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Old September 17th, 2013, 02:43 PM
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Another Quick Growth

Thanks for all the critiques; reminder to all those writers out there, don't write on two hours of sleep, cold medications and on a smartphone at the same time.

They called it the 'Transformer'; a modest machine the size of a toaster, built into an open faced coffin where the user was subjected to the transformative effects of Kirbirium radiation which the device spewed forth when powered, and it was my job to pull the lever to turn it on.

As a simple low level tech for DARPA, I wouldn't have managed to get to see the device in use, or even hear about it, but needless to say thanks to a few dabs of something that had been used in the long since cancelled 'gay bomb' device down on the eight floor, and a few hours in a secret broom closet down on the fourth sub-floor with a certain supervisor, I managed to get a rapid 'promotion' to man the machine and monitor the few LCD monitors in front of me. My job, like most other techs in DARPA was to monitor subjects, push a few buttons and when the experiments didn't pan out, clean them up afterwards. The latter bit was the biggest chore. Needless to say, after what I heard about the Transformer, about the first experiment; a super-soldier designed to take down villains and terrorists? He was built like two fucking tanks parked side by side, and from the rumours around the water cooler hung like a horse.

"Ready?" The egghead in charge nodded to me behind a clipboard as he typed a few commands, breaking my dream-like reverie. I nodded, my mouth suddenly dry as I saw the door to the lead-lined chamber open on my monitor. He was the opposite of what I imagined a super-soldier or even what a soldier would look like. Bony thin, barely any musculature to speak of, but a shoulder-length head of blonde curls that didn't look like it fit any military regs and a rugged face that made him look younger to go with his physique- the man was in his mid twenties according to his charts but looked more like 18. The egghead coughed tapped his clipboard incessantly as he caught me paying too much attention to the subject and not to the machinery I was supposed to be monitoring. I turned back and typed a few more commands as the fatigue-dressed soldiers tied him into the device and the Transformer powered up, the hum audible even from the isolated command booth that overlooked the tiny chamber. The soldiers gave their thumbs up as they tugged on the restraints one last time and quickly made their exit, sealing the air-tight room with the safe-like seals.

It was time. And as I gazed one last time at the monitor, I saw pure fear as the blue glow of the Transformer reflected off his pupils in the HD feed. I swallowed hard as I popped open the safety catch and began my countdown.

"Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Initializing." I spoke softly and depressed the button. For an instant the microphones threw out a hiss of static as the live feed attempted to compensate for the sudden mass of radiation. Then the radiation flooded from the machine with an audible BUZZ. Soon it was filled with the haunting screams and howls of the man strapped into the device. He was dressed only in nondescript PT-boxers, so the change started visibly where the machine was pointed; directly at his torso.

It was slow at first as I remarked his thin bony build started packing on muscle from nowhere, slowly an oily sheen of sweat trickled down his pecs as they thickened, feasting on a veritable muscle buffet. Soon veins floated to the surface. The Kirbirium made the impossible possible; atomizing pure energy and transforming it into the subjects muscle, giving him almost unlimited super-strength. His upper body was bulking up rapidly; his lats began flaring out, abs starting to deepen as crevasses appeared on his stomach outlining a six pack abs that any man would cream over. Then his neck started to recede as his traps started gobbling up the limited real estate that wasn't being devoted to cannonball-esque delts. It was only two minutes in and he could easily kick ass at any bodybuilder competition he attended.

I was trying to avert my gaze from the monitors, and from the speakers that kept his howling. But it was impossible, his freaky form kept my complete and undivided attention, but my eyes soon spread to the other monitor keeping track of his body overall instead of the target site; his arms, thick, beefy and huge were packing on serious meat, a drool-worthy vein throbbing at his peak. Ham-hock sized forearms tensed and untensed as he struggled against the steel hardened restraints. His legs were bunching up as monstrous quads fought each other for room, were soon as big as a bull, each one was rapidly approaching the size his waist was when he entered the room. It was into his fifth minute that I glanced at his face, a chiseled jaw and bright blue eyes bulged from their sockets with an inhuman glow looked back at me as the machine continued to pump all the power of a nuclear power plant into his body. The radiation would affect everything on his body; a fine dusting of hair prickled out from his cheese-grater abs thickening up towards his slab-like pecs. His screams long since dissolved into a hoarse wail that I subconsciously blocked out, my hand nursing my erection beneath the desk I sat at. I was in heaven. But then it happened. I don't know if it was my hard on that had distracted me, but I hit something on the keyboard and suddenly my monitors flashed red.

"What the fuck did you do?" The scientist screamed at me, suddenly noticing the monitors switching to their scarlet hue. He was barely audible over the voice of the subject, his cries now reaching bloodcurdling levels. As if to confirm my worst dream, I visibly saw inches start packing on his body as the output of the Transformer doubled, well above any safe limit if there was one. I stabbed my fingers at controls as the Scientist looked for the SCRAM keys to shut it down, but it was no avail; the man was likely going to end up a mess on the wall unless someone did something about it. The egghead was more concerned with the device than the man, but I kept my eyes locked on his super-human form; his body devouring the space around him. Soon the actual coffin itself was too small and his muscles packed in soon bent back the thickening steel with Kirbium-reinforced muscle cords.

I flicked on the laser-mass estimator as his wails petered out, the machine gave reasonable readouts as to how big his body was getting. He was well beyond freakish; his bodyfat was zero or near zero, vascular veins ran around his body pumping superhuman blood everywhere at a gallon per second. His arms were bigger than 60", his chest was gargantuan at 100", legs thicker than sequoias. As I frantically glanced back into the other monitors, even the camera was having a tough time fitting his hulking body in frame. He was now nine feet ten inches and weighed in at almost a ton.

The radiation was still amping up as I met his eyes, gazing at me through the cameras as steel creaked audibly in the pickups, with two sudden SNAP SNAP noise his garganguanly huge arms were free, his thick hands suddenly roaming over every inch that his hulking body could explore. It wasn't much, he had gained so much fucking meat it limited his movements to barely lifting over his now cramped head trapped amongst trapezius muscles that could only be defined as pillow sized. He drew my attention south, as his skin-tight boxers which had already torn partially gave way unleashing something that wasn't on the laser pickups; a mini keg-thick cock, suddenly engorged on super blood and like a balloon inflating, it soon pumped erect, the head three feet away from his body. It was raging, the melon-sized head was deep purple, even with the bluish tinge of the Transformer firing off pulse after pulse of the radiation, and its six inch slit oozed pre like a faucet. Globs of it were dripping, the pre itself glowing with all the saturated radiation that was in the room. He grinned, knowing that he would continue to grow and basked in the torturous pleasure as he manipulated his meat with hands that could now crush tanks. My tightly constricted pants soon felt wet as I came, hearty spurts of my own cum soon forming a wet spot on my slacks. I imagined what it would just smell like to be in that room, let alone in there with the beast, licking each seperate muscle, nibbling at the striations as the beast grew and grew and grew.

It was now the sixth minute, only a minute since the machine went haywire and he was now well over a ton of pure godly muscle, that the egghead managed to get the SCRAM keys and inserted them into my console, in an attempt to kill the machine. But nothing happened.

"We have to shut it down!" He screamed, yelling at me about a chain-reaction or a runaway cascade. I was too busy engrossed with the inhuman panting of the subject jacking himself off becoming louder and louder. When I looked at him again he was fighting with the soldiers to pull the seals, the Soldiers not wanting to die of radiation poisoning, the Doctor more interested in saving the Transformer and a lifetime of research. Thankfully the subject saved all of us the trouble, now ten feet tall he could only partially be seen in my displays but I knew he was getting close to the o-zone.

The subject growled in a bass timbre that shook the building, he grunted, he groaned and with one final pull on his monstrous man maker, he came. A flood of radioactive cum smashed into the glass with tsunami force. Gallon upon gallon of thick, radioactive man-chowder bluer than the Caribbean seas hit the reinforced glass shield. That was the first burst which cracked the outer layer. The second pulse drew the spider-like cracks wider and wider. Then the third thick blast of seed burst the glass, enveloping me in a hazy blue glow until I blacked out a few seconds later.

To be continued?
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Yes, please! Continue!
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Originally Posted by miniace2009 View Post
Yes, please! Continue!
This was very well written!

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Please more i want he growth and the man who see out the machine growth also for the semen. *-* a they transform in a titans a have sex and grow more

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