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Old February 29th, 2012, 04:33 PM
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Blast From the Past: Jake's Ultimate Workout

I did not write this. I don't know who did. I posted a request for this story on the "Looking for a story" board but didn't hear anything. Then I found it on an old hard drive. Since I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet, I thought it would be worth posting here.



Jake's Ultimate Workout

Jake lifted his tee shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face. He took a look in the
mirror at his shredded six-pack abs and chest, flexing to show off their cut definition.
"Dam, you are ripped," said Matt, one of Jakes wrestling team buddies. Jake lifted the
shirt higher to expose more of his tanned, hairless chest and flexed a little more. "You
are really getting big." Matt's comments were kind of exciting Jake who felt a surge of
energy in his crotch. The 6', 16-year-old stud was finishing a strength-training workout
with his teammates in the high school gym after school. The coach had let them stay as
long as they wanted to, under the condition that they made sure to lock up when they
were done. Jake had put on about 30 lbs of solid ripped muscle since he began training
for the wrestling team a year ago. The other guys on his team were impressed at how he
had shot up in weight from 150 lbs. to a current muscular 180 lbs.

Jake decided to take his tee shirt off so that he could watch his arms and chest
pump as he performed chest cable flies in front of the mirror. As he moved the pin to set
the weight amount he glanced in the mirror to see his arm and lats flex as he bent over
to adjust the weight. He then grabbed one handle and then the other and began pulling
the cables in front of his chest. He loved to watch his chest pump up with this exercise.
With each rep the muscle striations in his chest rippled. The veins in his chest and
shoulders began to stick out as they filled with blood with each repetition. Some of the
guys came over to watch, encouraging Jake to push to complete 10 reps. "Look at that
fucking chest man," one of the guys said. "Look at those fucking veins pop out," said
another. Jake made it to 10 reps then let go of the cable handles letting the weights
drop. He checked out his chest in the mirror, flexing one side and then the other. "Your
workouts are really paying off," Matt said. "You're a fucking stud!" Jake again felt a jolt
from his crotch and felt his balls move in response to Matt's comments. It was a turn on
having these guys admire his body.

Jake was worried he might be getting a hard on. He didn't want to embarrass
himself in front of the other guys so he tried to think of something to keep from getting
an erection. Jake was wearing gray sweat pants with nothing on underneath. He
preferred to not wear a jock or underwear because he didn't like having his cock and balls
confined. The coach made him wear a jock most of the time though, knowing that Jake's
obvious large endowment required special support. His dick was easily the largest in the
entire school. Limp, it was 8 ?" and about as thick as a tennis racquet. His balls were
very large also and hung low and heavy at the base of his dick. "I wish my chest could
look like yours," Matt said with admiration. "It will," said Jake. "Just keep working at it."
Jake finished a couple more sets and could really feel his chest pump up. Damn that feels
good, he thought. He suddenly felt something running down the inside of his leg. Looking
down he saw a small wet spot on his sweat pants. His dick was oozing pre-cum, which
was beginning to soak his pants and run down the side of his leg. He hoped that his
buddies did not see this. Looking up, he was relieved to see that they were leaving.
"We're bailin', Jake," they said. "Are you coming?" "Naw," said Jake, "I'll lock up and
catch up with you guys later." "Later Jake," they said.

When everyone had left, Jake again looked at himself in the mirror. This workout
was really turning him on. "I guess I must be pretty horny," he thought to himself. It was
no wonder he was horny. He hadn't jacked off in over a week so he could really feel the
build up of cum in his huge balls. Jake liked to save himself for a few days between jack
offs because he felt it gave him a more intense orgasm and he liked the huge load of cum
he would ejaculate. Sometimes he would hit the ceiling of his room when he jacked off in
bed. "I'm going to have to jack off tonight," he thought. "I can't hold off much longer.
One more set of dumbbell curls and that's it," he thought. As he reached for the 50 lb.
dumbbells on the weight stack against the mirror he admired his forearms. They were
thick and defined with numerous blood-pumped veins crossing down his arm. He picked
up the weights and stepped back from the weight stack admiring his sweaty body in the
mirror. He could see the muscle striations ripple in his shoulders and chest as he stood
facing the mirror. He looked down at his crotch. A tent was forming in his sweatpants and
there was now a large spot of pre-cum in front and down the left leg. "That is a lot of
pre-cum," he thought to himself. The sight of this only made him more excited.

Jake began curling the dumbbells watching his arms flex and the veins pop out as
he alternated lifting his right arm and then the left. At 10 reps he was really getting
pumped. His biceps were getting even more defined as he lifted and the muscles in his
chest and abs were rippling as he strained to lift the 50 lb. weights. As he watched his
muscles grow in the mirror he began to feel a strong surge of energy radiating from his
crotch. The energy surged up his torso and into his arms giving him more power to
continue lifting the weights. He could feel his massive balls churning and aching from
their huge store of teen cum. He continued to force himself to pump the weights?15?20
reps. His entire body was straining with each lift of the dumbbells. With each repetition
he could see more veins appearing in the front of his shoulders, across his chest, and
down his arms. Both arms had a large vein that ran from the front of his shoulders down
the middle of his biceps with numerous other veins branching off encircling the biceps
and others extending down his forearms. Each vein was pumping up larger and larger
with each curl of the biceps. He had never been so pumped. "Look at my fucking body,"
he said out loud. His cock was huge now, straining to push through his sweatpants. The
front of his sweat pants were now drenched in pre-cum soaking down the right pant leg
as well.

The rush of energy continued to pulsate from his crotch up to his arms as he
continued lifting? 30?35 reps. His whole body was incredibly pumped and ripped. The
veins in his arms were pumped like never before. He was so pumped that veins were now
appearing across the ripples of his washboard abs?40?45. "Just five more reps," he
encouraged himself. 1?2?3 As he forced the last few reps he could feel more intense
energy surge from his massive cock almost as if he were having an orgasm. His cock was
growing even more in size as he poured every ounce of his strength into the last 2 reps.
He could feel his huge balls moving up and down, aching to release their huge store of
cum. His arms and chest were now massive and so engorged with blood that even more
veins appeared across his chest and down his abs and the sweat dripping off his smooth
tan skin made his glistening body look even more ripped and defined. One more rep. He
was barely able to lift the weight now?pushing?pushing?his whole body straining, every
muscle rippling. Jake let out a loud grunt as he strained to complete the last rep.

Jake let the weights slam to the floor and then pulled down his pre-cum drenched
pants just in time to release his enormous cock. He looked down at his cock and saw that
it had swelled larger than he had ever seen it. Eleven, no 12 inches long and as thick as a
coke can. His huge balls had risen up snug against the base of his cock. "Fuuuuuck, I'm
going to fucking cum," he groaned. Without even touching his huge dick he began to
explode with cum. The first 4-5 wads shot up 9 feet hitting the ceiling. Then rope after
rope after rope of thick cum shot out of his huge cock head hitting the mirror in front of
him, 10 shots at least. He continued shooting. Some splattered the weight stack, some
the mirror, and some across the floor. With each blast of cum from his enormous cock,
his cut up, washboard abs and chest flexed and pulsated. Jake kept his hands on his
thighs and had closed his eyes feeling every muscle in his body pulsate with pleasure. He
was in ecstasy. His orgasm continued for over a minute and then he opened his eyes. A
thick stream of cum was still oozing from his swollen cock head to the floor and his cock
was still pulsating up and down. With both hands he milked the last bit of cum from his
massive cock.

Jake looked up and saw that thick wads of cum were dripping from the ceiling and
running down the mirror. "That was fucking incredible," he said to himself.
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Old March 1st, 2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by GoldfishBW View Post
"That was fucking incredible,"
Pretty much my thoughts, in summary ^___^
The Internet is for PORN!
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Old March 2nd, 2012, 03:21 AM
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Jake will faint if he dares touch his monster dick after cumming so hard his musclejuice splattered the ceiling. It will be so sensitive a single touch will feel so intense his eyes will roll back and he'll be out cold as if hit by a sledge hammer. Even exposing such a beautiful cock to a stiff breeze would be hard to endure. I recommend he just stand there under his cum splattered ceiling, look up, open his mouth, forget about his undoubtedly still ragingly hard cock and catch the rain from the ceiling. That might take just long enough.
My goals are Abs 31, Chest 150, Arms 62, Forearms 44, Cock 33, calves 44, Thighs 100, weight >1500 lbs! Bench press 13500, Squat 10,000 lbs, jump with a backwards summersault 50' and spend 12 hours a day working out with a total body almost permanent pump while also worshipping my peers and being worshipped!
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Old March 2nd, 2012, 03:25 PM
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Hmm... very well done! So much hot cream... I'm looking forward to that sticky, wet, fun of a muscled stud.
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Old March 2nd, 2012, 05:11 PM
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Very nice!
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Old March 6th, 2012, 04:45 AM
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Great story. It would be lovely if someone wrote a follow-up...
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