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Old April 2nd, 2014, 08:59 AM
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BB Book Store part 2

Hi guys,

I have been in the hinterlands of non connectivity and have miss y'all.

My faithful old pc finally kicked the bucket and I have been trawling through the wreckage and found this. I can't seem to find if I posted it here...So here goes.

Please enjoy.
It was just one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. Richard was a runner for a local PR company and he hated it. The job should have been sweet, meeting new people every day and doing projects for the big and famous. What did these guys do ? They designed websites and did adverts for dog food and baby powder. Richards ,job ? Well, he could source lattes from any number of shops in the area in 10 minutes flat.
?A great achievement that? he thought to himself disconsolately as he started out of the office on yet another coffee run.
?This job sucks? thought the 20 year old. At 5ft 8 he was average height in fact he was pretty much average everything. He wasn't an unattractive kid but was carrying a little extra weight here and there. His hair needed cutting, it was a little to long and was a bit too greasy, He had a few spots on his face and his nose seemed a little too pug like giving him a slightly piggy look, His chin was a little double but when he smiled his face lit up and his pale grey eyes sparkled. He just wasn't that happy that he smiled to often at the moment.
Let's face it his main hobbies were watching re-runs of STNG and WoW, with maybe a little date with madame palm and her five lovely daughters. He was lonely and a little sad but he deserved more. He was a good worker to with a creative flair that wasn't recognised by his employers. He needed a change.
As he wandered the streets, taking the long route to the coffee shop he noticed a new bookshop he'd never seen before. Which was weird as the place looked like it had always been there.
They also had a small coffee area.
?Cool? he smiled to himself. He could kill 2 birds with one stone here.
He pushes the door open that jingles with the sound of an old fashioned bell at the top of the door. The shop is well lit at the front where the counter and the coffee shop area are, The assistant looks up from his book and smiles in welcome.
?Good morning, welcome to the BB book store? he says as he finds and marks his place in the book before he puts it on the counter.
?Hi? says Richard shyly as he hands over a list of coffees for his colleagues
The assistant takes the note and looks at it and smiles.
?No problem with this. Although these will take a few minutes to do? He gestures to the stacks that lead into the shadows at the rear of the shop.
?Why not take a look around and see if there's something that catches your eye??
?Sure, thanks? Richard feels himself colour slightly under the guys rather intense stare. He can't put his finger on it but there's something about this guy.

He walks back into the stacks of the shop and starts looking at the shelves and their contents, There's all the usual stuff. Fiction and reference off all types, he stops for a minute or two at the sci-fi section before he looks up and notices the biography section. It is huge. The whole section takes up the entire back wall of the shop.
Richard starts to look at the books and soon realises he's never heard of any of the people in these books.
Kyne Stanton ?The lives and loves of a rockstar?
Aiden Riddick ?Running back but never backwards. A footballers tale?

and so on. One in particular caught his eye, it seemed to have fallen onto a shelf on its own. He picked it up. It was a large thick book with a picture of a man half in shadow on the cover, It was the eyes that got him. They were a very strange shade of blue, quite dark for a blue almost purple in the shadowed light of the shop.
The title read

Kayne Richards, Play Hard Fight Dirty.

Richard found himself licking his lips as he brushed the cover of the book before he opened it to the first page...

He started to read

Chapter 1

Kayne Richards was born in January 1976 to an East London couple, his mother work in a local pub and his father owned and ran the local boxing gym, occasionally hosting and taking part in prize fights much to his wife?s chagrin.
When Kayne was born Craig Richards gave up the prize fighting and concentrated on making the gym a decent business with which he could support his family. Kaynes mother Margaret or Peggy as she is known gave up the pub to look after their new baby boy who was born weighing in at 12lb 3 oz.
He was a quiet child who never seemed to cry and his mother said he had very pale blue eyes at that age and would often just stare at people.
As he grew up Kayne adopted his parents work ethic and tried hard at school. Whilst not the greatest academic he was a good lad, who stood up for his friends and got into a few scrapes but usually won through. His father owned a boxing gym after all...
He got his nose broken at 15 in a fight involving a girl he liked and the man who would later become his best friend and eventual manager Chris Sutton....

Richard looked away from the page for a second and rubbed the bridge of his nose. It felt a little sore. It must be from when he was wearing his specs this morning. This book seemed quite interesting. He glanced at the picture at the bottom of the next page and it showed Kayne with his parents at 16 ?Kayne and his family celebrate his first championship boxing win?

Richard continued to read...

Kayne won several more trophies after leaving school and he started to work with his father at the gym. Always fit it was in 1994 that Kayne persuaded his dad to start diversifying and moved onto weight training, power lifting and body-building at the gym. Kayne Was a fast learner and took to the weights like a seasoned pro. He loved the sound of metal on metal and the heat and atmosphere of the gym. He was always there even on his days of, encouraging the long timers and teaching the newbies.
He won his first competition for body-building in June of 1996.

Richards neck felt stiff and a little sore, the thick muscles stretched his collar making it a little tight so he had to undo the button on his shirt. His shoulders and arms made the shirt seem a little tight too.
?Must be putting on a little weight? he thought to himself. Not noticing that fact that the short sleeves on his arms were revealing new and powerful forearms and decent biceps that made the sleeves bunch when he held the book. The fact that he was 2 inches taller than when he'd started reading went unnoticed to, leaving him at 5ft 10inches.

He continued reading

Late in 1996 Chris Sutton, Kaynes long-time friend from school persuaded him to give up boxing and concentrate on body-building alone. Kayne agreed with the exceptional genetics he had there was only one way to go. Up. Sadly in 1997 Kaynes mother passed away from cancer but not before she told him that he had no limits with what he could do with his life. His father also became unwell at this time and passed full ownership of the gym to his son. Kayne up the stakes in the business converting it to a full Iron heaven. The boxing gym rights were sold on and re-located just across the road but Kaynes love was body-building. With suttons encouragement he decided to take his body to the next level.. going from respectable junior weight of 175lbs he put on another 20lbs of muscle in that first intensive year....

Richards neck cricked as he twisted it. The big traps rising up through the collar and forcing it apart. The shirt was now riding above his waistline by about 3 inches just showing a sight of the delicious set of abs nestled underneath. His strong Pecs just starting to push the buttons apart. His jeans were starting to look like waders as they began to work their way upwards they were getting so tight that he had to keep re-adjusting his balls to get comfortable. His legs seemed to be stretching too...His shoes felt to small and Richard felt warm and sweaty. Something weird was happening here.

He glances down at the book with the Pictures of Kayne and Chris in their early years at Kaynes gym and there is an almost familiar feel to them. The story has Richard engrossed now and he continues his journey into another mans life.

Kayne Richards entered several competitions over the next few years not always winning but placing highly in them. His body continued to improve. The gym business thrived as more and more customers joined and eventually in 2000 at the turn of the millennium Kayne took a year off and all but disappeared from the UK body-building scene to look after his ailing father. Kayne passed the company responsibilities onto Sutton and still continued to train in private at his home in the East end where he still lived with his dad.
Sadly 6 months after passing on the company to Sutton Kaynes beloved dad died.
He took the loss hard but never gave up on his dream and 6 months later blasted back onto the UK scene at an outstanding 224 lbs of mass and muscle. He had managed to put on another 30lbs of muscle in the year he had taken off and now was a force to be reckoned with on the UK scene. He re-joined the business with a new vigour and double his muscle building efforts, also opening 4 new gyms in and around London over the next few years. He continued to add muscle and was noted for his fun posing routines and quirky sense of humour on stage...

Richard found it hard to breathe. His shirt ripped on his back as his lats spread out, thick and glorious, a true wall of muscle capped at the top by delts and traps that belonged to the gods themselves. His biceps finally tore their way through themselves through his short sleeves and rose up in all of their veined perfect glory..His forearms rippled with power and a trace work of veins bulged and moved beneath the paper like skin which appeared to be darker in the dim light of the shop. Richard knew this wasn't normal and something was happening to him, it was like he was being over-written. It was odd but not an unpleasant feeling. He looked down at the book he now knew he had to read from the end. He felt his crotch get tighter as he saw the pictures of Kayne winning his next two UK shows and then heading for the USA...

Kayne Richards exploded onto the US body-building scene in September 2004 when at 6ft 4inches and weighing in at an incredible 254lb he placed 4th in the Super-heavyweight category and over all just pushing the amazing Dexter Jackson into 5th place. His idol Ronnie Coleman who took the Olympia that year for the 7th year running was heard commenting he should watch his crown this was an incredible feat for the young challenger. It was commented that his mass was outstanding and he was very popular with the audience.
Kayne was thrilled with the placing but to him it wasn't enough and he went back to London to his own gym and went back to basics.
Over the next year Kayne was a man possessed and brought in as much help as he could even training with the greats like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman as well as up and comers Jay Cutler and Branch Warren both of whom had been on the scene for a while... Then tragedy struck. Kayne was injured with a rotator cuff two months prior to the 2005 Mr Olympia and was going to be out of action for several months.
Kayne was devastated all his hard work had come to nothing. He had kept out of the limelight concentrating on his growth and focusing on the areas that had let him down the previous year. He held his head high and even though he couldn't compete still attended the Olympia and fully clothed it was obvious he had put on a huge amount of mass. He was weighed on stage and came in at a staggering 282lb. When asked to take off his shirt the blond behemoth smiled and winked at the audience promising them next year was his. Ronnie took the crown again that year and jokingly handed the trophy to Kayne to try on for size. They both received a standing ovation....

Richards jeans now hurt. He had to get them off. He managed to undo the buttons but it wasn't really necessary as a loud rip was heard as his massive legs and body-builder ass tore through the back of his jeans. He tugged at the front of them tearing the rags away revealing the massive pillars of stone that were his legs. The separations and cuts of his thighs was amazing. Perfect. Massive. Muscle.
?Oh yeah?,thought Richards. ?This is the stuff.?
He briefly caressed his cock in his boxers, readjusting them in their new airier housing. He turned his head and glanced into the glass of a display case and realised the full extent of the changes. His monstrous traps and shoulders had all but destroyed the collar and top of his shirt his chest and biceps did the rest leaving the wreckage strewn around his godlike body just like a vest. He saw his handsome face in the glass, the nose had once been broken but it made his craggy face manlier somehow. His light hair contrasted with the strange dark blue eyes and made this a face that anybody could fall for. He felt the itching as he caught part of the transformation as veins seemed to snake up from his now exposed size 14 feet .
They travelled up the monstrous globular calves. Popping out in relief in and the diamond and moving up to the calves that were so solid they could barely be human. He felt them move up to his abs which he revealed by pulling of the now useless shirt to reveal an 8 pack that would make the Greek gods weep with jealousy. They twisted around his back screw the road map. This was a map of the world in all its perfect massive, veiny, monstrous sweaty glory. His neck was practically a jumble of veins and muscle held in place by ridiculous huge traps and shoulders. The veins snaked through them. Touching and raising the skin everywhere, bringing the blood to every part of the engorged muscle freaks body. The arms were the last. Veins coursed through his biceps raising and swelling the peaks and dividing them over the tops perfectly. They criss-crossed the forearms making them almost alien sculptures of anatomy. And finished finally on his huge, hard, callused hands. Hands so muscular they had trouble gripping the thin spine of the book which had previously seemed so large.

?What the hell?? Thought Richard/Kayne.
?Excuse me?? said a voice.
Richard/Kayne looked around
?Yes?? his deep voice rumbled when he answered the assistant.
?Sorry, sir your coffee is ready? said the assistant.
Kayne/Richard walked dazedly through the stacks to the front counter. Half naked and still clutching the book but the assistant didn't bat an eye.
?Did you find something you liked?? said the man innocently still not acknowledging the magical transformation of the PR runner.
?Er yeah? Rumbled Kayne/Richard.
?Now sir, as you are a new customer here I have two special offers for you.? He said.
?The first is, please take the coffee with my compliments?
?The second is...That you can bring the book back any-time you like and I will refund you totally for any dissatisfaction that has occurred? The man smiled at his bemused customer.
Kayne Richards smiled at the assistant.
Kayne/Richards took all of 3 seconds to decide. He made his choice and suddenly felt a little dizzy.

?Cool, thanks for that man?Said the now 312lb off-season muscle monster.
His clothes continued to change leaving him wearing a black stringer training vest and combat shorts over tan Cat boots. His blonde hair was cut close and his blue eyes twinkled as he grabbed his coffee and walked to the door after paying for the book. His huge legs rolling around each other in a perfect muscular gait at the door he paused and turned around smiling.
?Any time you want to train just pop over the road? said Kayne Richards the still reigning Mr Olympia,

As he left the door the bell jingled.

The assistant smiled to himself and proceeded to wipe the counter free of non-existent dust.
"You gotta let yourself go. Get some SIZE into it"
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I'm thinking I must have put this on before...

Thanks for the new thanks guys :-)
"You gotta let yourself go. Get some SIZE into it"
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Originally Posted by tattcub View Post
I'm thinking I must have put this on before...

Thanks for the new thanks guys :-)
You have, but it's a great repeat!

Keep up the good work!
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