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Old October 31st, 2011, 04:09 PM
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Candy Shop (A Halloween Poem)

Hello all! And Happy Halloween! I'd like to share something I threw together for fun, and I hope you too find it enjoyable!

As always, I greatly appreciate hearing back from folks (though feedback on this particular work will probably solicit more cackles than anything else)!

- J


The Candy Shop

Two best friends, one fine day, they met at a store.
It sat dusty and empty, and most did ignore
its tarnished fa?ade (it was truly most odd)
so they stood at the door, and they gave it a prod.

"Our job must be done!" said Peter to Paul
and he reached for the handle. They entered the stall.
Eyes gazed at the ruins of an old candy shop;
its wares all but plundered with bad smells of rot.

They were sent from the bank to collect today,
not expecting to find such bad rank and decay.
They searched with abandon just hoping to find
smithereens of value, or payment in kind.

They examined the shelves, they stood empty, bare,
the cases adorned had fallen despair,
But then came a voice, it was Peter to Paul,
"Come quickly, it's hidden, there's a door in this wall!"

They examined its front and they pushed on the knob
not prepared for such intrigue today on the job.
Paul went first with a frown, but he muttered and cursed;
Peter gave him a kick, and he plunged in headfirst!

"No fear! We are safe!" came a voice from the floor,
"I'm looking around, and have found so much more!"
Peter followed behind, quite close after Paul,
to a room that was huge, it made him feel small.

Adorning one wall was a large golden bin
-- and this is where their adventure begins --
for the bin held small candies, still fresh and brand new
so they dove in their hands and collected a few.

They were made of bright colors like purple and blue;
they found white and orange, and then yellow too.
They smelled like small fruits, they looked good to eat,
they each swallowed one -- they tasted so sweet!

And then it began, unexpected to both,
Paul looked at Peter and saw his first growth!
He shot up towards the sky, rising higher a head,
the clothes on his back tore apart into shreds.

"What happened to me?" Peter mused to his friend --
Paul stood and looked on, he could not comprehend.
Then he opened his mouth to respond in his way,
but nothing escaped him, he had nothing to say.

"How ?bout you? Will it happen?" Peter then asked
expecting tall changes; the changes were masked.
They waited and stared but Paul's height didn't move
then he opened his mouth and said, "Well, I disapprove."

Peter let out a laugh, "Don't worry my friend!
Your voice dropped an octave! You've changed in the end!"
Paul let out a cry! It was deeper than ever.
Peter's height and Paul's voice, an exciting endeavor!

They looked at the bin, and the candies within,
and noted the colors -- three more -- with chagrin.
Paul said, "I had an orange." "And I had a white!"
They both took one more, and Paul got his height.

"This is great!" Peter said, with his now deeper voice.
"What color is next?" asked Paul, weighing his choice.
They both picked one more, each unsure what it'd do.
Peter took the yellow, and then Paul the blue.

With a quick single motion, both downed their prize
not stopping to ponder, or think if it's wise.
First Peter felt his, he had started to itch
so he scratched and he squirmed, and it made him twitch.

His short golden hair then started to lengthen.
Then came Paul's changes. He'd started to strengthen.
Then more hair on Peter, all over it grew.
Paul could feel himself growing; he'd changed by the blue.

Paul's muscles expanded, they bulged and they flexed
and as he grew outward, he looked very vexed.
His clothes were too tight now, they'd burst at the seams
but then Paul realized: this was made of his dreams.

With each button that popped, with each seam that spread,
great feelings of pleasure took root in his head.
He closed both his eyes and embraced the pleasure
flexing and bulging, this moment a treasure.

Next thing he knew, he was more than twice wide --
with huge massive arms hanging down at his side!
His pectorals bulged, then his massive back too!
What a wonderful choice, his choice of the blue!

Then his abs followed suit, hard valleys and cuts,
then quite unexpected, it moved to his butt.
It rose up and took shape, turning into a globe.
Too much! It felt good! His hands teased him and probed!

As his legs then expanded, his thighs getting hard
he surveyed his body in highest regard --
each muscle so solid, each vein fully there.
He staggered to Peter and tried to compare.

A laugh escaped when he looked on at Peter;
Paul was the winner, by a solid meter.
So much smaller than he (though both were as tall)
Peter looked at his friend, then the bin on the wall.

"Your growth was amazing, I just had to stare --
It was hot and erotic. And me with this hair!
We both look amazing, lets each take some more
and I'll feel what you're feeling, to have muscles galore!"

Peter took one more blue, and one more yellow
and reached out to Paul, who made a great bellow:
"I'll not have a yellow, I like my hair short
and with all of these muscles, I feel I'd distort.

But you take your blue, and you join me here;
you'll feel what I feel: on a much higher tier."
And then Peter grew, with his muscles pumped fast,
he looked down at himself -- huge muscles at last!

He flexed his big arms, his triceps jumped too.
A flex off then feel-fest then wrestling ensued.
Their bodies were sweaty, enjoying the fun
but soon they both realized -- there's more to be done!

They looked at the bin and the contents inside
they both eyed the purple, the last one untried.
They both picked up one and started to swallow
waiting, and dreaming, what changes would follow.

It took just a moment -- they both felt a stir
of changes outstanding about to occur!
They saw nothing happen; only a feeling.
But it felt stunning, and very appealing.

Paul widened his eyes. The sensation below
felt sexy, amazing -- his face all aglow!
He felt his cock shutter, growing much longer
it started to harden, growing much stronger.

It thickened some too; then his balls followed next.
They grew large and filled quick with feelings of sex.
He then thought of Peter, and looked at his friend,
his trousers were skintight, his growth firmly penned.

Then most unexpected, he swallowed one more!
His dick started throbbing, his pants start to tore!
It stood out before him, upright and erect!
It pushed past his abs, growing upwards unchecked!

Paul's mouth simply dropped at the sight before him
and fantasies, pleasure, they made his head swim.
He reached out to touch it. His muscular friend
then let out a sound he could not comprehend!

His friend screamed in pleasure! Too much to endure!
Both cocks swelled at once, they were close to be sure!
They looked at each other. Their bodies went tight!
They felt their balls churning and filled their delight!

Then both shot their loads! They both shot to the sky!
Cum rained and it poured from their cocks way up high!
?Till at last they both slumped, each spent and balls dry.
They looked at each other, both let out a sigh.

At last they were done, and each pill had been tried
with both Peter and Paul fully satisfied.
They stood and examined their new found sizes.
They marched on the world to show off their prizes.
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I happened to think that it was very good and a great theme for Halloween.
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It was brave of you to break into the unexpected. I liked it a lot. However, you're not off the hook for part three of Jade Anderson Drinks Too Much.

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A very tasty Halloween treat! Many thanks!


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