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Old May 24th, 2009, 12:20 PM
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California Muscle, Chapter 2

As always, your comments are appreciated

Amber sat at her regular table in the library, waiting for her friends to come and join her for study hall.

She hated this fucking school, and how the only way to get noticed was with a combination of boobs/muscle and money, but every time she was in the library, she could forget about that. Something about the rich wood paneling and the floor-length windows that looked out over the mountainside?most of her happiest memories took place in this library (even if they did largely involve discovering Tolstoy, Joyce, or Hemingway).

Every day after class, while rest of the school went to football practice, or cheerleading squad, or who knows what else, Amber and her little group of friends met in the library, doing homework, reading, joking, discussing whatever they felt like, and enjoying each other?s company. Every once in a while they had to deal with the sounds of football players getting blowjobs in the stacks, or baseball players trying to have sex with their girlfriends over the microfilm machines, but for the most part, the library was their haven.

The door opened, and Amber looked up. She smiled; Anne, Ryan, and Jon were talking towards her. They sat down. ?Where?s Nick?? she asked.

?Dunno. Said he had to do something today,? Ryan grunted, throwing his calculus book on the table. Ryan was the math whiz, actually completing calculus in eighth grade so that at this point he ran a ?study group? for the seniors who needed it. He was a brilliant teacher?and unfortunately, his students would only ever figure that out if they showed up to class. Ryan was short and scrawny, like math nerds are supposed to be. His hair was lank and unwashed, and his face was covered in a horrible combination of acne and pockmarks.

Jon wasn?t much better?only a little taller than Ryan, he was probably twenty pounds lighter. He was the definition of ?walking stick,? so much so that his friends liked to joke that his body was just a pole for his enormous head. He was a science and history buff?there was no chemical he couldn?t titrate or equation he couldn?t balance, as well as no area or time period that he couldn?t give a detailed and well thought out history of. He kept his hair buzzed short, only adding to his skeletal appearance.

Anne was Amber?s best friend. If Amber was a little pudgy, Anne was a lot pudgy. Her face was pretty and her hair well styled, but unfortunately, those only went so far at a school like Trafton (and with her build, that wasn?t very far at all). Her goal was to be a physicist, but she had a poetic bent too?she was on her fifth rereading of The Elegant Universe, and had cried at the end every time.

They chatted for a little while, speculating over where Nick could be. No matter; he would tell them tomorrow. He always did. Everyone turned to their homework, Amber opening her Lacan text and getting down to work.

Fifteen minutes later, another boy entered the library. He was average height, and a tiny bit of weight over the edge of average build. From looking you could see that he had good genetics and good metabolism, but no desire to take advantage of them at all. His dark brown hair covered his eyes, and he would have had a nice smile except for the braces that obscured his teeth. ?Nick!? Amber exclaimed when she saw him. His face was flushed; he looked like he had been running.

Nick and Amber had, at one point, been an item. It worked well?she with her literature and philosophy, him with his languages, both with siblings who were the height of popularity in their respective grades. They hadn?t stayed together for reasons neither was quite clear on?but they had managed to remain good friends.

?Where were you, Nick?? Jon asked, taking into stock his flushed face and extra bag.

?Um?the gym. Sorry I?m late.?

Everyone turned to stare at him.

?The gym??

?You?ve never been there before!?


Nick looked a little embarrassed. ?I just?I just wanted to see if I could do it. And my mom told me I had to try out for football junior year, so I figured starting now wouldn?t hurt.?

Still staring. ?Well? How?d it go?? asked Amber, grimacing inside. She knew that now was when her brother and his friends worked out, getting their muscle pumped up so that they?d look good during football practice. Hopefully Nick hadn?t had to deal with that.

?Well, um?I went to the new assistant football coach?s office, told him that my mom was making me try out next year, that I wanted to maybe get in shape. He was really nice?said he?d try to help, told me to jump on the treadmill for a few minutes and he?d be out to help me with the weights in a bit.? Nick was looking at the ground, as if he was ashamed of his betrayal.

?So? Did you?? asked Ryan, clearly scoffing.

?Y-yeah. I changed and got on the treadmill, but after like a minute these three guys came up to me and told me to get off. When I asked why, they said it was the football team?s weightroom, and I had better get the fuck out. They called me Lardo, then made me feel their abs?told me I?d never look like them.?

?That?s sick. I hope you didn?t leave!? said Anne.

?W-well, I did. Wasn?t much else to do at that point,? stammered Nick.

?Not much else to do! You could have stood up for yourself!? Anne was getting upset.

?Could have?but it?s easier this way. I guess I?ll just try out in six months, and fail.? Nick looked around, defeated. ?Can we just?do homework??
Sensing that this was a touchy subject, Anne nodded her agreement, and Nick sat down and began working.

Silence settled over them, the bizarre anomaly of the last few minutes drifting away into the past. Everyone was working, everyone enjoying themselves?every once in a while, someone made a comment that made everyone else laugh, or evoked a comment in return. This is what friends do, sitting around a table in the library.

An hour or so later, the door to the library opened again. Amber looked up, curious about who?d be coming in the library so close to closing time. She gasped, her mouth falling open.

It was by far the most beautiful man she had ever seen. She had seen plenty, most of them her brother?s friends whom she lusted after in secret, but in almost every way, this man outshone them all. He was almost as tall as her brother, maybe just a hair under six-two. He had beautifully tanned skin, not orange from salons, or bronze from lotion, but honest tan skin, cultivated from hours of working outside. His hair was dirty blond, mussed from what was clearly a workout, but with enough gel in it to see that it had once been a perfect faux-hawk. His eyes were a deep green, twinkling below brows that were neither too thick nor too straight, but just perfect. His nose was long and aquiline, turned up just a bit at the end, and his lips were a perfect Cupid?s bow, looking like a soft present in the middle of his beautiful (yet still, somehow, manly) face.

Amber could barely move her gaze from his face to his body, but when she did, she wasn?t disappointed. He was wearing a tight grey t-shirt and black Abercrombie sweatshorts, but his muscles were readily visible. The sweat from his chest made the shirt cling to his meaty pecs, round and perfectly formed underneath his similarly round shoulders. A glimmer of an eightpack was clearly visible under the shirt, the bottom front of which was carelessly folded up, exposing a hard, perfect Apollo?s belt and a sexy, pale treasure trail.

The shirt?s sleeves were short, barely covering the top inch of his biceps, exposing the two baseballs and horseshoes that moved beneath his perfect skin. His veins were visible and large?clearly, he had just been working hard.

The legs were just as good, and even better, his calves were visible in his shorts. Each was large and perfect, almost like two diamond-shaped footballs shoved into his legs above his bright white Nikes. As he walked, the shorts rode up a bit, exposing the bottom part of his thighs, which Amber was glad to see were just as muscular and shredded as the rest of him. What made Amber blush and turn away, however, was the outline of his cock that was visible through his shorts. He obviously wasn?t wearing underwear, and to tell the truth, looked like a bit of a porn star with his seemingly large dick hanging around for all to see.

He turned at the desk for a moment, consulting quietly with the reference librarian. His ass was on full display?not only was it just as large and juicy as the rest of the body promised, but a small amount of material from the shorts had slipped into his crack, highlighting the twin mounds even more. Then, to Amber?s horror, he turned and started heading towards her and her friends, his eyes trained on the signs on the bookshelves.

He disappeared down one aisle, but later reappeared, holding a book, in the area where Amber and her friends were sitting. As he walked past them to check the book out, he stopped. Amber was mortified.

?Hey, dude, you disappeared before I could help you!? he said to Nick with a dazzling smile. ?What?s up with that??

?Oh, uh?I remembered that I promised these guy?s I?d go over their French with them. So I ran out pretty quickly.?

?Alright, no worries bro. School first and all that,? he laughed, clearly not believing his own statement. ?Let me know the next time you?re in. I?ll get you started, okay?? He smiled again, and gave Nick a slap on the back that almost knocked the wind out of him. Nick murmured a weak affirmation, and ten seconds later, the beautiful man was gone, his perfect ass receding into the distance.

?Who was that?? asked Anne. ?New friend of yours??

?That?s the new assistant football coach. He?s?uh?really nice,? said Nick.

?No kidding,? said Jon.

Amber was still in a state of shock. She shook her head, and said dreamily to her friends, ?He?s reading Kant. He checked Kant out of the library.?

Matt stood in the locker room shower, slowly cleaning himself off after what had been a hard workout and even harder practice. He moved his hands over his hard, toned body, smiling as he tweaked his nipples and cock.
It had been a good day. After the morning blowjob from Joey, he had managed to score a quick threesome with Mandi and Lauren during lunch. He had shoved his meat in and out of them enough times to make them each orgasm twice, but even with both of their mouths working on him, they had only managed to get him off once before the lunch period ended and people started coming back into the assembly hall they had been fucking in.

It had been a good practice, and most of the guys on the team had decided to go out clubbing tonight to get ready for the big game on Friday (the state championships, to be exact). They had even managed to convince Luke, the new assistant coach, to meet up with them at a bar in downtown LA, and there they would work on him to come to Matt?s post-game party on Friday night as well. He was only 22, fresh out of college, and even looked like one of the guys. He had won the Heisman in college, but for some reason, decided to forgo the NFL draft (at least for this year) and work as an assistant coach at Trafton. No one was complaining, of course.

Matt felt his dick getting hard again as the hot water beat down on his body. He desperately needed release again, but didn?t want to have to do it alone. His record had been so good this far?surely there was someone around who?

?Hey, bro.? Matt tore his eyes away from his ten-and-a-half in erection. Joey was standing in the doorway of his private shower stall, wearing nothing but a towel.

?I think you owe me something.? Joey took off his towel, exposing his massive quads and calves (but most importantly, of course, his beer-can dick).

?Nope, I?m pretty sure you owe me,? Matt said, flashing a smile as he moved toward Joey.

?What fucking ever, bro. I gave you the best blowjob of your life this morning. You owe me.?

?Don?t think so. I?m pretty sure that I let you touch my massive cock, which means that you owe me a favor.? Matt moved one step closer to Joey, the water from the shower hitting his back.

?Oh dear, how silly of me! I must have forgotten!? Joey said, flashing his beautiful white smile. ?However can I make it up??

?Let?s start with me plugging your asshole with ten-and-a-half inches of stud cock.?

Joey moved in and shoved his tongue down his throat, moving both himself and Matt under the water from the showerhead. He broke the kiss long enough to say, ?Sounds good, bro.?

The two stood kissing under the shower, hands exploring each other?s bodies as their cocks slowly grew, pressing against each other. Matt moved his hand to Joey?s nipple ring again, then broke off the kiss to place his mouth over the nipple. Joey moaned, leaning back against the wall as Matt fingered his cock and flitted his tongue across his nipple. Joey moved his hands down to Matt?s butt, feeling the hard, smooth muscles clench and unclench under the tanned, shaven skin.

They kissed more, their tongues exploring each other?s throats then bodies. Joey started licking the veins on Matt?s biceps, causing Matt to moan again. ?So fucking hot.?

Joey grinned and flexed his 19-inch gun. ?Fucking muscle, dude. Muscle.?
Matt flexed his own biceps, then leaned back in to Joey. Their now-entirely-hard cocks rubbed against each other. Matt reached his hand down and tried to wrap it around both, but barely succeeded in getting his large palms around a quarter of their combined girth. ?Fuck. What every girl in this school wouldn?t give to see us.?

?Man, they just don?t get. it Once they start doing it like this, I?ll stick to pussy?but for now, it?s muscle.?

Matt moved his hand to the tip of their dicks, catching the precum before it could be washed away by the shower. He slowly rubbed it up and down his cock, lubing it for the tight hole he was about to penetrate. He moved his hand down to Joey?s back, and said quietly, ?You ready, bro??

?For you? Always.? Matt stuck his finger inside Joey?s asshole, fighting to spread apart his insanely muscular asscheeks. He tried to get deeper in, but couldn?t?so he wrapped his legs, twenty-six inch quads and all, around Joey?s hips and hoisted himself around so he could get at the hole from a better angle. His cock was flat, sandwiched between his and Joey?s abs. Joey tried to lean down and kiss it, but Matt wouldn?t let him.

?Not now, brow. You already got your chance with that.? Matt finally succeeded in pushing his finger all the way into Joey?s asshole, feeling the warm, velvety interior against his flesh. He moved it in and out as they kissed, Joey standing on the shower floor, Matt supported only by his incredibly muscular legs wrapped around Joey?s hips, his cock in between both torsos.

Joey moaned again, softly, and Matt moved another finger in, then a third. Finally, he uncurled his legs and planted both feet on the ground. ?Bend over, buddy.?

Joey flashed his smile again, turning around, placing his hands against the wall and thrusting his massive, callipygian, muscular butt towards Matt. Matt leaned in and kissed his back, placing his hands on his shoulders. As he moved them down to his waist, he moved back and then in, slowly parting the Joey?s ass with his thick meat. With a groan from both, he entered, hands still on Joey?s waist. As he pushed in, Joey moaned, ?Don?t stop, bro?shove it all in. Shove it all fucking in.?

Matt grinned again. ?If you say so, bud.? Immediately, he shoved his cock all the way into Joey, his amazing, tight ass somehow swallowing all ten-and-a-half inches. He pulled almost all the way out again, then rammed back in, Joey moaning the whole time, Matt grunting and pumping, the water falling on both of them.

One of the advantages of playing both football and baseball was an amazing sense of balance, so not only was Matt able to remove one of his hands from Joey?s waist while fucking him from behind, he also reached forward and grabbed his thick, solid dick. ?I promised I?d finish you too, dude?no way I?ll go back on that now!? Joey moaned in pleasure, his ass continually being filled with his friend?s incredible dick, and his own cock being jacked by the same friend?s strong, manly hands. He pressed harder against the wall, all his muscles tensing, every vein in his body standing out in stark relief to his dark, bodybuilder-tanned skin. As the water continued to come down, Matt sped up his pumping (both his cock and his hands). With a few minutes, both were bracing themselves, and at the same time, both let out a loud moan/yell. Matt came, filling his friend?s ass with hot white semen for a full minute, and Joey shot against the wall again and again, the water spreading it all over the place.

Joey slumped forward against the wall, Matt leaning against him, his cock still in his ass. For a few minutes, Matt kissed Joey?s neck, feeling his massive pecs and cobbled abs with his semi-hard cock still inside him. Finally, he pulled out, almost weak with exhaustion.

?Fuck, dude. You can fuck me any day, girlfriend or not.?

Matt pounded fists with him, saying, ?Give me a fucking call, bro. I?m warning you, though?I get a lot of calls.? He smiled his cocky smile, and the two showered off together, cleaning every crevice of their hard, pumped muscles.

After toweling off, they moved back to their lockers to get their clothes on. ?You comin? out with us tonight, bro?? asked Matt as he pulled on his two polos.

?Well, I was gonna write a history paper, but after that, how can I not?? said Joey, pulling on his own long-sleeved light blue t-shirt. ?We bringing any cheerleaders with us??

Matt scoffed. ?Dude, we fuck cheerleaders at school. We fuck models at clubs. With a slap on Joey?s ass, Matt left the locker room, heading towards his car.
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Hmmm...the plot thickens...intriguing. Anticipating much more.
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Has the makings of something tremendous, already great. Wondering who'll go to the club, how fast the shirts will come off, and who your studs will meet there. Thanks so much, please keep it going.
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Sigh -

High School was NEVER like that for me...

Oh well, at least I can enjoy the vicarious thrill through this story.

Please keep it coming!


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