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Andrew chapter 41: A new life for mike in the new year

On Monday, January 16th, 2006, Andrew and Mike were riding to school in Andrew's car. Mike had grown to 6 feet and 215 pounds of solid muscle. That made him as tall as Ralph and Mark, but 15 pounds heavier than each of them. When they had left Miami ten days before, Mike had been 205 pounds, making him heavier than his brother for the first time in his life. So Mark took great pleasure in calling Mike 'Big Brother' for the first time in their lives.

As Andrew looked over at Mike and noticed the confident look on his face, he realized that being called 'Big Brother' by his older brother Mark had done more for Mike's self esteem than all of Andrew's pep talks.

It figures that Mark, being smarter than me, would figure out how to cheer Mike up with only two words! Andrew fumed silently to himself. But when he looked closer at Mike's confident bearing, he couldn't help grinning: pleased that his friend was so happy.

"I'm really proud of you Mike," Andrew said, slapping him on the shoulder. "You've really transformed yourself in only three months into an awesome jock!"

"Your training helped some Andrew," Mike reminded him with a cocky smirk. He flexed his 18 inch bicep and added, "But I guess finding my determination helped as well; I look in the mirror and see a muscular jock staring back at me! I love having an eight pack and a ripped chest Andrew!"

"Yeah and it looks like Sue likes it as well," Andrew said with a smile.

"What do you mean Andrew?" Mike asked him, his face flushing with embarassment.

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed her staring at you from across the cafeteria Mike; I have!" Andrew shouted in astonishment.

"Okay I have too Andrew and I can tell you now that Sue and I are dating Andrew," Mike said.

"Way to go Big Guy!" Andrew shouted in excitement, slapping Mike on the shoulder harder this time. Mike concealed a wince and grinned. "When did you two start dating?"

"After we got back from New Years in Miami Andrew," Mike replied. "She actually broke up with Steve once she overheard him ranting about how his plan to steal me from the Hurricanes had failed. She and her parents flew home Saturday night, but not before her dad told Steve that he was no longer welcome in my house. Steve just laughed in his face and said that he wouldn't take Sue back even if she begged him. On the plane that night, Sue decided to switch her allegiance to Miami and she called to tell me everything when I got home on Sunday night. You may not know this Andrew, but Sue and I have actually been really good friends since high school began. So when I told her about a year ago that Steve had been bullying me since Grade Nine, she yelled at Steve and almost broke up with him then. But he apologized profusely for bullying me and promised her that he would stop. Sue suggested that he ask me nicely for some homework help and also informed him that he could help me work out, like Andrew had helped my older brother Mark."

"But if Steve knew that a year ago, why didn't he start being nice to you back then?" Andrew asked him, once Mike stopped to take a breath.

"He didn't want it to seem too sudden or you would have wondered why he was being so nice to me," Mike replied, as they arrived at the school parking lot. "So he ignored me the rest of Grade 11, and up until Thanksgiving Weekend of this school year. But when he told Coach Henderson from Florida State all about my brother, the coach told him that he would give Steve more than just a full scholarship if he could get me to join the Seminoles."

"Well we made sure that didn't happen, didn't we Mike?" Andrew asked him, as they headed to the football field.

"Yes we did Andrew, but that's not the end of my story," Mike informed him. Andrew nodded to indicate he was listening as they sat down on the bleachers. "I consoled Sue after her breakup with Steve, since we had something in common: his betrayal of our trust in him. Sue took me home with her after school last Monday and asked her parents if she could date me, after asking me if I wanted to date her. Her parents agreed with Sue dating me, just as I had. And you are part of the reason they did that Andrew."

"Why is that Mike?" Andrew asked him.

"Sue's parents greatly respect you for training me to become a football player, just like you did with my brother Mark," Mike replied. "That changed Sue's mind about you, since she had thought that you were just a cocky jock who wanted to hog all the glory on the football field."

"I don't have to think hard to figure out who filled her head with that nonsense!" Andrew growled in fury. "It was that jerk Steve, wasn't it?"

"Yes it was Andrew; he's always been jealous of you, ever since you were little kids," Mike revealed. "Sue told me how Steve has been ranting about you in jealous rages over the years, desperate to beat you in everything."

"I didn't know he was even competing with me until he exploded in a jealous rage back in June," Andrew admitted. "But I'm glad that Steve revealing his true nature has helped you and Sue get closer, as well as changing her opinion of me. It made me feel uncomfortable knowing that my sister's best friend looked down her nose at me."

"Only in the figurative sense Andrew; you're so tall that no one could literally look down their nose at you Andrew!" Mike laughed.

"Good point Mike, and I hope that being bigger than Sue, you don't look down your nose at her," Andrew said firmly. Mike nodded hastily and Andrew smiled, adding, "That's good Mike, because if you treat my sister's best friend badly, you'll hear about it! There's nothing I hate worse than someone who doesn't treat a lady right!"

"Don't worry Andrew; I've been inspired by your gentle treatment of Carrie to be the best boyfriend I can possibly be for her," Mike assured him. "Sue had already praised me for being so gentle with her, even though I'm twice her weight and tower over her by a whole foot!"

"How would you like to be even bigger Mike?" Andrew asked him.

"How much bigger Andrew?" Mike asked him with a huge grin.

"As big as me Mike, thanks to the Enhancement Serum," Andrew replied.

"I'd love it Andrew and we can have it done at the Meaford Base as soon as I cross above the 250 pound threshold," Mike said. He looked behind Andrew and added, "But I'd better discuss it with Sue first."

"Discuss what with me Mike?" Sue asked him, coming up beside him.

"I'll leave you two alone; see you in the gym after school Big Guy," Andrew said, walking quickly past Sue and towards the school.

Sue tried to say something to Andrew, but he was gone to quickly for her to get the words out.

"Don't take it personally Sue; just as it took you a long time to warm up to Andrew, it will take him a while to warm up to you," Mike informed her. He hugged her gently and assured her, "Don't worry Sue: I've warmed up to you just fine!"

"I can feel that Mike," Sue agreed, easing up against his massive chest. "The warmth coming off you in waves feels so good!"

"Feel my rock-hard bicep Sue and see if it feels better," Mike ordered her.

"What if I don't want to?" Sue teased him.

"Then I'll have to make you!" Mike roared in fake fury. He put his big hands around Sue's tiny waist and lifted her up to eye level. "I'm in charge here Little Girl and you'd better do what I say or you'll be sorry!"

\ "What are you going to do: tickle me to death?" Sue laughed.

"Yes I am Sue," Mike replied, tickling her softly in the ribs.

Sue laughed and yelled, "Stop it Mike! I surrender!"

Mike went to let her go, but Sue's kicking feet accidentally nailed him right in the crotch!

"Oww!" Mike yelled, doubling over but still managing to set Sue gently on the ground. He cupped his groin and then straightened up with a glare. "What did you do that for Sue?"

"It was an accident Mike!" Sue stammered, terrified that she had really hurt Mike. Then she saw him take his hand off his crotch and step towards her. She breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't really hurt and then had an idea. "You hardly got hurt Mike; you're obviously really strong!"

"Not strong enough not to be hurt by a nut shot Sue, but I'd love to be," Mike informed her. "Andrew suggested that I get genetically enhanced like he has been so that I'll get a lot bigger and stronger."

"That would be a good idea Mike, then noone could ever hurt you again," Sue agreed. "I'm very impressed that you barely doubled over from that accidental kick to the crotch! You're obviously pretty strong already!"

"I also have a high pain tolerance Sue," Mike informed her. "I can't wait until I'm so strong that a kick to the nuts doesn't even phase me! We should try that once a week so that we can see how much stronger I get."

"Good idea Mike, then you can protect me from anyone who tries to cause trouble, like my former boyfriend Steve or his friend Darrel," Sue agreed. "That's the only fighting move I know and considering how little effect it had on you, it probably wouldn't even phase them!"

"You're probably right Sue; that's why I want to be just as big and strong as they are," Mike said, leading her to the school. "By the way, you have a Tazer at home, right Sue?"

"Yes I do Mike," Sue replied. "My dad got it for my protection because I'm so small and I don't know many fighting moves."

"You'd better test it on me when we get home so that we can make sure it works properly," Mike decided.

"Are you sure that's a good idea Mike?" Sue asked him. "50,000 volts could kill you!"

"These muscles should be able to handle it and I need to know that you can keep yourself safe when I'm not around," Mike said firmly.

"And it's another good strength test for you," Sue realized. She looked him up and down and added, "I love how tight your clothes are getting on you Mike. What size t-shirts do you wear now?"

"I'm up to Large, but I've been wearing Medium to show off my muscles more," Mike replied. "I also wear slimfit instead of straight leg jeans so that they hug my legs."

"I think you should wear Small t-shirts so that they'll be skintight and get some skinny jeans so that they'll be skintight!" Sue dared him. "Get some cowboy boots that have at least three inch heels so that you'r even taller! And a skintight leather jacket as well! I want you to look as tough and scary as possible!"

"You just want to see all my muscles straining the seams of my clothes Sue!" Mike teased her.

"That's right Mike, so you'd better do what I say!" Sue ordered him.

"You know Sue, I anticipated your request and brought some of my smaller clothes to school with me today," Mike informed her, pointing to his backpack. They reached his locker and he opened it. Pointing inside, he added, "My high-heeled cowboy boots and leather jacket are inside there Sue, as you can see. I'll change during lunch and then we'll see what you think of me in skintight clothes."

"I can't wait Mike," Sue said, running her hand down his ripped abs. "I hope your big muscles stretch the seams on your clothes to the breaking point!"

"If that's true, I hope it only happens when we're alone Sue," Mike reminded her, waving as she headed to her first class. "See you at lunch."

Sue waved back at Mike and then he went into his first class, which he happened to share with Andrew. He told Andrew about the wardrobe changes he and Sue had talked about and Andrew grinned at him.

"I told you back in October that tight clothes would attract girls to you and I was right," Andrew said knowingly. "That's probably part of the reason Sue started dating you in the first place. And now she wants you to take the next step and wear skintight clothes to show off all your muscles for her and intimidate any guys who would think of taking her from you."

"I never thought about it that way Andrew, but that's because I don't think Sue's dating me just for my body," Mike said with an angry glare.

"Neither do I Mike," Andrew informed Mike with a glare of his own. "I think that Sue is actually dating you because you've been a good friend of hers for the past three years and now she wants to get closer to you."

Mike thought about that for a minute and realized that Andrew was right. He hastily apologized for thinking the wrong thing; fully aware that Andrew still outweighed him by almost 150 pounds.

"Don't worry about it man," Andrew assured Mike, patting him gently on the shoulder. "Now let's concentrate on this class."

Mike nodded in agreement and for the rest of the period, they focussed on their studies.

After their second period, when it was lunchtime, Mike ran into his old friends Nate, Stu and Lenny in the hall.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Mike asked them, suddenly realizing that he towered over each of them by a foot and outweighed them two to one.

"Your height and weight Mike; it looks like you're over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds now," Nate replied, looking uneasy.

"Actually I am 6 foot and 215 pounds of solid muscle," Mike informed him with a cocky smirk.

"Good for you Mike; see you later," Nate said, trying to step past him.

"Wait a minute Nate," Mike said, catching his arm. "Where are you guys going? Why don't you eat lunch at the team table with us?"

"Us?" Nate repeated, twisting the word with undisguised sarcasm. "Since when did you become a jock Mike?"

"Since Andrew started training me for football: unlocking my genetic potential in the process," Mike replied with a frown. "What's the matter with you guys?"

"You haven't spent any time with us in the past three months since you started working out with Andrew!" Stu shouted at him. "How can you just abandon us like that to hang out with a bunch of arrogant meatheads?"

"Listen you!" Mike snapped, shoving Stu against the locker. "Don't insult my friends like that! They won the Provincial Football Championship and it's time you gave them the respect they deserve!"

"I didn't mean to make you mad Mike," Stu stammered in fear, fully aware that Mike had him suspended a foot off the ground.

"You haven't seen me mad...yet," Mike said ominously, letting Stu down to the ground again. He released his grip from Stu's shirt and stepped back. "Now, are you going to apologize for what you said about Andrew and his friends, or is our friendship going to end right here?"

"We can't be friends with a bully who slams people against lockers when he doesn't like what they have to say!" Leonard shouted in fury. "You're as bad as Steve and Darrel were!"

Mike stepped further back in shock as their words penetrated and he had nothing to say for a few seconds.

"Have a good day Mike," Nate said as he turned to leave.

"If you guys ever insult my friends again, you won't," Mike warned them with an angry glare.

Fear washed over his former friends' faces as they walked down the hall and Mike turned around to head to the cafeteria.

I can't believe those idiots! Mike fumed to himself; his angry glare making the crowds part hastily to make way for him. How can they just turn against me like that? Oh well, who needs those wimps anyway! Thanks to Andrew's training, I've got a whole bunch of new friends, both here and in Miami.

Mike was too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice how the crowds in the hallways parted for him out of respect for his new size. He was also wearing his Varsity Hockey Jacket, since he had joined the OD Senior Hockey Team after football season had ended.

When Mike got to the team lunch table, Andrew greeted him with a hearty, "Hey Big Man! What's up?"

"Not much Andrew, especially since my old friends don't want to have anything to do with me anymore!" Mike grumbled. "I can't believe they just turned on me like that now that I'm a Varsity Athlete like you!"

"Excuse us guys; we're going to go get our food," Andrew said to Ralph and Connor. He led Mike over to the food line and they waited for their turn to order. "Tell me exactly what happened."

Mike told him everything, using his photographic memory to recite the entire conversation word for word. Andrew's face turned red with anger when Mike informed him that Nate, Stu and Lenny thought he and the other Provincial Champions were just 'arrogant meatheads' but otherwise he didn't react.

"They were right in almost everything they said Mike," Andrew said finally. "You have abandoned them to spend more time with me, Ralph and Connor. You did act just like Steve and Darrel: slamming Stu against the locker like that! And then you had the nerve to order him to apologize for what he said, when you never apologized for what you did!"

"So you're on their side as well Andrew?" Mike asked him angrily. "I thought you'd be on my side!"

"This isn't about sides; it's about right and wrong," Andrew reminded him, trying to hold onto his temper. "You can't go around shoving people against lockers just because you don't like what they have to say!"

"You're one to talk!" Mike shouted in rage. "You've done the same thing to me back in October: several times!"

"You're absolutely right Mike; I did do that, and I'm sorry," Andrew apologized. "Now, maybe when you've calmed down, you might think about apologizing to your former friends so at least you can part ways amicably."

"What do you mean Andrew; isn't Nate still coming to Miami with us?" Mike asked him in confusion.

"No he's not Mike; he accepted a full academic scholarship to Harvard University," Andrew replied.

"How do you know that?" Mike asked him.

"That was a stupid question Mike!" Andrew admonished him. "How do you think I know that about Nate?"

"He told you Andrew," Mike realized. "He probably also told you about how I shoved them aside to spend more time with you. How could I have been so stupid: abandoning my childhood friends like that?"

"Don't be too hard on yourself Mike; Varsity Sports consumes the weekend schedule of athletes, to say nothing of the weekday practices," Andrew reminded him. "It's only natural for you to spend more time with your fellow athletes than your friends or even your family. And it will only get more intense when we get to Miami!"

"What do my former friends think of you Andrew?" Mike asked him, as they selected their food items.

"They like me, because I have a reputation as a protector instead of a bully," Andrew replied. "But I realize all to well the temptation to bully people that sze and strength can produce. You have to watch out for that Mike and resist using force first. Physical force should only be used as a last resort, because you size should be enough to intimidate your enemies without having to put your hands on them."

"I think I should apologize to my former friends as soon as I see them again," Mike decided.

"Well here's you chance Mike," Andrew informed him as they paid for their food. "They're waiting for you right outside the food serving area."

Mike followed Andrew out into the seating area of the cafeteria and stood beside the wall, facing Nate, Stu and Lenny.

"Yeah guys; what can I do for you?" Mike asked them, crossing his well-muscled arms over his broad chest.

"Uhhh..." Nate began, intimidated by Mike's size and muscles.

"'Uhhh...' is not an answer Nate," Mike reminded him. "I'll go first." He thought through what he was going to say for a few seconds and then said, "I want to apologize to the three of you and especially to you Stu, for how I acted in the hall."

"You think that you can apolgize and everything will be just fine again?" Stu snapped at him.

"Yes I do Stu, because words are all I have to make up for my actions," Mike replied. "My conscience is clean now, but if you want to hold a grudge still, that's your problem, not mine."

Mike turned to leave, but Nate caught his arm gently, throwing an angry glare at Stu at the same time.

"Don't leave yet Mike; I want to apologize for Stu calling Andrew and his friends 'arrogant meatheads'; they don't deserve that," Nate said.

"Steve and Darrel do, but you're right: Andrew and his friends do not," Mike agreed. "But you're not the one who should be apologizing for those words Nate, since you didn't speak them." He turned to glare at Stu and added, "Now, since I apologized for what I did, will you do the same thing Stu?"

He stared at Stu intently and Nate and Lenny did the same thing.

"If you guys think that staring at me will make me apologize to a bully, you really are dumb!" Stu spat in fury. He turned around and stalked off to his table. "When you guys are ready to act smart again you know where I'll be!"

"Yeah, nursing your petty grudge!" Mike shouted after him.

Stu didn't bother looking back, he just kept walking.

"Stu is still friends with Steve and Darrel, even though Nate and I are not," Lenny informed Mike. "Of the three of us, Stu is the one who exhibited signs of intense jealousy once you started becoming an athlete. But I think Steve and Darrel had a hand in that too, poisoning his mind against you since you chose Miami over Florida State."

"Considering that Steve and Darrel tried to steal me from Miami, Stu's being incredibly naive if he thinks he can trust them," Mike said. "But I suppose that's his problem if they betray him like they did me. I'm glad that you saw the light Lenny and I hope you realize that I'm not like Steve and Darrel after all."

"Yes Mike; I just said that in the heat of anger," Lenny said.

"And I just shoved Stu against the locker in the heat of anger as well," Mike said. He glared in Stu's direction and added, "I guess Stu has revealed his true colours today: look at Steve and Darrel high-fiving him at their table!"

Nate and Lenny followed Mike's pointing finger and they clenched their fists in rage when they saw what Mike had seen.

"Well he's not our friend anymore!" Nate decided. "And I think Tom and Denny are thinking the same thing; they're going over to Andrew's table." He looked over at Mike and asked him, "Do you mind if we join you at Andrew's table Big Guy?"

"Sure Little Man," Mike replied. "Follow me."

He led the way over to Andrew's table, arriving just as Tom and Denny sat down.

"Hey guys," Andrew greeted them. "Have a seat; there's plenty of room here since the hockey team split into two camps: mine and Steve's."

"Well we've chosen the right side, thanks to a little help from Mike," Nate informed him. "I see that Tom and Darrel's younger brother Denny have joined us."

"I'd rather be known as Phil's younger brother instead of Darrel's," Denny said with an angry look. "Darrel's moved out, so he's no longer part of our family anymore!"

"I don't blame you for that Denny, but I never imagined that exposing Steve and Darrel's plan to steal Mike from the Hurricanes would rip so many families apart," Andrew said sadly.

"It's not your fault Andrew; it's theirs!" Tom shouted. He patted Andrew on the shoulde, having to reach way up to do so. "Don't blame yourself Big Guy; we don't!"

"Thanks a lot Tom," Andrew said gratefully. He thought for a minute and then asked them, "Hey, what are you guys doing after school today?"

"Nothing much Andrew," Denny replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Did you two want to come work out in the gym with me and Mike?" Andrew asked him. Tom and Denny nodded eagerly and Andrew then turned to Nate and Lenny. "How about you two?"

"Good idea Andrew: that would help us spend more time with Mike before we go to Harvard in the fall," Nate agreed.

"Good, then it's all settled," Andrew said, beginning to eat again. "So after lunch, we'll see you four guys after class in the locker room. Since the hockey team isn't practicing today, it should be pretty empty."

"But we're so small," Lenny protested. "What if the big guys push us out of the gym?"

"Don't worry Lenny; I'll be on duty at the front desk and I'll escort you personally into the locker room and the gym," Phil assured the four small guys. "When they see you're with me, the big guys will know that you're under my protection and if they want to keep all their teeth they'd better leave you alone!"

"Thanks Phil," Lenny said gratefully. "I can see that you, like Andrew, are a gentle giant instead of an arrogant meathead like Steve and Darrel!"

"Yeah Lenny, I'm glad Darrel left the house!" Phil shouted in excitement. "You may not know this, but once he couldn't bully Mike anymore, he turned on our little brother Denny! So that's when I decided to get stronger than Steve and took two doses of the Enhancement Serum instead of one. Once I beat Darrel up, after I caught him shoving Denny into a wall, he and Steve got the message to leave my little brother alone!"

"That's great Phil, but if you were enhanced like us, then why didn't you come work out with us at Robert McDonald's junkyard?" Andrew asked him.

"I never got along with Steve and Darrel because of their bullying tendancies, so I decided to keep my enhancement quiet," Phil replied. He glared at Andrew and added, "I'm very surprised that you stayed friends with Steve and Darrel so long considering how many people they bullied."

"I thought that after I stopped them from bullying Mark, Ralph and Connor that they weren't bullying anyone else," Andrew said. "And as Mike told me once, he didn't come to me for help because I hung around them so much so he had no way of knowing that I wasn't a bully as well!" He glared over at Steve's table and added," But I'm glad that you took care of Steve when he put his hands on Denny Phil; you really are a protector of small guys just like me!"

"Yeah Phil and once I'm enhanced like you guys, the Hurricanes will have three enhanced players, outnumbering Florida State," Mike informed his new friend.

"Way to go man; you'll be joining the ranks of Enhanced Athletes very soon!" Phil congratulated Mike.

Mike grinned and looked forward to having Superhuman strength just like Andrew and Phil.

After he was done eating, Mike changed into his skintight clothes in the men's washroom, just as he had promised Sue he would. He stepped out of the stall and smirked at his reflection in the mirror, amazed at how his muscles strained the seams of his skintight t-shirt.

"How do I look guys?" he asked Nate and Lenny.

"You look like your clothes are way too small for you Mike!" Nate teased him. Mike glared at him, thinking he was serious and Nate hastily added, "You look awesome man; it's obvious you spent a lot of time in the gym to get a body like that!"

"What size is your t-shirt Mike?" Lenny asked him. "It looks like it's painted-on and the seams might burst any minute!"

"It's a medium t-shirt Lenny: two sizes too small for me so that's why it's skintight," Mike replied with an arrogant smirk. "Sue dared me to wear a skintight t-shirt to show off all my muscles, so that's what I'm doing!" He flexed his massive bicep, which strained the seams on his sleeve almost to the point of splitting them. "What do you think of that arm guys?"

"It's amazing Mike, but how big is it?" Nate asked him in awe.

"19 inches man; I just measured it this morning," Mike replied. "Now enough about my arms; check out my massive legs guys!"

Mike flexed his massive quads one by one in his skintight jeans, making the seams strain and causing the eyes of his friends to widen in amazement. Nate and Lenny were very happy for Mike: seeing him turning into a massive muscle god before their very eyes, but they were also scared that he might start bullying them again like he had that morning.

As if to confirm their fears, Mike stepped forward and loomed over them by more than a foot, since he stood at 6 foot 3 with his cowboy boots on. Mike grabbed each of them in one hand and lifted them effortlessly into the air, making each of them dangle more than two feet off the ground.

"Put us down Mike!" Nate stammered in fear, while Lenny was speechless with terror beside him.

"What's the magic word Nate?" Mike asked him softly, smiling up at him to ease Nate's fear.

"Please," Nate said quietly, smiling hesitantly back at Mike. His big friend grinned and let him and Lenny down to the ground again. "Thanks Mike; you're really strong man! It's awesome that you've turned into a muscle god just like Andrew and Phil!"

"You think I'm a muscle god?" Mike asked him in amazement, leading the way out of the washroom.

"Of course you are Mike!" Nate assured him. "You just lifted a 100 pound guy in each arm effortlessly!"

"I guess you're right Nate; thanks for the compliment dude," Mike said, patting him gently on the shoulder.

As he led the way down the hall to his locker, he noticed the looks of amazement on the faces of his fellow students as he passed them. Nate and Lenny grinned at each other, pleased that Mike was still friends with them even after growing so big and strong.

In his first class after lunch, Mike noticed that even Ralph and Connor were giving him looks of awe mixed with fear. Mike smirked and flexed his biceps and pecs casually, pleased that Andrew had taught him how to flex each individual muscle.

I idolized Ralph and Connor as role models over the past two years as they became jocks under Andrew's guidance, Mike thought to himself. But now they're staring at me as if I'm a role model for them! I can't believe that I'm bigger than Ralph already; I've only been working out seriously for three months! I wonder how big I'll be by the time we go to Miami in seven months!

Mike looked around the classroom and realized suddenly that he was the biggest guy there except for Connor. So when class was over and his two new friends cornered him in the hallway, Mike reminded them of that fact.

"You're really done an amazing job under Andrew's guidance Mike," Ralph congratulated him. "You're bigger than me and your brother Mark already!"

"Yeah that was a great Christmas Present for me: reaching Mark's size after only two and a half months of training," Mike said with the near-constant smirk on his face. "I can't wait until I get big enough to undergo the Enhancement Procedure; then I'll be as big as Andrew in no time!"

"When are you planning on having the procedure performed?" Connor asked him, since Ralph suddenly became too scared to speak.

"I should be big enough on May 24th weekend," Mike replied, grinning with excitement at the thought. "I can't wait to cross the 300 pound barrier and then get as big and strong as my brother Matt!"

"You may not be able to catch up to him in strength Mike," Ralph said, finally finding his voice again. "Andrew told us that since Matt had already reached the physical size of an enhanced human, all the Enhancement Serum went straight to his adrenal gland! That means that his strength increased twice as fast as it did for Andrew and Phil, and he may soon get stronger than Andrew!"

"Matt's going to need to be the strongest enhanced human, especially since the new Prime Minister just announced a massive increase in the number of troops going to Afghanistan," Mike reminded him. "The whole Enhancement Procedure was designed for Infantry troops in the first place, and Matt is going to be among the first soldiers to test out its effects in actual combat." He flexed his massive bicep as they reached the classroom and added, "But considering how big I'm getting, I should be able to do well in combat myself, even if it's just here at school! It's amazing how 60 pounds of muscle had increased my self-confidence and respect-generating capacity."

"Same old Mike: using big words that only smart guys can understand," Ralph teased him, pleased that Mike's new muscles weren't making him act like an arrogant jock.

"Yeah Ralph, as I told my dad at Christmas, I may have gained a lot of brawn, but I haven't lost any brains!" Mike laughed, flexing his bicep again. "But once I get enhanced, anyone who gets in my way will lose their brains: all over the floor!"

"Don't even joke about that Mike!" Ralph begged him. "We've all seen Andrew crush cars effortlessly, so crushing someone's head would be child's play for an enhanced human!"

Mike looked over at him with a worried expression, which quickly morphed into a cocky smirk when he saw the look of fear on Ralph's face.

"Don't worry Little Man," Mike assured him, patting his shoulder gently. "If it makes you feel any better, I'll crush watermelons instead of human heads; they're about the same size!"

"That doesn't make me feel any better Mike; it would just emphasize how much damage you can cause with those massive arms of yours!" Ralph informed him.

"Yeah, ever since Andrew began teaching me Martial Arts in October, I've developed into quite an awesome fighter," Mike bragged. "I can already snap boards in half with just one hand!"

"Wow Mike that's amazing!" Connor congratulated him, feeling a twinge of fear. "But I'm surprised that Andrew taught you martial arts and not us!"

"Unless I'm mistaken, Andrew trained you guys during football season, while most of my training will occur after football season," Mike reminded him with a frown. "But don't get any ideas about trying to take me down you guys; I'll take both of you down instead!"

"We're not going to try to fight you man," Connor assured him, feeling even more scared of Mike now. "I can tell that you're soon going to turn into a huge muscle god just like Andrew and your big brother Matt!"

Mike's angry glare faded into an arrogant smile, causing Ralph and Connor to breath a sigh of relief. Connor remembered how forceful Mike had been even back in October, and he tremlbed with fear at the thought of Mike getting mad now. Mike had no idea that Ralph and Connor had seen him suspending Nate and Lenny in mid-air with only one hand for each in the washroom at the end of lunch that day.

"Andrew has all the seasons of Walker Texas Ranger at home guys," Mike said suddenly. "He's been using the fight scenes to teach me some Chuck Norris moves!"

"Hey, did Andrew show you his copy of the Chuck Norris facts book?" Connor asked him.

"Yeah he did Connor; I love the one that goes 'Chuck Norris doesn't sleep, he waits,'" Mike replied.

"Just like we are waiting for you three to stop talking so that we can start the class," the teacher said suddenly.

Mike and his two friends looked up suddenly from their desks and noticed the entire class staring at them impatiently. Without thinking, Mike suddenly stood up from his seat and began walking towards Mr. Harrison, who he outweighed by at least 100 pounds.

"What are you doing Mike?" Connor asked him, standing up from his seat to drag Mike back. Ralph laid a hand on his arm, and whispered in his ear for him to sit down before he made Mike mad. "Good idea Ralph; I really don't want him to put me in a chokehold or something," Connor whispered back.

Meanwhile at the front of the class, Mike was talking quietly to Mr. Harrison, apologizing for holding up the class but ordering him not to embarrass him in front of the class again. The teacher gulped in fear when he suddenly noticed how big Mike was and hastily agreed. Mike grinned at him arrogantly and returned slowly to his seat.

"You can start the class now teach," Mike said, sitting down and flexing his arms casually. "We're ready when you are."

Mr. Harrison's jaw dropped in amazement, both at Mike's huge arms and his cocky attitude. When he saw how big Ralph and Connor were, he suddenly realized that this Advanced Chemistry class was the first one he had taught with football players in it. However, he realized that he had to get on with the lesson, so he tried to ignore Mike's big muscles and teach the class.

Throughout the period however, everyone in the class kept sneaking glances at Mike, amazed that his skintight clothes could actually contain his big muscles. Mike lapped up the attention, teasing his classmates with subtle flexes of his muscles.

When Chemistry Class was over, Mike ordered Nate and Lenny to meet him in the gym and collect Denny and Tom on the way.

"What about you Mike?" Nate asked him hesitantly.

"I'm going to find Andrew and then meet you there," Mike replied.

"Actually Mr. Stevenson, I'd like you to stay after class so we can have a little chat," Mr. Harrison said. Mike turned to glare at him, which caused Mr. Harrison to hastily add, "If it wouldn't be too much trouble."

"No trouble at all man; just give me a moment," Mike agreed, a thrill of joy running through him at the sight of the fear of his teacher's face. He turned to Ralph and Connor and said, "Go find Andrew and tell him that my four small friends will be waiting for him in the gym. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Sure thing Mike; see you then," Ralph said, slapping him on the back.

Mike's return of the gesture made Ralph stumble and made Mike laugh. Ralph rubbed his sore back and hurried out of the classroom with Connor right beside him. Mike turned to Mr. Harrison, letting the grin on his face morph into an angry glare.

"You'd better have a good reason for keeping me after class; I'm missing a great workout with Andrew in the gym," Mike growled in fury.

"It will only be a few minutes Mr. Stevenson," Mr. Harrison assured him. He stood up from behind his desk so Mike wouldn't loom over him as much. "I must insist that you wear looser clothes in my class; you were distracting all my students."

"I can't help it if they were admiring my massive muscles man," Mike said with a soft laugh. "I worked hard for this awesome body and I'm just getting started on my muscle god journey! And it wasn't my idea to wear skintight clothes, it was my girlfriend who dared me to!"

"Never the less, I am ordering you to wear looser clothes in my class so that I can actually teach the lessons that your parents tax dollars are paying for!" Mr. Harrison yelled.

"Unless such an order is here in this school dress code, I'm not obeying that order and you can't lawfully give it," Mike said, tossing the open book on the desk. "I was flipping through the dress code during the class, because I had a feeling you were going to complain about how I'm dressed."

"Do you mean to tell me that you weren't even focussing on the lesson?" Mr. Harrison asked him angrily.

"Actually I was, and I got all my homework done already," Mike said with a smirk. He tossed his homework on the desk and added, "Check it for mistakes man; you won't find a single one!"

Mr. Harrison followed Mike's order and smiled when he realized that Mike had solved every homework problem correctly. He then looked down at the dress code pamplet and read it cover to cover, trying to find anything that mentioned tight clothing. But he could find nothing in the pamplet to justify his earlier order to Mike about wearing looser clothing.

"I owe you an apology Mr. Stevenson," Mr. Harrison said, holding out his hand. "Actually, I owe you two: one for thinking you weren't paying attention in my class and another for trying to enforce a rule that doesn't exist!"

"No harm done man," Mike said, gripping his teacher's hand and shaking it firmly. Mr. Harrison released his grip quickly and shook out his hand, trying to get some feeling back into his figners. Mike grinned at him smugly and asked him, "Is there anything else or can I go join Andrew and my friends in the gym now?"

"You can go now Mike," Mr. Harrison replied. "I'm just not used to seeing guys wearing skintight clothes in my class. Usually only girls wear tight clothes, though your clothes are so skintight that the girl's clothes look baggy by comparison!"

"Yeah, I can't deny that I gladly accepted my girlfriend's are to wear skintight clothes just to show off all my massive muscles," Mike chuckled. He flexed his 19 inch bicep and stared at it in awe. Then he turned back to Mr. Harrison and said, "But I hope you know how sexist it was of you to complain about me wearing tight clothes and yet say nothing to all the girls who did it too."

"I know that now," Mr. Harrison realized. "Thank you for pointing that our Mr. Stevenson and thank you for having this little chat with me."

"No problem man," Mike said, trying to ease his teacher's fear of him. "I'll get going now, but call me Mike starting tomorrow."

"You're so big that you deserve to be called 'Mister'!" Mr. Harrison protested, as Mike headed for the door.

Mike paused in the doorway and said, "I insist that you call me Mike in class man; don't make me tell you again."

"Sure thing Mike," Mr. Harrison agreed hastily, anxious to keep his star pupil happy.

"Good man: you know how to follow orders, not just give them," Mike congratulated him. "See you tomorrow Mr. Harrison."

"Goodbye Mike," Mr. Harrison said, waving as Mike walked down the hall.

Mike didn't see Mr. Harrison watch him walk down the hall, or he would have seen his teacher's jaw drop in amazement as the crowd parted for Mike out of fear.

When Mike got to the gym after his chat with Mr. Harrison, he greeted Phil warmly at the Welcome Desk and then proceeded into the locker room. He peeled himself out of his skintight clothes, grinning at the effort required.

"Just wait a month or two: they'll be painted-on and they'll fly apart with the slightest flex!" Mike promised himself.

He changed into his size Medium UnderArmour t-shirt and short, almost splitting the seams with the effort required to squeeze himself into them. UnderArmour was desinged to be skintight when worn in the proper size; when worn two sizes too small, it went beyond painted-on to seam straining.

"Oh yeah!" Mike yelled, as he flexed all his muscles and watched the seams struggling to contain them. He grinned as he saw every single contour of his muscles outlines perfectly and he was overjoyed that not even the tiniest wrinkle could be seen in his outfit. "Just wait until my friends see me; they'll be terrified!"

Mike sauntered into the weight room, oozing with arrogance and cockiness. He strutted right by two guys working out and they stared at him: astonished that a guy could actually squeeze himself into clothes that tight. Mike looked back at them and flexed his bicep with a smirk, almost ripping the seams of his sleeve in the process.

"I'd better be careful; it might be embarassing if I busted out of my t-shirt here in the gym!" Mike realized with an arrogant laugh.

The two guys looked quickly away in fear, not wanting to see the massive muscles that could probably tear them apart with little effort.

"What are you talking about Mike?" Andrew asked him, stepping out from behind the Lat Pulldown machine.

His jaw dropped in amazement as he got a good look at Mike and he shook his head, unable to believe that any guy had the guts to out in skintight clothes.

"Is something wrong Andrew?" Mike asked him, putting his hands on his hips and flaring out his lats.

"Uh no man," Andrew almost stammered, astonished at the arrogant smirk on Mike's face. It was a smirk he had seen many times before: on the faces of Steve and Darrel when they had bullied his small friends. Andrew realized that he had to find a way to reason with Mike before he became a bully like Steve and Darrel. "I'm just wondering if you had any trouble squeezing into that skintight UnderArmour outfit Mike."

"It's painted-on, not just skintight Andrew," Mike informed him, laughing arrogantly. "And yeah, it was hard to get into this outfit, but it was so worth when I saw the looks of fear on the faces of those two little guys!"

Mike motioned behind him with one big arm, prompting Andrew to ask him, "What little guys Mike?"

Mike turned around quickly and noticed that the two guys who had been working out near the entrance to the gym were not in sight anymore.

"They probably ran away when they saw my huge muscles!" Mike chuckled. Then he realized something suddenly and his arrogant grin faded away quickly. "Hey Andrew: how come those two guys didn't run away when you came into the gym?"

"Probably because I'm wearing looser clothes and I'm not acting cocky and arrogant like you are," Andrew replied. He was pleased to see Mike's smug grin fade into a look of seriousness. "When you gain superhuman strength Mike, you'll realize the awesome responsibility you'll have to protect everyone you know." He led Mike over to the far corner of the gym and added, "But for now, you must use what strength you have to protect, not torment, your friends. After all, you're already twice as big as they are."

Mike looked down and saw Nate, Lenny, Tom and Denny staring up at him with terrified faces.

"What are you so scared of guys?" Mike asked them, already knowing the answer and feeling ashamed by it.

"It's not what; it's who!" Nate replied hastily, afraid not to answer Mike's question for fear of being beat up. "We're scared of you Mike, because you look so huge and strong in that skintight workout outfit! I wouldn't be surprised if you can bench 500 pounds today!"

"I'm only up to 400 pounds so far Nate, but thanks for the vote of confidence," Mike said with a quiet grin. He stepped forward to lay a gentle hand on Nate's shoulder but Nate stepped back hastily, afraid that Mike was going to hurt him. "Hey, don't get scared of me Nate; I don't bite!" Mike admonished him.

His kind words failed to reassure his small friends, who backed up until the far wall was touching their backs. With nowhere to go, Mike's four friends cringed in terror, hoping that Mike would walk away without hurting them.

Mike sighed with frustration, ashamed that his friends were now terrified of him but realizing that he had only himself to blame.

"Why don't we start teaching them how to work out Mike," Andrew suggested. "If they begin to get stronger, like you have, maybe they won't be as scared of you anymore."

"Good idea man," Mike agreed, standing in front of his four friends. With one massive hand, he gently shoved them one by one towards Andrew, who motioned them towards seperate workout machines. "I'll just do some barbell curls while you show them the ropes Andrew," Mike said.

Andrew nodded his agreement and then focussed his attention on teaching Mike's friends how to work out. He was very pleased that they weren't scared of him, even though he outweighed Mike by more than 100 pounds.

But I no longer outweigh him by two to one, Andrew thought, smiling at the thought. I can't wait until he gets as big and strong as me; I just hope he becomes a gentle giant like me at that time.

Andrew's hopes were dashed as he looked over at the barbell rack and saw Mike curling 60 pounds in each hand with a cocky smirk on his face.

"I'll be right back guys; you're doing fine," Andrew said to his four new proteges. Mike's friends smiled up at him with no trace of fear in their eyes and Andrew smiled back. Then he walked over to Mike and said, "You're using barbells that are too light Mike; if you want to grow, use bigger ones."

"You think I can get up to 70 pounds in each hand Andrew?" Mike asked him hopefully, smirking at the thought.

"There's only one way to find out Mike, so go get the bigger barbells off the rack," Andrew replied.

Mike followed his orders and then his cocky smirk was replaced with a look of effort as he curled the new weights.

"This is great Andrew; I can really feel the burn on my arms now!" Mike shouted in excitement. "Thanks for telling me the secret to unlocking my true strength sooner rather than later Andrew; now I'll get huge even faster!"

And just like that, Mike's cocky attitude is back, Andrew fumed in silence. I'm not sure that when he accidentally breaks something or hurts someone that he'll be humbled even then!

Andrew's fears were compunded when Mike pushed himself to 450 pounds on the benchpress and then jumped up in excitement, roaring like a lion. Mike ripped off his skintight t-shirt and then flexed his massive biceps.

"YEAH! Who's the Muscle God?" Mike roared in excitement. He stepped forward and loomed over his four small friends, his massive chest red and heaving with exertion. "What did you think of that Little Men?"

"That...was great Mike," Nate stammered, since Lenny, Denny and Tom were too scared to speak. "You are the Muscle God now Mike!"

"Yeah I am Nate," Mike agreed, grinning as he loomed over his small friends. He stepped closer until his chest was right in Nate's face and asked him, "Want to see me go for 500 pounds?"

"Uh sure Mike," Nate replied hastily, realizing that Mike wasn't really asking. "Go for it Big Guy."

Mike grinned at him and then suddenly picked Nate up with both hands.

Then he carried him over to Andrew and set him down.

"Tell Andrew your idea Nate and see what he thinks," Mike ordered him, remembering Nate's first words to him in the gym.

"I think Mike should try benching 500 pounds Andrew," Nate said. He motioned Andrew to lean down so that he could whisper in his ear. Andrew bent down almost double and Nate stood on his toes to whisper, "And then maybe Mike will be too tired out to use me as an extra weight!"

"Good idea Nate," Andrew said, straightening up to his full height, which was almost two feet taller than Nate.

"You mean good ideas Andrew; what did Nate whisper in your ear?" Mike asked him with a frown.

Mike turned to glare at Nate, who stepped back hastily. Mike then turned back to Andrew, who was standing there with a smug grin and crossed arms.

"I'm not a small guy Mike," Andrew reminded him, making the understatement of the century. "So how do you expect to make me tell you?"

"I guess I have to ask you nicely," Mike realized.

"Yes you will Mike," Andrew agreed. "Go ahead."

"Would you please tell me what Nate whispered in your ear Andrew?" Mike asked him quietly, feeling very humbled.

"Only if Nate wants me to," Andrew replied, demonstrating tremendous respect for a guy who outweighed by more than three to one. Mike looked at him oddly and Andrew assured him, "I'm serious Mike; I have no intention of bullying your friends like you have today." He stepped past Mike and crouched down in front of Nate, so that he was looking up at him. Andrew reached out and gently took hold of Nate's shoulders and asked him, "Do you want me to tell Mike what you told me?"

"Actually, I'll tell him Andrew," Nate replied, screwing up his courage. Andrew nodded his agreement, stood up and stepped aside so that Nate could walk up to Mike. Nate motioned Mike to bend down and Mike obeyed, still astonished at the graphic lesson that Andrew had just taught him. "I told Andrew that I hope that benching 500 pounds will tire you out so that you don't bully me or the rest of your friends anymore," Nate said to Mike, bracing himself for a beating.

Mike's jaw dropped in astonishment, amazed that his friends still thought of him as a bully, even though he had just carried Nate gently over to Andrew.

"You're probably right Nate; benching that much will tire me out," Mike said. "I'm sorry that you think lifting you up and carrying you over to Andrew was me bullying you: I thought I was just showing off my great strength in a gentle way."

Nate thought about that for a minute and then realized that Mike was right, except for one thing.

"You still lifted me up without asking me first," Nate informed his big friend. "That's what bullies do: they use their great strength against or on others without asking first. A big friend on the other hand, would ask his small friend if he wanted to be picked up!"

"Good point Nate," Mike said, patting him on the shoulder gently. "I'm sorry about that Little Guy, and I'll try to remember that distinction in the future."

"You might also call me Big Guy instead of Little Guy," Nate reminded him. "Then you'll be encouraging me instead of degrading me!"

Mike nodded in agreement and led the way over to the benchpress, which Andrew had set up for him.

"This is it Mike; 500 pounds is the barrier between strong guys and muscle monsters," Andrew informed Mike as he lay down on the bench. "Are you ready to cross that threshold Big Man?"

"Yes Andrew," Mike replied quietly.

"I can't hear you Mike," Andrew said smugly, lifting the loaded bar off the brackets effortlessly.

"They have hearing aids for that Andrew," Mike teased him. Andrew grinned at him and then lowered the bar into Mike's waiting hands. "This is really heavy Andrew!" Mike gasped, struggling to push it up again.

"You can do it Mike; it's light man," Andrew encouraged him, as Mike straightened his arms with a grunt. "Good job man; do it again!"

Mike lowered the bar with trembling arms and then pushed it up again with a quieter grunt. Andrew nodded at him to continue and Mike managed three more reps before he had to set the bar on the brackets again.

"Good job man!" Andrew congratulated Mike, slapping him on the shoulder as he stood up. "500 pounds for five reps with no spotter's assistance needed!"

"Thanks Andrew," Mike said, smiling quietly as his big friend. He turned to look at his four friends, who were staring at him in awe and asked them, "What did you think of that guys?"

"That was incredible Mike!" Nate shouted in astonishment. "I can't believe how strong you are Big Guy! Will you protect us from any bullies who might try to keep us out of this weight room?"

"Sure I will Nate," Mike replied eagerly, humbled by his friend's request. When he saw the look of tremendous respect on his friends' faces, he assured them, "Don't worry guys: I won't let anyone bully you, not even myself!"

"Can you lift one of us up with each hand Mike?" Lenny asked him suddenly.

"Sure Lenny; I think our workout's over for the day," Mike replied, looking over at Andrew and recieving a confirming nod. He turned back to his friends and asked them, "Who wants to be first?"

"Me me!" his four friends shouted at once like little kids.

They eagerly crowded around their new hero Mike, jostling each other to get within reach of his massive hands. Mike looked over at Andrew frantically for help, but Andrew just grinned and shrugged at the Hero Worship that Mike was now experiencing.

There's no better way for Mike to become a Gentle Giant than to go through what I went through when I first became big, Andrew thought to himself. His friends are really smart to teach him that lesson!

"I'll lift Nate and Lenny first," Mike replied, stepping forward and grabbing their collars ine ach hand. He hoisted them up almost effortlessly into the air and then looked down at Denny and Tom. "I'll come back for you two one I take these two into the locker room," Mike assured them.

"I'll take them into the locker room Mike," Andrew offered. Denny and Tom nodded eagerly in agreement and Andrew lifted them up slowly. "You guys just love it when Mike and I show off our great strength, don't you?" Andrew asked them.

"Yeah Andrew: it's really fun and exciting!" Tom replied, laughing as Andrew's gentle grip tickled him. Andrew set him down on the bench by the lockers and Tom reminded him, "You have to kneel down Andrew; all I can see is your chest!"

"Are you actually ordering me to kneel before you?" Andrew growled at him with a big grin.

"Yes Andrew," Tom replied. "You're our protector, so that means that you belong to us and have to follow our orders!"

"Just like a bodyguard would for a movie star," Andrew realized, kneeling down in front of Tom. "Good point man, but what are you going to pay me with to continue to enjoy my protection?"

"Tutoring?" Tom asked him hopefully.

"You're already giving me that in exchange for workout sessions, just like Mike has been," Andrew reminded him.

"I am?" Tom asked him in surprise. "No I'm not Andrew, only Nate, Mike and Lenny have been helping you!"

"Hey, if you want me to help you work out Tom, that's my price, though it's more of trade really," Andrew said firmly. Tom nodded hastily in agreement as Andrew turned the showers on. "Let's have our showers guys; maybe then you'll have thought of something you can give me in exchange for me protecting you from the bullies."

Everyone followed Andrew's orders and then they got changed into their school clothes again. Mike was amazed that his workout had actually made his muscles swell up, causing his clothes to be almost as tight on his as his workout outfit had been.

"I think I have a problem Andrew; I can barely move!" Mike realized, as Andrew led the way out of the gym.

"Muscles sore after the workout Mike?" Andrew asked him.

"It's not that man; my clothes are even tighter on me now, but they're not thin fabric like UnderArmour so they really restrict my movement!" Mike complained.

"I could have told you that before Mike, but you insisted on wearing skintight clothes," Andrew reminded him. "Until you're ready to wear looser clothes, you'll just have to put up with your seams straining!"

"I guess we'll see if it makes Sue happy," Mike said, consoling himself with that thought. "I certainly won't be able to run way from her if she gets too frisky!"

"That's probably why she dared you to wear skintight clothes Mike; to keep you within her reach," Andrew chuckled. "She outsmarted you Mike; you'll have to outmuscle her: gently of course!" He stopped walking as they got outside and suddenly turned to Mike's friends. "So, have you guys figured out how you can repay me for protecting you from bullies?"

"We'll be your friends our of gratitude Andrew," Tom replied, unable to think of anything else.

"That will do Tom, and I was just kidding about that," Andrew replied. "I realized early on that teaching small guys to become big included me protecting them from the bullies until they became big." Tom smiled and nodded and then Andrew asked him, "Hey, how are you guys getting home?"

"I guess we didn't think of that Andrew; we didn't know how long the workout would last so we didn't arrange a time for our parents to pick us up," Denny replied.

"You guys don't have your own cars then," Andrew realized.

"We were waiting until we could get our full G licenses and then we'll pay less for insurance," Nate said.

"I already have mine; that's why I missed some school after Thanksgiving," Mike said. "I was taking the G Test and then car shopping with my dad."

"I'll let Mike drive you guys home in my car, and I'll jog home," Andrew decided, putting his backpack of gym clothes on his back. "Bring my car back when you're done Mike."

"Actually Andrew, I'm going over to Sue's house after I have supper and I was wondering if I could borrow your car until tomorrow," Mike said.

"How long have you known about this Mike?" Andrew asked him with a frown.

"Since lunch, when Sue texted me," Mike replied. "Since you and I don't have any classes together in the afternoon, I didn't get a chance to ask you before now."

"Okay Mike you can borrow my car until tomorrow morning," Andrew agreed. "Just don't scratch it, or the repairs will be coming out of your paycheck!"

"You can count on me Andrew, and thanks for getting me a job at your dad's company in November," Mike said.

"No problem Mike; I'm happy to help out a friend," Andrew assured him. He turned to Mike's friends and said, "See you guys tomorrow after school in the gym; we're working legs then."

Mike's friends nodded in agreement as they got into Andrew's car and he waved as Mike drove them home. Then Andrew began jogging home, timing himself to see how long it would take.

making his sleeves explode as the seams ripped apart. "Yeah Dad, who needs to buy me tank tops when I can make them for free?" Mike askeWhen Mike got home after dropping his friends off, thoughts of when he'd be able to get his own car dominated his thoughts. As a result, he missted the terrified look on his dad's face as Martin noticed his skintight outfit.

"Uh, it looks like you had a good workout Mike," Martin finally said, sure that his son was more muscular than he had been that morning.

"Yeah I did Dad," Mike agreed. He opened one of the kitchen cupboards and took out the Muscle Milk that he had bought at Mariposa Iron Company the week before. "I benched 500 pounds today; that's a 100 pound increase over last week's result!" He laughed arrogantly and flexed his biceps as hard as he could, as he ripped the torn sleeves off his painted-on t-shirt. "I guess I won't need to buy tanktops anymore, since I can make them for free with these massive muscles!"

"That's true Mike, which will save more money for something else I want to buy you," Martin replied.

"What's that Dad?" Mike asked him, stepping forward to loom over Martin. Mike noticed that he stood head and neck above his dad and wondered why when he was usually only a head taller. Then he looked down and realized that he still had his cowboy boots on. "Yeah, I stand six foot three instead of six feet with my cowboy boots on!" Mike shouted in excitement. "When I reach Andrew's height of six foot eight, I intend to get cowboy boots with four inch heels so that I stand seven feet tall with my boots on!"

Martin trembled with fear at the thought of Mike being as tall as Andrew, especially when he remembered how aggressive Andrew had acted in October. Mike lifted his dad's hand and placed it on his cobblestone abs.

"What are you doing son?" Martin asked fearfully, trying to remove his hand but getting nowhere because of the iron grip Mike had on his wrist.

"I'm letting you feel how skintight my t-shirt is even below my pecs," Mike laughed. "My eight pack is perfectly outlined without even a single wrinkle to disturb the view!"

"What about a married wrinkle?" Martin asked him with a laugh as Mike let him go.

"Very funny Dad!" Mike laughed, mixing his protein powder with some milk and then sitting down at the kitchen counter. "My jeans are just as skintight as my t-shirt Dad, except around my waist of course."

"That's great Mike, but why are you wearing such skintight clothes now when you were wearing looser clothes this morning?" Martin asked him.

"Sue dared me to and I didn't want to disappoint her," Mike replied with a big grin. "I'll find out tonight if my big muscles are too much for her to handle, but she asked for it!"

"I presume that after you've shown Sue the results of her dare that you'll change back into looser clothes," Martin said hopefully.

"I don't know about that Dad," Mike replied honestly. "I kind of like seeing every muscle in perfect detail even while fully clothed. And wearing skintight t-shirts will keep me from flexing my biceps, helping me become a gentle giant like Andrew."

Martin nodded in agreement, pleased that mike had come up with a completely logical reason to wear skintight clothes.

"What were you talking about earlier Dad, when you said you had something else to spend your money on?" Mike asked him.

'I want to buy you a car so that you don't have to use Andrew's car anymore," Martin replied. "I appreciate the fact that he has been lending it to you, but his bike doesn't allow him to carry more than one passenger. So it's kind of inconvenient for him to use it for anything more than short rides."

"Good point Dad," Mike agreed. "So when were you thinking of buying me a car?"

A'fter National Sighing Day Mike," Martin replied. "Now that I am a member of the Mangement Team at Chad's company, my income has climbed into millionaire range. I intend to use that extra money to help you get ready for Miami."

"What about the RESP money that you saved up for college in Miami Dad/" Mike asked him. "IF I'm getting a full athletic shcolarship from Miami, what will I will use the RESP moeny for?"

"School books and extra expenses that your scholarship won't cover or course," Martin replied sharply. He glared at Mike and added, "Surely you knew that already!"

"I can't help it if I don't have the time to be as smart as I used to be Dad!" Mike snapped back. "I'm trying to get in better shape so that I can get a football scholrship and releive you of the financial burden of me going to college in the United States!"

"Good point son and I'm sorry for snapping at you," Martin apologized. "It's just a lot more stressful being part of a big company that I imagines it would be. i got used to my private psychiatry practice and I forgot what it's like to work in a group setting with deadlines. I also never imagined that my attendance during Andrew's strength tests at Meaford would lead to Chad offering me a job at his company!"

"CXonsdiering how much help you've been to Andrew over the years, what did you expect Dad?" Mike asked him ins urprise. "Come on Dad, surely you're smart enough to have forseen all the potential benefits of being Andrew's counselor the past three years!"

"Okay Mike I guess I deserved that," Martin realized. "Now, go upstairs and finish your homework. I'll call you when supper's ready."

"I already got all my hoemwork done in class Dad; I'm really smart you know!" Mike reminded Martin.

"Then go downstairs and work out in the new weight room I got you for Christmas," Martin ordered him, edging towards his office.

"I already worked out with Andrew after school Dad; that's why I didn't get home until after 4 pm," Mike reminded him with a smug grin.

"Then go over to Sue's house and give me some time alone here to get my office work done," martin ordered him.

"Sure thing Dad," Mike agreed. "Can I invite Sue over for dinner?"

"Yes Mike and if her parents are available, invite them too," Martin replied. "I'd like to meet them and then we'll see if they're agreeable to her spending the night. Then you can help her with her homework."

"Okay Dad; see you ltaer," Mike said, waving as he headed outside.

He got into Andrew's car and drove to Sue's house, which was just a few blocks away, somewhat near Ralph's house. Mike parked the car in Sue's driveway and knocked on the front door. Sue's twin brother Chris opened the door and recoiled at the sight of a big muscular guy standing on the front steps.

"Uh, how I help you sir?" Chris stammered, trying to control his fear at being outweighed two to one.

"My name is Mike Stevenson; I'm Sue's new boyfriend," Mike replied, grinning at Sue's brother.

"That tells me who you are, but not how I can help you Mike," Chris reminded him.

"You can help me by fetching Sue instead of being rude," Mike replied with a frown. "Since I just told you that I'm Sue's new boyfriend, it should be obvious that I came over here to see her."

"Uh, I'll go fetch her right away Mike," Chris stammered quickly. "I'm sorry about being rude."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be if you keep me waiting out here in the cold instead of inviting me inside where it's warm," Mike growled, crossing his arms over his massive chest.

"Come inside Mike," Chris said hastily, pleased that Mike hadn't just walked in as if he owned the place.

"thanks man, Mike said, stepping into the front hall. Chris closed the door behind him and then turned to face Mike. "Sorry I gave you such a hard time man, but my dad basically shoved me out of the hosue so that he could get some work done before supper. I'm also here to invite Sue over for dinner if she's available."

"I'll bring her downstairs and then she can tell you that herself," Chris said. He screwed up his courage and stepped closer to Mike. "Just don't hurt her Mike or you'll be sorry. The last guy she thought she could trust betrayed her after seven years together and Sue was really hurt by that."

"What are you going to do Chris: try to kill me with rudeness?" Mike asked him incredulously. "You may have had a chance to take me on when I weighed 160 pounds a few months ago, but now I weigh 215 pounds of solid muscle!"

"I have a black belt Mike," Chris informed him, trying not to feel intimidated by the fact that Mike was six inches taller and 60 pounds heavier.

"Good for you Chris," Mike said, causing Chris to grin. "Maybe you can use it to hold your pants up," he added, making Chris's grin fade away into a glare. "Now run upstiars and fetch Sue before you make me mad."

Chris decided not to push his luck and followed Mike's orders. Mike grinned smugly to himself, pleased that his new size had made him intimidating. Then his grin faded as he rubbed his head, feeling a headache coming on because of all the conversations he had gone through that day. He walked to the living room window and looked out at the gently falling snow. Then he noticed that the driveway was empty and finally realized that Sue's parents weren't at home.

"I guess Sue will have to leave her parents a note to let them know that she's coming over for dinner and possibly to spend the night," Mike said to himself. "I'd ask Chris to tell them, but I get the feeling her doesn't like me very much, maybe because I'm going to be a football player." He heard a gasp behind him and turned around quickly to see Sue staring at him in amazement. "What's the matter Sue?" Mike asked her with a big grin, flexing his massive bicep. "Am I bigger than you expected me to be?"

"Yes you are Mike," Sue replied. "i never imagines that your clothes would be so skintight on you. How did you manage to squeeze yourself into them?"

"With a lot of effort Sue, but these big muscles are up to the challenge," Mike replied, flexing his pecs. HE stepped forward, put his massive hands around her waist, and lifted her effortlessly up to eye level. "And just to let you know Sue, my clothes aren't just skintight, they're painted-on!" He grinned when he saw the look of exctiement on her face and added, "That's why there's not a single wrinkle in either my t-shirt of my jeans!"

"Wow Mike, your clothes are way tighter than mine!" Sue marveled, as Mike carried her upstairs effortlessly. "I can see all the seams straining and it looks like they're about to rip!"

"It's all for you baby," Mike informed Sue, setting her down in her room and shutting th door. He grinned at her and stepped forward slowly, watching her back towards her desk. "I've got you trapped now. What do you intend to do about it?"

"I intend to use my tazer on you to see if you can really take it, just like we talked about this morning," Sue replied. "She took the Tazer gun out of her desk drawer and aimed it at Mike's chest. "Are you ready Mike?"

"Go ahead Sue," Mike replied, determined not to cry out in pain so that Chris wouldn't hear him. HE clenched hsi fists and took a few deep breaths. "I'm ready when you..."

Mike's words were cut off as Sue fired the Tazer Gun, causing the barbs to lodge in his chest. Mike used every scrap of willpower he had to keep from crying out in pain as 50,000 volts of electricity surged through his body. He couldn't keep from hissing in pain, and the sudden seizure of his muscles caused him to stumble. Mike planted his feet firmly as he adapted to the pain, and he steadied himself slowly. Sue's jaw dropped in amazement as Mike lifted his head and grinned at her, even as the charge continued to run through him.

Sue's Tazer Gun finally died, just as Mike unclenched his fists and took a step forward.

"Wow Mike: you didn't even fall down!" Sue gasped in shock. "You must have an incredible pain tolerance because you didn't even yell!"

"I know another pain tolerance test Sue," Mike informed her. He took a few deep breaths to preapre himself and then ordered her to kick him in the groin as hard as she could. Sue shook her head in horror, , unwilling to cause him further harm but Mike glared at her and growled, "Do it!"

Sue kicked him in the groin as hard as she could and was astonished when he didn't even double over or hiss in pain. He winced breifly in pain, but that was about it.

"Impossible Mike; you must be wearing a cup!" Sue shouted in astonishment.

"Do you think I could possibly fit a cup in these painted-on jeans Sue?" Mike asked her, not even holding his groin as he stepped forward. Sue shook her head and Mike grinned at her, not even holding his groin as he stepped forward to hug her. He ignored the pain as Sue's hug pushed the Tazer barbs deeper into his chest and informed her, "I have a much higher pain tolerance than Andrew did before he was enhanced Sue."

"Does that mean that when you get enhanced you'll be truly invincible?" Sue asked him as he stepped back.

"Yes it does Sue," Mike replied. He noticed her gasp in shock and asked her, "What's the matter?"

"You forgot to pull the Tazer barbs out of your chest before you hugged me!" Sue shouted. "They're too deep to pull out and now you're bleeding!"

"Then I guess you'll have to get some tweezers and pull them out Sue," Mike said, pleased that he didn't feel any pain from the metal barbs stuck in his chest. He ripped off his makeshirt tank top and flexed his massive pecs, making Sue gasp in fear. "Go get those tweezers Sue."

Sue went into the bathroom to get the tweezers and Mike grinned at himself in the mirror, relieved that his high pain tolerance had allowed him to withstand her attacks. But he had also been determined to keep Chris from hearing him cry out in pain, so he had put extra effort into keeping quiet and on his feet.

"Are you sure you trust me to pull the barbs out Mike?" Sue asked him. "What if you get hurt?"

"If a puny Tazer and a kick to the groin couldn't hurt me, pulling a couple of metal barbs out of my chest won't hurt me either Sue," Mike reminded her with a smug grin.

"i guess you're right Mike," Sue realized, pulling the barbs out carefully. Mike grinned at her the whole time, and Sue shook her head in amazement. "How can I be sure you're not pretending to feel no pain just to show off how tough you are Mike?"

"Because if I didn't have a high pain tolerance Sue, the pain would overcome my willpower," Mike replied, not bothering to rub his chest where the barbs had been.

"I guess that makes sense Mike," Sue agreed, as Mike stepped towards her. "What are you doing now Mike?"

"You'll see Sue," Mike replied, as he backed her against the wall.

He lifted her gently up the wall until her face was at the level of his. Then he kissed her softly, determined to prove that he was a gentle giant. He held her up effortlessly with one hand while he attempted to undo her blouse with the other.

"not yet Mike," Sue warned him, catching his hand. "We've only been dating a week and I want to take it slowly."

"What do you mean Sue: I can be shirtless but you can't?" Mike asked her with a hurt look.

"You took off your shirt to show off; I'd take mine off to be sexual," Sue reminded him.

"You're right Sue," Mike realized. He set her down and said, "i'm sorry if I'm moving too fast for you; it's just that you're my first girlfriend and I want to move ahead to the good stuff."

"We'll get there Mike, and I'm really glad you have some self-restraint," Sue informed him. Mike looked at her with a confused expression on his face. "You're so big and strong that I don't think I could stop you if I wanted to! You took a Tazer to the chest, a kick to the groin and you didn't even fall or yell in pain!"

"Pretty impressive, wasn't it Sue?" Mike asked her with a smug grin as she sat down on her bed. He pulled the chair out from under her desk and saw down, finding it hard to do so because his jeans were so tight. "Did you find it exciting or just plain scary?"

"Just plain scary Mike, though I was relieved you weren't hurt of course," Sue replied. "But we should see how well you can take a punch before we go to your house for supper."

"Good idea Sue," Mike agreed, standing up and helping her to ehr feet. "I'm ready when you..."

His words were cut off as Sue punched him right on the chin, but she yelled in pain, not him.

Mike didn't even blink from the punch, but his eyes did widen when she yelled, "I think I broke my hand Mike!"

"I'm sorry Sue; I didn't think you'd punch me on the hardest part of my face," Mike said. "I'd better take you to the hospital and have Dr. Johnson take a look at your hand to make sure it's not broken."

"I'm sorry I ruined our evening Mike," Sue apologized, as they headed downstairs.

"What are you talking about Sue?" Chris asked as he came out of the living room. He saw Sue cradling her injured hand and lunged at Mike before she could stop him, kicking him in the groin and slamming his head back against the wall. "I warned you not to hurt my sister Mike, and now you're going to pay for it!" Chris yelled in fury.

Mike stepped forward to calm him down, not even feeling any pain from Chris's earlier attack, but Chris made himstumble with a roundhouse kick to the face. Before Mike could regain his balance, Chris attacked him with a flurry of kicks, punches and karate chops, trying futliey to knock Mike down or out. Mike finally stodd up straight and began blocking Chiris' attacks, trying to grab his hands to restrain him. But Chris was too quick and Mike had to basically endure his attack until he was exhausted.

"i can't.. believe... that your'e ... not even...bleeding Mike," Chris panted,glaring up at him in exhusted fury. "But I hope you know...that I wasn't kidding earlier about what I said."

"i realize that now Chris, but I hope you know that the only reaason I didn't fight back is because I didn't feel any pain from your punches, kicks, or groing shots," Mike informed him. He left out the part about how Chirs had been too fast for him to grab ahold of and a. "Now, if you're done trying to beat me up, I can tell you how Sue's hand got hurt."

"Go ahead Mike: this had better be good," Chris warned him, getting his breath back slowly. IF I don't like what I hear, I'll start punching you again!"

"Sue hurt her hand punching my face," Mike replied. "It was an accident, even though it was her idea to punch me. I thought she was going to punch me in the cheek, not my chin!"

"I punched you in both cheeks Mike, but you didn't even react!" Chris complained. "And I can't beleive that you didn't even wince in pain when I kicked you in the groin!"

"I can't beleive it either," Mike admitted. "I never knew that working out would somehow increase my already high pain tolerance but I have no other explanation." He picked Chris up and raised him to eye level. "Now, Sue and I are going to the hospital to have her injured hand looked at. Do you have a problem with that Chris?"

"Uh no man," Chris stammered in fear, realizing that Mike could have torn him apart effortlessly. "Could you put me down please?"

"After you apologize for attacking me without provocation Chris," Mike growled as Sue put her coat on.

"I'm sorry for attacking you man, not that it did any good," Chris apologized.

"You're right about that Chris, but if you join Andrew's Workout Group you should get bigger," Mike said, setting him down on the floor. "It already has six members, so you can be lucky number seven. We'll discuss it in Chemistry class tomorrow." He walked past Chris and opened the front door. "See you then."

"You aren't bringing Sue back here tonight?" Chris asked him.

"No Chris, Sue is staying over at my house today, as indicated by the suitcase in her hands," Mike said, pointing to his girlfriend.

"Okay Mike, but since Sue has a coat on, why aren't you wearing one?" Chris asked him in astonishment. "You don't even have a shirt on man, and it's freezing outside!"

"If I couldn't even feel your punches or your groin kick, what makes you think I'll feel the cold?" Mike sneered at him. "Besides, I find it hard to believe that a guy who attacked me for no reason is suddenly concerned about me freezing!"

"I see your point, Mike; see you later," Chris said, shutting the front door once Mike was outside.

"I'm very impressed with how you handled my jealous brother Mike," Sue commended him as he opened the car door for her. "Steve would have knocked him out with once punch; in fact that's what he did during our last fight when Chris tried to make him apologize to me!"

"I should wring Steve's neck for that, but I'll wait until I'm big and strong enough to do it," Mike growled in fury. He flexed his bicep as he started the car and added, "And judging by the size of this muscle, that day is not too far away!"

Sue grinned at him as they drove to the hospital, imagining just how big and strong Mike would soon become.

Once they got to the hospital, Mike told the receptionist that he was a friend of Andrew Pearson. The receptionist went to get Dr. Johnson and told them to wait at the desk. She soon returned and led them to Dr. Johnson's office. Once inside, Dr. Johnson examined Sue's hand and declared that it was just badly bruised, not broken. He gave her a wrist brace to wear for a few days and then asked her what had happened. Sue explained everything and Dr. Johnson prepared to take a blood sample from Mike once he heard about his incredibly high pain tolerance.

"IF what Sue says is true, you have an extraordinarily high pain tolerance Mike," Dr. Johnson commended him. "I think you'll be the best candidate yet to undergo the Enhancement Procedure."

"Is there any chance I can have it done before I reach the lower weight limit of 250 pounds?" Mike asked him hopefully.

"The analysis of this blood sample will answer that question Mike," Dr. Johnson replied, amazed that Mike didn't even wince at the prick of the syringe in his arm. As the vial slowly filled with blood, he added, "Once I run a Testosterone Level Analysis on this blood sample, we will know if your testosterone levels are high enough for the Enhancement Serum to be effective. I should have the results ready for you in a week or two."

"In time for National Signing Day so I can tell Coach Malcolm when he can expect to have another enhanced player on his roster?" Mike asked him with a big grin.

"Good question Mike, and the answer is yes," Dr. Johnson replied, removing the syringe with the vial from Mike's arm. He gave Mike some gauze to press against his arm, but Mike waved it off. "It's only a guideline that the enhancement volunteers have to be 250 pounds or more. But since you've gained 60 pounds of muscle in only three months, I think your testosterone levels are almost at the enhancement level already! Don't forget, your brother Matt served as the template for Genetic Enhancment, being 6 foot 7 and 350 pounds of solid muscle since he was 18 years old!"

"That's great Doctor; hopefully I will reach that same height and weight while I'm still 18 years old," Mike said with a hopeful grin.

"Once I get this blood sample analyzed, I'll let you know if your prediction is correct Mike," Richard promised him. He gently ushered Mike and Sue out of his office. "See you later."

Mike and Sue left the hospital and headed to Mike's house for supper, having a lot to think and talk about. Mike was very excited and humbled by the fact that he would soon become the next Enhanced Human. Sue looked forward to seeing how strong Mike would be once he became part of that special group.
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