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Bonding Agents: Milking Another Agent

Check out the original:

Part 2:

The two muscular giants continue to enjoy feeling each other?s frothy fluids flowing through their bodies as Madison starts sucking on his master?s tool again after becoming a slave to his milking goodness. Gabriel commands his muscle pup to shoot more milky cum into his gullet as he slurps lovingly.

Madison obliges by fucking his throat rapidly before growling in ecstasy as Gabe pulls his cock out to watch it squirt thick white ropes of juices all over his face and lips. He laughs a bit looking down seeing it coat his master?s face as it rolls down his body again.

He shoves his tongue down Gabe?s piss slit making him agonize as he feels his balls contracting. Madison moans deeply as the huge brute shoots a volcano of cum all over him as he shoves the cock back down his throat swallowing what is left.

They don?t realize that during their session another man has secretly entered into the ravaged office. He is trying to stay incognito from the other two as he hides behind the collapsed wall beside Gabe?s office. He wants to say something, but is too afraid of the two huge beasts.

At first he doesn?t realize that they are two of his coworkers until he recognizes Madison?s sexy face. He has had a crush on the young brute for the entire time he has been working there. Watching both of the hulks having sex has made him careless as he falls over a pile of rubble and nearly gets crushed as more begins to topple from that side wall.

The two giants stop having sex to go see what is going on. Madison rushes over and pulls the man out. The man hugs him tightly since he feared he was going to die and squeezes Madison?s huge back hard.

Madison lightly rubs the man?s back too and picks him up to hold him. He recognizes him and says it will be alright Russell. Gabriel is standing over by the wall as he knocks down the rest of it for the heck of it. As Madison hugs Russell, he turns to give Gabe a wink as the huge men know what they want to do next.

Rather than being rough like his master, Madison is much more loving in his approach to coax his convert into becoming like him. Russell looks extremely scared as he leans against Madison?s enormous roid gut.

The big brute pets Russell?s short hair and smirks as he stares into his small admirer?s green eyes and pulls him up to lightly kiss him. Russell is apprehensive at first but is hypnotized by Madison?s approach and relaxes his body. Gabe growls in the background as he senses another man joining the clan of giants.

He stomps over and wraps his huge arms around Madison as he shoves his cock inside his hole. He starts fucking the big hulk as Madison continues to kiss Russell making him trust him. The small admirer stops kissing to talk a little bit about how he has always wanted to date Madison.

The hulk growls as he listens and feels Gabe getting ready to fill him up with more cum. Russell watches intently as Madison?s pecs bounce slowly as his nipples twitch dripping droplets of milk down his enormous gut. The admirer licks his lips wanting badly to nurse them but he still feels like it might be too dangerous.

Gabe finally cums again inside Madison as the giant hulk moans deeply. He nearly drops Russell before realizing he is still holding him and lifts him up and against his body. Russell reaches down to rub Madison?s forest of brown fur and looks into his eyes which makes the sexy hulk look into his.

?I??uhh?..find you incredibly hot and?..oh gawd?..i am so afraid of you though?..but you make me want to experience you.?

Madison?s furry face lights up as he slowly pets Russell?s face and short reddish hair. Gabe pulls out of Madison and proceeds to go over and rip the small admirer?s clothes off but Madison shoves him away.

?NO GABE! He is my convert I want to make this as comfortable for him as possible. He is obviously someone we can trust in case something happens.?

Gabe looks a bit miffed and punches his fist through another window. He lets Madison control the situation though and drops to the ground as he shakes the whole floor. More walls crack as the floor shakes making more stuff crash.

Madison turns back to face Russell and rolls his eyes. Russell starts to rub his immense chest and again and slowly kisses it. The big hulk moans and puts his huge hands up his satin shirt and down his pleated pants.

He slowly moves his admirer down his pecs to his nipples which are still slowly dripping milk. Russell sticks his tongue out and catches the milk. He shutters as it makes his body tingle like he is experiencing life for the first time. Madison pushes him into his pecs and motions for him to suck his nipples. Russell locks his lips on both of them as he drains the milk like a hungry puppy.

?MMMMM yeah that is a good boy. You won?t regret this Russell. I can?t wait to see what you will look like as a red bull.?

Russell stops sucking to stare up at his master. He wonders what he means by this as the hulk moves him down to service his huge gut. Russell runs his tongue between the giant slabs and even punches them.

Madison groans and lightly punches his admirer in his back which makes him shake. Russell does it again though and realizes that he enjoys this. He feels his cock pushing against his pants as he reaches down to massage it.

?Oh yeah Russell you know you want this. There is just one more hurdle for you now. My cock is waiting to feed you so why don?t you get to work.?

Russell feels the hot rod pounding against his shirt as it stains it with a river of precum. He rubs it against his neck and face and looks up at his new master. Madison lovingly rubs his admirer?s head and reaches down to rub the cockhead against Russell?s lips.

Russell opens his mouth and licks the pre pouring from his master?s cock. It isn?t long before he feels the engorged log pushing further into his throat. Gabe can now sense another change coming from over on the side as his cock stands up and his nipples begin leaking again.

Madison slowly fucks Russell?s face as he keeps draining pre down Russell?s throat. The convert is relaxing now as he lets himself give in to his desires. He grips Madison?s massive ass and moans as he feels his master getting closer.

They can hear Gabe on the side growling as he pets himself and makes fucking motions in the air. The giant sitting hulk is making his pecs swell bigger as they fill up with more milk and his cock flows more pre.

?Are you ready Russell? There is no turning back now man, you will become a new man??right?..*feels it moving into his cock*?!?

Russell chokes as the giant rush flows into his stomach as well as the rest of his body. The changes begin almost immediately as the bottom two buttons on his shirt pop off as his stomach grows to resemble a giant roid gut. As Madison finishes cumming, he pulls his cock out so Russell can deal with his transformation.


?It won?t take too long Russell, just let it take its course you won?t regret it I promise.?

Russell?s lower body grows like crazy as his pants split almost instantly making room for his reddish fur covered quads and calves which nearly triple in size. The fabric hangs in the wind as his waist makes quick work of the rest of his pants. His underwear rips and exposes the giant forest of hair above his growing blond cock. Madison moans loudly as he loves the dramatic changes.

Russell puts his head in his hands as his growing back splits his shirt in half as the giant muscles bust out the sides exposing his huge lats. His arms retain their reddish appearance as a gorgeous cluster of veins run up his growing arms as they shred the sleeves.

The thick beefy muscle runs up to his growing shoulders and traps as he rears back and destroys the front of his shirt as buttons go flying into Madison?s body as his pecs swell up to three times their size as they push against his face. His neck thickens to match his newly muscular face which has grown a thicker reddish coat.

?You are almost done Russell. I just need to help you out a little bit.?

Madison clasps his hands and pulls him into him as he pulls the rest of the fabric off of him and moves down to rub Russell?s newly formed furry pecs. He lightly licks the nips which makes Russell jump in ecstasy. His master laughs and knows that it is overwhelming.

Madison works them over aggressively as Russell feels them reacting. He can feel something happening on the inside as milk ducts begin to form. Gabe growls over by the side again as he feels himself getting close to cumming.

?MMMMM Russell, feed me your milk, I want to taste your delicious nectar.?

Russell slowly starts dripping on to Madison?s tongue as he works both pecs over and over until it flows freely. The two men begin to get quite heated as Gabe explodes all over himself as he coats his entire body in hot jizz and pounds his engorged pecs as they shoot milk all over his legs and the floor. It looks like it will be another hot session for the three giants.
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