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Bringing Down Our Principal Part 4

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

?Honey, I?m home!? Seth yelled with Georgie, his new well trained father greeting him at the door.

George was a little taller than Seth, with dark brown graying hair and a killer smile, with hair just a little bit long. But instead of his usual business attire, he was now decked out like a teenager, with a Metallica Tshirt and board shorts. He looked odd in them.

?Hi, Seth! Good to have you home.?

?Thanks, George. Now get me a beer, I?m thirsty.?

?Right away, son!?

Soon Principal Forrester, or as Seth called him now, Roger or simply Boy, and Kevin came into the room. Kevin his boyfriend hugged him gleefully.

?Were they well behaved??

?As always.?

?Wow son, where?d you get the uniform?? George asked, not the slightest bit miffed that his son was impersonating an officer of the law. He handed his 16 year old son one of his imported German beers.

?Oh, it?s just one of the things I picked up on my trip.?

?Do you want to rest first? Before the fun begins?? Kevin asked.

?Why wait?? Seth said, energized. ?Checkmate!? Roger and Georgie hung their heads, standing perfectly still. ?From now on, you two will go about your daily lives without any abnormality, except for the fact that you are both homosexuals now. And in love with each other. You have been secretly lusting after each other for months now. When you wake, you will be unable to stop the feelings you have from boiling over. You are more attracted to each other than any other person in the world, except for me of course. That goes for you especially George. You have always been secretly gay. You were never attracted towards women, not even my mother before you two divorced. In fact the only way you got through sex at all was to think of all the gay porn you looked up online. You are now madly in lust with me but being my father always thought it inappropriate to say anything about it. Still, I want you to masturbate to the thought of me at least once a day. When you two wake up, you will begin your relationship and you won?t mind if Kevin and I watch you two have sex. In fact any tips we give you, you will take to heart and complete as we say. Do you both understand??

?Yes,? the two complied in unison.

?Excellent. Pawn!?

George woke up out of his daydream. Suddenly everyone was in the room, including his incredibly hot son and his incredibly hot principal. George remembered all the times he had whacked off thinking of both of them. But of course he knew having sex with his son was wrong, it was still hard knowing his son was such a hot stud, with an ass to die for. George?s eyes wandered over to Roger, that delicious former Wall Street hotshot, with his killer salt and pepper look to him. He looked like a jetsetter, with those soft eyes of his. George could stare at those eyes all night.

?You see something you like, old man??

?Oh boy, do I ever. You caught me, Forrester.?

?Oh please, call me Roger.? Roger held out his hand to shake George?s. The two felt unbelievable lust rise at the very touch of each other?s hands. Roger began feeling George?s chest. George heaved, breathing very heavily, and Roger caressed his arms.

?Why don?t we go back to my room and spend some time together.? Roger said, putting his arm around George. George practically Roger put a hand on his ass and started to feel it, really getting a firm feel and wanting more with every stroke. Kevin and Seth followed, smiling.

Roger and George got to Roger?s room. He had stopped thinking of it as his house. It was Seth?s house and he was just a guest, it was so much better giving Seth the house. It gave him such delirious joy to help Seth do whatever he wanted.

?Why don?t you uh?take off your shirt?? George took off his Metallica Tshirt. Roger immediately started to feel up his chest.

?You like that?? George whispered. He had never done anything with another man before but it just felt so right and he had never been turned on more than he was right now.

?Somebody likes me,? Roger said, cupping Roger?s dick, which had been getting harder. George took off his shredded jeans.

?Now Roger,? said Seth. ?I want you to completely dominate my father. You?re going to be the top in this relationship and Dad, you are going to be the pussy bottom. And feel free to rough dad around, Roger. He likes that.?

?You heard him? Roger said, taking George?s chin in his hand and backing him up against the wall. He forced himself on George, kissing him like he used to kiss women, fully taking charge. ?Get on my goddamned bed.?


?When you address Roger in his bedroom, call him ?Sir?, Seth commanded. ?And Roger, feel free to really order Dad around and yell at him.?

The two formerly straight men were now in their underpants. George knelt down to touch Roger?s bristly leg hairs. He yanked George?s pants down and got his own off, and then pressed their dicks together for a while as they both got hard.

?Get up. Get up you fucking pussy!? Roger took George and threw him down on the floor. ?You think you?re able to push me around? I am in charge you little shit. Now why don?t you worship me? Worship the power that is me. Yeah, little man. You like that? Kiss my feet. Kiss my fucking feet you freak. You dumb shit.?

George began kissing Roger?s feet. Seth and Kevin began getting hot from this and began making out.

?Alright get up again, faggot. Get up. Over to the bed. I said up!? Roger forced George to his feet and practically threw him over on the bed. He threw himself on top of George and forced him to look him in the eye. ?You want me to fuck you. Say it. Say it, faggot!?

?I want you to fuck me, Sir! Please! Oh please fuck me!?

?Get up and kiss my armpit. Kiss my goddamn pit!?

George complied at once, and licked greedily at the sweaty pit. He had never known so much pleasure. Roger forced himself on George again, kissing him and then forcing him into the position to be fucked bareback. Seth had screened his father and principal for any possible diseases and with none present, gave them both a vocal nudge to fuck without a condom. He really wanted his father to feel what it was like for his ass to be absolutely filled with cum.

?Yeah you motherfucker!? Roger lubed up and George bent down as he felt Roger?s cold, lubed up prick enter him. His cherry was soon popped and he felt the uncomfortable pain of having a dick inside him for the first time, but it brought his dick to full erection. Roger began riding him, really riding him hard.

They fucked like that for an hour. Roger humiliated Georgie, making him into his own personal bitch. Roger made him beg on the floor for sex and then suck Roger?s cock. Licking his balls, then telling him he was the king for hours on end, caressing him with kisses while Roger grabbed him by the hair and made sure that George never forgot who was in charge between the two of them.

?Alright you guys, I think you?ve had enough fun for one night. Lights out and in the morning and each day after, you two will be my two personal servants and you will wait on me hand and foot when you are not at work. Oh and Dad, you will give two weeks notice to your work tomorrow. You?ve been an asset to them but you will be venturing off into your own business. That?s what you will tell them but you won?t give details. In fact you and Roger will be involved in some projects I am going to create for you. And oh, I?ll be having that party tomorrow night over at Georgie?s house as well so actually, Roger make yourself do exercises for a few hours and dad, you can come over here and service him. Afterwards I will send for you two to clean up the place. And Georgie, I?ll need you to make a few calls. We?re selling the house and you will be giving me all the money we get from it. Do you both understand??

?Yes, sir,? said Roger.

?Yes, sir son,? said Georgie.

?Good. I?ll be seeing you two boys,? Seth said, slipping on his cop glasses and closing the door.

Back in his new bedroom, the master suite that used to belong to Roger, Seth and Kevin planned the party that would be at Seth?s father?s house. Kevin had already invited everyone and Seth was totally ready for some fun.

Seth showed Kevin some of the videotape he?d made of the police officers and military men he had reduced into his own personal fuck objects, or each other?s.

?Wow, this is so cool. You are so smart, Seth.? Kevin fondled him.

?These nanites are going to be my magic genie in a bottle. I?ll be able to do anything with anyone.?

?So what are you going to do next, oh magic genie??

Seth got up slowly and took off his shirt and walked into the bathroom with a needle. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was smooth and sixteen. He hadn?t quite gotten as tall as he?d wanted. He was only 5?6?. He was all firm and tight and lean, but with little muscle. A cute face, but boyish. Good looking, true, but hardly what he was refer to as rugged or masculine. Those things usually took either time or natural genetics. He popped the needle into his arm and shoved the small amount of serum into his body.

Quickly, he turned to his laptop on the bed, with Kevin at his side. A projection came up in the special program he?d downloaded from the army scientists. He entered commands and the program said the nanites had received the information. Seth had already tested the cum he?d taken from the army officers, and concluded that it was safe. The nanites did not infest cum or any other bodily fluid other than blood. Additionally, the nanites could not survive now outside the human body. They were programmed to self destruct if this happened.

The next day, Seth awoke to the alarm clock. He and Kevin got up and Seth trudged into the bathroom to find that he had to shave. Wait! He touched a tentative hand to his face and gazed in wonderment. He?d never even shaved before and standing right here was Seth Stevens, super rugged with a five o clock shadow if ever there was one. He smiled deliriously.

?Hey. Get over here,?

?Is there something wrong with your voice??

?What do you mean??

?I mean it sounds like you?re doing a bad Stallone impersonation.?

?This is just my voice. Goddamn! You?re right! My voice dropped overnight!?

?Oh my God, you already look older!? Kevin said, walking up to him, rubbing his eyes. ?You just look like you?ve totally aged!?


?Yeah, man, you look like you?re at least five years older. Jesus that was way quicker than I thought it would be!?

?Well if you?ll excuse me, I have to shave.? Seth smirked and sauntered over to the bathroom and watched himself in the mirror, taking the time to fawn over his rich, sandpapery dark stubble. It was definitely not the stubble of a normal 16 year old. No peach fuzz here, no this was much thicker. As if he?d been shaving for years. And was that a cleft in his chin? His chin also seemed thicker, bigger. More masculine and less weak. It felt warm, rushed with the flow of microscopic computers reconfiguring his genetic structure.

?Unbelievable. No changes body wise, though, or in height,? he told Kevin.

?Come on, dude. We have so much to do today.?

Seth and Kevin ordered Principal Forrester to drive them to school but let them off a few blocks away so that no one noticed them together. No need to let anyone know about their new closer friendship. Seth spent the rest of the day telling everyone that he would be moving soon, across the country in fact.

School was mostly boring that day, but they did get a lot of excited people ready to say goodbye to Seth. Seth wasn?t that popular. He was always spending time at home working on his hypnosis programs, so it was no surprise he had not cultivated a huge social circle. But why strive to create one when you can do it through hypnosis? Soon Seth would have lots of friends, albeit not a bunch of kids in high school. Plans for the details of that were already filtering throughout his mind.

Seth and Kevin met Principal Forrester a few blocks down from the school as planned.

?How was your day, sir?? Roger asked.

?Fine, thanks for asking. What do you think of my new deep voice, Roger??

?Oh my God, it?s so hot, Seth! Is that really you??

?Yes. And actually, my voice has always sounded this deep, for as long as you?ve known me. Understood??

?Sure, it always has been sexy. God you?re so hot!?

?I?m glad you think so. After you drop us off at Georgie?s, I need you to pick up a list of things for me. Beer, wine, cigars, food for the party, and I?ll need that done pronto.?

?Right away, sir.?

?It feels so good to serve me, you get such pleasure out of it, don?t you, Boy??

?Yes sir!? the suited principal replied. It was a strange scene, certainly, for such an older man, a figure of authority, to be taking orders from one of his students. Seth scratched the stubble that had already formed since morning. Man, it felt so amazing to have stubble finally! Thick, rich sandpaper stubble. A real man?s face, too, with a little more rugged look. His chin was definitely getting bigger, too from the feel of it. Absentmindedly, he rubbed at his chest. Above his shirt?s neckline, he gasped. Chest hair! And tufts of it! My god, look at it! Months worth of chest hair, or even years! Seth nearly could have wet himself with cum right there. His body was finally becoming everything he had dreamed it would. It was only natural, he supposed that the hair growth would be first, after all it was easier to grow hair than muscle or bone. Though that would be next.

Later that night, the party was a full success. Seth was very popular for the night thanks to the alcohol he had. Roger and Georgie stayed their room, making out. Seth watched happily as all the kids got drunk and a few even tried cigars for the first time at his urging. ?Everything was free, it?s the least I can do for my going away party? he told everyone.

But of course, the party was merely a ruse. Kevin made himself busy as Seth distracted people. Kevin made sure to give mixed drinks out more than beer to the jocks and started pouring out wine and various vodka mixers. When anyone was sleepy, he got out a needle filled with nanites and poked them in their arms or legs. Luckily Seth had arranged for a very short thumbtack sized needle for the purposes of being incognito. Kevin managed to inject at least a few dozen boys from their school by time the party was over.

Some were huge jocks and it took a lot of liquor and distraction to get them wasted enough. Others were total nerds and had never even been to a party and it had taken them much encouragement to come. At first a few of the jocks protested but when Seth pointed out it wouldn?t be cool with the many hot chicks he had invited, they cooled their jets. The profuse array of drinks didn?t hurt either, along with the pool filled with semi naked high schoolers. Seth kept the music loud until the cops came, which suited his needs perfectly. Seth had already ordered his father to act with due haste should this happen. Seth ordered his father to stop making out with Roger and brought him to the front door where cops were telling people to get out. While his father answered questions in an odd way (being perfectly okay with teenagers drinking alcohol?was there something wrong with that officer??) Kevin flashed a cel phone loaded with Seth?s reprogramming codes in their faces one by one until under his breath Seth told them to disperse the party and then come back for further orders.

The party was broken up but Seth had become a forgotten legend in the minds of his fellow students. He bid them all goodbye and thanked them for showing up and made a show of professing how sorry he was to the cops.

When everyone had gone the cops came inside and Seth gave them further programming. They were to come back at weekly intervals for instructions. Seth had plans for the entire city but had to complete things slowly, for he wanted to enjoy the changes he was about to see to their fullest extent.

In the morning, Seth blinked. He rubbed his stubble. It was so thick! He walked over to the mirror. He blinked. Full chest hair ruffled underneath his wife beater. And?something else. As he walked into the bathroom he noticed that he was a few inches taller than he had been the day before. The nanites were continuing the program he had set up for them. He noticed he was walking a little funny as if trying to shake something off before realizing it was because his legs were bigger. They had more weight to them. And they were definitely hairier. He measured himself on the wall. Then met Kevin downstairs at breakfast. Kevin had been slightly taller than him but now they were of equal height. Kevin gasped as Seth kissed him in the kitchen.

?Are you ready now, stud??

?Fuck yeah. Hit me with your best shot!?

Seth brought out a special needle for Kevin and inserted the nanites. He had a special program for them that was going to take time to work itself out.

Suddenly the two found themselves very hungry. In fact, they started eating so much that as soon as his dad was finished cleaning up the house from the party the night before, they ordered him to bring more food. Largely, meats, vegetables, whatever the mood suited them. They made a list and sent Georgie off. Principal Forrester was at school, enjoying himself quite a bit. Seth had told him to make a habit of jerking off at work thinking of Seth and Kevin and serving them and being humiliated by them. Hopefully dealing with students wouldn?t occupy too much of his time today.

Not that the job was going to last that much longer for him.

Over the next few days, Seth grew steadily. An inch each day. He was having a few growing pains here and there, and his shirts and pants got tighter until he could no longer wear them and had to resort to simply wearing shorts, which were now the only things that could fit around his legs, which were simply as manly as you could imagine a 25 year old could hope for, let alone a 16 year old. He ate and ate until he gorged himself, then fucked Kevin, and Principal Forrester to the point of amazing even himself. He had to fuck them so much because his sex drive was in overdrive! He had to fuck at least ten times a night. It took up a lot of time, the eating and the fucking. It was thrilling to see his muscles fill out now as well.

After he reached 6?2? and Kevin had reached 6?4? the boys started to fill out with muscle. By now they both were taller than Georgie or Roger. Seth decided to stop shaving and let his beard start to grow out. As for Kevin, he started gaining weight a little bit faster than Seth had. Every day that went by the changes were subtle and exciting.

With Seth, he was certainly older looking. His deeper voice and already mature manner convinced anyone he saw when going out that he was in his mid 20s. He tested this one night when going out to a nightclub. He had fake identification but when he wasn?t even carded, he knew that was a sure sign of success.

Looking at himself in the mirror became an increasingly erotic experience. His muscles began to expand. Each day a little bit more full. The fat around the hips disappeared entirely. His ass became hard and completely firm. Then larger with muscle. Kevin really got a thrill out of that and begged Seth for the pleasure of rimming him.

As for Kevin, the changes in his face were indescribably different. His once goofy expression became more enhanced with masculinity. His freckles disappeared and he developed better hair instead of the scraggly hair he disliked so. His surfer boyish good looks transformed into something slightly different. A more clean cut version of himself. His eyes brightened, and his face grew more elongated. Slowly he started to look like a model, like the ones that wore suits in the pages of GQ or Vogue.

His stature was tall and elegant and the boys started to wear suits newly bought with the incomes that Georgie and Roger simply gave to them.

The muscle issue was finally resolved one week when both boys had a massive burst as if a dam had been broken through, the muscle packed on. They put their suits away and strutted around in their underwear while the two men that served them got their meals and water. They gorged themselves daily and ate and lifted weights fastidiously, for maybe an hour a day, and in the personal gym they had cultivated they became animalistic in their grunting tasks. With maybe a hundredth of the effort it took most men to cultivate bodies sculpted by time and precision and diet and sweat and tears, they packed on in two weeks.

Finally, one day Seth arose and the goal of the program had been met. He had reached a height of 6?3? and Kevin 6?6?. They were bastions of masculinity. They looked to be athletes in their mid 20s, Seth more of a musclebear and Kevin more of a swimmers built model with a face to die for. A symmetrical beauty based on what appeals most to human sexuality. Deep set eyes, gorgeous auburn-gold hair, immaculate chin and facial bones, a voice like an angels. Seth?s voice was deep and powerful and demanded attention. He watched his weight over the weeks go from 140 to 150 then 160?then skyrocket up to 200. He flexed his pectorals and bench pressed 250 lbs over his head with ease. He finally came to the conclusion that it was time for dad to become his bitch as his principal had. Seth ordered his father to his bedroom.

Both Seth?s father Georgie and Roger Forrester had been programmed to accept these changes in the boys with total normalcy and in fact an intense excitement, though secrecy ruled the house and no one was to talk of the goings on there.

Seth cupped his father?s face with a massive hand.

?I?m so much bigger than you now and I look like the real man of the house, don?t I, Georgie??

?I?ll say, Seth. You sure look like more of a man than me!?

?Well then you must please me. Do as I say.?

?Of course, sir! Whatever you say, sir! I?ll do it.?

?Good boy. Get naked for me.? Georgie did so like a good boy.

?Hmm, you?re a little gray now, but that will change,? Seth said, producing a needle. His bearded face grinned. His face still looked a bit young. He was the perfect mix of muscle bear and muscle boy. Sweat clung to his wife beater, which strained against hair crowded pecs, hard as tiles and the liquid of his sweat perfumed the air with a musky scent that gave his father an erection.

?You?ve got a boner for me, don?t you dad?? Seth smiled with a predatory glare.

?No-n-n-no son, that would be wrong and I-I-?
?You will get down on your knees, dad.?

His father kneeled.

?From now on I am the TRUE man of the house and you will call me DAD. I will refer to you as SON and there will be no deviation from the new order of things, is that clear??

?Yes, s-I mean dad.? Georgie smiled.

?Good. Now suck my cock like a good son.?

?Oh yes sir! Right away!? Georgie marveled at his son?s new dick as Seth removed his underwear,. It was so big that Seth couldn?t fit his hands all the way around the shaft anymore. The thickness and length of it still surprised him and delighted him each morning when he woke up with morning wood and jacked off on top of Kevin?s chest as he sat down pinning his lover or simply ordered Kevin to suck him off. Kevin was the only person he didn?t need to purposefully change at all and who followed orders without technical interference.

?That?s right, get your entire mouth around my cock, son.? Seth said. He arched a sexy eyebrow. ?I can be a good father to you, son,? Seth continued. ?I still look younger than you but we can change that, can?t we? Oh yeah, yeah, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!? He rocked his dick down his father?s throat as his father choked considerably on the ten inches of huge manliness, and it gave his father so much pleasure to suck his son?s dick that he nearly passed out.

He sated himself after two suckings to make his father bend down on all fours. ?Now this is going to hurt a lot more than Roger?s dick entering you, but I had to break you in to prepare you. Seth said, lighting up a cigar and puffing considerably until he was wreathed with the sexiest smell imaginable, a mix of man-sweat and aged tobacco, covering the two men in brown tinged smoke, the heavy-wood aroma clinging to their nostrils and Georgie finally felt the wet lubed up dick of his son penetrate his ass and he cried out in pain. It was the biggest dick he could possibly take up his ass, he thought. Oh god, I?m not ready for this but I musn?t tell Seth I?m displeased!




Seth came again and yelled animalistically and then picked up his father, who was covered with cum leaking from his ass and mouth and had dried cum in his hair and ears and chest. He lifted his father in midair.
?LOOK HOW MUCH FUCKING BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL I AM THAN YOU! YOU PATHETIC SHIT! I?M IN CHARGE NOW AND YOU WILL OBEY ME OR I WILL FUCKING RIP YOU IN HALF!? He brought his father down without any effort and smacked him on the back until he stumbled forward and tripped onto his face. Seth planet a foot on his father?s back.

?Well son I?d say that was a pretty good session. We?ll have to do this again soon. In the meantime that serum will kick in and you?ll be seeing your body go through some definite changes. Now I want you to say that I?m your king.?

?You are my king.?

?And you worship me. You worship every hair on my head. You worship every part of who I am and you would die if you couldn?t fulfill every order I gave you.?

?Yes, I would. I do worship you. You are my god and my dad and you are the most beautiful man in the world. I want to do everything you tell me to do,? his father said, on the point of orgasm.

?Good. Now jack off here while you think of me dominating you.? He picked up his father again and threw him unceremoniously onto a nearby futon mattress.

?And then make me some fucking dinner, I?m starved!?

?Yes, sir! Right away Dad!? His father said, beginning to jerk off to his son?s massively rugged, hairy musclebear frame.

Seth staggered out into the living room, a monster, a muscle master, a dominant alpha male.

It was time to end Principal Forrester?s life as he knew it now. The time had come. When he got home, Seth told Roger, in between bites of his massive protein filled meal, that he was to quit his job and turn in his resignation. He would be retiring from education for other pursuits. He and Georgie would both be doing some exciting new work in the weeks after Roger?s two weeks were up. Seth flexed his bicep. He had to buy plenty of new clothes now, but he had a few Tshirts which fit his massive arms. Kevin stroked his biceps and started making out with him at the dinner table while his servants, Roger and Georgie, were both completely broken and forced to watch as they fucked right there in the living room. Seth ordered them to get naked and start sucking each other off at the same time, head to dick each of them on the floor. Seth smiled as he fucked Kevin and his father and Roger began sucking each other off. It was going to be the beginning of a beautiful new life for his new little family.
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