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Old March 14th, 2012, 04:44 PM
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Built that way 13

Check out previous chapters please. Then this and the next few to come will make total sense.

Or just enjoy this brief installment.


?The shower, asshole!??spit flew into my face. I blinked hard.

It was Chad, above me on the bench press, leaning into the Olympic weight bar, his whiskered jowel just 24 inches above my face. ?You stink,? he said. ?Shower.?

I might be just 17 years old, but fuck me?my abs tensed, my chest swelled?I was gonna fuck him up next.

?Now!? he spat into my face, his upside-down visage leering at me, his shadowed lip curling into a challenge-me-if-you-dare leer.

I dared.

My muscled right arm shot upward and grabbed his gray T-shirt, twisting at the collar, my eyes tracing the sinewed bulges of my forearm as it contracted? and then widening at the sight of Chad?s heavy pecs, thick and meaty and striated, revealed in breath-by-breath millimeter as my fist pulled the gray fabric downward?

His eyes narrowed at me in a dark, ?you fucker? leer. ?Nice,? he grinned. And then he de-racked the 425 pound Olympic bar with an easy push of his muscled right arm, sending it crushing, barreling down upon me ? everything went dark ? and

?Fuck me,? she said.

?Right?? said another female voice. ?Even better than I hoped.?

I opened my eyes but could hardly see. And it didn?t fucking matter. What did matter was the scent, the feel. I grabbed onto the top of the doorframe, bracing my solid bulk as they worked over each side of me. One of them mouthed my cock and I started doing pull-ups against the door-frame, shoving my cock deep in her mouth on the upswing, lifting her up off her knees, and then back down as I pounded out reps, her mouth sliding along my shaft, licking, sucking.

I plowed upward again and again? slowly becoming aware of another girl riding my back, licking each flexing muscle as I did pushups on top of the first girl, driving my cock harder and deeper inside her flesh. I continued the pushups one-handed, wrapping my other hand around the smooth, firm thigh that straddled and curved around my back. My heavy chest and washboard waist pushed and rubbed against the girl beneath me, driving the wind out of her? sending her into waves of ecstasy? while my hand on the thigh palmed and grabbed and forced her leg ever harder against my own ripped quads? tensing my tight muscle ass in a way that forced my muscular power through her soft abdomen? she clawed into my back, my shoulders, as I flexed and flexed, surrounded in worshipful sex?

-- you!? a deep voice roared. Thick fingers released my throat. I coughed, nearly vomited, and tried to focus my eyes. I was in the gym, the sweaty, man-scented gym, my 230-pound ripped to the fucking-max trainer standing over me, my sweaty arm trembling and falling loose from his T-shirt collar.

?In the shower,? Chad said. ?Now.?

He reached down with a thick, meaty forearm and helped me to a sitting position.

?You?ve got some fucking sex in you,? he said, and slapped me against the back of my skull so hard I saw stars. ?Time to teach you how to use it.?
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Old March 15th, 2012, 06:03 AM
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Glad you came back to this. The blackout scene was great.
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Old March 15th, 2012, 01:24 PM
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Good to see this back. Looking forward to seeing it continued.
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