low growl speak.

It can speak? It?s human?

She heard it pound down the hallway in the direction of the lab. Despite her fears, Rachel couldn?t help but to crack the door open and look. What she saw had to be around seven feet tall. It was insanely muscular, with blue veins pulsating up its arms and around its back and legs. It reached the door to the lab and easily kicked it in. Rachel gasped and clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. The hulking creature went into the lab and Rachel could hear it smashing open cabinets and drawers. Her eyes darted to the cooler.

It?s looking for this.

The realization spurred Rachel into moving. She grabbed the cooler and pushed the door open. The creature seemed occupied still, so she quickly and quietly moved across the hall to the stairs.


The janitor?s closet swung close with a slam that echoed down the hall. Rachel heard a growl and a crash. She immediately darted up the stairs as she heard the footsteps race towards her. She got to the first floor and raced down the hall. She reached the end and turned the corner to head to the front door.


Rachel screamed as she almost ran into Chris.

?Something?s here!? Rachel gasped, ?I don?t know what. A monster! It wants what I have in this cooler. I don?t know why, but I have to get it out of here!?

Chris peered around the corner and saw the creature appear from the stairwell.


He and Rachel flew down the hallway, hearing thunderous stomps behind them. Their smaller size helped Chris and Rachel move through the hallway faster, and they darted out of the building and down the path towards the road.

Chris looked behind and saw the creature burst out of the Chemistry building and spot them.

?Split up!? Chris gasped.

?What?!? Rachel cried.

?Now!? Chris ordered, ?We?ll lose him!?

He pushed Rachel into running between two buildings and down a narrow path. Chris turned and ran up the path he had come from. He looked and saw the creature turn his attention on him. It squatted down and leapt forward. It was suddenly much closer to Chris. In a panic, Chris skidded to a halt and tried running for the trees. Suddenly, the creature landed in front of him. Chris gasped and fell backwards as he looked up.

It looked essentially human, but it couldn?t have been. Its eyes were a yellowish glow. It?s skin was very pale with bright blue veins pulsating all over. Its jaw was unusually long.

?My God,? Chris gasped.

The creature slowly bent over and studied Chris, as if it was looking for something.

?Please?? Chris whimpered.

As the creature stared at Chris and growled, Chris started looking at it harder.

?Wh?what?? Chris began.

Suddenly, a pair of headlights shone on Chris and the creature. The sound of screeching tires filled the area.


?D-Dad?? Chris gasped.

Men dressed all in black suddenly flooded the area and one shot a gun that sent some sort of arrow into a nearby tree. As it hit the tree, it gave off a slight squeal and emitted a red light. The creature howled in pain and leapt away.

?After it!? Chris? dad ordered, ?Do not let it escape!?

The men raced off into the woods after the creature.

?Secure the area,? Chris? dad commanded, ?Check for any witnesses. We must contain this.?

?Right away, sir,? a man said and ran off.

?Dad!? Chris gasped.

Mr. Stapleton looked down at his son.

?What the hell is going on?!? Chris demanded.

?Nothing I can discuss with you here and now,? Mr. Stapleton answered.

?But what was that? that? thing?!? Chris yelled.

?I can honestly say I do not know,? Mr. Stapleton said, ?What happened here before we arrived??

?It went into the Chemistry building,? Chris said shakily, ?I think it was after Rachel??

?Rachel?? Mr. Stapleton said, ?Professor Burress? intern??

?Yeah,? Chris said, ?But how did you know she was??

?Why was it after her?? Mr. Stapleton inquired sternly.

?She said it was after what she had,? Chris said.

?Which was?? Mr. Stapleton pressed.

?I don?t know!? Chris exclaimed, ?She was carrying it in a cooler.?

?Where is she?!? Mr. Stapleton yelled.

?She ran off in the other direction,? Chris gasped, ?I don?t know where she is now.?

?Get Burress on the phone!? Mr. Stapleton yelled to a guy standing near them, ?Make sure the package is safe!?

Chris had had enough. He grabbed his father by the shoulders and turned him to face him.

?Dad,? Chris said, ?What is going on??

Mr. Stapleton studied the resolved look in his son?s face and sighed.

?It?s something that I was going to wait until you graduated college,? he said, ?But if you?ll come with me, I?ll do my best to explain.?

Mr. Stapleton motioned for Chris to get into a car. Chris got in, and Mr. Stapleton quickly shut the door behind him.

?Dad?!? Chris gasped.

?Make sure he remembers nothing,? Mr. Stapleton ordered the driver.

?Yes, sir,? the driver said. He got in and drove off.

* * * * *

Rachel ran up to the student center and found Professor Burress pacing outside.

?Thank God!? he gasped as she approached.

?Here it is,? Rachel said, ?A couple tubes broke on the way. This?this creature was there.?

?Creature?? Professor Burress asked.

?Yes,? Rachel said, ?I think it was after this.?

?It was,? Professor Burress said. He opened the cooler to find four of the six tubes still intact.

?This is fine,? he said, ?Thank you, Rachel. I?m so sorry I put you in danger. It was not my intent.?

?It?s okay,? Rachel said, ?But, sir, why would anyone, or anything, be after this? I thought it was simply an improved cleaning agent??

?Yes, well?? Professor Burress stuttered, ?You?ll soon find out no business is without some corruption and ruthlessness.?

?Of course?? Rachel said blankly.

?You should get home,? Professor Burress said, ?Say nothing of what happened.?

?Okay,? Rachel said.

Professor Burress dashed off to his car with the cooler and sped down the road.

Rachel walked to the curb and watched his car disappear around the corner.

?You?re lying to me, Professor,? Rachel said aloud.

She dug into her pocket and pulled out two test tubes filled with chemicals.

?And I?m going to find out why.?

* * * * *

?Hey!? Chris yelled.

He banged on a black window that separated the front seat from the back seat where he was. There were no door handles on the inside of the car. He was trapped.

?Where are you taking me!? Chris demanded, ?Why is my father doing this?!?

Suddenly, the car swerved violently. Chris gasped as he was thrown against a door. With a crash, the car came to a sudden halt and Chris was thrown forward and onto the floor. He heard cries of terror from the front seat. There was a loud crunch and the car shook. Then a large hand crashed through the side door window. Chris yelled in shock. The hand gripped the door and ripped it away. The large face of the creature appeared from outside the car. Chris saw the driver racing off in the distance. Chris sat frozen as the creature looked at him. Suddenly, the creature leapt out of view and Chris heard it pounding down the road as it ran. Chris slowly climbed out of the car and looked around.

Did it just save me?

Chris sat down against the car as his mind struggled to absorb all that had happened.

* * * * *

?FAILURE!? Shendi roared as he overturned a table.

?I apologize, master!? an assistant cried.

?They knew!? Shendi cursed, ?How could those Virtus simpletons have known?!?

?For what it?s worth,? an assistant stuttered, ?It doesn?t appear they knew much.?

?Even knowing a little is too much!? Shendi hissed, ?They removed the compound before Rickey could obtain it, and they have weapons that can disrupt him!?

Shendi stormed from the room and paced around the hall.

?They?ve continued my work,? he said aloud, ?They condemned me and banished me for it, but they?ve continued it, and now they have means of using it against me!?

An assistant poked his head out of the control room.

?S-sir?? he asked, ?What should we do about? about Rickey??

?Release him,? Shendi ordered, ?We must retreat for now and further assess the situation. I?ve underestimated our enemies. I will not make that mistake again!?

* * * * *

Return to where you were? Go to sleep? We will call for you another time?

Rickey carried his hulking body into the woods, his mind searching for the spot where it started. His eyes eventually fell on a pair of destroyed shoes and a tattered shirt. He knelt down and picked them up. He suddenly felt so tired. The energy was leaving him. His eyes stopped glowing. The veins slowly lightened up and retreated under the skin. His muscles deflated as his bones shortened and he resumed his normal size. His jaw re-formed and his face became recognizable again as Rickey Thompson. His thoughts swirled again until he lacked the energy to even think. Rickey dropped his ruined shoes and shirt and fell over, falling into a deep sleep.
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Wow...this is such an amazing story. I am so happy I finally got to read it. Still on the edge of my seat.
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Yes! It is a very intriguing story, indeed.
I hope some more muscle growth description will come... and do not forget the most dangerous weapon this monster has (his cock )
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Great chapter. Mystery, action, men in black, muscle monsters! I hope Chris tries the compound next...
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