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Old September 21st, 2013, 07:20 PM
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Big Business part 2: Showing the Ropes

This is only the 2nd part of my newest series but I find that I put a lot into it. I struggled to write this without getting distracted and pulling up something from my favorite muscle artist or muscle story author to cool me down. With that in mind, I hope a lot of you get into this part of the story just as much as I intend to. I just hope you all are prepared for the fact that this part is merely the calm before the storm as I intend to turn up the heat till even I can barely take it. Feedback is very much appreciated. Enjoy!

Part 1 :

"Welcome to the King and Tower Corporate Building" I heard the muscular blonde guy say. I had no idea that this would be turning point in my life as I looked at the far reaching sky scrapers. It was a marvelous yet plain building but I could see a real astounding type of air within it. I felt a hand pat me on the back, pulling me out of my daze. " I should take you to your new work station" he said as he walked forward and held my shoulder, pulling me with a kind of overpowering strength that I didn't expect. When the double doors of the front entrance moved away, I was greeted to a plain, white room that only seemed house a tiled floor, a desk, a desk clerk and an elevator at the end of the modestly sized room. The desk clerk didn't look as he seemed to be immersed in his own business on a computer pointing away from the entrance. I found myself staring at his back for a few minutes as we stopped at the front desk and waited for him to make some kind of acknowledgement.

He turned around and looked at me without a care in his eyes. " New office boy?" he asked the man who'd led me in as we stood there. The man nodded as he looked down at me from his height. The clerk wrote some things on what appeared to be a small application form and then placed it in a rough pile beside him. "Alright, head on up" he said as he turned away and looked back to his computer in a quick attempt to ignore our existence. I wasn't sure what to do next but the man who'd walked me into the building moved me past the desk and, before I knew it, we we're in the elevator.

He pressed a collection of buttons before he leaned on the elevator wall with his toned, muscular and well suited body. My eyes were finally beginning to notice my surroundings as the elevator purred. The man who'd brought me in was rather large; so much that he was considered massive. His arms were big and seemed to test the confines of his grey suit as he folded them over his chest. His chest also bulged against his suit's jacket and shirt as it seemed they were pressing against it in an attempt to break free. I could almost see the shape of his large nipples through the shirt as they seemed to point down from the weight they capped. His shoulders were quite a sight as they both were somewhat far apart while showing their beautiful striations through the big man's clothes. I let my vision trail down to his waist and I felt my crotch move as I bore witness to a tight waist that pressed firmly against his belt, pulling in the shirt so that we could make out his beautiful eight pack and obliques.

It was almost as if the shirt was merely trying to wrap around the body it housed rather than cover it. From my vantage point, I could make out the most perfect forms I'd ever seen. The man's ass appeared to push firmly out of the back of his pants in a nice round shape that bubbled out and made a crescent drop down to his powerful and large legs, both appearing to be equivalent in size to my new waist line. Past a pair of calves that almost seemed to be fighting with their confines, I was amazed at the size of this man's feet. Both were being contained by what appeared to be size 15 shoes. I was always a stickler for big feet as I glared at their size. Only at that point did I finally get to see the true enormity of my guide. He was quite the man at a height of 6'4. He seemed to stretch up above me in a majestic form that made me curse the universe for creating something so beautiful in such a big package.

Speaking of which, I heard a strain as he tried to lean against the wall. It was coming from his crotch as the pants were confining what looked like a very big assortment of objects that were using the pair of pants as a mere second skin. I was so distracted by this man that I'd almost forgotten where or what I was doing. What AM I doing, I wondered.

I opened my mouth to speak but the blonde beauty lifted a big hand and placed a large finger against my lips. " I know what you're about to ask. Wait till we reach your cubicle" he said. I shut up right then and there as I obeyed this beautiful marvel in front of me. I clung to every bounce of the elevator as I watched the man's body bulge and tense with every movement. It was as if his body were fighting to hold back its size. It was only then that I realized my boner was pushing into the crotch of my suit pants. Realizing I was wearing a suit took me back as I was sure I didn't enter the alleyway in such a clean and pressed state. Also, my drunken mind had been cleared of all of its alcohol pollution. So many unknowns were appearing before me but I had no time to answer them as the elevator door opened and I was greeted with a very quiet collection of cubicles. At first glance, I went to the assumption that there was no difference from any other office in this room. That was until I'd realized there were no workers. It was a ghost office inside as no voices or clattering computer keys could be heard from here. The beautiful man who'd led me into the building squeezed an ass cheek to push me forward.

As we began our walk down to my cubicle, there was an eerie silence that seemed to make breathing sound loud and living sound like a musical. I was beginning to think the room was made for one person when I saw quite the man walking in my direction. He was nicely big and filled out his short sleeved dress shirt VERY well as he shifted towards me. Each body part was moving with such power I could almost taste it coming off of him. The man was dressed in a tight mailman uniform consisting of a dangerously tight brown
shirt with chest pockets and a pair of shorts that were mostly blocked from view by the mail cart the driver was using.

The man's arms were firmly tightly pressed against his shirt as they bulged with their 20 inch glory. His biceps and 15 inch forearms were mouth watering as the muscles seemed to blend in with each other and accentuate a kind of intense masculine beauty that kept me waiting anxiously for the next muscle fiber to swell. His shoulders moved under the shirt and accentuated their
bowling ball hardness with every wrinkle they created in the gaps and valleys between shoulder, arm, and chest. Speaking of chest, his shirt was servant to the most full pecs I'd ever laid eyes. With each movement of his arms, his pecs would bounce in response and reveal their hidden power. I didn't notice the drool going down the side of my face as I watched his pecs dance. It was quite the seduction on their part.

My eyes widened as the extremely handsome man looked at me. His eyes were the most beautiful brown I'd ever seen and almost seemed to be hiding the most warming soul. His hair, a beautiful brown, also shone in the glimmer of the ceiling lights. I could see a playful spirit in him as his eyes gave a wink before he turned in the direction of my large guide. I found myself looking up as he towered above my new 6'0 height at an imposing 6'5.

"Hey, Chad" said the tall figure, giving a name to my guide. Chad looked at him with a big smile. " Nothing, Trevor. Just
treating a new recruit to the sights. I see you've been pumping big lately. Almost Level Two?" he asked.

Trevor answered the question with a mountainous pec bounce as he spoke. " You better believe. When I reach the 2nd floor, I'm going to get a bunch of double takes with these babies!" he said before he laughed heartily. Chad laughed with him but I was so absorbed into those pecs that I couldn't process enough mind power to create a chuckle. It was like two massive steak slabs were bouncing up and down on this beautiful man's chest. They continued to talk but Trevor never once stopped bouncing his pecs. If I could look down at my self, I would have blushed at the sudden release from my new cock as it released pre like a leaking faucet. A growing wet spot was spreaking across my new suit pants and was making coming off cool and collective impossible. The mailman looked down at me and smiled as he saw
the dark spot on my grey work pants. He had me captured and he knew it. " A new recruit, huh?" he asked as he looked at me with those eyes. I was absorbed into them as he looked over his pecs and seemed to be waiting for me to crack and simply fall to his wishes. " He's so cute. I'm gonna have fun with him."

I felt my cock jump at his remark but it really went loose on my pants when I saw what he was hiding behind his mail cart. A pair of extremely tight shorts were stretched across his waist, resembling brown boxers rather than shorts. His thighs were too big to hide in those tiny shorts. Three large heads of revealed themselves where his knee connected the thighs and calves. His calves were their own creature as they resembled footballs covered in big veins. His big brown boots were home to what had to be size 16 feet that were very wide and manly. His most powerful "tool" was what locked my eyes into focus. Now that it wasn't blocked by the mail cart, I could clearly see a large, manly snake resting on top of Trevor's massive thighs.

Everything he wore strained when he moved up to me and looked over his
mountain pecs at my face. " What's your name, little guy?" he asked me, concentrating his big brown eyes into me. I could only speak my name. " Nick"

The big man closed his eyes and moaned at the sound of my name. "God, even your name is cute." he said as he grabbed one of his pecs, specifically his large nipple, and began to rub himself in seductive circles. It was then that the manly masterpiece of his body came to make itself known. A monstrous anaconda bounced in the man's tight shorts as he reveled in ecstasy. I could make out every part of the man's endowment as the cock in Trevor's pants bulged a big bigger and he spread his legs as his balls appeared to swell and contract between them. Seeing this giant man machine enter an intense heat was hard for me in more ways than one as I felt myself getting pulled in to some kind of energy coming from him pulling my conscious in. It
was then that Chad stepped in and grabbed Trevor's enormous shoulder. "Alright, settle down there, snake charmer, or else you're going to make the snake leave the basket" he joked. Trevor shook as he began pulling himself out of the mood and looked at Chad over his shoulder. " Aw, just a few more minutes. He doesn't bite, just shoots a few gallons of venom" he joked
back." Just come visit your new little friend later, I have to go and explain this all to him before I'm fucked" Chad said with a smile. Trevor leaned into my face and concentrated his eyes into mine. I could really see his features up

With his smile came a pair of hot dimples that imprinted themselves into tan skin. His white smile was framed with full lips and lived under a strong looking nose. His 5 o'clock shadow gave him a rough look that made him that much hotter.

Just when he was close enough to press his lips against mine, he pulled back and grabbed his mail cart. " See you later, little guy" he said with a wink and walked past us with his cart.

I almost followed him as he walked away but Chad grabbed me in order to hold me down. I was thankful as I saw Trevor's perky
ass shift away. With every movement of his large legs, one of his cheeks would bounce in response and reveal dimples hotter than the ones on his face. I didn't know how much I could take as I watched him walk farther and farther away before turning the corner. Chad rubbed my shoulder. " Come on, tiger, we're going the other way."


About 5 minutes of walking along the endless line of cubicles, I was welcomed to a cubicle of my own. It was average in all honesty. A small computer sat on a desk covered with different kinds of office supplies sat in the corner of a plain, grey wall. A fern was on the other corner and seemed to make the room seem that much smaller. I turned and jumped back as I watched Chad attempt to slide into the room with his large body, his forehead wrinkled as he tried to pull himself into the room. "God, I forgot how small the default setting was, he said as he made it fully into the cubicle, filling my vision with pound upon pound of muscle.

My cock jumped and made a noticeable erection in my pants at this but it wasn't helping the tight confines of the room at all. Chad's large pecs were blocking his view from my cock thankfully but the fact he was so close made it dangerously shake near his leg.

"Let me make this simple for you, Nick. Go ahead and sit."

I responded by sitting down without looking at him, landing on my chair with a bounce. " I'm sure you have a lot of questions so I'll squeeze it into a short explanation" he said. I thought about the questions I'd come to discover within myself but I let Chad do the talking till I could concentrate on my thoughts rather than his amazing body. " This is King and Tower, a corporate realm made for men just like you who've shown potential in the eyes of a very powerful god, our boss. I'm sure you're probably wondering why such a powerful man would have such small cubicles but I'll explain that in a moment. All that you really should know is that you and I are both gods in training. Men who showed the potential to play a part in the balance between good and evil. Potential so powerful it can bend space."

At the last word, the room began to feel warm and seemed to shift uncomfortable around me like a blanket. Suddenly, the room didn't resemble an office cubicle anymore. Stars and planets appeared in the darkness of the room as if we were stuck in outer space. It was a beautiful sight as the many lights and colors spread and painted everything around me like a beautiful rainbow. Chad let his shoulders lower as they were now no longer being compacted in the tiny cubicle. " God, that feels great" he said as he shifted his shoulder around in a circular motion.

" Anyway, this room isn't really a cubicle but a pocket dimension created for you to train and empower yourself to become a more powerful being. Our job is to grow more and more powerful to counter the strength of our most powerful enemy, the Lord and Bull Organization. They specialize in making Earth the most terrible place of all. Whirlwinds, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, even bad economic and political moves and actions. Anything you can name to destroy a society, they are the ones who create it." he said this with an intense serious I hadn't heard since I'd come to King and Tower. He came over to my chair, bent down and looked at eye to eye. " People like you and I are the only ones who are able to push them back and help prevent the world from caving in on itself, using everything good or worth doing to push and help the human race."

The weight of the situation fully settled on my shoulders as he explained all of this to me. I could see the brilliance of the glory Chad held in all of this just by looking into his eyes. I thought of all the moments where I 'd accomplished, worked for things, and fought for things in my life. To think someone else did all of that for me was almost too much for me to handle but Chad's eyes made it so much easier to believe. He backed away from the chair and turned away from me after several minutes, his large back moving away. " I would explain more but I have to go do something urgently. I'll be back to explain more after you finish with your guest." he said before walking through the wall of space as though it were a pool of water.

I didn't understanding what he meant until I saw all the lights in the room suddenly zip past me and I was being flown quickly off in one direction at light speed. When everything stopped, I found myself in what look like an open space within an abandoned factory. High windows sent light into the room, resembling sunlight. The walls and cold, concrete floors appeared plain to me and accentuated the intense energy that coming from the man a distance away from me. " Took you look enough" Trevor's voice echoed as he appeared in his tight mailman's uniform. " I've been sitting here waiting after a hard day of delivering packages and letters and I couldn't even deliver my best package to the hottest little creature I'd ever laid eyes on" he said as he grabbed his massive package with a loving grip. I had no idea that I was in for the most painful yet exciting time of my life.

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