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Before and After - Part 4

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Before and After - Part 4
By John D.

Jimmy did his workout using his past maximums as his warmup weight, just like he did last time. And then he increased that weight by 50% for his two work sets and he was overjoyed to discover that he could lift that heavy weight. He watched his muscles working in the mirror and he got a hard on just like Brian had from watching his brand new muscles push those heavy weights. He couldn?t believe his muscles were that big. He couldn?t believe he was that strong. His lat pulldowns had gone from 30 to 70 pounds in one week! His bench press went from 40 to 90 in just one week! And his curls went up to 60 and his squats to 100. He felt so strong!

Finally Jimmy did his ab exercises. He could now do 50 situps and he did four sets. He had gone from 5 to 50 situps per set in a week. His ab muscles looked like a washboard of shredded muscle. Not one ounce of fat covered his rock hard eight pack. Just like his other muscles those abs had gotten a lot stronger, making it easy for Jimmy to do the extra situps. He also did four sets of leg lifts. He abs were burning. But it was a good burn. All his muscles were burning, burning from the brutal workout Jimmy had made them perform. Jimmy was their master, and he made his muscles work incredibly hard. He forced his muscles with the hardest work they had ever done and he felt the burning sensation all over his body. But he felt real good. His muscles were totally pumped. Sweat was dripping from his body. His muscles were exhausted but Jimmy felt great. Brian was staring at him in awe. ?Follow me, Brian,? he said as he strutted towards the locker room.

Jimmy entered the locker room and immediately went to his bag. He took out two bottles of Muscle Milk and quickly glugged them down. During his workout he had drunk three bottles of Gatoraid. Now he needed protein. His muscles demanded protein. Lots of protein. He?d need more protein in about an hour. Brian watched Jimmy?s arm as he drank the thick liquid, and arm that was bulging with muscle. Jimmy quickly finished drink and stood in front of the mirror. He ripped off his tank top and looked at his image. There were two other guys in the locker room and they turned and stared at Jimmy. They were skinny computer geeks trying to improve their bodies in the wellness program. Their mouths dropped open as they saw the muscle bulging on Jimmy?s body. Brian turned to them and said, ?Look at that fucking muscle! This boy?s put on 15 pounds of muscle in one week! He?s more than doubled his strength! Look at his fucking body! He?s getting fucking huge!? Jimmy stood in front of the mirror and flexed his lats and abs. He looked so good. His lats were already flaring out under his armpits and tapered down to his narrow hips. His abs looked spectacular, like a muscle washboard. Jimmy expanded his chest. His pecs bulged. His arms were rippling with shredded muscle and his shoulders were now covered by muscle fibers. His legs now had slabs of striated muscle on them. No longer were they little sticks. Now they looked muscular, strong.

?You look a lot heavier than you are, Jimmy. Your muscle is so shredded, so defined, so hard that it looks like you weigh 150 or 160, not 135. You look so good!? Brian ran his hands over Jimmy?s flexing lat muscles, feeling their size, their hardness, their strength. Jimmy?s skin was red hot and the muscle was pumped with blood. Sweat was dripping off his skin. ?Oh fuck!? yelled Brian. ?So fucking big. So fucking hard!? Jimmy smiled. He liked his body being worshipped by Brian. Then Brian ran his little fingers over Jimmy?s ab muscles, the muscles that had just finished cranking out hundreds of reps of situps and leg lifts. ?Like a fucking washboard,? said Brian. ?The muscle is as hard as rock. It feels like corrugated steel! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!? Brian?s cock was rock hard. It had been hard during the whole workout. Now Jimmy?s cock was hard too. And the cocks of the two geeks were hard too. They might have been straight or they might have been gay, but their cocks were hard. Every man in the room was turned on by Jimmy?s muscles. Even a straight guy would be turned on by how fast Jimmy was building muscle. These guys had been working out for months and couldn?t do a thing. Jimmy was shredded with rippling muscle after just one week.

Jimmy flexed his arms and Brian grabbed the bulging muscle. ?Oh shit, these biceps are like fucking baseballs of rock hard muscle! Big muscle! Strong muscle! Look at that fucking muscle! Come over here and feel it, dudes. Feel how big and hard it is. And this kid has only been working out a week! What?s he gonna look like in a month? In six months? He?s gonna be huge! Come on! Come over here and feel.? The two guys didn?t need much encouragement. They came over and wrapped their little geeky fingers around Jimmy?s flexing biceps. They tried to pinch them but they couldn?t make a dent. They felt the size of both the biceps and the triceps as Jimmy flexed and looked at himself in the mirror grinning. ?Oh fuck,? said one of the guys. ?I?ve been working out here for a year and my biceps aren?t shit. And this guy built these mothers in a week? Oh fuck!? He raised his arms and flexed his puny biceps next to Jimmy?s. His biceps didn?t really bulge at all. There was only the puniest little bump of muscle. Right next to him was Jimmy?s big flexing bicep, a bicep that was four times bigger and way stronger. Jimmy smiled as he saw his big bicep next to the wimp?s. His cock was now rock hard.

He put down his arm, faced sideways to the mirror and flexed his triceps, delt and pecs. ?Holy shit! Look at your triceps. They?re huge. You?ve got bumps of muscle just like Chad has. And they?re so hard. I can?t dent them. They?re like rocks. And your delts. Your shoulders are now covered with muscle fibers. They?re so striated, so buff. You?ve got wide shoulder bones to begin with and now you?ve got muscle too. Your shoulders are gonna be huge, Jimmy.? Jimmy raised his arm up and down, watching the new muscles in his delts flex. Then he really flexed his pecs. ?Oh fuck, look at those pecs! I can see all the fibers of muscle bulging under your skin. Those pecs look so big because I can see all the muscle. And I know they?re gonna get a lot bigger. I just can?t believe you built those things in one week.?

Then Jimmy faced the mirror again and flexed his legs. ?Check out my legs, little man. Look at all that fucking muscle. I?ve gotten so much stronger in the squat. And check out those calves. I?m doing so much more weight on my calf raises. Those calves are gonna be big bulls. They?re little bulls now but they?re gonna be huge bulls.? Brian got down on his knees and rubbed his hands over Jimmy?s thighs. ?Oh god these muscles are so fucking hard. And your calves. They?re like rocks. And I can see veins all over your legs. Un-fucking believable.? The other two guys in the locker room were fixated on Jimmy?s body. Jimmy already had the body they wished they had, and he got it in one week. And they knew he was going to get even bigger, more muscular and way stronger. They just couldn?t believe what they were seeing.

Brian moved his face real close to Jimmy?s crotch and smelled his hot sweat. He wanted to rub his hand on Jimmy?s hard cock, but with the other two guys watching he didn?t do it. Jimmy could see his frustration. ?Time for a shower. Let?s hit the shower!? Brian?s eyes lit up. ?Yeah!? He turned to the other two guys and said ?Have a good workout,? as he looked at their bulging crotches and grinned. He knew they?d be thinking of Jimmy the whole time. And then if one of them was gay, he?d go home and beat off, maybe three of four times thinking about Jimmy?s muscles. The two guys left the locker room and headed into the gym.

Jimmy and Brian stripped off their shorts and shoes and headed into the shower. They took the last shower head which was hidden from the locker room. ?I wanna soap you up,? said Brian. ?I wanna rub soap all over your hard muscles and feel ?em twitching and flexing under my little fingers. I wanna make you all clean with my hands, feeling every muscle as I wash it. ? Jimmy grinned. ?That should feel read good,? he said. He stood very close to Brian and rubbed his pecs on Brian?s little chicken chest. Then he rubbed his rock hard cock against Brian?s flabby stomach. ?I wanna feel real clean,? he said as he rubbed his muscles and cock on Ryan?s body. ?Real real clean.? Jimmy moved his hands around to Brian?s butt and rubbed the little bubble butt. ?After you clean me, I?m gonna fuck your little butt.? Brian was beside himself with lust. He touched Jimmy?s cock with his hand. ?Your cock is so big,? he said. ?How big is it?? Jimmy stepped away and showed Brian his cock. ?It?s ten inches. And real thick. Even though I was skinny, I?ve always had a big cock. A cock that loves to fuck.? Brian stroked the huge monster moaning with pleasure. Then he grabbed a bar of soap and lathered up his hands.

He started with Jimmy?s face, carefully cleaning his cheeks and nose and chin with the delicate movement of his fingers. He didn?t want to get the soap in Jimmy?s eyes. ?Your face is so beautiful, Jimmy. Your eyes are sky blue. Your cheeks are high and solid and you?ve got a very masculine jaw..? Brian quickly got on his tiptoes and kissed Jimmy on the lips. Jimmy was surprised but he liked Brian?s kiss. ?And your lips are very kissable. So sexy. Your whole body is so sexy.? Brian moved his hands down to Jimmy?s neck and trap muscles. ?Your neck is getting a lot thicker. I can feel the muscles in your neck. I can see you straining your neck as you lift the heavy weights. And your traps are really growing. I saw them bulge when you were lifting. Jimmy grinned. ?And they?re gonna get even bigger. Next week I?m working one body part per day. So I know I?m gonna be working out those traps. I?m gonna make ?em huge and strong. I?m gonna be able to pick up a fucking car.? Brian groaned as he thought about that kind of strength.

He moved his hands out to Jimmy?s shoulders, lathering them up with soap. ?Your shoulders are covered with muscle. I saw you when you had your pictures taken with Chad and they were all bone. Now you?ve got muscle. Muscle that can press way more than I can press. And they?re so wide. They?re way wider than my dorky shoulders.? Jimmy smiled as he flexed his delts as Brian ran his little fingers over them feeling the hot pumped up fibers of muscle. Jimmy?s cock was harder than ever. He really liked Brian worshipping his body.

Brian moved down to Jimmy?s right arm. He rubbed soap on the arm with both of his hands as Jimmy gently flexed his muscles. ?Oh fuck, you?ve got so many muscles in your arm. And they?re grown so big. I remember when this was a stick. Now it?s thick with muscle. Hard muscle.? Jimmy raised is arm and flexed it. Brian rubbed the soap first on his rock hard flexing bicep and then on his triceps. ?Your arm has gotten so big! It?s so big and so hard. Your bicep is like a baseball of hard muscle and your tricep is huge and hard. Brian moved down to Jimmy?s forearm. ?Your forearm is as big as my upper arm. It looks like writhing snakes and it?s covered with veins. Oh god, I love muscular forearms and you?ve really got ?em Jimmy.?

Brian moved up to Jimmy?s armpit. ?Shit, your whole body is just made of muscle. Even your armpit is hard. The muscles of your arm, lat and chest all come together to make a rock hard armpit. And it was full of sweat. I?m cleaning out all that sweat, making your armpits nice and clean.? Then he moved over to Jimmy?s lats. ?Your lats have just spring up on your body. They grew like weeds. They?re already thick with muscle. You already have a V shape and you?ve only been working these mothers for a week. I can hardly imagine what they?re gonna look like in a month. They?re gonna be monsters of muscle. Thick hard muscle that can crush anything it wants.? Jimmy groaned. He thought about having muscles so big and strong that they could crush and push anything. He could put somebody in a bear hug and crush his ribs. He could lift cars. He could press guys over his head and throw them like they were feather pillows. He wanted to be huge and strong. His cock was twitching with excitement.

Brian moved down to Jimmy?s pecs. ?Your pecs have really gotten big. Before I could see your rib cage. You were like a skeleton. Now those ribs are covered with muscle, bit bulging muscle with pecs that can bench 90 pounds already. Your pecs are already so strong! Way stronger than my pecs. I bet someday you?ll be benching 400 pounds, just like those huge guys in the magazines. Oh geez, Jimmy, I wanna see you bench 400 pounds. I wanna feel your muscles when you bench 400 pounds. Oh fuck!? Brian was drooling as he touched Jimmy?s muscles and talked about his body. He was ready to cum right then. Jimmy was too.

Brian dropped down to his knees and rubbed Jimmy?s abs. Abs that had grown from nothing to become a corrugated washboard of muscle, covered by the thinnest skin imaginable. Every fiber of muscle was visible and Brian could feel those rock hard fibers as he rubbed his fingers over the washboard. He cleaned every bulge and crevice, washing off the sweat that had been dripping off Jimmy?s abs. ?Oh I wish I had abs like this,? moaned Brian. ?I?ve been trying to get abs for years but all I get is fat. I?ve never had abs. And you got ?em in one week! You have incredible genetics Jimmy. The ability to build muscle so fast. And hard buff muscle with no fat. And your waist and hips are so tight, so small. You?re incredible!? Brian looked at Jimmy?s hard ten inch cock. He wanted that cock in his mouth. He wanted to lick that cock. He wanted to suck that cock. He wanted to suck and lick Jimmy?s big balls. But he needed to wash Jimmy?s butt and legs. He wanted to feel that hard muscle too.

He ran his soapy hands around to Jimmy?s butt and washed off the hard round muscle. ?Oh god, your butt is so muscular, so round, so hard. My little butt is nothing compared to your butt. I bet your butt muscles are so strong they could break off my cock if I tried to fuck you. Jimmy looked in Brian?s eyes and said, ?Nobody fucks me. I?m the one who does the fucking. I?m a fucker not a fuckee. And your little butt looks pretty good to me. My big cock is gonna love fucking that butt.?

Brian soaped up his hands again and moved them to Jimmy?s thighs. ?Oh god, your thighs have gotten so muscular! I can feel the cords of muscle that have sprung up almost overnight. All that food and protein you have been eating has turned into solid muscle, and a lot of that muscle is here in your legs. These legs have just blossomed with muscle. And these calves. God they?re hard. They?ve gotten a lot bigger and they?re hard as rocks. I love your legs. I?d love it if you got me in a scissors hold and squeezed me with your big legs. I?d love to feel the power of your hard muscle. Your legs can?t crush my ribs now, but when you?re squatting with 500 pounds you?ll have to be careful if we wrestle. You could crush every rib in my body with your huge muscles.? Jimmy looked down at his legs and flexed them He liked what he saw. Muscles bulging all over his legs, covered with veins. He thought about what it would be like to have legs so big and strong that he could squat with 500 pounds. It was a weight he couldn?t even imagine. He wanted his legs to grow huge. He wanted to squat with 500 pounds.

Then Brian moved his hands up and started cleaning Jimmy?s balls and cock. He cleaned off all the crotch sweat that poured out of his skin during his brutal workout. Then without warning Brian started licking those balls. ?Holy shit,? yelled Jimmy. ?That feels so fucking good!? Brian licked each ball and then put each one in his mouth and sucked and licked. Jimmy was starting to go wild. Brian moved his wet soapy hands around Jimmy?s body, feeling his washboard hard abs, his muscular round butt and his thighs and calves. Brian was moaning in pleasure as he felt Jimmy?s muscles and licked his huge balls. Then Brian started licking the 10 inch cock, moving his tongue up and down Jimmy?s huge weapon of manhood. Jimmy was now grunting and he started thrusting his hips back and forth. Brian licked until he knew Jimmy couldn?t take it any more. He put the huge cock into his mouth and started sucking and licking. Jimmy thrust his hips back and forth and started grunting louder and louder. Then he came, spurting burst after burst of cum down Brian?s throat. Brian had reached down and stroked his little 5-1/2 inch cock and just at the time Jimmy came he came too. Both boys were moaning in pleasure.

After several minutes of this erotic bliss, Jimmy finally pulled his cock out of Brian?s mouth. ?Oh fuck, that was so good,? he said as he rubbed Brian?s wet hair. ?But I still wanna fuck you in the ass. You gotta come home with me and after dinner I?m gonna fuck the shit outta your little ass. I gotta eat a big dinner first. My muscles need a lot of food and that Muscle Milk is probably already digested. It?s turning into muscle. And now my muscles need more food.? Brian looked up at Jimmy. ?You know, I?m a great cook. I love to cook. My mom taught me how to cook real well. Everyone says my food is delicious. I can cook your dinner. I bet you?ll really like it.? Jimmy grinned. ?Fuck, that?s great! I hate to cook. I can?t cook a thing but now I have to eat tons of food. And what I cook doesn?t taste very good. I?d love to have you cook me dinner!? He picked Brian up from his knees and both of them washed the soap off their bodies.

They quickly dressed and left the gym. They went to a supermarket and Brian picked out all kinds of food. He knew Chad?s list of good foods and he picked them out. He was hoping to be able to cook lots of meals for Jimmy, so he picked up a lot of stuff. Tonight they were going to have fish. Brian could cook the fish very quickly and he knew Jimmy was already hungry. Plus they would have rice and vegetables.

They brought the food to Jimmy?s apartment and Jimmy showed Brian around. There was a queen size bed in the bedroom, a small dining table, a couch and a couple of chairs, a new flatscreen TV and a fairly sizable kitchen. ?Nice place,? said Brian. ?Yeah, I like it. But I?m hungry Brian. I?m really hungry!? Brian quickly unpacked the food and started cooking. He cooked four big pieces of fish, normally enough to serve four people. But he knew Jimmy ate a lot of food and he wanted to have enough. He was going to eat one piece. He put some spices on the fish and cooked the rice and vegetables. In 15 minutes dinner was ready. He served up Jimmy?s plate and his own plate. Jimmy?s plate was covered with food. Brian had hardly anything. Jimmy immediately started eating. ?Oh shit, this fish is delicious!? he said. ?You really are a good cook. And the rice and vegetables are good too. God I?m so hungry!? He gobbled up his food so fast Brian couldn?t believe it. Brian had only had a few bites and Jimmy was done. He stared at Brian?s fish. ?I?m still hungry Brian. Can I have your fish?? Brian smiled. ?You sure can. Your muscles need this fish a lot more than my wimpy little body does. Eat it. Get huge!? Jimmy stabbed the fish with his fork and put it on his plate. Then he wolfed it down. He got a second helping of rice and vegetables too. He drank three glasses of milk. Brian couldn?t believe how much Jimmy ate.

After dinner Brian said, ?I?ll clean up and you relax. I?ll do the housework around here so you can rest and let your muscles grow. I want them to grow. I want them to grow huge!? Jimmy smiled. ?Well, okay. But when you?re done cleaning up I?m gonna fuck your ass. I?m horny and when I?m horny I fuck.? So Jimmy sat on the couch relaxing, watching Brian as he washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. He stroked his cock as he watched Brian?s little bubble butt move around. Jimmy took off his clothes and was now sitting naked on the couch. His cock was rock hard. He stroked it and grinned at Brian. Brian looked over and laughed. ?Looks like you?re ready,? he said. He stripped off his clothes, threw them on the floor and sat down next to Jimmy. He rubbed his hand on Jimmy?s hard abs. ?Is your tummy full? You ate enough food for four people! But even though you ate so much your waist is still small and your abs are incredible.? He rubbed his hands over those abs and then went down to his cock. ?Your cock is so big. I hope it likes my little ass. My ass is tight and it likes big cocks.? Jimmy was fidgeting. He wanted to fuck! Then Brian kissed him, real hard and real long as he wrapped his arms around Jimmy?s hard torso. When he finished kissing, he looked into Jimmy?s gorgeous blue eyes. ?It?s so nice being gay and to be able to feel your muscles, to kiss your gorgeous face and to get fucked by your big cock. I love being gay. And you?re a top and I?m a bottom. A perfect combination.? Brian rubbed his hands over Jimmy?s body and looked him in the eyes. Jimmy ran his hand over Brian?s little butt and kissed him. ?Well, you?re pretty hot too. You?re cute and you have a very nice butt. And now I?m gonna fuck that hot little butt!? He stood up and lifted Brian off the couch. Then he pushed him into the bedroom onto the bed. Brian looked up at the naked Jimmy and smiled. He had been waiting to get fucked by this stud all day.

Jimmy lubed up Brian?s asshole and his cock. ?Can you take it all?? he asked. Brian said ?Yeah! Give me all of that cock. I want it all!? So Jimmy rammed his cock into Brian?s ass. Brian wasn?t a virgin, but his asshole was still very tight. He started moaning in pleasure and Jimmy was grunting with each thrust. He fucked Brian wildly and they both had incredible orgasms. They laid on the bed after the fuck and looked at each other. Jimmy said, ?Stay here tonight, Brian. I wanna fuck you again and again. You really get me turned on, talking about my muscles and stuff.? Brian beamed. ?Oh yeah! You can fuck me all night! And tomorrow is Saturday and I have a plan. I?m gonna cook for you all weekend. I?m gonna make you the biggest, most delicious meals you?ve ever had. You can spend all weekend stuffing yourself with good food with lots of protein. I?ll do all the housework. All you have to do is eat and watch your muscles grow. You had such a brutal workout today. I know your muscles are gonna grow a lot bigger if you keep feeding them huge amounts of good food. So I?m gonna feed them. We can go to the health food store and buy more protein and Muscle Milk and other stuff. And I?ll pay for it. I wanna see your muscles grow huge!? Jimmy flexed his arm at Brian and said, ?We got a deal! I?m always hungry. I?m gonna eat a ton! And I want some protein right now!? So Brian leaped off the bed and made a big protein shake as Jimmy lay in bed stroking his still hard cock. Brian brought it in and Jimmy glugged it down. It was only an hour after dinner and he was already hungry. Then they fucked again. And again. And Jimmy had a Muscle Milk before he went to sleep. In the middle of the night Jimmy woke up and looked at Brian sleeping next to him. He nudged Brian in the shoulder. Brian woke up and looked at Jimmy. ?I?m hungry, Brian. I?m real hungry.? Brian smiled. He liked it when Jimmy was hungry. He needed more food to feed his growing muscles. He went into the kitchen and made a huge protein shake. Jimmy gulped in down ?Ummm, feels so good,? he said. He put his head on the pillow and immediately went to sleep. Brian looked at his big sleeping friend and smiled as he went to sleep too.

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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Keep growing him!


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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
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Well Chad has backed off on being as demeaning to Jimmy he was in part 1 and is really being supportive to him now... It's cool that Jimmy has found a cheering section in Brian and the geeks, but it would be neat if Jimmy could inspire Brian to get serious about working out rather than just worshiping Jimmy.... (yeah I prefer pairing of equals over a Dom and Sub and you're not into that... Jimmy the dominate aggressive muscle stud is hard for me to accept as emerging this fast and fully formed)

Ben is apparently intended as an irritant to Jimmy and there will likely be some confrontation between Ben and Jimmy but there isn't enough information yet to be more specific yet.

I suspect that Chad may not be quite as straight as he advertises himself to be... Maybe Bi with a strong aversion to "Nellie's"

The reason I commented on the story to start with is that I think JohnD is a pretty good writer that could be become a better writer if he tried to "stretch himself" a bit more often... and not drop into comfortable story forms so quickly...


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Nice work as usual
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AWESOME chapter- now that Brian's working out with Jimmy every day maybe he'll start to firm up as well...great work JohnD!!!!
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That was an awesome, hot chapter! I can't wait to see how big Jimmy is after a whole weekend of eating.
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can't wait to see happens in the next chapter.
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