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Old December 5th, 2009, 08:43 AM
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Before and After - Part 3

Part 1:

Part 2:

Before and After - Part 3
By John D.

Chad said, “Okay, you know what to do. First the bike and then the exercises. I'll check you out and see if you’ve gotten any stronger.” So Jimmy did his ten minutes on the bike and then went over to the lat pulldown machine. He put on the very light weight for his warmup and pulled it down. Geez, he thought. That feels like a feather! So he added the same weight where he could do 10 reps two days before. He was going to see how that felt as a warmup weight. He pulled down the bar and it still felt light. It felt like the little warmup weight did before. He was now using his maximum weight from two days ago as his warmup! He was stoked! His cock got hard. After he finished his warmup he added 50% more weight, so he would be lifting 50% more than he lifted two days before Before he had lifted 30 pounds. Now it was going to be 45 pounds. . He felt strong. He felt confident. He knew he could pull down that bar. He pulled down the bar and grinned. He could do it! He cranked out 10 reps and leaped off the seat. Chad was standing in back of him. “Holy shit, you just lifted half again as much weight as you did before. You really got a lot stronger. Your body was turning all that food into muscle!” Jimmy reached up and felt his lat muscle. The muscle was way bigger than two days before and it was hard. His skin was hot. He had never felt his muscle being that big and hard and hot before. He had a pump. “Wow, I think I have a pump,” he said. “Feel my lats, Chad. Tell me if you think I have a pump.” Chad reached over and felt Jimmy’s little lats. “Yeah, you have a pump. The muscle is definitely bigger and harder. And it’s hot. I can just feel all the blood surging inside the muscle. You got a good pump, geek boy.”

“I wanna do another set. I wanna do a warmup and two sets of everything. I wanna work real hard!" said Jimmy. Chad looked at him. “Well, okay. Usually I don’t allow a third set until after a couple of weeks, but you’re so much stronger that I think you can take a third set already. So go ahead. Push those muscles! Make ‘em grow!” So Jimmy did another set, doing eight reps this time. Now his lats really felt big and hard. He knew he had a pump.

After he finished, one of the other geeks walked up to him. The boy was short and thin, about 5’ 6” and he looked like he weighed about 110 pounds. His face was cute, almost feminine. His body was small, but you could tell he had worked out a little, although his little body was covered with a thin layer of fat. And he had a real nice bubble butt. “Chad is really hot, isn’t he?” said the guy. “Yeah,” said Jimmy. “I can’t believe a human can be that big and that muscular. He’s incredible. Hey, my name’s Jimmy.” The guy held out his hand. “I’m Brian. You’re gay, right?” Jimmy nodded his head. “I guess everyone can tell. Chad knew right away.” Brian smiled. “Well I’m gay too. I could tell by the way you were admiring Chad’s body. I did the same thing on my first day. Chad is amazing. He really does inspire us. Hell, I’ve been here for three months and I’ve only gained 10 pounds, and I think half of that is fat, but I still come because of Chad. I just love to watch his body. Jimmy didn’t tell Brian that he had gained five pounds in two days. Brian continued, “I’d love to get fucked by Chad. I’d love to have him force his big cock up my ass. I could feel his big muscles throbbing as he fucked the shit outta me. I’d be in heaven. I know he’s a good fucker. He fucks his girlfriend all the time.” Jimmy nodded his head. Both of them loved Chad. But Jimmy was a top. He loved to fuck guys. But he knew he never could fuck Chad’s muscular bubble butt. Chad was straight. And he was way stronger than Jimmy. Jimmy had no chance of fucking that huge stud. But Jimmy could dream about what it would be like to ram his cock up that beautiful boy’s tight ass.

Then his mind returned to his conversation with Brian. “Are you working out hard and eating all the food Chad gave us?” he asked. “Well, I haven’t really increased my poundages in a long time. I went up a little at first and then hit a plateau. That’s what Chad called it. Some people just can’t put on much muscle and I guess I’m one of them. I was eating the good food for several weeks, but because it wasn’t doing anything for me I went back to my crappy junk food. I like getting the $100 a month and maybe I’m more “well” than I was before but I’m still the same puny gay geek I always was.” Jimmy had had a totally different experience. “Yeah, well, I bought all the food too and I was really hungry. I ate a ton of that good food and I did put on a few pounds of muscle. And I’m a lot stronger. I don’t know if it will continue but I’m hoping.” Brian looked at Jimmy’s body. “You’re skinnier than I was. So maybe it’s natural that you would put on some pounds. Flex your arm. I wanna feel it.” Jimmy’s arm was pumped up from the lat pulldowns he had just done. He flexed his arm and Brian first wrapped his hand around Jimmy’s puny new muscle and then pinched it with his fingers. “Wow, your bicep is really hard. My bicep never got that hard. I can’t believe you’ve only been working out for two days. Here, feel my bicep.” Brian flexed his arm and Jimmy felt the muscle. It was soft, way softer than Jimmy’s muscle. “I see what you mean,” said Jimmy. “Your muscle is really soft, kinda like a sponge, while my muscle is hard, like a rock. Maybe I’m lucky. I never worked out a day in my life. So I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I hope I get a little bigger. I’ve always been so skinny. It would be great to look more normal for a guy who’s 6”2’ tall. I’d love to gain 20 or 30 pounds or so. And it would be great if that was muscle.” Brian looked at him skeptically. “Well, good luck. At least you’ll have Chad to look at when you’re here. And if you do put on that kind of muscle, I want you to fuck me!”

So Jimmy did his workout, doing three sets of each exercise and using as his warmup weight his maximum weight from two days before. Then he increased the weight to half again as much weight. He felt so good being so much stronger. He felt his muscles after each exercise and they always got real pumped. Real pumped and hard. Once in awhile Chad would come over and correct his form. “You’re really working hard,” said Chad as he looked at the sweat dripping off Jimmy’s body. Jimmy grinned and said “Yeah, I wanna work out hard. I wanna build some muscle! It feels good to work out hard. My muscles seem to like to work hard. They never worked hard before and now they wanna do it!” Chad smiled and patted him on his little bubble butt.

After his exhausting workout Jimmy went into the locker room. It was empty. There was a huge mirror on the wall. Jimmy ripped off his tee shirt and stood in front of the mirror. He was amazed at how his body looked. The thin layer of fat he had two days before had now completely disappeared. He had gained five pounds and he knew it was muscle. If fact, he thought with his computer engineer mind, he had gained more than five pounds of muscle since all his fat had disappeared. After the brutal workout his muscles were completely pumped. They looked a lot bigger and a lot harder than just two days before. Sweat was dripping off his skin. And since he had lost all his fat he could see the individual muscle fibers under his white skin and some of them were covered with veins. His body had never looked like this before.

He flexed his arms and saw little bulges of biceps flex. He didn’t have those bulges before. Then he flexed his triceps and saw ridges of muscle spring up under his skin. The ridges of muscle looked just like Chad’s ridges except they were a lot smaller. But they were muscle. Solid muscle. He flexed his lats and saw littles wing of muscle underneath his armpits, wings of muscle that weren’t there before. His pecs looked bigger, his shoulders looked bigger and his legs looked bigger. Every muscle on his body looked bigger. Then he felt his muscles. They felt so hard. So hot, so sweaty. Jimmy’s cock had gotten hard under his shorts. Looking at and feeling the hard new muscles on his body had made him hard. He walked over to the secluded spot in the locker room and beat off. Instead of thinking about Chad, he was thinking about his own body. He thought about all his new muscle. The thought about his new strength. He thought about how good he looked in the mirror. And he had done this after only two days. He knew he was going to gain more muscle. and he thought about how his new muscular body was going to look. Then he came. Spurt after spurt of hot cum burst out of his cock. More cum than he had ever shot before. It was the best orgasm he had ever had.

Jimmy ate his huge meals, his protein shakes and his Muscle Milk for the next two days. He really tried to stuff his body with good food and protein. Ben couldn’t believe how much he was eating. And in between meals he was drinking Muscle Milks. Jimmy looked at Ben and smiled as he drank another Muscle Milk. He pulled up the sleeve on his tee shirt so his upper arm was revealed. Then he flexed his bicep as he drank. He could see that Ben was staring at his new bigger bicep muscle. “Gays can’t build muscle, huh,” he said as he flexed. Ben’s eyes got wide. Then he turned away and went back to work.

Jimmy went to a magazine stand and bought some fitness and bodybuilding magazines. He had bought these magazines in the past so he could beat off to the hot pictures of the young fitness studs and the huge bodybuilders in the magazines. But he had never read any of the articles. He had never paid any attention to the advertisements, except to check out the hot models who posed for them. All he looked at before was the pictures. Now he was reading the articles. He was reading how these hot studs trained. How they built up their huge bodies. What kind of supplements they took. And Jimmy got all excited. Now Jimmy wanted to get huge. He wanted to get real strong. He wanted to build muscle just like those guys had. Just like Chad had. He wanted to build big strong muscles. He knew he was going to be spending more than the wellness program’s $100 per month on all the food and supplements he was going to buy. But he didn’t care. He wanted to get huge.

Jimmy went for his third workout. He was all excited. He brought with him some of the articles from the fitness and muscle magazines and some of the advertisements. He wanted to talk to Chad about them. He changed into his gym clothes and walked into the gym. Instead of a tee shirt, Jimmy was wearing a tank top, just like Chad wore. He wanted to see his muscles working and tank tops were great for that. And now he wasn’t ashamed of his body. It was getting bigger and more muscular. He wasn’t afraid to show it off. Chad immediately went up to him. “Shit, you’re looking good Jimmy. Looks like you put on even more muscle. Get on the scale.” Jimmy jumped on the scale. “Holy shit, 135 pounds! You gained ten pounds of muscle this week! That’s incredible.” Jimmy grinned. “And I lost all my fat, so I gained even more than 10 pounds. I’ve put on a lot of muscle! I’m still stuffing myself with good food and protein and I’m gonna bust my ass working out today. But I wanna show you something. I wanna get your professional trainer advice.” Chad looked at what Jimmy was carrying and said, “Okay, come over to my desk.”

Chad sat down and Jimmy sat beside him. “I’ve been reading some fitness and muscle magazines about the workouts these big guys do. It seems they work out each muscle group on a different day so the muscle has time to grow between workouts. They don’t work out their whole body on one day like I do. Like they do their shoulders on Monday, their arms on Tuesday, their chest on Wednesday, their back on Thursday and their legs on Friday. And every other day they work their abs. So Chad, I wanna have workouts like that. I wanna work out every day, torturing a muscle group with lots of heavy exercises. Then it can rest for a week. I knew it will grow bigger. I know it will grow stronger. I wanna get huge Chad. I wanna look like you. I wanna get real big and muscular.” Chad looked at Jimmy in the eyes and saw how serious he was. “Well, I usually don’t do this until someone is really very advanced, like he’s been working out at least three months, but you’ve gained so much muscle in just a week that I agree that you’re ready for it. That’s how I train, Jimmy. I work out different muscles groups on each day and you can see the results.” Chad flexed his arm and Jimmy immediately grabbed it. “Down boy,” laughed Chad. “So here’s what I’m gonna do. This weekend I’ll set up a program for you just like you mentioned. You’ll work out five days a week and I’m gonna make you work hard. After what you’ve done in one week, I think you’ll put some real muscle on that skinny body of yours.” Jimmy grinned and gave Chad a high five.

Then he turned to the advertisements. “I wanna buy some supplements, Chad. All these guys say that their supplement made them huge. And I wanna get huge so I wanna buy some supplements. But there are so many of them I don’t know which ones to get. Any ideas?” Chad looked through the advertisements. “Yeah, these companies make a ton of money on guys like you. Lots of guys want to get huge and they lay out a lot of cash for supplements. Here’s what I would do. Eat a lot of protein, which you’re already doing. Buy some creatine. It’s expensive but it really does work to build muscles faster. Take lots of vitamins, especially Vitamin B. And keep eating the good food. No steroids or fake steroids! Your body is growing so fast you don’t need steroids. You must have tons of testosterone in your body already. So do your workout today. Buy the creatine and more protein and vitamins over the weekend and come back here on Monday for your advanced workout. In one week, you’ve gone from beginner to advanced! Now get to work!” Jimmy jumped up and ran over to the bike. He was so excited. He was so happy. He set the bike notch two numbers higher. He knew he was strong enough to push through the extra resistance.

Jimmy started with his two back exercises and then went to work out his delts. He stood in front of the mirror so he could watch his muscles working. He started with his prior maximum of 45 pounds and he cranked out 15 easy reps of military presses. He watched his delt muscles bulge under his skin as they got all pumped and filled with blood. Then he got a 70 pound bar, 50% more. This was going to be his work weight. Somehow he knew he would be strong enough to lift it. He pushed it up and was surprised at how light it felt. God, he had gotten so strong so fast, he thought. He watched his muscles bulge as they got more and more pumped. At the beginning of the week all he had was bone on his shoulders. Now that bone was covered by fibers of muscle. And that muscle really bulged as he did his reps with the heavy 70 pound weight, a weight he could barely lift off the floor five days ago. After 10 reps, where he struggled with the last two, he lowered the weight and flexed his delts in the mirror. His new muscles looked so good. He loved the way his muscles looked. Even though he only weighed 135 pounds, he was all muscle and you could see the fibers bulging under his skin.

Then Brian came up to him. “Geez, you’re lifting some big weights already. I can’t even press 70 and I’ve been here three months. All I can do is 50. You’re fucking stronger than me already! And look at your fuckng body. You’ve put on a ton of muscle. How much fucking muscle have you gained?” Jimmy grinned. “I went from 125 to 135 this week. And I lost all my fat so I gained way more than 10 pounds of muscle. I probably gained 15 pounds of muscle! And I’ve more than doubled my strength! I’ve gotten so fucking strong, at least compared with what I used to be.” Brian’s cock shot straight up. “Oh my fucking god,” he gasped. “You’re getting huge! You’re already so muscular. You’re already so strong! You’re gonna be huge!” Brian stared at Jimmy’s body as Jimmy watched his flexing muscles in the mirror. “I want you to fuck me Jimmy. I wanna feel your new muscles as you fuck the shit outta me. You gained so much muscle so fast I know you’re gonna get bigger and buffer every week. I want you to fuck me every week. I want you to fuck me every day. I wanna feel your muscles growing. I wanna feel their bigger size, their hardness, the rippling muscle fibers. And I wanna feel your big cock inside my ass. Can we fuck right after the workout? Please? Please?”

Jimmy was dumbfounded. Nobody had ever hit on him so hard before. He was usually the one who had to convince another guy to have sex with him. Now Brian was begging him for sex. He grinned. His new body was really changing his life. “Well, maybe. I’ll think about it.” Jimmy was playing hard to get. He had never played hard to get before because nobody wanted him that much. Now Brian was almost salivating over his new body. But he wanted to fuck Brian. Brian was so much into his body that he was getting turned on by thinking about Brian worshipping his muscles and then fucking his little worshipper. Brian looked at Jimmy apprehensively. “Please, please!” he pleaded. He really wanted Jimmy. He wanted to touch his muscles. He really wanted Jimmy’s big cock rammed up his ass. Jimmy grinned. “Okay. come into the locker room after my workout. I’m gonna check out my pumped up muscles in the mirror. I’m gonna flex and see how much bigger they are. I can’t believe I got muscle this fast. All I did was work out hard and stuff myself with good food and protein and the muscles just sprang up. I just can’t believe what’s happening to my body. I think you’re gonna like watching me flex, Brian.” He saw Brian’s rock hard cock and he laughed. “You’re already hard and you’re gonna get a lot harder. I’ve got 15 pounds of new muscle on my body and I’m gonna use it to fuck the shit outta you, little man. I’m gonna fuck the fucking shit outta your little body. You’re lookin’ at 15 brand new pounds of rock hard muscle and it’s gonna fuck your little ass until it’s raw!” Jimmy stood over Brian and flexed his pecs and abs. The 6’2” Jimmy was a half of foot taller than Brian so Brian was looking at Jimmy’s pumped pec muscles. And Jimmy’s new muscle was all shredded and rippling. Brian moaned and touched those bulging pec fibers. He rubbed his little fingers on Jimmy’s rock hard muscle and yelled, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I can hardly fucking wait!” Jimmy looked at Brian. He was short, but because he had been working out his body looked pretty good even though he had only gained 10 pounds and couldn’t really gain any more muscle. He was fairly good looking with piercing hazel eyes and brown hair and he had a nice bubble butt. Jimmy was looking forward to fucking the little guy.

Brian couldn’t do the rest of his workout. All he could think about was Jimmy. He was standing next to Jimmy the whole time, watching his new muscles work. And he spotted Jimmy for some of the exercises, letting Jimmy crank out the last few brutal reps with the heavy weights and a little help from him. Jimmy liked the extra punishment his muscles were getting. “You’re a good spotter. You wanna spot me next week? I’m gonna have a new workout. I’m gonna be working out five days a week and it’s gonna be brutal. And to work out real hard I’m gonna need a spotter. You wanna do it?” Brian jumped up and down several times. “Fuck yeah! I wanna spot you every day. I wanna see your muscles work. I wanna see ‘em grow. Fuck yeah!” Brian was beside himself with joy.

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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Grow, Jimmy, grow! :-)


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Jimmy jock

This Jimmy is turning into a confident jock. Lucky Brian. Sounds like Jimmy will be competition soon for the current trainer. Let's have a muscle-off competition soon in the story.
worshipper, 5'8
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Hope Brian can keep up with Jimmy's growth, just so he can keep on spotting him as the big guy gets even bigger.
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I really enjoy how you are pacing the growth, and I like the focus on dominance... I'm expecting very sexy stuff.
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I hope that this series goes on for a long time
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Another amazingly HOT story- cannot wait for more
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Great details! I love the fact that Jimmy is getting off on his own muscles, rather than the guys in the magazines. Go JImmy!

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