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Spice Part 42

by Mad Dog and Mr. X

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Peter Stockwell stood outside the locker room, bronzer washed off, his jacket open to reveal his huge pecs, freaky abs, and the first place medal that hung from his thick neck, resting across his meaty chest. He'd pulled on some sweatpants as well, but wasn't leaving just yet. He gave a smile to Colin, who had his own second place medal from the adult division. "Be there in a minute, babe. Can you warm the car up?" He gave Colin an affectionate kiss on the cheek, then turned his attentions back to the locker room door. His face hardening once more. After waiting a moment, he went in. He strode through the room, toward the sound of laughing voices. It made his stomach twist, what he had to do, but it had to be done. "Phil..." he growled, as he approached his nephew and the strange bemohawked bear that Phil seemed to have become attached to. "We need to talk."

Brick saw the look on Peter's face and the smile wiped itself from his face in an instant. He took one of his calloused hands and used it to remove Phil's mitt from his lifter's butt that it had been placed on during their walk. "Uh, I'll leave you two to talk in private..." he said softly in his deep voice, trying to avoid Peter's steely gaze. Clearly even though Brick was a powerful man on his own, Peter's 6'5"+ height and 500+ lb. bulk intimidated him, just like it intimidated everyone else.

Peter's glare confirmed that Brick's presence was unwanted by the huge man. Brick looked back and Phil one time, and the younger man gave a slight nod, permission to go. As Brick left, Phil stood up, looking up at Peter, square in the eye. "Congratulations on first place, Uncle Peter," Phil said evenly. But the stern look on Peter's face gave Phil pause, and started to make him worry. He filled the nervousness with babble. "You were a shoo-in, we all thought, but after Dan and Brandon, you never know..." Phil's voice trailed off, and he looked up at Peter again. Now a big man himself, Phil felt small again, standing before Peter's sheer mass.

"Young man, I have a feeling you know what I mean to talk to you about," Peter said sternly, crossing his massive arms over his enormous chest. The effect made both groups of muscles bulge spectacularly. It was a good thing that his jacket wasn't zipped up... it wouldn't have been able to stand up to the onslaught of meat otherwise.

Phil couldn't help a gulp as he heard Peter's low voice, as he watched the huge man cross his arms - a no-nonsense gesture that caused the shiny first place medal to rise up like a surfer on a rising wave, as Peter's monster pecs were pushed up and out. Phil paled slightly, but he regained his mental footing quickly. "Well, based on the look you gave my boyfriend, just a minute ago, I'm guessing you're not too keen on him... Is it the hair? I kinda like that look on him." Phil tried a cheeky, confident smile, but his nervousness showed through.

"Phil, I know I'm not your real father, but ever since you came to stay with me, I've thought of myself as a parental figure for you. And it's with that feeling of responsibility that I have to tell you that Brick is totally inappropriate for a boy your age," he said, his eyes never leaving Phil's. Phil was used to men's eyes roaming around his body by now, gazing at his enormous pecs or his bulging arms or the way his ass looked in a pair of pants. It was humbling to see that Peter cared for none of this.

Phil was surprised, and abashed at the same time. And maybe a bit angry, as well. "Uncle Peter... I... I'm legal age in this state, you know..." Phil's cheeks were starting to flush. "I, um, know you mean well, but Brick is such a great guy!" Unconsciously, Phil chewed his lower lip in nervousness. "Please, Uncle Peter, I know you mean well, but can't you see that Brick and I have something good?" Phil knew that he and Brick hadn't been together that long. And that he'd had a few relationships before. And frankly, some of his outings to the B?r Bar had resulted in evenings saturated with sex with men who were older than him... older than Brick even! But Brick was different somehow, Phil just knew it. How could he get Peter to understand this? He couldn't find the words, and stood there, cheeks flushed, his big chest rising and falling, a bit more rapidly than before, owing to his agitation. Probably not the most adult response, he realized, but he couldn't help it! Not allowed to see Brick? Impossible!

"How would I know? Obviously you felt a need to keep him a secret from me. And how can I not be suspicious of a man his age chasing after a teenager? Phil, you're too young to realize this, but usually when a man like that isn't interested in more age-appropriate partners, it's a warning. You're inexperienced and it's going to be easy for some men to take advantage of you, I fear," he said, attempting to soften his exterior with a genuine show of affection for his nephew while still not relenting in his position.

"I know that!" Phil replied, a bit of heat entering his voice. "You think I haven't figured that out? But Brick is different! I may not be as big as you, Uncle Peter, or as big as Dan, or as big as Uncle Colin... but I'm big. Bigger than Brick. Bigger than most of the men in this town." Phil stood up straighter. Half a foot shorter than Peter, he had to make every eighth of an inch count. "Brick's not a weirdo, Uncle Peter. He's a nice guy, under that mohawk. Works as a programmer, actually. Smart. Maybe a bit of a geek, even. But so am I. He's not taking advantage of me. No more than I'm taking advantage of him."

"I still think it shows what you think of this relationship, that you hid him from me until I had to see you two pawing over each other on stage! I think you need to think long and hard about why you weren't being honest with me about that. And in the meantime, I do not want this 'Brick' fellow to set foot in our house, do you understand me?" he asked, stepping forward, looming high above Phil and using his greater mass to drive his point home. "He is just too old for you."

Phil stared up at Peter in outrage, and then shut his eyes, composing himself before he blurted out something that would really start trouble. Uncle Peter had taken him in, after all, and was trying to watch out for him - even if it was misguided, in Phil's mind. He opened his eyes again slowly, and gave a short nod. "Your house, your rules, Uncle Peter." Phil tried to put a brave face on it, tried to act mature. He hoped if he just took it well enough, Uncle Peter might relent. Alas, things were not so simple. Looking up at Peter, those hard eyes looking determined, staring down at him over that enormous chest, Phil's hopes for a fairy tale plot twist faded quickly, and his heart sank. "No Brick. Got it," he added quietly, his voice sad.

Peter nodded. "All right, then. Hurry up and get in the car, don't forget we have to set up for the after-party," he reminded his nephew, giving him a reassuring pat on the rump before zipping up his jacket and joining Colin and Dan who were doubtless already huddled in the SUV trying to warm up.

Phil pulled on his sweats dejectedly, and grabbed his bag. No Brick. The very thought of it was like being sucked into a deep hole, with no way to climb out. He sighed, and grabbed his bag, heading out after Peter, out toward the car. No Brick. The third place medal against his powerful chest seemed especially cold as he stepped outside, as if it had taken in his mood, rather than the ambient temperature. He was silent when he got into the Stockwell SUV, sitting in the back, staring out the window, lost in his own sad thoughts. No Brick. At the house. Well, at least that was a silver lining. Peter had never thought to prevent him from seeing Brick elsewhere.

Dan had been too busy continuing to chat with Brandon on his cell phone during the car ride and subsequently too busy helping out with last-minute arrangements at home to notice Phil's dark mood. In truth, he was a little too infatuated with his own boyfriend at the moment to notice Phil's troubles. He had felt a swelling of pride (among other things) when Brandon had won first place and then they'd consummated their excitement and passion several times that afternoon in the showers... Even after they'd drained their balls, Dan still felt electric inside when he was around Brandon. It had been not minutes since Brandon went home with his family that Dan called him up to gush some more about how "awesome" the day had been. It was true that Dan's first reaction to his loss had been disappointment and shock that the judges wouldn't find his gigantic physique to be the best, but the sting was quickly overwhelmed by the joy he felt for Brandon. And he was going to keep that good feeling going strong with some spice...

The Stockwell party arrived home soon, the four huge men exiting the SUV, each in a slightly different manner. Dan's excitement translated to his gait, which was energetic despite his massive size. Colin was slightly less so, although the young stud still had plenty of pep, his mood elevated by the competition and his second place finish; he didn't mind coming in second, not when Peter had finished first. Peter was next, his movements purposeful and powerful, showing him to be a man of determination and forcefulness when needed. Phil was last. His broad shoulders slumped slightly, and his bag hung limply as he carried it inside. Slowly he went up the stairs, up to his room, up to be alone with his misery. He couldn't believe he had to be at this damn party... with the one person he wanted there most excluded by decree. He flopped onto his bed, lying back on it, staring at the ceiling. He'd even shaved off his body hair for this stupid competition. How could everything have gone so wrong, just in the last hour?

Since all of the men had been at the competition that day, they'd catered the event and it was Dan's job to pick up and bring back the food. Big mistake, he chuckled to himself as he drove the trays of food home. Of course he was planning on spicing the food. But the trick to this, he thought to himself, was going to be avoiding having Phil get any of the tainted treats. He remembered how much of a wallop it had packed in just a small dose the last time and he didn't like how unpredictable his cousin's reactions to it had been of late. So he took a marker out of his pocket before bringing in the food and made a little note on the side of the tray of the foods he hadn't spiced, in order to make it easy for him to serve Phil exclusively from those. Otherwise, he'd dumped a fair bit of spice on the rest of the offerings, knowing that the way it would be spread among all the dozens of men it would end up being a significant dose for all involved... himself included.

Guests began to arrive soon thereafter. Big, muscular men, they set their coats and sweatpants aside on entering, stripping down to their posing straps. There was a great deal of hand shaking and back slapping, not to mention plenty of flexing. The common areas on the ground floor of the house soon began to warm up even more, part from the heat generated by so many big bodies, and in part by the excitement many of them had for each other. There were congratulations, of course, for all of the winners of the contests. A number came up to Dan, congratulating him on his win, even if it was second place. Some told him they thought his size should have carried the day, while others allowed that Brandon Dumarque's muscles were exceptionally beautifully-shaped, and perhaps it was a close contest after all. Phil was in his room at the beginning, but came down after being called. His bearded face was a mask of stoic pleasantness. As a member of the host family, he had to perform, after all. He headed toward the kitchen, where the smells of good food wafted from.

Dan was doing his duty, flexing for the guys, blushing and chuckling at some of the more forward men who put their admiring hands on his glutes or quads or lats for a few moments too long. Considering how many of the men in attendance that he'd spiced, no one's poser was looking sad and empty, but he was still a bit surprised at how many "accidental" rubs his pouch was getting from the other guys. He'd been huge for so long that sometimes Dan deduced he'd lost a realistic sense of scale. When he saw Phil's bulky form strut over to the kitchen to graze from the food trays, he quickly exited the conversation he was in and went to intercept his cousin before his plan amounted to nothing.

Phil looked over the trays of food. His stomach told him he was hungry, as had often been the case, ever since he started putting all this muscle on. He marveled at its ability to process vast quantities of food, without compromising its trim shape. Sure, he had gotten wider, these last few months, including his middle. But his waist had seemed to add size in muscle, rather than fat or gut. He thought briefly of Brick, his adorable bear, with the mohawk and musclegut. Phil sighed and rubbed his own stomach absentmindedly, feeling the ridges of his abs. He had no enthusiasm for eating, tonight. Out of the corner of one eye he saw a large figure approach. When he looked up, it was Dan. "Hey big guy," Phil said, a weak smile on his face. He looked back at the food trays. "What's good here, tonight?"

"Ah, well, let me get you some of the chicken over here, it's high in protein," Dan said, grateful that he'd gotten over to Phil before he'd stocked up on spice-infused food. He'd have a hard time explaining why he wanted to separate Phil from his chow, the boy could be downright possessive ever since his appetite started growing. Dan loaded up some un-spiced chicken breasts, brown rice and vegetable medley onto Phil's plate. It was only when he looked down to give Phil his food that he saw the glum look on his cousin's face. "Whoa, hey, what's goin' on, cuz?" he asked, knitting his brow in concern.

Phil accepted the plate, looking down at the chicken breasts, brown rice, and veggies. He'd eaten this a lot, lately. But it made sense, at a bodybuilder party. He cast a quick glance at the other trays. It was mostly the same, actually, although some of the items looked a bit different, as if they had a slightly different coloration. Different cooking method? Different ingredients? He looked up at Dan, processing his huge cousin's question. "Oh. Uh. Nothing, Dan..." Phil replied quietly, lowering his eyes, hoping Dan wouldn't see the lie. He sighed, as he could feel Dan's eyes boring into him, concern and curiosity together. He looked up at him, and knew the "oh it's nothing" bit wasn't going to get him far. "Um. Brick isn't here. And, uh, that's because your dad doesn't approve. Of him. Of us, really. Thinks I'm too young, Brick's too old, it's weird, creepy, whatever." Phil's big shoulders sank dejectedly. "Your Dad's house, Dan. I'm really grateful that you guys gave me a roof. So your dad's rules."

"Dad said that?" Dan said, scratching his chin. "I mean, have you looked at him and Colin? Colin's like half his age, almost," he laughed, pointing out the flaw in his father's logic. "I mean, if it's okay for them, why isn't it okay for you?" Seems like a double standard if you ask me," he shrugged, killing an itch at his crotch, making his package wag heavily in his poser.

Phil nodded in agreement, but his expression didn't change. "I know. I nearly said that to him but... well... I am grateful for all he's done for me. For everything that all of you have. And I don't want to rock the boat too much. I don't want to seem ungrateful. And, um," Phil blushed a bit, and a hint of a grin appeared on his face. "Your dad's pretty imposing, when he wants to be, Dan. I mean, obviously he's a big guy, but when he was talking to me today, after the competition... and he kind of stepped up to me, looking down over that big chest... Fuck Dan, it really hit me just how huge your dad is. He's a hard man to argue with, when he puts himself out full-force. No wonder they all jump to do what he says with his job and all." Phil's eyes wandered down to where Dan had scratched, watching the young hulk's huge cock move side to side, ponderous and powerful. A grin broke out on Phil's face, and he tore his eyes from the huge package, and looked up at Dan's face. "But you probably don't really get that, huh? I mean, damn dude, you're actually bigger than your dad!"

"Yup," Dan said proudly, going into a most-muscular just because he could. He saw Phil's eyes go wide as his muscles inflated with size, the blood being pushed into them, the fibers being asked to squeeze themselves into impenetrably hard configurations, his skin seeming like it could almost tear over the massive, rippling collections of brawn that covered his body. After having his fun awing Phil, he relaxed, looking no less impressive in repose. "Well if I know my dad, he probably figured out himself how hypocritical he sounded after he cooled off. I can't count the number of times Dad went off on me and thought better of it later. Maybe he'll relax tomorrow or in a week from now or a month from now... who knows? But from what I've seen of Brick, and I admit it's quite a bit, he seems like an okay guy. And he makes you happy, so that helps," Dan smiled, squeezing his little cousin on his boulder-like deltoid in reassurance.

The small grin that had been growing on Phil's face widened. The display of Dan's huge muscles was impressive - Phil couldn't help a slight twitch in his own posing trunks as he watched. But what really brightened his mood was Dan's confidence that Uncle Peter would change his mind. He grinned broadly up at Dan as his huge cousin squeezed his shoulder affectionately. Phil grabbed one of the chicken breasts on his plate and tore into it with his teeth, looking up at Dan, making a joking show of devouring it messily. He finished it off in no time, his hunger suddenly back. "Thanks for the reassurance, big guy," Phil said, showing off a little bit of chicken between his front teeth. "I'm going to finish this plate, then mingle a bit. Now that I won't scare off any guests with my dreariness."

Just as Phil finished speaking, the front door opened. In strode Mr. Hoffer, already down to his posers, his shiny first place medal hanging from his bull neck, nestled between his huge pecs. He looked around the room, smirking, and gave his big pecs a few bounces, before heading over toward Dan, Phil, and the buffet.

"Mr. Hoffer, I was starting to think you wouldn't show up!" Dan said with a smile on his face. It had been an hour since the party began and it seemed the grocer preferred to be fashionably late. "Can I interest you in some food?" he asked, not waiting to hear an answer before he started piling spiced items onto the older man's plate.

Mr. Hoffer strode to Dan's side, a feral grin on his weathered face. "I had a few things to take care of, before coming over..." he replied smoothly. "And food would be most appreciated. I seem to have worked up quite an appetite." He watched approvingly as Dan heaped food onto a plate. His stare contained two types of hungers - hunger for the food being served, and hunger for the young hunk serving it. "You were magnificent on stage today," Hoffer added, putting a strong hand on one of Dan's huge shoulders, giving the giant delts an approving squeeze. "Brandon is quite fetching, of course, and very nicely put together... but you know me... I like my boys big... really big..." Hoffer's hand traveled down Dan's massive back, feeling the powerful mountain ranges resident there, down to cup Dan's huge glutes. Hoffer gave one a slow squeeze, loving the feel of Dan's powerful ass in his hands. "Mmm... love the taste of beef, boy..." he growled. Phil, shocked to see this level of forwardness, turned red in the face, and slowly moved away, toward the crowd with his plate of food. Hoffer paid him no mind, having found his favorite prey.

Dan had to stifle a moan at the contact and blushed. Brandon was at this party, of course, making his own rounds of congratulations thanks to his win, and if he saw Hoffer pawing at him as nakedly as the man was now, he wasn't sure what the reaction would be. "Th-thanks, sir," he gasped, blushing, unconsciously flexing his glute in the man's broad hand, making it swell and harden, like certain other parts of his anatomy...

Hoffer growled in approval, feeling Dan's glute flex. He squeezed the firm muscle, feeling the fibers, reveling in the size of it. "Enjoy the party, Dan..." he purred, "I'll be claiming this later..." He squeezed Dan's ass with sudden strength, using enough force that even Dan's thick muscle was forced to yield to it. Hoffer grinned ferally and then released Dan, giving the young stud's ass an admiring pat before moving off into the crowd once more. Dan's powerful glute stung a bit from the force of Hoffer's ministrations, but the huge young hulk couldn't deny the raw sexual energy the older man put out. Thinking back, Dan was amazed by what the spice had unleashed in the mature grocer - and the man had just left with a plateful of spiced food!

Then again, just about everyone at the party had been enjoying spiced food. And Dan figured it was high time he joined the fun. He piled up his own plate and loaded one up for his boyfriend as well. He found Brandon doing a double biceps pose for the owner of the local bank, a man standing 5'9" and weighing a magnificent 240 lbs of muscle, one of the few men taking part in the competition that hadn't been dosed by Dan. He felt a bit guilty that a prize that this man would've normally had a shot at had been taken. He realized he didn't always seem to think through the consequences of what would happen when he spiced some guys but not others. Well, at the very least he could rationalize that he'd probably eat plenty of spiced food tonight to make up for it. "Can I borrow this stud for a moment?" he asked, leaning over to give Brandon a peck on his handsome cheek.

Brandon blushed happily at the attention, turning to Dan, and pulling his huge bodyfriend down for a long, slow kiss. "Glad to finally see you..." Brandon said with a laugh. "Well, it's not that I couldn't see you... you're hard to miss... but you've been busy. Host duties, I guess. Glad you could find time for me." Brandon put on a mock pout, but couldn't hold the act for long, and quickly broke into a grin.

The muscular banker, standing to the side, grinned as well. "I'll leave you two boys alone," he laughed, "I've been meaning to hit the food anyway. Smells fantastic!" He trotted off, his muscular body impressive, but small in this crowd of spice-enhanced men. Not that the banker minded, of course. A town that suddenly had numerous muscular men in residence had proved quite enjoyable for him. The fact that he was no longer one of the biggest lifters at the Pit was a change, but the sudden size and variety of available manflesh eased the sting of that considerably.

"Mmff," Dan grunted, enjoying the intimate contact with his boyfriend. "I'll always find time for you, sexy. Here, I brought you some muscle fuel," he chuckled. How right he was, Brandon had no idea. "You've been popular yourself, though," he pointed out, handing Brandon his plate. "Your celebrity isn't going to change our relationship, is it?" he said in mock-pout right back at him.

Brandon grinned, and took a few long, slow bites of spiced chicken, making sure to draw out the chewing of it, making his lips dance in front of Dan. "Well, I don't know..." he replied, his voice coy and playful, "...if my hunky boyfriend neglects me, I might have to find comfort in the arms of another man..." Brandon raised one eyebrow significantly. But the effort didn't last long, as he struggled to avoid giggling. Failing, he succumbed to a round of laughs, glad that he had already swallowed the chicken. "I doubt I could replace you, Daniel Stockwell. I'm sure that I could probably find another big-dicked muscleman around here, of course, but how many of them would have your unique combination of size and charm?" Brandon's voice dropped, becoming low and seductive. "How many of them would torment me at night with artistic visions of supreme eroticism, forcing me to get up in the middle of the night, as I paint furiously, trying to translate my vision onto canvas?" Brandon's voice dropped again, even lower. "How many of them can hit my prostate so hard I see stars, and still have half their cock outside me?" Brandon put one hand on one of Dan's immense pecs, and slowly stroked it. "No, I don't think you're replaceable, Daniel Stockwell. Damn you." Brandon's seductive tone vanished at the end, replaced with a laugh.

"Holy fuck, Bran, you want me to cock-out of my poser?" Dan whimpered, his genitals dangerously close to doing just that. "I mean, it's not even 8:30 yet," he nervously chuckled, chomping down on some of his own food. He saw Officer Dick go by, chatting up Coach Howard, comparing lifting routines.

Brandon chuckled, and let his hand slowly drift across Dan's huge chest, before reluctantly removing it. "I guess you probably have host duties. Or something ridiculous like that," he sighed. But his grin remained, and his voice lowered to a mischievous purr. "As tempted as I am to work on arousing you until you pop out of those posers, that might be considered disruptive. So I'll leave you be, for now, while I grab a bite. But have no fear, Daniel Stockwell. I'm going to have you in blissful agony, tonight. Mark my words. That dick is mine!" Brandon finished off his declaration with uncharacteristic vehemence, then settled back into a smile. He took a forkful of rice from his plate, chewed it thoughtfully, and turned to go - making sure that he let his knuckles briefly drag against Dan's bulging poser. Brandon grinned as he saw the big man shudder. "Till then, hunky..." he purred, walking over to where Stan Enwright was chatting with the banker. The English teacher looked a little uncomfortable, his poser looking ready to spill out his huge cock, but he was holding up remarkably well. Occasionally, he and Red would share a glance that would set Stan's cheeks aflame.

Dan gobbled up his food, wondering when the spice would start hitting everyone. He continued to make the rounds, until he noticed sounds coming from the jacuzzi room that his father had built. Peter had rationalized that due to their shared interest in working out, it would pay to have something in the house to help soothe sore muscles. Instead, it was a regular make-out spot for Peter and Colin after a long day at work. Dan was surprised someone was using it so early into the evening and decided to pop in to satiate his curiosity, his cock very nearly leading the way.

Of all the pairings Dan might have expected, the one that he saw surprised him the most. Edward Smythe, the once-frail librarian, was using his considerable sexual experience on Frank Skaggs, the town mayor! Frank's powerful arms gripped the sides of the jacuzzi firmly and his head was thrown back, mouth open to moan softly. Had his eyes been open, he would have been staring into the starry night. Ed was riding the mayor's big cock like a pro, nuzzling at Frank's thick neck, his meaty traps, his strong shoulders. Using lips and tongue and teeth, Ed lavished attention on the muscular mayor, pulling on earlobes, sucking on lips, lapping at jawlines. Frank was shaking with ecstasy, and had to bring his meaty arms behind his head, trying to contain any urges that might interfere with Ed's fantastic work. As much as he wanted to grab the lithe yet well-muscled librarian and have his way with him, he knew that Ed would take him beyond anything he could hope to achieve on his own. Frank loved to fuck, but Ed was a sexual artist; his lifetime of skill had the good mayor mad with lust, as Ed toyed with the bigger man's body, finding every erogenous zone accessible to him and working it over like a master violinist caresses his instrument.

A well-placed lick across his traps elicited a thunderous moan from the brawny politician, his muscles tensing all over as the librarian serviced him. His cock must've done something wonderful inside of Ed as the librarian grunted in pleasure in return, arching his back, spreading his thick pecs momentarily before grinning like the cat that ate the canary and diving back into Frank's slabs of muscles, working them over with worshipful lust. The two men were obviously in no hurry. Frank wasn't even bucking his hips into the librarian's ass. His cock was just ramrod stiff, sitting inside of Ed's ass, encased by warm flesh. The bubbling water around them only added to both men's excitement as Ed enjoyed the mayor's physique and Frank enjoyed the librarian's kickstarted libido, which it seems had taken a sexual magician out of retirement and unleashed him upon a grateful public.

As Ed attended to the mayor's three hundred pounds of brawn, he saw Dan out of the corner of his eye. He looked over at the young hulk and grinned, moving in to nip at Frank's thick neck, pulling at the skin with his teeth, his tongue darting out to caress the flesh once his teeth released it. He looked at Dan, and whispered something to Frank. The mayor's head came forward slowly, and he looked over at Dan. His already flushed face became redder, and he looked a bit abashed, having been caught in the act by the huge young stud. Yet he made no movement to end the long session he was enjoying with the librarian. Quite the contrary, he brought his arms forward, wrapping them around Ed, steadying the older man as he slowly started to buck his hips. Ed rode Frank like a pro, his body moving up and down gently with Frank's subtle undulations. He ran his hands over Frank's thick chest, making sure to pay particular attention to the mayor's meaty nips, which were quite obviously aroused. Ed purred softly in time with the thrusts, his soft voice mostly drowned out by the bubbling water.

Dan, for his part, had been watching the whole thing with his jaw dropped. The two men were quite fetching separately and together they seemed to have a connection so burning hot that something told Dan the water would be bubbling even if they weren't in a jacuzzi. He'd been frozen in place both from shock and erotic interest. He'd lost track of his own arousal during the entire performance, his cock having successfully grown too big to be contained by even that roomy poser and it stuck out the side at an angle, the head crowning the long shaft swollen and red, leaking fluid onto the tiled floor of the jacuzzi room. Seeing their gazes turn to him suddenly seemed to snap Dan out of his boner-induced trance and he slowly stepped back, heading for the exit but not turning away from the spectacle.

The two men in the hot tub grinned, watching Dan retreat, his enormous cock hard and throbbing, jutting out of his posers. It seemed to energize them, seeing the effect that they had on him. Their copulation became more energetic, yet remained smooth and controlled. The mayor's big chest heaved as he drew in deep breaths, his strong body trembling. Ed smiled knowingly, seeing all the signs of Frank's impending orgasm. He ran his fingers across the mayor's face, around his ears, down his neck. Touching every spot that he had learned was vulnerable, either on men generally, or Frank specifically. The smoothness left Frank's movements, as the big man began to thrust upward more forcefully, desperate for release, his groans getting louder and more eager. Ed Smythe just smiled, his control intact, as he urged the mayor on, using his experience to get the mayor to thrust harder, deeper, more forcefully. The mayor complied, bucking his hips like mad, until he gave out a loud groan, his entire body stiff, every big muscle flexed. Ed threw his head back and moaned as well, loving the sensation of Mayor Skaggs' big cock exploding inside him, the hefty tool spasming wildly as it pumped cum into the older librarian.

Dan quickly stumbled out of the room after that, his whole body shaking with erotic power, sweaty from the lust those two men had ignited in him. He felt a draft and looked down to see his massive tree branch of a cock sticking out, dripping like a faucet, leaving a trail on the hardwood floor as he walked away. He attempted to shove his cock back inside, but it was excited. He was only just able to fit his balls back into the pouch, his shaft defiantly staying hard and exposed. "Oh fuck," he grunted, flustered and annoyed at his own lack of self-control. He was thinking like a total slut at this party already, and his boyfriend was probably not 50 feet away, oblivious to the depraved thoughts racing through his mind.

Dan was able to peek around a doorframe and survey the main room. The guests were having a good time, obviously. Numerous plates of food were being enjoyed, and various men were sitting on couches or in corners, looking quite tired. A few had their eyes closed, even. But Brandon was nowhere to be seen. As Dan wondered where his boyfriend could have gotten to, he heard the floorboards overhead creak. Clearly, at least some of the party had moved to the second floor. Despite this, there was a slight problem - how to get past the room full of men, all the way to the stairs, without having his eager cock cause an incident?

He had a sudden insight and stepped over to the linen closet in the hall where they kept towels for when they were about to go into the jacuzzi. He took one of the large ones bought specifically for him and wrapped it around his waist, trapping his cock close to his body. It still bulged obscenely, but at least it wasn't over two feet of flesh bobbing in the air. He went back to the corner heading to the foyer and started to sneak over to the staircase.

As he went, there were a few greetings, of course. Although most everyone at the party had already said hello at some point, there was always someone who wanted to say it again, or who hadn't said it at all yet. As Dan made his way toward the stairs though, he ran into Red and Stan. "Dan!" Red said, slapping the huge young stud on the back. "I was hoping you could help Stan and me!" Stan blushed a bit as Red spoke. "You see, I say your arms are 40 inches, tops, but Stan thinks you might be up to 43. Care to oblige us with a double bi, so we can see for ourselves?" The heavily muscled coach grinned, and even Stan Enwright couldn't help but crack a smile. Dan clutched the towel that concealed his huge dick. Keeping it in place, with no hands, during a double bicep flex would be difficult, if not impossible.

"Uh, is this good enough?" he tried to placate the two men, raising one arm and making it burst into muscular relief. The ball of muscle that formed on top of his arm was huge, vein-covered and bloated, easily bigger than the heads of the smaller men who requested this simple show of muscular size and power from him. In fact, he decided to give them a nice show and pumped it back and forth several times, adding yet more impossible size to his sinew.

Stan Enwright looked a little light-headed, clearly impressed by the display, as the blood from his head rushed to fill his ample cock. Red Howard just stared with undisguised hunger, entranced by the sight of the monstrous ball of muscle, changing shape as Dan flexed it. "Oh yeah..." he growled approvingly. "Stan baby, you may be right on this one... more than 40, no doubt..." He looked over the rest of Dan, briefly wondering why the requested double bi was not being performed. His eyes followed Dan's other arm. Down the massively muscled length of it, to where the hand held the towel in place. Seeing the huge bulge that extended to one side of it made Red's grin widen. "Thank you Dan," he laughed, "I think we've got quite the idea..." He pursed his lips thoughtfully, one arm around Stan, as his eyes moved back and forth between the giant bulge under the skin of Dan's arm and the giant bulge under the towel Dan held around his waist.

Dan smiled nervously. "Glad I could put that argument to bed," he said, not noticing the play on words that caused Stan's cock to plump even further. Eager to escape such an exposed situation, he continued his journey to the staircase, finally uninterrupted, and went up to see whose footsteps he'd heard above him moments ago. His cock had still been leaking the whole time and although the towel was very absorbent, it couldn't contain it all and the damp spot was growing larger and larger as he made his way up.

As Dan reached the top of the stairs, he saw light spilling out of the open doorway to his room. He knew he had closed it earlier, so this meant that someone was in his room. The sight of a muscular shadow moving through the rectangle of light just confirmed it. The shape looked quite fantastic, from the brief glimpse he got of it. He hadn't seen either Brandon or Hoffer downstairs, just a moment ago. He was sure that one of them must be in the room. He moved toward it quietly, and peeked inside. There, standing before the extra-large mirror he had, was a truly fantastic sight.

It was Mr. Hoffer, striking some poses in front of one of the only mirrors in the city that allowed him to view all of his bulk at once. He tensed his pecs, squaring them into a side chest, then fluidly went into a double biceps, then lat spread, and so on, highlighting all of his muscle groups in Dan's mirror. He looked like some sort of god of masculinity in the moonlight.

Hoffer was bigger, Dan realized. Quite a bit bigger than before. His muscles were more dramatic than ever before - huge mounds of raw power, itching to be used. He was at least as big as Peter now... No, Dan realized with a shock. Hoffer was bigger. Clearly, the man had enjoyed seconds of the spiced food, perhaps thirds, even. He had to be in the neighborhood of 600 pounds, packed onto a looming 6'10" frame. Hoffer didn't hear Dan, as the huge young hunk stood at the door. Rather, he smelled the tell-tale scent of pre, which had soaked through Dan's towel. Hoffer turned slowly, and Dan saw the moonlight briefly hit the enormous grocer's rising cock. "Come in here, boy," Hoffer growled, his voice low and authoritative. "And close the door behind you." There was no question that he expected to be obeyed.

Before Dan even knew what was happening, he'd done exactly what the man had said. He briefly wondered how that could happen, how a man that was smaller than him could have such a charismatic pull. But he found he stopped caring once the majestic grocer started rippling the fibers in his pecs, stepping forward to take what was his, to take Dan. The huge young man let the towel drop, leaving him with his cock splayed out of his posing pouch, balls still massive and barely contained within.

Hoffer growled in approval when the towel dropped, seeing the huge, throbbing cock of young Dan. Hoffer reached forward with one big hand, and gripped the top of Dan's shaft firmly. Slowly he squeezed, the cords in Hoffer's massive forearm dancing as he applied pressure to Dan's big tool. "I like it, boy. Like it when you're hard and horny." He released Dan's cock, and it throbbed in relief, blood pumping through it more quickly now that it was no longer constricted. Hoffer slowly brought up his huge arms, raising them into a mind-blowing double bi. "Look at those huge guns, boy... Look at how big ol' Hoffer is getting..." There was a cockiness in Mr. Hoffer's voice, a confidence that took the sudden growth as natural, even expected. As if the man could simply will himself bigger and freakier than before. "Go on, boy," the older musclestud growled. "Feel how big I'm getting... Feel those big guns. Taste 'em."

Dan couldn't resist. He moaned and leaned over, slathering the massive peaks of Mr. Hoffer's biceps with his big, soft tongue. He groaned as he tasted how salty it was from the man's sweat. The taste made his cock leak precum faster. He grunted and shot out a hand to start fondling the big grocer's lat muscle, feeling how much wider and thicker it had gotten since the beginning of the day. Fuck, and his own growth would probably happen soon. He'd be swollen with new muscle as well. He'd almost forgotten what that felt like. Fuck, he wanted it already. His cock was doing the thinking now.

Hoffer's rising dick reached up to press against Dan's hefty balls, the big cockhead smearing the older man's pre onto Dan's poser. "Oh yeah..." Hoffer groaned, his voice still commanding. "Show those big biceps some love..." His big dick throbbed, putting pulsing pressure on Dan's aching nuts. Hoffer slowly lowered his arms, wrapping them around Dan's powerful waist, reaching around and under the posing strap, his stronger fingers exploring Dan's glutes. "Very nice..." Hoffer growled, "Perfect ass for fucking... very meaty..." Having Hoffer's hands under the posing trunks just made the spandex garment pull that might tighter against Dan's eager cock and balls. Perhaps that was the idea, based on the feral cast to Hoffer's smile. He gave Dan's mighty glutes a powerful squeeze, a reminder of: his earlier promise to claim Dan for the night. He was bigger now though, his grip stronger. He left no doubt in Dan's mind, just how much more aggressive he would be. His hands moved up Dan's back, up the huge young man's lats, until they reached Dan's mighty shoulders. Suddenly Hoffer was pushing Dan down and back, until the young hulk was on his knees. Hoffer grabbed his big dick, and slowly guided it forward, the big head pressing against Dan's cheek, smearing pre on it. "Feels good, having that cock on your face, doesn't it, boy?" Hoffer growled.

"Yes, sir," Dan admitted. It did. It was so hot to have that huge dick against his cheek, feeling the heat burn against his skin. It was leaving a teasing drizzle of precum across his cheek as well. He wanted it in his mouth. It was a waste to have that cock juice dripping anywhere but down his throat. But he waited for Hoffer to tell him it was okay to do anything to his cock. He knew how the big man liked to play and he wanted to give Dan permission before he allowed him to take any action.

Hoffer was pleased by Dan's obedience. Having the huge young hulk obey was one of the greatest turn-ons Hoffer knew. He slowly moved the tip of his cock across Dan's face, leaving a trail of pre smeared over it. He pushed forward, giving Dan's cheek a sense of rock-hard shaft, before pulling back, and pressing the head of his cock against Dan's lips. "Now boy, I'm going to want you to lube up that big dick nice and good, you hear?" Hoffer pressed forward, the head of his big dick parting Dan's lips, pressing against his teeth. It was bigger than before, just like everything else about Hoffer. It was going to be a challenge to take.

It had been a long time since Dan had been challenged, physically or sexually. He was ready. He dove down on that cock and moaned in satisfaction. Fuck, it was HUGE in his mouth! And as he swallowed it down, he could feel how little room he had in his throat to accommodate it. Fuck, yes, sex with a man closer to his own scale was incredible. He hadn't felt this excited, this turned on since... since Tom. He did exactly what Hoffer ordered him to, getting nice and sloppy with his fluids, letting them leak over the whole shaft, making sure it was nice and lubed for the main event... which caused Dan's anus to twitch just thinking about it.

Hoffer grunted and grinned in pleasure. He was impressed by how tight Dan's mouth was - the thought of fucking that beautiful muscled ass with his huge cock had Hoffer quivering with anticipation. He grabbed Dan's head and held it steady while shoving his huge cock down as far as it would go, using his massive strength to force his dick in deep. He held them both in place for a long minute, savoring the sensations his cock was sending him, not to mention the joy of dominating the huge young hulk. Yet Dan wasn't as overwhelmingly large as he'd once been. It was exciting on some level, as Hoffer loved the way his own body grew. Yet the satisfaction of fucking such a huge stud had its own appeal. He slowly pulled out, making Dan appreciate every freaky inch of his cock. When it was fully removed, Hoffer got down on the ground, pushing Dan back until the muscled teen's huge back was on the floor. "You're such a big, sexy fucker, boy..." Hoffer growled, "But I'm getting bigger... so much bigger than before..." He grabbed Dan's massive legs, and pushed them up and over his shoulders. He gripped Dan's powerful ass, and pulled the huge young stud toward him. "Good thing you lubed me up nice, boy... it's going to be needed!" Hoffer lurched forwrad, his massive cock forcing its way into Dan's muscled ass. Dan was shocked by the size of it. It had been so long since he'd had a cock of that size, he'd nearly forgotten how incredible it could feel!

"OHHHHHHH!!" he moaned loudly, lewdly. He continued to grunt and groan as that huge tool plowed into him. He was just a sleeve for that massive cock and that was fine with him at the moment. He was so loaded with sensation, so giddy, so loopy with desire that he didn't notice the spice starting to work on him, inflating his grandiose muscles even further. He was so turned on that the normally tranquilizing effect of the spice didn't even touch him.

Hoffer growled with lust, pumping his huge cock into Dan with mad vigor. Crazed with desire, his thrusts only became more violent and powerful as he felt Dan's glutes thicken with new muscle. The young muscleman's legs became bigger and heavier across Hoffer's shoulders. The hulking grocer leaned in further, groping Dan's huge pecs, pulling on the heavy nips, squeezing the giant mounds of muscle. He could feel them grow under his hands, and although he knew that should confuse him, it only turned him on. It was like the boy was getting a pump from being fucked! "Oh yeah boy..." Hoffer grunted, slamming his huge dick home over and over, "Take that big dick... you know you love it... those groans tell me all I need to know..." Hoffer's dick was swelling inside Dan, on the verge of exploding. The huge, older muscleman was torn between holding back to prolong the fuck, and letting loose his load inside hot young Daniel Stockwell. He held back on a few thrusts, but then started slamming his dick in hard again, growling and grunting, pumping his dick in wildly. With a roar of triumph he came, his monster tool unloading a huge quantity of cum into Dan's hot ass, as Hoffer's entire body seemed to flex at once, every huge muscle tensing magnificently, highlighted in the moonlight.

And still Dan's muscles grew, his abs tightening and mounding up, his ass gaining more and more tissue for Hoffer to plow through, his own dick and balls were swollen to new sizes, enormously gigantic as they glistened in the light of the evening, a sheen of musk and sweat over them. Dan's traps enveloped his neck and his shoulders were significantly wider, his lats, sweeping out more and thick as hell. His biceps were certainly more than forty inches now, closer to fifty or more! He had to be nearly 800 lbs or more, a truly impressive musclegod.

Hoffer looked down at Dan. He kept his big muscledick firmly planted in the young hulk, admiring the sight of so much muscle, there for the fucking. He slowly shifted his hips, back and forth, moving his still-hard tool around inside Dan. He heard the prone stud moan in response, and it brought a grin to the huge grocer's face. He brought his hands up Dan's monstrous thighs, feeling the massive muscles there, admiring them with his hands. His hands moved to Dan's freaky abs, touching them, then down to Dan's big, leaking cock. "You like that, boy? You like getting fucked by big ol' Hoffer?" The older man's fingers travelled up and down Dan's hard cock, feeling its incredible size and hardness.

"Oh, damn, fuck yes I do," Dan moaned, still tingly all over from the spice and the fact the hadn't released his own load yet. His balls were positively sagging with his seed and he moaned as Hoffer reached down to play with the engorged orbs of manhood. He felt close to bursting.

Hoffer chuckled softly, hearing the need in Dan's moans. He started pumping his dick in a bit harder, working the huge tool to pound on Dan's prostate, while his hands reached down to knead the young behemoth's cum-laden balls. Hoffer's freaky abs were in on the action too, rubbing against Dan's huge cock with every thrust. "You like that too, boy?" Hoffer teased, "You like having big Hoffer work over your balls while you get fucked? You like the feel of my abs against your dick?" Hoffer became a bit rougher, pumping his dick into Dan harder and faster, kneading the 800-pound musclefreak's oversized balls with greater vigor.

"OHHHHHH F-F-F-FUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK!!" Dan cried out, his massive cock swelling one final time before firing its shots like a cannon, fat strings of cum flying into the air before coming back down with a SPLAT, landing on Hoffer's and Dan's bodies, coating the two muscle men and a small portion of Dan's room in thick, creamy, aromatic jizz.

Hoffer grinned ferally, pumping his dick in hard, squeezing Dan's balls as they unleashed their load. A second orgasm released more of Hoffer's seed into Dan's powerful ass, and again the big grocer's body tensed up as he came, highlighting his fantastic size and shape. Slowly, he pulled out of Dan's ass, satisfied at last. He stood up, cum dripping off of him, and looked down at Dan. "You look good, boy. I'm glad I came to this party. You know it's hard to beat an ass like yours." Hoffer's own dick was leaking cum onto Dan and the floor as he stood over them both.

"You look incredible, sir," Dan moaned, still splayed on the floor, bigger than ever, enormous compared to Hoffer and still under the spell of that man's domineering charisma. "It felt incredible to have you fuck my ass. Jesus, your cock's so big now..."

Hoffer couldn't help but preen a bit, standing proudly over Dan, flexing his monstrous pecs. The light sheen of sweat from their exertions shone dramatically in the moonlight, even more than before - every striation and vein on Hoffer's body was visible as he flexed. He turned to the side, showing off his huge, half-hard dick. It was coated in cum that shone opalescently in the moonlight. Finally, Hoffer turned back to Dan. "Well boy, I have what I came here for. I think it's time for me to wander away. Maybe find a lesser ass to plow, if I get bored. But no worries, boy. Your ass is mine to fuck, and I'm a possessive bastard when I need to be. I'll fuck you proper, boy. Every opportunity I get."

And with that the deceptively brutish grocer strutted out of Dan's room, leaving the boy reeling from the experience of having the most intense sexual encounter in a long time and growing for the first time since his move. He stood up woozily, cum dripping from his massive bum. He waddled over to his mirror and saw the previously adequate mirror couldn't quite let him see all of him. His shoulders were so wide they were out of view. And his MUSCLES. Dear god, he thought they'd been thick before. They'd just been pumped another size bigger. And his junk... fucking hell. He was softening and tried to put his cock back into his posing pouch. It could only get about three quarters of it inside, fighting for space with his massive melon balls. It looked obscene. But looking at the clock in his room, Dan figured around this time of night, other party-goers were likely to be looking a little obscene in their posers, too...

As Dan ventured out of his room, he could hear a variety of noises from downstairs. Some were snores - clearly, the spice still knocked out some people. But there were other things. Excited whispers. Even a distant moan. As Dan came down the stairs, he could see the room below. Huge men lay scattered about, hard cocks pushed up out of too-small posers, erect despite their slumber. Many of them were clearly too big for their once form-fitting posing trunks. Others were still awake though, and many of them were standing around Brandon. Beautiful, perfect Brandon. Bigger Brandon. Bigger than he'd ever been, his muscles more perfect than ever, their shape seemingly enhanced by the mass that had been added to them. Brandon was a deity of muscle now, the ideal physique for a bodybuilder, every muscle in perfect proportion, yet impossibly large as well. Brandon flexed for them to admire, showing off his bigger, sexier body, his posers bulging dangerously, showing that he had grown everywhere.

"Hey, Bran, what's going on?" Dan asked, seeing a Brandon that looked to be about 350, maybe 360 lbs. He looked absolutely gorgeous. No longer a cute teenager but a stunning MAN. Dan's cock, so recently sated, was once again slipping out of his poser at the sight of his beautiful, muscled boyfriend, looking radiant with his new added beef.

Brandon turned slowly, fists on his hips, pecs flexed, lats spread dramatically. The pouch on his posers bulged dangerously. Around him, the men who had been admiring him stepped aside, like curtains opening to reveal a path straight to the young vision of muscled perfection. "Just showing off my prize-winning physique," Brandon replied smoothly. Even his voice had gotten sexier somehow, maybe due to dropping an octave. Brandon's smile was sexy as ever, if not more so. He looked Dan up and down curiously, his artist's eye noting the changes Dan had undergone. He also couldn't help but notice that Dan's cock, barely stuffed into his posing trunks before, was now barely covering anything at all, as the huge stud's massive dick pushed its way out. Brandon cocked one eyebrow at the sight, but his grin remained firmly in place, and even broadened a bit.

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Amazing chapter, so many hot studs... I do hope Brick and Phil get their shot at some more spice and grow bigger and into perfect musclebear studs! I also really liked Mr Hoffer getting huge and dominant, grr!
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Glad you like. :3

I've finished editing everything that's been written so far, there's one more chapter before the forum's caught up with everything.
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phil should get an accidental huge dose of spice just because you know
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That surely is a story of comunitary growth!

Loved every single line!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Originally Posted by Maverick0095875 View Post
phil should get an accidental huge dose of spice just because you know
Agreed! I was hoping this would be the case all the way through - Phil is my favourite by far! Still, a pleasure to read. I'm glad Dan shared the love
"There are more ways than walkers, more dreams than dreamers, more love than lovers."

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