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Ultra GMan
Blessing or Curse? Chapter 4

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra Gman

Chapter 4

So, I know what you're all thinking. I'd said I was going to have a quiet evening, but I ended up going out and having more sex. Well, no, but not for a lack of desire. (I'd say you get half-credit, but a 50% is still a failing grade.) Here's the thing when it comes to the curse. Growing a lot over a short period of time is actually a little dangerous, in that it can get addicting.

After all, in less than 48 hours I'd gone from seven to ten inches. And as my penis grows, it gets more sensitive, my sex drive spikes, I can feel my balls growing heavier, and that amazing rush of orgasm followed by growth... yeah, it's really hard to stop wanting. And while it's the immediate time after growth that your sex drive goes through the roof, it's still really high afterwards. It's why when Young Guy at the office gym made the moves on me, it was almost impossible to resist. Everything in my body was screaming "sex sex sex" in the way that you do if you've been gently stimulated for hours on end.

But yeah, I knew my body chemistry was still adjusting to all the changes it'd just ramped up through. So the rest of Tuesday night was spent at home; I cooked dinner, watched a movie, and jacked off four or five times. By the end of the night I was feeling a little more stable, but I also knew better than to think I was all clear. That's why Wednesday was scheduled entirely around not getting laid. I got to the gym super-early and made sure nothing happened there (I ended up staying on the rowing machine an extra twenty minutes to make sure the locker room wasn't going to be just me and the guy who had been openly checking out my ass before heading back to change), and work consisted of the nose to the grindstone, plus a few cum loads dropped into one of BGA's toilets to make sure there were no inappropriate hardons tenting my pants. Hell, I even wore a jock strap underneath the boxers I had on, just to keep myself under control. And Wednesday night was about the most unsexy thing you can imagine; me playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Shut up, it's fantastic, even if I can't get by that last Toy Time level.

So when Thursday rolled around, I was feeling a lot better and in control. Now instead of the soundtrack in the back of my head being "sex sex sex sex sex" it was a bit more... restrained. In other words, now I merely thought about sex as often as a regular gay man, just every other second instead of every second. Which meant, happily, I was no longer under house arrest.

Originally I was going to the Green Lantern after work, but my friend Dominic had given me a call out of the blue in the afternoon and asked if I wanted to head out to a gay bed and breakfast in the mountains of West Virginia with him for a long weekend. I've known Dom for a few years, and he's a pretty great guy to be around. We both like hiking and swimming, and the Bluestone Valley Guest House is somewhere we've visited before. I'd checked my schedule and not only could I get Monday off, but it looked like if Friday was going slow I could leave after lunch. Score, right?

So, we met for dinner at Luna Caf? (near his condo) and spent about two hours planning out what we'd do. Turns out Dom's flaky friend Art had (surprise surprise!) flaked on him, and we both commiserated over people we can't depend on. Friends of ours have often said we should date, but honestly I don't think Dom's the dating type. He enjoys being single too much; emotionally and sexually he just likes being able to give something to everyone, if you know what I mean. Besides, I don't think it's possible for Dom to meet someone without looking at their crotch, and finding a boyfriend who wouldn't mind might be a bit of a stretch.

All of this is a long way of saying that I was walking back home by myself when I saw a familiar face heading my way. He-Man. It was obvious that he recognized me, even though he was trying to play it all nonchalant at first. A big grin had shot across his face for a split second before he dialed it back, but considering he had then started flexing his biceps in that way that guys do when they think you don't know they are, his eagerness was pretty evident.

I smiled and nodded at him about a quarter block away, and when we got to each other we both stopped. "How's it going?" I said, suddenly realizing that neither of us knew the other person's name.

"Good, good!" he said. "Wow, it's great to see you, man." He paused for a second, pushing his hand through that cute tousled blonde hair of his. "I... I wasn't sure if we'd run into each other... and there was... um...."

I started laughing. "But you didn't know my name?" I said, half-jokingly, but half-serious.

He-Man blushed at that, a deep red that was a sharp contrast to his normally pale coloring.

"I'm John," I said, extending a hand. "Nice to see you again. And you are...?"

He-Man blushed again, before taking my hand in one of his paws and shaking it vigorously. "John! Good to meet you. I'm Adam."

Adam? Really? Who knew, he really WAS He-Man.

"So what're you up to tonight?" I said, trying to move this along.

"Just heading home," he said slowly. "Y'know. Not much going on tonight." He paused, then suddenly said, "Want to change that?"

It's funny, now that we'd had sex before, He-Man had lost so much of that swagger and confidence, turning into a blushing bride. If anything, it made him even more adorable. And after all, He-Man was officially "safe" material now...

"I never thought you'd ask," I merely replied.

About ten minutes later, we were back in his studio, and he was practically tearing his clothing off and leaping onto the bed, spread-eagled on his back. Laughing inwardly, I instead slowly took off my shoes, bending over so he could get a good look at how fantastic my ass was looking thanks to the sex in the BGA's basement. The little gasp did me good, and my pants and underwear (thankfully no jock today, I'd shifted into some regular trunks from the Gap) ended up a pile on the floor, followed by my shirt.

I'd climbed up onto the bed over top him, and was just about to start kissing him when I caught it out of the corner of my eye. A wrist restraint connected to the bed frame's corner post. (It's like a leather handcuff, for lack of a better description. No keys to worry about, and unlike metal no lasting marks.) He-Man was getting more and more interesting by the minute, I thought to myself, leaning into his eager and open mouth and slowly pushing my tongue inside.

I was in control tonight, that much was obvious to me, and would be from start to finish. He-Man didn't seem to mind, sucking in air through his nose in a quick, excited way as I forced my way into his mouth, my tongue pushing and thrusting on top of his own. I heard a muffled moan, which just made me redouble my efforts.

After a few minutes, slowly, I began to run my hands down his arms, still kissing him as hard as I could. I don't think he even realized I was doing it, slowly laying his arms down on the mattress away from the rest of his body, angling them towards the corners of his small bed. Holding his wrists down firmly with my own hands, I sat squarely on his crotch, and leaned back a tiny bit. "You're all mine," I whispered.

Honestly, it's like I'd pressed a button marked "rocket fuel," the response was so great. Yes, He-Man liked that a great deal. He started turning towards one corner of the bed, no doubt to tell me about the wrist restraints, but I moved one of my hands to his mouth and said, "I didn't say you could talk."

His eyes lit up at that, and I removed the hand so that I could pull out the restraint and hook his wrist in, then doing the same on the other side. He-Man was breathing heavy now, and I could tell half the thrill was not knowing precisely what was next. So I leaned in and kissed him some more, overwhelming his mouth as I made sure every nook and cranny was familiar territory. At the same time, my hands were now pinching his nipples, and with each pinch they got a little harder and pointier, and I could hear some almost-suppressed whimpers as his nipples got more sensitive the more I played with them.

He'd just started to get used to it, so I decided to change things up a bit, moving my mouth down his torso, with tiny bites on his nipples interspersed with long sucking hisses all over his beautiful chest. Honestly, with his torso and my penis, we could make a billion dollars selling swimsuits and underwear to gay men. Speaking of which, all ten inches of my penis were hard and heavy, feeling more than ready for what was to come. It'd started to rub precum all over his abs, and I decided that I'd tortured my poor penis enough.

Scooting off of He-Man, I grabbed one leg and pulled it up into the air, before slowly kissing and licking my way down it. He gave off another moan then (boy, he sure did make a lot of noise), but a longer, more drawn out one. By the time I got to the top of his legs and his balls, I'd remembered two things; he had really long legs, and he had this great salty-sweet taste to his body.

Pausing for a second, I headed over to his nightstand and grabbed a condom from where I'd seen them last time (better to put He-Man's mind at ease), quickly pulling it on. It was a little tight, but honestly, when you start hitting the double-digit measurements, they're all going to be a little tight. Heading back over, I pushed both his legs up, exposing his anus which was twitching mightily now, quivering with anticipation.

Hmmmm. Honestly, I was going to prolong this a bit, but with his straining at the restraints, I knew that's not what he really wanted. So instead I pushed the head of my penis up against his opening, and gave a long, slow grin. He-Man started straining in response, trying to impale himself on my penis but unable to move any closer to me, his ankles up against my shoulders now.

And then, just like that, I shoved about seven inches into him. His eyes shot wide open in response. I don't think he'd fully remembered just how big I was, but then again, I wasn't quite this big the one time we'd had sex. "Aaaaahhhhhhh!" he cried out, a mixture of mostly pleasure and a touch of pain and surprise. I held my position for a few seconds, impressed at how quickly everything in him seemed to loosen up. Don't get me wrong, the curse actually somehow seems to help people. I don't get it but people who've said they could never take something as big as me but somehow managed didn't seem to be trying to flatter me, and I've heard from other people with the curse who have reported the same thing. Still, ten inches is ten inches. It's no pinky finger.

Anyway, He-Man wanted it bad tonight, and so did I. With a hard thrust I pushed the remaining three inches in, and my heavy balls slapped against his ass. Both of us gave a little shiver at that. My balls were practically humming and buzzing with desire, and I could feel my heavy dick just throbbing with need inside of He-Man. But I just kept pushing into him, long heavy strokes, pounding his poor prostate back into the stone age. He-Man was thrashing his head back and forth, pulling hard on the restraints, mumbling nonsense sounds of pleasure. I put my hands on his sides, partially to have something to grip but also make He-Man feel even more controlled by me.

It seemed to work pretty well; as soon as I did he clenched down on my dick so hard I thought I was going to shoot right then and there, and he started thrashing even more, those moans increasing in pitch and intensity. So, I started slamming even harder in him, imagining that somehow my dick was growing even more with every thrust. (Don't worry. It wasn't.) I could feel a sweat breaking out all over my body, and my need to shoot was getting stronger and stronger. He-Man was gasping quicker and quicker, and his quivering penis was a dark red, his balls pulled in so tight it was like they were permanently attached.

On the verge, I slid one hand down his side, and onto his penis and gave it several quick pulls. That did it. He-Man started cumming, a roar of ecstasy as he did so. As the cum started splattering up his chest, he bore down so tight on me that I couldn't take it any more and I erupted inside of him. I kept thrusting with each spurt of cum, and my balls just couldn't stop delivering.

Finally, gasping, I stopped pushing into him, feeling a little weak in the legs as I stood at the foot of the bed, his ankles still resting on me, his ass still on my penis. The time to be rough was over, and I gently, oh so gently, pulled myself out of him. As I lowered his legs to the ground, he gave off a quiet, satiated moan. He looked ready to fall asleep like he did last time, so I leaned forward and gave him a slow, gentle, but thorough kiss.

About two minutes later, I slowly pulled off his mouth and looked at him. He-Man gave me a sheepish smile, and slowly said, "Thanks for the good evening, John..." I could tell he was fighting to stay awake, so I just leaned forward a bit and gave him a kiss on the forehead, before undoing the restraints on his wrists. By the time I was done, he was out like a light. I cleaned him off the best I could with a towel from the bathroom, pulled the sheet up on top of him, and then got dressed and headed out.

After all I still had to pack for tomorrow's vacation.
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