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Old July 14th, 2013, 05:21 PM
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Blue Pill Part 3

In case you haven't read the other parts
Part 1
Part 2

Blue Pill Part 3

?Looks like I have some explaining to do.? I really didn?t know where to begin, but before I could say anything we could hear the announcer?s voice over the P.A. system. I knew we had to get out of their and quick before Chris came back for round two.

?Are you gonna tell me how the hell you went from zero to hero in the matter of just a few hours or do I have to start guessing?? Eric was hammering me with questions the whole way home.

?I think it?s best if I just show you, otherwise you will just think I?m crazy.?

So that?s exactly what I did, or at least I tried to do.

************************************************** ********

Alright, so a little back story about my life. My dad Titus used to be a bio-medical engineer for the government. He was secretly working on a new drug for feed efficiency in cattle. Not just any kind of drug though, this was a government test drug that wasn?t meant for human consumption. It produced amazing results in the bovine that it was tested on. It was intended to increase feed efficiency in cattle and also increase fertility at the same time all while minimizing body fat. The drug was a huge breakthrough for the ranching community. My mom had told me that the reason my dad went to federal prison was that he was bringing his work home and testing it himself, which is a big no-no if you are a lab scientist working on a top secret government project. The only reason he was caught was his co-worker James, and best friend, had sold him down river and went to corporate about him working on the test drug at home. Mom had said that before dad left, he had been taking the drug and it changed him. It had made him more aggressive more dominant. He would get into fights with random people all the time. He would spend all of his time in the gym he had created in our basement.

So mom did what any concerned wife would have done, she went to her best friend for advice. Her best friend just so happened to be my dad?s coworker?s wife Sarah. So she in turn told her husband so he could maybe talk to my dad, try and figure out why he was bringing his work home. James had dropped by the house one day to check on my dad, because he hadn?t been to work for a few days. He knocked on the door a few times, but nobody answered. James took a quick look in the garage to see if my dad was home.

?Well I?ll be damned,? James whispered to himself. ?His car is here, that means he has to be somewhere around here.? So he slipped into the back yard and reached his hand above the stoop next to the sliding glass doors that came out to the hot tub on the deck. As his fingers fumbled for the key he knew had to be there, he heard a faint sound coming from in the house. He finally grabbed hold of the key and worked it into the lock. When he finally opened the door, the sound was much louder and much deeper than what he could make out from outside.

?MMMMMMMM?..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?? If James weren?t mistaken he would say that it sounded like moaning, but where was it coming from?

James rounded the corner from the kitchen into the hallway, trying to be as quiet as possible on the tiled floor. As he made his way down the hall the sounds kept getting louder, and he had begun hearing a clanging sound, like metal hitting metal. The only door left at the end of the hall was the basement door. James crept up to it slowly, trying not to make any noise. He reached his hand out to turn the knob just as the clanging sound stopped. James also stopped because his heart was beating extremely fast. He listened very carefully for any sound.

?OHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKKK!? James didn?t know whether he should turn in fear or check to make sure Titus was ok. James couldn?t just leave his best friend, what if he was hurt.

James flung the door open and ran down the stairs. What he saw was astonishing. It was a complete gym. Every kind of machine you could ever imagine was in that basement. As James began looking around the room at all the equipment his eyes finally fell upon something he thought he would never see in a million years. In the corner of the room was a massive bench press machine, and on it sat a naked overly pumped Titus. His muscles, that he didn?t have a few weeks ago, were bulging all over his body. Veins snaked their way across his biceps and forearms. His chest jutted extremely far out hanging over his cobblestone 8 pack abs. However his abs were hard to see because of the massive flesh pole that was in the way. James knew Titus was well endowed because of the stories his wife and Sarah talked about, but his dick had to be at least ten inches long and 6 inches around. It was throbbing to what I assumed was his pulse.

Apparently Titus hadn?t seen me yet, because both his hands reached forward and began to jerk on his massive dick. I crouched down and watched, not quite sure what to do. His hands began making sounds on his dick, like when you rub your hands together under soap and water. I could finally see the reason why, his hands and massive tree trunk thighs were coated in a clear coating. I could only assume it was pre-cum. As I watched Titus squeeze the pre from his dick he released his dick and grabbed back onto the barbell. Only then did I notice how much weight was stacked on each side. He had a total of seven hundred pounds on that bar. I thought there was no way he was going to lift that. To my surprise, and with a really loud grunt, the barbell was lifted up and then brought right back down to his bulging pecs.

As Titus cranked out rep after rep on the bench press, I noticed how the bar didn?t have to travel as far to reach his pecs. That?s because his pecs were bulging bigger after each rep. As I sat there crouched on the floor in his gym it had then dawned on me, how much of this drug had Titus taken.

When I looked back up, I expected to see Titus making his pecs bulge up even more. Instead there was nothing there. My heart began to race as I looked around the gym to try and find him. I felt something warm and sticky touch my hand and a wall of heat behind me.

As I turned around, all I could see was a massive cock in my face as it dripped pre-cum all over the floor. It had begun to turn into a puddle and my hand just so happened to be in the middle of it. As I looked up past the massive dick in my face, past the rock hard abs, past the bulbous pecs that jutted out freakishly far from his torso, I saw Titus staring at me.

?Long time no see James.? He said with a crooked smile on his face.

?How did you do all of this in a matter of a few weeks?? I said as I pointed towards his massive physique.
?Well, you know that new drug we?ve been working on? I figured out how to re-sequence its chemical make up in order for it to be digested by humans. With amazing results as you can see.? Titus pulled his arms up into a double biceps pose and I watched as veins exploded all over his arms and his lats flared out like a cobra head.
?James, you can?t just test the drug on yourself! There are trials that still have to be ran. We don?t know what kind of effects this could have on you in the long run!?
?At this point I really don?t care what could possibly happen, as long as I keep getting bigger, that?s all that matters.?
?What about your family? What about your wife Rachel? What about your son? For Christ sake Titus he?s only three. Do you really want Jake to grow up not knowing his father??
Titus moved even closer to me as I began to stand up. ?What makes you think my son is going to grow up not knowing me??
?Titus, I turned you in to corporate. It was the right thing to do, for you and for your family.?
?My best friend?.I should have known better than to trust you. Well they aren?t gonna take me, I will run before they have the chance.? Titus began walking towards the corner of the room where a gym bag and water bottle sat. He opened the gym bag and pulled out some clothes. Clothes that were screaming to rip apart the minute Titus pulled them over his engorged muscles. He then grabbed a bottle out of his bag and popped it open. He shook out a handful of blue pills and put them in his mouth, grabbed his water bottle and swallowed all of them.
?They?re not coming to take you Titus, I am.? I grabbed the tranquilizer gun from my side pocket and shot Titus right in the chest. ?I?m so sorry Titus, I didn?t want things to turn out like this, but I knew you wouldn?t listen to me.?
?You son of a?? Titus slowly fell to the ground as he slurred the last of his words. He dropped the bottle of pills and blue capsules littered the floor.
James began looking for Titus?s lab. He noticed a door ajar towards the staircase. He opened the door to find a room full of computers and diagrams of muscle groups. So James grabbed all of the pertinent information for the research and left the stack of blue pills in the corner of the room. ?The lab is going to need all of this as evidence; I?ll just copy the formula and see if I can?t recreate it later. This could prove to be a huge breakthrough for MD.? James took one last look at the hulking form on the floor. ?Goodbye old friend, it?s been fun.? As he rounded the corner of the upstairs hall he flipped open his cell phone and dialed a number. ?The subject is down; you can take him into custody now.?

************************************************** ********

?I still don?t understand how you look so amazing. I mean I saw you in 5th period biology class and you didn?t look anything like this!? Eric continued on trying to figure out how I had gotten so buff.

?I?m telling you, it will be better if I just show you.? So I led the way into my dad?s old gym basement. Mom wanted to turn it into storage, but couldn?t bring herself to come down here. So instead it is now my new man cave. I spend all of my free time down here, obsessing over the same thing my father did.

We got to the mirrored wall with the racks of dumbbells on them and I grabbed the thirty?s and began doing curls. The veins in my arm began to pop out, but my arms didn?t seem to grow any bigger.

?I?m waiting!? Eric said impatiently as he sat down on one of the benches with his arms crossed.

?I swear, all I did was worked out and I got bigger. I felt this amazing rush of energy and then felt the urge to dispose of that energy.? So I moved over to the bench press and put two 45 pound plates on each side. I began pushing out rep after rep of presses, but still no growth. I began getting frustrated.

?Well it worked before I swear! Something must be different?? Then I remembered my bloated belly and how as I worked out it began to shrink down.

?All I need to do is get Chris to fill me with sperm again and then I can show you.?

?What?? There was a puzzled and slightly disgusted look on Eric?s face. ?What the hell are you talking about Jake? You sound really crazy now. You know, if you didn?t want to meet me for pizza, all you had to do was say so. I?m going home.? Eric got up and began heading up the stairs. ?When you decide to tell me the truth, I?ll be waiting.? Just like that he was gone.

Great, now my best friend doesn?t believe me. I?ve got to find a way to prove it to him, but how?
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Mmm, I appreciated the use of the sound of hand washing, paired with the visual clear coating. This is certainly a hot series that I've made an active effort to re-read a few times.

My problem lies with that there was no real transition beyond "...little backstory about my life...", which made me slightly confused at first, and mostly because I didn't know why he was suddenly giving me his backstory. I'm unsure if this affected anyone else, but it's really the only problem I have.

The second thing is really just a wish, and that's for some more hot sex. I should post this on the other chapter, but I'm on a roll right now. I loved the descriptions you used in part 2, especially the bulging and the enlarging. Not sure if you're catering to growth during sex, but if you are, you're hitting the right buttons.

In summary, I love your use of sound words paired with visual descriptors, the transition to the past was a bit confusing for me, and man that sex in part 2 was hot and I'd love some more. Thanks for continuing this story.
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Old July 19th, 2013, 08:49 AM
Alwys lookin4 inspiration
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hotmuscle_101 is on a distinguished road
Yeah, I realized I worded that wrong. My brain was thinking back story, but my fingers were thinking....describe his hot

I think you will be pleased, Part 4
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