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Old December 5th, 2012, 07:11 AM
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An academic adventure (3)

Here's part three, guys. As promised the musclegrowth starts in this chapter. Hope you enjoy!



[COLOR=paleturquoise]My heart skipped a beat and my face went red as we made eye contact. Like a child caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, I retreated behind the wall of my private shower. I held my breath and considered running to the locker room. I quickly realized that escaping was impossible since Jeff was standing under the shower next to the door. I could only wait for him to come over and beat me to a bloody pulp. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Are you going to hide in there all night? You?ll have to come out sooner or later, little guy.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]He?s right, I thought, let?s take this beating like a man. I stepped into the common shower area and slowly raised my head to face him. As my eyes locked on to this face, there were no signs of anger; Jeff just grinned.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Why hide and peep around the corner if you can get front row seats??, he said, ?Come on over, I?m not going to eat you.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?You?re not mad??, I asked stupidly still holding on to the wall of my shower.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?You think you?re the first guy who gets turned on by my muscles? Back in high school I once made the entire football team sport wood by walking in the showers and flexing my muscles. I worked hard to get this big, so it?s nice when someone likes the results. You saw me up close at lunch, but I look even better up close without a shirt on.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I hesitantly stepped up to him and stopped within arm reach. I tilted back my head to look him in the eye; he had to be around 6?1. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?See, nothing bad happened?, he said as he winked, ?Enjoy.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]My mouth fell open as Jeff began flexing his hard muscles. He slowly raised his arms and flexed his bis. They were already intimidating big from a distance, but up close they were meaty exemplas of perfection. These rock hard, softball-sized, vein covered bulging masses begged to be licked. I hadn?t even noticed that my five incher was at full mast again.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?18 inches of prime class beef?, Jeff said as he lowered his arms and rubbed his massive chest.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]The second course of this evening snack proved to be even better than the first. His pecs were still pumped and rock hard from his workout. As he tensed them, striations appeared under his skin. He flexed them harder and as they bulged even bigger, the dark red head of my cock jumped higher painfully and reached a new length. Jeff relaxed his pecs and began bouncing them; first the left one, then the right one and finally both muscles together. My 5.5 incher throbbed, following the rhythm Jeff?s pecs imposed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Ready for the big finale??, he asked and he brought in his arms for a most muscular. I didn?t know where to look first. His beefy traps nearly touched his ears; hard, striated round delts led to massive, horseshoe-shaped triceps; his softball-sized bis fought for room with his pumped pecs.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Ungh!?, I moaned loudly as the intense and all consuming feelings of an epic orgasm rocketed through me. My tows clamped into the tilled floor and my rock hard, over stimulated, pulsing cock erupted cum all over Jeff?s solid eight-pack.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]My knees nearly gave out and I had to grab his forearms to steady myself. Feeling the hard, meaty, cable like muscles crisscrossed with big veins, send another wave of pleasure through me. Two more loads left my churning balls, raced through my searing hot shaft and sprayed over his eight-pack, where it mixed with my first shot and crept down the hard grooves of his abs.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Jeff?s baritone brought me back to reality. ?Guess you enjoyed the show. But those front row seats don?t come free. Time to pay up. You?re gone blow my whistle. I?ll show you how to do it and we?ll start real slow. You just open up your mouth and you come real close. Here we go.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I kneeled down in front of him and was greeted by two intimidating large quads. They looked photo shopped but were very real. Their teardrop-shape nearly hid his knees. I marveled at the sight and followed the deep lines upwards. I gasped as I saw his orange-sized balls and the meaty shaft on top. His already plump dick, bigger and thicker than my own, hard again, cock, hardened further. My eyes went wide as it lengthened to its full 9.5 inches; it was nearly as thick as my wrist. I opened my mouth, took in half of its amazing length and began sucking as if my life depends on it. As I engaged my tongue in the action, his cock began pulsing in my mouth. I looked up to see if my work was appreciated. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Jeff had closed his eyes and pleasure was written all over his face. As a soft moan escaped his lips, the throbbing in my mouth got fiercer. Two strong hands grabbed the back of my head and Jeff shoved his entire length down my throat. I barely had time to gag. Jeff let out a deep, load moan and blasted a first, huge load down my throat. Luckily he held my head or the force would have launched me across the room. A second moan filled the shower area and another load raced after the first one. As a third one shot from his cock, Jeff released my head. I didn?t even have time to notice since his next load threw me on my back on the floor. Jeff turned around and blasted out four more loads, covering the tills with his spunk. Turned on by this illustration of pure manhood, my five incher let out a final dribble and my sight went black.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I opened my eyes groggily and as I slowly regained conscience, I noticed that I was in the deserted shower area. I held my breath and listened, but couldn?t hear a sound. I got on my feet and stumbled to the locker room. My clothes were still in front of my locker in the otherwise completely empty room. Had I slipped in the shower and passed out? Flashes of big, hard, flexing muscles passed through my mind and left me wondering. ?I really have to stop fantasying about Aaron and Jeff?, I said out loud to my image in the large mirror, ?Focus on graduation!? I put on my clothes and got back to my room to get some sleep.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I awoke revitalized and, since I had no classes today, decided to continue the discovery of my new favorite book. I took it from my desk and opened it were I had left off.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Isidorus veneficus facinationem initiebat?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]The sorcerer Isidorus began the enchantment. Everything was prepared for the demonic ritual: he had painted a red pentagram on the floor; the unholy words were written around it and Reinoutus, the knight, stood in the center of the pentagram.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Veneficus formulam devotam clamabat?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]The sorcerer yelled out the cursed formula to steal the knight?s life-force and revitalize his body: ?Pollux, Castor et Priapus, illumine corpum meum! Initie transportationem vigoris! The sorcerer stepped in the pentagram; his hands grabbed the knight?s shoulders and he felt the energy coursing through his veins. The crying knight, who had aged at least 30 years, fell to the ground. Isidorus let out an evil laugh as he saw his reflection in the mirror: he looked young again and felt like he had the strength of a 20 year old.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?What a story!?, I said out loud, ?Where could one find such inspiration? What fun it would be if it was true: saying the formula and stealing someone?s life-force.? Noticing the time, I grabbed my gear and went over to the pool. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]As I reached to grab the handle, the door opened and Aaron and Jeff came out the locker room. I stepped back to make way for their big frames. ?Feeling better, Aaron??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Yeah, can?t stay away from the gym two days in a row. Have to catch up to Jeff?, he said and slapped me gently on the shoulder as he passed. The force was powerful enough to throw me off balance and I tripped forward onto Jeff?s pecs.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Watch it, C. You could hurt yourself by hitting these rock hard muscles?, he said as his solid arms grabbed me, ?See you around.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I put on my speedo and headed over to the pool. While I was swimming, my mind wandered back to Aaron?s and Jeff?s athletic bodies. Remembering the mysterious book and the sorcerer?s adventure, a plan began to emerge in my brain. I had the description of the demonic ritual and the cursed formula. All that I still needed was someone who?s powers I could steal; a knight, or an athlete. A sinister laugh left my mouth as I imagined myself absorbing Jeff?s muscles. ?I will be huge if I steal Jeff?s and Aaron?s muscles?, I said to myself as another evil laugh echoed in the empty room and I returned to my room to prepare the ritual.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I awoke early and had lots of time to get to my medieval literature class. I installed myself at the back so the lecture wouldn?t disturb my planning. Professor Faudistuef entered and began seemingly endless lecture about giants. The images he showed made my mind go back to Jeff?s intimidating large body. Images of his rock hard, striated pecs filled my brain and got me sporting wood in no time. Afraid that I wouldn?t last till the end of the class, I pretended to be sick and hurried towards the exit. I rushed towards the toilets, locked the door so that no one would disturb me and jumped into the first stall. I nearly ripped open my pants as I quickly hefted out my dick. Untouched, my five incher throbbed in the cold air as precum dripped off the tip. A moan escaped my mouth and it even seemed like the light went a bit darker in the stall. A large, strong hand suddenly grabbed my dick.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Still thinking of last time??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Jeff?s baritone voice made me realize that I wasn?t alone. Feeling his large, hard muscles pressing in my back and his warm hand totally encircling my dick, send me over the edge. Orgasm raced through my body and a load shot from my balls in my shaft. Jeff tightened his vice like grip and trapped my load in my shaft.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Save it for tonight. Same time as two days ago.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?What about Aaron??, I mumbled as the pressure in my dick increased painfully.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Right, I?ll finish my workout early and come to your private shower. We?ll have twenty minutes for our show?, Jeff replied; he released my cock and left.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Cum oozed from my five incher and I grinned thinking of the occasion to steal his muscles.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Back in my room, I opened the book and memorized the formula. I got to the locker room and opened the storage closet; I took out some waterproof red paint and walked to my private shower. I painted a big pentagram on the floor. Being assistant locker room manager will finally pay off, I thought. I still had two hours left so I decided to swim to calm down my excitement.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Half an hour early, I left the pool, got into the locker room and casually opened the door to the gym. Aaron was doing shoulder presses and Jeff was encouraging him. As he saw the door moving, Jeff turned around and noticing me, he winked and nodded. I retreated into the shower area and turned on all the showers. Steamy clouds filled the room and hid the pentagram. I hid myself next to the door as I heard footsteps. I saw Jeff?s hulking frame pass by through the steam and head over to my private shower.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Don?t waste time, little guy?, I heard him say and I slowly walked over to the private shower.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]?Pollux, Castor et Priapus, illumine corpum meum! Initie transportationem vigoris!?, I said and turned around the corner. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Jeff was standing at the edge of the pentagram. Smiling, I stepped into the pentagram and got on my knees. His 9.5 incher throbbed eagerly as he looked down on me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]I took the large head in my mouth and felt power surge through my body. All my muscles seemed to fill with blood and a rapidly progressing pump. I steadied myself by placing my hands on his meaty quads; the feeling intensified exponentially.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]My arms swelled as veins appeared feeding energy to my bis. My soft 14 inchers hardened and crept towards 15 inches. My forearms followed this lead and bulked visibly. A soft moan made me look up.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Jeff had closed his eyes and seemed lost in pleasure. He had lost his intimidating, amateur bodybuilder look and was looking more like a big quarterback. His round delts softened and lost their striations; his softball-sized bis shrank as veins disappeared from their surface; his protruding pecs diminished and no longer cast shadows onto his abs; his eight-pack flattened out into a six-pack as the bottom row of his abs just vanished.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]Even his cock is shrinking, I thought as I took more and more of it in my mouth. My bigger hands covered the teardrop shape of his diminishing quads completely. My protruding pecs fought for room with my expanding biceps. The engorged head of my cock freed itself from my speedo and began inching towards my belly button, passing the deep grooves of my hard six-pack.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=paleturquoise]A sudden weakness invaded my newly formed traps and made me loosen my hold on Jeff?s quads. No longer held back by my hands, Jeff fell backwards from the pentagram. As his cock left my mouth and his back hit the floor, I gazed into the mirror on the wall. Aaron was standing behind me. He had entered the shower area unnoticed and was grabbing my shoulders to free Jeff. I noticed that he was standing in the pentagram and that he was growing?[/COLOR]

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I'm just catching up on this story. Love it. And you've left us hanging at the best part. I'm very much looking forward to reading all the details of Aaron's growth. Yum!
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The story is very good. Although I am not originally very much into theft, I liked the particular approach of things going wrong for the one planning to do the muscle theft, so I am curious to see the development.

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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