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Around the World with Achilles (Second Half)

As Achilles focuses on his fantasy, Victor begins to feel quite a sensation going through his body. He looks down as he sees his quads thicken and his butt grow. The growth is so sudden that he is not prepared for his speedo to start ripping along the seams. His chest, already thick and dense, begins to fill out even more as well as his back too. His big arms get even thicker making his tattoo on his right arm appear even more stretched. His growing crotch isn't helping matters either as his speedo is barely hanging on. He yells for Achilles to come over and wrap him in something before the speedo goes. Achilles opens his eyes, runs over to Victor, and grabs a towel on the ground and wraps it around the growing stud dropping the speedo on the ground.

Achilles can feel how big Victor's cock is, but doesn't attempt to go further since he knows that he has a boyfriend at home. The two do exchange a kiss though. Knowing how embarrassed Victor is, Achilles directs him back to the car and takes him back home. Victor invites him in for a drink, but Achilles says that he needs to go since things didn't turn out as well as he hoped. He needed to take the car to the rental shop anyway. He says his goodbyes and goes to the rental company. There he catches a taxi to the Miami airport and takes a flight to Chicago to meet another buddy. When he leaves the airport at O'Hare, he takes another taxi to uptown.

His friend in uptown Chicago is not quite the same as the others. He isn't as muscular, but he does have a strong thirst for muscle. This man gets off work in the mid-evening and has already talked to Achilles about meeting up at a local chinese restaurant. He isn't entirely fond of chinese food, but he is willing to do it to appeal to the other man. The man directs him to a place he calls 'Panda' and they meet there. The man shows up shortly after and is wearing glasses, a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. He doesn't look like other guys Achilles has been in contact with, but the man is an interesting one to say the least. He is quite friendly and is excited to be eating his favorite food.
The two men talk a ton about guys and how the other guy just wants to get as huge as possible. Achilles figures out real quick that this guy is into macro and loves giants. It is a fantasy that never really came into his head, until now. He didn't want to do this in the restaurant so he would wait until they went somewhere more isolated. When they finish eating, the two men go to sit a bit at the naval pier. Achilles really checks this guy out and can see a big physical change could make a huge difference in this man's life. Achilles closes his eyes and starts to focus on his buddy David's voice and how he would envision his hairy body and adorably nerdy looks transform into godlike proportions.

Achilles begins to imagine David looking physically different then he already does. As he does, he can hear David start to growl in a low voice. His skin stretches and tears his clothing expanding his arms to gargantuan size. He flexes his biceps as it happens shredding his shirt. His chest expands getting hairier and more powerful as well as his back getting wider and wider. His legs which were thin before are now thickly muscled with dark fur. His jeans busting out the sides expose his newly formed butt. David's long cock gets longer peeking out the top of his underwear. Achilles can hear him moaning and grunting as he is now getting taller too. The muscles in his back are popping and making room for more height. The formerly average guy is now a massive monster.

Achilles opens his eyes to see the new David standing in front of him. The two men are so in lust that they begin to have sex right in front of the pier. This date with David would have an effect on Achilles. The penetration of him leads to a small sequence of growth for Achilles. He can feel his body actually swell as David thrusts inside him. David loves it so much that he starts feeling Achilles body react to the fucking. Achilles ends up adding nearly 20 pounds of muscle by the time they finish. The two men lay on the pier talking and cuddling. They are very close friends now. David refers Achilles to a man that he knows across Chicago. He says he will talk to him later after he goes to meet the other man. Achilles agrees and rushes to find a taxi.

The man he has been referred to is a giant man himself. He isn't necessarily fit, but his sheer size is something to behold. They are supposed to meet at a club close to the heart of Chicago. David told Achilles what he looked like so he wasn't hard to miss. Sure enough, this man was standing close to the entrance of the club. They do their greetings and go in. There they start to talk about each other?s muscles and how they enjoy flexing for men. This guy admits that he only does it on camera for fun and not for money. This surprises Achilles, but he understands. The man then sheds his shirt and starts dancing. His huge pecs and shoulders definitely catch Achilles eyes. He starts rubbing the man's chest and looking up at the man's giant grin as he goes to lick his biceps. This isn't necessarily Achilles' type, but he goes along with it.

Next thing he knows, the man starts to grind against him. Achilles pushes him back, but the man starts doing it again. He realizes that this man enjoys the tension so they start getting into it more. Achilles closes his eyes and imagines this man getting bigger as he talks more dominantly. He finally asks the man's name, and he says it is Rick. Rick puts his giant pecs in Achilles face as his eyes are closed.

Achilles opens his eyes and watches as Rick's pecs swell and start to smother his face. He grabs a hold of Achilles and begins to grow rapidly in front of him. The club goers watch in amazement as Rick grows completely out of his clothes and upward. This is not a typical growth sequence. Achilles can't seem to get away from Rick so he attempts to wiggle his way downward to get out of his hands. Rick's growth is so involved that he lets go of Achilles. His entire body grows wildly pushing muscle over muscle. His cock hits the floor and he starts stroking it. Achilles doesn't stick around to see the rest as he is too dismayed with what he has done to Rick.

Achilles calls David back and tells him that his man was a mistake and that he needs to fly to San Francisco to meet up with another good man. David hopes to meet with Achilles again some day soon. They hang up and Achilles gets in the taxi and goes back to O'Hare to fly to San Francisco. The flight takes nearly all day so when he arrives in the West Coast city, he goes to a hotel and gets some much needed rest. He would get up the next day to meet his next buddy in person. They exchanged texts before they would eventually meet up in the Castro, the center of gay life in the city.

Achilles meets his good buddy at a local sports bar and is pleasantly surprised to see a reddish-brown haired muscle bear smiling at him when he goes to sit on a bar stool. They shake hands and the man gives him a big hug. They start talking and the man says that him and his partner have a fairly open relationship where each of them can pursue their own interests as long as they don't cheat without each other's permission. Achilles thinks that this is an interesting position to hold and they start talking about the city and how he always wanted to visit. The two men go outside and start walking around taking in the sights. Achilles stops for a moment to close his eyes and just picture his friend becoming a much thicker and more powerful bear of a man. Achilles tells his buddy to wait up for a minute that he needs to breathe in the air. 'Dan mate, this place has a great atmosphere.' Dan says, 'I'm glad that you decided to come here. I have so many things to show you.' Achilles smiles and says, 'I know you do.'

After the exchange of words on the street, Achilles goes back to focusing on his good buddy's body. He can hear Dan stop walking and sort of whisper something. Achilles could now hear some definite popping sounds coming from the beefy man. He opens his eyes and can see Dan's back stretching and getting more dense and powerful. The growing stud starts to moan and grunt as he can see his body changing and becoming more thick and developed. His voice becomes deeper and more profound. He flexes his huge biceps growing and growing. His clothes begin to tear and shred exposing explosive shoulders and traps. He turns to Achilles and shows his hairy pecs getting much thicker. He is shocked to see abs begin to pop out and grow to large slabs on his stomach. His legs blow through his pants and grow more hairy with more reddish-brown fur.

Achilles can't believe how sexy and strong Dan looks now and goes to pet his new musculature. Dan leans in for a kiss and holds the now smaller Achilles in his arms. Achilles puts his arms around Dan now and is picked up. The two begin to make out and start to have sex. After a very long session together, the two journey over to where Achilles is staying and try to find clothes for the much larger Dan. It is there that Achilles tells Dan that he has to go to San Diego to go see another guy. Dan wishes he would say longer, but he understands. It is then that Achilles leaves to find a taxi to take him to San Diego.

It would take several hours before Achilles arrived in the border city to track down his next buddy. He goes to meet with him at his apartment in the middle of the city. It is there that he sees the smallest guy on the whole journey across the nation. A smallish man opens the door and lets Achilles in. They talk for a bit before the man exposes his nicely developed chest. He isn't completely ripped, but he is lean. Achilles sees great potential with this buddy and ventures to close his eyes before saying, 'Xyg mate, you look bloody good.' Xyg says back how he really wants to massage him. Achilles is open to this and lets the small guy do just that. With his eyes closed, he can feel Xyg's hands slowly expand and start to get more hairy.

Achilles can feel something going on with Xyg behind him. He is sitting in a chair so the smaller man has his hands on Achilles' large shoulders. He opens his eyes and watches each one of Xyg's fingers swell and knows that this process will probably move pretty quickly. He can hear Xyg start moaning as the growth slowly starts moving up his arms. Achilles can see every vein and muscle start to stretch his skin and pop out from nowhere. This makes Xyg jump back and stare as his biceps and triceps grow quite large. This moves to his shoulders and then down to his chest which now has swollen pecs and a perfect six-pack of abs. The feeling moves down to his legs, which were covered by a pair of shorts. His quads swell up so much that his shorts move up along his waist.

Xyg's growth is drastic and his face looks fuller and more mature. Achilles' is very surprised to see the smaller guy grow so big and massive. He gets up to give Xyg a massage because he knows that he will need it more than he does. Xyg moves over to a mirror to check himself out and is amazing at his new size. Achilles gives him a good rubdown and says that they need to set up a time to where they can meet again. Xyg wants to know why he said that and Achilles said that while he was sitting there, he got a text from a buddy in the UK that he would really like to see again because this other guy doesn't have a lot of time to interact with him. Xyg understands and says goodbye. Achilles hops into his taxi and rushes for the airport to fly to the UK.

When he gets to London, his good buddy wants to meet him at the spot he did a photo shoot because he wouldn't mind showing Achilles a few things. It doesn't take long before Achilles get to the Thames River and waits for his close friend to show up. He leans down at the foot of the water and looks at himself to just admire his size. He is sitting at 280 right now and would love to add that extra 20 to make it an even number. As he flexes his huge arms, he sees arms go around him and they squeeze him. The other man laughs and says, 'wow mate you sure do know how to make me remember you.' Achilles turns and gives the man a huge bear hug and then kisses him. He then says, 'Chris, you are looking bloody beautiful.'

Chris has blonde highlights in his brown hair, a ripped physique, and looks remarkably better than Achilles remembers. He picks Chris up and gives him another hug, this time talking to each other in a casual manner. Chris tells him to close his eyes and just relax as he tickles him. Achilles doesn't budge though and goes into another visual fantasy with his friend Chris still in his arms. He wants Chris to grow as big as him and feel every single muscle twitch, pop and stretch as he holds him.

Achilles will focus a lot of his energy on his good friend. As they stand by the river, Achilles can feel Chris's abs rippled along his thick abdomen and wants them abs to expand. He can hear moaning coming from him as his body starts to grow pushing Achilles arms outward. Those abs are now starting to make stretching sounds as well as his formerly tight pecs which are now blowing up. His fit arms are now getting huge and are bulging. His cute face is becoming much more mature looking. Before anything else grows, Achilles is already starting to make love to his friend as he starts kissing Chris's growing chest.
He starts to feel Chris's back pulling his shirt apart and shredding in multiple places. He has to let go of him because Chris is starting to get taller. His back begins to pop and sail upward making room for more muscle to appear. His legs are now starting to rip his pants in half exposing massive quads. This isn't a typical growth pattern. Achilles is turning Chris into an equal. His growth is actually stretching his skin and leaving marks. Achilles pulls his pants down and enters Chris and starts to fuck him. Chris's clothes have already shredded and his former fit 160 pound body has exploded to 280 and he is six inches taller now. The sex lasts all night long as the two close friends fuck over and over again.

Unlike previous sessions, Achilles stays with his buddy overnight. When he got up the next morning, he realized that he had one more stop to make before he headed home from his excursions. His time with Chris may be his favorite, but he has feelings for all of the guys too. He wished he could stay with Chris longer, but his flight to Sydney was just a couple of hours from then. Chris says not to worry that they will meet again sometime and takes Achilles to the airport. They kiss goodbye and Achilles boards the plane for Sydney. He wouldn't arrive until later that day. He had already been there before so he knew the city well. His buddy was waiting for him to eat a late-night dinner after a hard day at the gym.

Achilles had never met this man in person, but he had seen his pictures before. The man recognized him and kidded him about his nervousness. He was a typical looking bodybuilder, probably just got done cutting. There was no hair on him from head to toe that he could view, of course the man was wearing a loose button-up and board shorts too. They sat down and ate some of the local cuisine and just talked about random stuff. It was nice for Achilles to just settle down a bit before he went back home. This would be his last buddy he would see before going back to Taupo. Instead of waiting to go anywhere, Achilles closed his eyes as the man was sitting there talking to him. 'Luke, I am picturing you looking much bigger than you are now mate.' Luke looks at him with big eyes and starts to smile. He can feel something happening to him as they sit there.

As they sit there, Luke can feel a rush moving up his spine. Achilles is envisioning him with a body that rivals some of the biggest heavyweights. Trying not to make too much noise, Luke quietly grunts as his clothes get very tight. The sound of ripping starts to echo through the eatery. His expanding back shreds the back of his shirt and keeps going. His arms on the table blow up like balloons. Achilles can feel the table start to shake as Luke's legs bust the seams on his shorts. His sandals are ruined too as his feet grow. He can't get up now as his now massive chest starts to lift the bolted-down table. Achilles can't get out of the way fast enough. Luke is full of so much adrenaline now that he literally pulls the table out of the floor without any problem.

Achilles, now with his eyes open, is lifted up by the hulking Luke and has his shirt ripped clean off of him. Luke begins to suck on Achilles' nipples to make him submit to him. The two men have now emptied the eatery and continue to have sex with each other. After a few minutes, the two leave hoping that they won't get caught. The problem is though that Luke is so massive that he has no clothes to wear. Achilles' managed to find a towel in the eatery to put around Luke's waist. He drives the brute back to his place since he has a boyfriend and tells him that he hopes they can meet another time because he needs to get back home. Luke isn't keen on that answer, but will keep Achilles to his promise. Achilles' grabs a taxi down the street and goes to the airport.

After a major journey across the world, Achilles arrives back in Taupo and onward to his house that he hasn't been to in weeks. He gets inside to go shower from his sexcapade with Luke, but before he does he walks past a wall mirror and notices his reflection. He is amazed at how much bigger he is now compared to when he left. He stands there and starts to pose, checking out all of his muscles. He imagined himself growing beyond the walls of his house, becoming more of a beast. He doesn't close his eyes this time instead he focuses on his body through the mirror. It isn't long before he can feel a change happening. The stretching and popping starts from all over and he started to roar with anticipation. He is nude, but he might as well have been wearing something because the growth makes his skin feel like fabric. He soars past the 300 pound mark and keeps going watching his chest swell out, his legs pushing even further apart, his arms growing thicker, and his height getting ridiculous. The size of him begins to make the foundation of his house start to react and cracks begin to appear on the walls. He is living out his ultimate fantasy and doesn't want it to stop. This might be the end of the story for now, but who knows how far this will go.
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