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Old February 15th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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A Prowling Muscle Master - Part Two

The Prowl Continues

Thanks for the beer, little cub. It looked like you were having a little trouble walking up to the bar ? what?s the matter, is there something stiff in your pants getting in the way? Shit, I love how my body can make you hard even though you?re trying to fight it with all your little might. I also love how your eyes follow my arm each time I take a swig of my beer. You like how that gun is so fucking swollen, don?t you. You should have seen me after those first few days of lifting at the gym ? I couldn?t have raised my arm above my head for all the money in the world, but now my beefy biceps seem to bulge something fierce without me even thinking about them. You can?t even look me in the face when my arms are moving ? your deep blue eyes follow muscle like waves of the ocean submit to the moon. You can?t help yourself ? my hugeness casts a spell that can?t be broken. Damn, boy, you finished that beer in two long swallows. That?s pretty impressive. I bet you were showing off, weren?t you? You want me to know you?ll be able to take all the copious amounts of juice I?ll be spewing down your throat later on, don?t you.

Whoa, did you hear that? It sounded like something tearing, didn?t it. As a matter of fact, I think it sounded like a fucking huge arm bulging out so much that the sleeve of a weak old t-shirt ripped even more. Well lookie there, boy, my biceps has swollen so much it burst my sleeve open so you could see more of the bulge. The big thing just needed more room, didn?t it? What?s that? You need to get something more to drink? Your mouth is all dry, you say? Sure, buddy, I?m ready for another brewski, too. Thanks a lot. I?ll be sitting here in all my massiveness waiting for you, don?t you fret. Hurry back, little pup, we?ve got a lot more fun planned.

Fuck, look at that nice muscle tight ass the cute boy?s got on ?em. I can?t think of anything more fun than to spread those bulbous cheeks apart with my big rod and plow him all night long. I haven?t seen a cub this excited since ? I don?t know ? since last night, I guess, when I fucked those two Cirque de Soleil performers for hours. I had them do their entire acrobatic act while standing on my hard-as-shit abs. They were so turned on that they squirted even as they performed their routine. This little muscled cub is going to be fun, too, though. It?s perfectly clear that he adores muscles in a big way. Damn, look how the wet spot on his slacks has grown because of his leaking a ton of pre-cum. He?s not even trying to hide it now. That is one sexy young cub. I have chosen well. Thanks for the beer, bud.

Yoohoo, mister man ? my face is up here. Can you peel your eyes from my fucking huge arms long enough for us to have a decent conversation or should I just pick you up so our faces are even? It seems like you haven?t ever been around this much massiveness ? from the way you?re reacting. Is that true, little fellow? Are you having an out-of-body experience because you?re so blown away by this daddy?s huge muscles? What?s that? Oh, you still can?t speak? What?s the matter ? has a muscle biceps got your tongue? Damn, look at you getting all excited by my muscle talk. You are just one big fucking muscle pig aren?t you?

I can see by the look in your eyes that you still can?t believe this is happening to you. I think you might think it?s all a dream. Here, let me grab that pretty little muscled thigh of yours and start to squeeze with my big hand. Feels good at first, doesn?t little man. Yeah, I can tell my grip is sending little thrill signals throughout your entire body, but what happens when I start to squeeze a little tighter. Hell yeah, now the mind is sending out messages to the rest of your body that there?s some slight discomfort in your tensed thigh ? something a lot stronger is putting too much pressure on your upper leg. And then what if I add to the pressure ? see, the pain makes your hand come flying over to mine to try and dislodge the powerful clasp I have on your quad. But try as you might you can?t do a thing to stop me, can you? Now the pain has really increased and you?re starting to sweat profusely ? your entire frame wracked in pain just from my one big hand. And just when you think you can take no more I release my grip and smile as your hand starts rubbing your leg furiously to try and make the pain disappear. So, you see little cub, I?m completely real. There?s no fantasy world when it comes to the big muscle bear that?s sitting next to you.

Damn, boy, even in the midst of all your pain you still can?t peel your eyes away from my big guns, can you? This daddy is starting to think his little pup doesn?t have any manners. I might have to do something to teach you the proper way to treat your elders. I know, I know, it?s hard to tear your gaze away from all my fucking massiveness, but I?m trying to have a conversation here and you can?t move further upward than my bulging biceps that are about to split apart the sleeves of my t-shirt. I love how when I tense my big arms I can make your eyes grow wider and your mouth fall open. It?s pretty funny ? you just can?t help that natural response every time I make one of my twenty-one inch bazookas bulge out more. It?s great that you?re so into arms, boy, cause I?ve got the kind of biceps that could be worshipped for hours and still not get their due. Well, hell, you?ve actually started to drool, boy! Here, let me wipe that mouth of yours with a napkin. Yeah, that?s better. Now you don?t look like some rabid hunting dog.

You just can?t get enough of this hulking Tennessee daddy, can you? You didn?t know we grew ?em this big in the south, did you? And don?t even start to think that all of this massiveness is like that fake Hollywood muscle, son. This body is the real deal ? huge because of hard work in the gym and on the farm. Hell yeah, I?m a farmer, cub! And don?t you forget it. I?m a hay bale lifting, cornbread fed, truck-driving muscleman that found the gym late in life ? but made up for it in a big way. Damn, son, you just can?t help from squirming every time I mention the fact that I have packed on all of these huge muscles late in life. Yep, I was forty-six when a senior muscle daddy ? well over sixty ? got me hooked on lifting. He was built like a fucking bull and plucked me out of this here bar one Sunday evening. He practically carried me home ? thrown over one of his huge shoulders. I still don?t know why he chose my skinny ass, but I?m sure as hell glad he did. He took me home and plowed me harder than my John Deere has ever tilled mother earth and then started forcing me to work out. He signed me up at his gym and then started driving over to my house at five in the morning six days a week to jerk me out of bed and put me through a rigorous routine. I made the mistake of locking my front door one day, thinking he?d let me miss one morning, but when I heard the sturdy thing get kicked in I knew I would never make that mistake again. The day I surpassed my senior daddy in size is the day he moved out of state. He allowed me to fuck him that day and then told me his job was done. He said he was moving to another state to find a new cub to train. I go to visit him every now and then and even at seventy-seven he?s still packed with hard senior muscle.

Well bless my soul, boy, the thought of an even older muscle man gets your gears cranking even more, doesn?t it. I can tell you?d like to meet the man that got me so fucking huge, wouldn?t you. How would you like to be sandwiched between two muscled studs all night long? We could squeeze the life out of you son by bear hugging each other when you?re between us. Shit, I actually saw your cock twitch when I suggested that ? and look at that second little pre-cum stain seeping across the fabric. Damn, I have found myself one fucking fantastic little muscle whore, haven?t I? I knew I chose well tonight. I saw you from across the room and even before you went all ga-ga over my muscles I knew I had to have you. Tight body, tight ass, clearly a thing for muscles ? what more could a big man want in a pup. And there you go again, staring at my big arms like you want to eat them. What is it about you and biceps, boy? Is it the fact that they?re bigger than your thigh or is it that fucking huge vein pumping daddy blood across the peak. Here, let me flex the thing for you. Aw, fuck, the sight of my big gun made you whimper like a puppy. It even makes me a little weak in the knees when I see how huge I am. That sound you made was really cute. Lean in, boy ? this place is kind of noisy and I don?t want you to miss the best part of the upcoming show. Yeah, that?s right; look at your body shake with delight when you hear that sleeve ripping slowly from the overpowering pressure of my bulging mound of muscle. We won?t rip it all the way, pup, we should save some of it for later on ? when I can give you a more private show. I can turn this t-shirt into nothing but a bunch of shredded rags just from flexing and I know that will make your happy.

Whoa, son, don?t fall off your stool. We?ve got hours of more pleasure coming ? we can?t have you out cold so soon. If I could contain all this muscle massiveness I would ? just to prevent you from overloading prematurely, but I?m afraid I just can?t stop myself from wanting to smother you with all my cocky greatness. The more my body turns you on, the more I want to show off for you, pup. So tell this senior muscle stud what is going to be the first big muscle you worship later on ? as if I didn?t know. Yeah, color me surprised, you?re going to hone in on my arms first, huh? Good choice, pup. Flexing these guns in your face is going to make you cream in your pants the first of many times ? I can guarantee that, boy. I?ve got a feeling the big thing won?t even reach its full peak before you start spewing.

I bet you haven?t even noticed that you?re not the only one smitten with this daddy?s muscles. Look around the room, little pup, and count all the cocks that are hard in honor of this muscle master. Yeah, I can see about twenty poles tenting out pants without even looking too close. This big man gets that kind of reaction anywhere he goes ? in elevators, lines at the grocery store, and especially in the gym. Sometimes I can actually hear the sound of material stretching when shorts and pants have to accommodate all the growing dicks after I enter a room. Oh yeah, the cub loves the fact that this big daddy is getting the entire room all hot and bothered. It turns you on to know they can?t have what has already attached his big self to you. You aren?t sharing one ounce of all this hefty muscleman, are you?

What?s that, son? Well, boy howdy, you really are getting more comfortable with all this muscle towering beside you, aren?t you? Of course you can feel my arm, cub. That?s what a good pup should always do before he takes a man home ? test the merchandise. You gotta check to see that all this senior massiveness is as hard as I say it is, as if you didn?t already know. Let me flex the gun a little more for you, bud, just so you can get the full cum-squirting effect. Shit, look at how your hand is shaking like a nervous little schoolboy being put on his first giant stallion to ride. It?s pretty frightening and energizing to be next to something so huge for the first time, isn?t it? And look how delicate your tiny fingers look up next to my vein-streaked massive biceps. Yeah, I can see you feel the heat pouring off my body before you even touch my hard skin. You want to know what?s cranking up my temperature, pup? It?s caused by all the fucking testosterone pumping through my body ? percolating to a boiling point just from the thought of how much my enormous muscles make you completely out of control with lust. Touching my mighty arm is going to make you feel like a solar system is being born inside your body. All the fantasies of your muscle daddy loving life are coming true as soon as your trembling fingers make contact with that giant mound of hardness.

Aw, fuck yeah; listen to how loud you suck in air as your brain receives the signal that your fingertips have sent so quickly. I?ll remind you to breathe in a minute, pup, don?t worry about that ? but right now it?s a damn turn-on to know that I?ve caused your body to go into sensory overload. You never knew skin could feel like steel, did you? Look at you trying to press the skin of my flexed gun in and it doesn?t give at all. There you go drooling again, little cub. I guess you like the package, don?t you? Yeah, that?s right, remember to inhale and exhale. It?s good to breathe again, isn?t it? There you go, run your precious little hand all over that huge mountain of muscle ? cop yourself a good feel. Later on, if you like, we can put your head in the crook of my arm and I can flex my biceps into your face. Hell yeah, that thought almost sent you over the edge, didn?t it, son? You even had to stop your groping for a few seconds ? just to concentrate on not spewing that load that has been building since the moment I walked into this place. I can see that your mind still doesn?t believe that my arm could be real. Here, let me flex it even bigger ? just to tease you some more. That?s right, pup, I wasn?t even completely tensed ? since I didn?t think you could take all of my hugeness at one time. Shit, I love the way you try to cup your little hand over the peak of daddy?s biceps ? but it?s just too big, isn?t it. Maybe I can use you as my curling bar when we get home so you can see how I built these fuckers so massive. Aw, junior let out another cute little whimper ? without even realizing it. I just keep thinking of things that inch you closer and closer to explosion, don?t I?

Well bless my soul, son, you didn?t have to lean in and kiss my mountainous arm. I know you?re a good little worshiper, but you didn?t have to do that right here in public. I could have waited for that kind of adoration when we were behind closed doors. But you just couldn?t help yourself, could you, pup? Yeah, you?re totally smitten now. Feeling my hard muscled arm and realizing I?m the real deal has just made you give up on caring about what people think. You can only focus on this senior man?s big body ? isn?t that right? I love it when you can?t speak, boy, and end up simply nodding your head up and down in reply. It?s like you?re in some kind of muscle loving stupor ? responding to me just because you know it?s right to be polite to your elders. I bet it?s also because you instinctively know you should submit to someone so huge. Your brain knows the alpha bear deserves your respect and your complete obedience. In fact, you want the big man to take care of you, don?t you? You want it more than you?ve ever wanted anything in your life. You know falling asleep with my big arms wrapped around you is going to give you the best night?s rest you?ve ever had. I bet you even want my muscle daddy hard cock still inside of you as you drift off to dreamland. Yeah, that thought gave me what I wanted ? another big gob of pre-cum widening the wet spot at your crotch. I get the feeling your toes are curled up in your pretty-boy loafers as you try to prevent yourself from spewing like a burst dam. That makes this daddy-bear proud, cub. You are holding out so long ? even when all this massiveness is sitting so close. Okay, that?s the fourth slobbery kiss you?ve planted on my big arm ? I think that?s enough, don?t you? You?re making all the other little fellas here jealous. They want a piece of this big farmer muscle daddy, too, and I?m worried we?ll start a riot if we rub it in their face that I?m all yours.

Is that biceps big enough for you, son? Is it hard enough, too? Yeah, that?s the right answer ? not saying a word but just continuing to stare at my big bulging muscle. Okay, pup, I?m going to lower my arm now. It?s time to go back to having a proper conversation. I think your charged up tight little body needs a break from muscle daddy overload. Raise your eyes up here to my face, son. Yeah, that?s it. I know it?s hard to peel away from what turns you on so much, but you can do it. Let?s get a little more acquainted, shall we? What?s your name, stud? Peter? Well, it?s nice to meet you, Petey. I?m Jack ? as in jacked-the-fuck-up with muscle. Yeah, you like that little joke, don?t you? That?s because you know it?s true ? your fingers and your lips have felt it. How much do you weigh? One sixty-five! I think just one of my legs weighs that. Yeah, it?s about time you took a look down there ? and now your gaze is stuck again. Okay, I?ll let you have a few seconds to take in just how thick my monstrous thighs are, but then we have to return to our conversation. I?m enjoying getting to know you, little Petey. Hello sir, how about returning your eyes to mine. I figured you?d stop and take a gander at my arms again, but now that I have your attention ? what do you do for a living? Website design ? that?s cool, son. I?ve been told many times that I should do something called cam sessions. I?m not sure what that is but one guy told me I?d make a lot of money. I don?t even have a computer, pup. I spend my time farming, lifting, and screwing ? and each of those activities keeps me in shape. But the one that?s the most fun is screwing.

Damn, little pup, I didn?t think there was anything that would excite you more than my muscles ? but I think we found something. The thought of this big man having his way with you got your juices boiling even more, didn?t it? I think you?d offer that tight ass of yours right here and now if I asked for it. You want me to make you squeal like the little muscle pig you are, don?t you. Shit, son, that makes me even hornier than I was ten seconds ago and I was already as hard as a two-by-four. I know you like my senior man muscles, pup, but just imagine all this bulging massiveness covered in sweat as I stuffed my large chunk of beef in that tight hole of yours. Yeah, I can tell your pucker opening is snug, boy. And there?s nothing better than my fur all matted down with stinky man musk, cub, as I plow you. You?ll think you?ve died and gone to heaven when we make the room so hot that we steam up all the windows. Just imagine these muscles huge heaving up and down as I get all excited from pumping you full of my testosterone-laden man honey. There?s not anything sweeter than my juice, boy. I can guarantee you that. And don?t forget that I know you like it a little rough ? and I?m willing to oblige. I promise you?ll know you?re being fucked by a real man. I?ll be the gauge you?ll use to measure all future dates, pup ? trying to see if anyone could ever come close to the heights of pleasure I gave to you. How does that sound, pup? You excited to have this big bear?s body smothering you? Yeah, I can still see you?re a little nervous about whether you can handle this much manliness, aren?t you? You think I might be too much for you, pup? You?re not sure if you can take all of this muscled daddy-ness pushing into your body? You thinking I might be a little too rough on you? You could be right, cub. I?m fucking aggressive and wild as a giant bear when I fuck cute little men, but I?m also careful to make sure my boy-toys enjoy themselves, too. You?ll be shooting off such big loads that it will take you half a day to recover. There won?t be any bruises, but you?ll certainly be sore for about a week. Having sex with me, cub; is like coming off of a five hour super intense workout. It might hurt a little while we?re throwing down all wild and crazy, but you?ll love every moment of the afterglow. You?ll also immediately beg for more.

Damn, your mouth is all dry again ? why don?t you take another big swig of your beer. Well look a there ? you can?t even move because you?re so turned on. You?re going to catch a lot of flies if you don?t close that trap, pup. I just won?t ever get tired of making you go all mushy with my muscle talk. It?s fun to edge you close to orgasm and then pull you back ? building you up for a big finish. You know something else I like, bub? I like sucking the man honey out of little cubs, too. I like lifting guys into the air and aiming their hard willies right at my warm mouth. When I start my expert oral skills on your cock, son, you won?t know what hit you. You?ll be screaming for joy like a kiddie on a roller coaster. Don?t think I didn?t notice how excited you got when I mentioned I like lifting little guys like you in the air. That made your orgasmic meter fly off the charts didn?t it? You like a big man to lift you in the air, son? You like big beefy arms tensing up a little as they propel your tight body into the air slowly and with absolutely no sign of strain? I could lift you up and down for hours. You?d feel light as a feather in these huge arms. If you love being lifted, I bet you?d love it even more if I tossed you around like you were nothing more than a soft tiny pillow, right? One of my favorite things to do is to go down to my pond and see how far I can throw a grown man into the water. I bet I might make it halfway across with your pretty little body. Yeah, pup, you like the idea of me throwing you through the air and making you briefly feel like Superman. It?s also a good workout for my big arms ? each time you crawl out of the pond you?ll be a little heavier because of the water. That will make the challenge even sweeter for me.

Oh, I can see that my little visual about lifting you over my head and tossing you far away caused a mighty powerful squirt of pre-cum, didn?t it? You?re getting so close to dumping that big cum load building inside you that your juicy hard cock must be hurting something awful. Man, I love it to hell when I can make a grown man ache so much at his crotch that he?ll finally beg me to shut up and flex or do something to help him release his load. You?re almost there, aren?t you pup? You are about to blast off so hard that there won?t be anything left to the front of your pants ? that shotgun your packing down there is a powerful weapon right now. My big body has helped you to build up some ammunition, hasn?t it? Damn, that thought makes me high as a kite. I haven?t done much and you?re already so hot and bothered that you?d melt a giant iceberg if I plopped you down at the North Pole. Shit, I can?t help but tense up all my muscle beef when I think of what it does to you. You ever been squeezed so hard by two giant thighs that you wet yourself, pup? I can make that happen for you. I can squeeze all the juices out of you, sonny boy. You just say the word and I?ll either grab you in the most mind-blowing bear hug or plop your body down between my huge trunks and start applying the same amount of pressure that helps me to demolish huge beer kegs.

Whoa, that got your heart a-racing, didn?t it. I could actually see your chest start heaving up and down from the thought of what my giant legs could do to you. Come here, pup; it?s time for us to get a little more intimate. Stand between my legs with your back against my fucking huge chest. Yeah, kind of lean your ass on the edge of the stool sticking out there. I?ll just rest my big monster arms on the table in front of us, so you?re surrounded by my hugeness. Yeah, look at yourself in the mirror over there ? my body is enormous behind yours, isn?t it. That turns you on even more, doesn?t it? I can feel you shivering with excitement. Go ahead and rest your tiny hands on my enormous jean-covered thighs, son. I?ll squeeze the big things a little to give you an idea of just how powerful they are. Oh yeah, there?s that little whimper again ? reminding me that I?m almost too much for you to handle. You?re breathing so hard now, pup, that it sounds like you?re about to hyperventilate. Do you need to move back to your own stool? Is this just a little too much muscle daddy for you to handle? Yeah, I can see you?re a little too overwhelmed to speak, but the fact that you nestled your ass and back into my muscled front lets me know you want to stay just where you are. You feeling secure and protected, cub? You like how this papa muscle bear comforts you with all his hardness and bulges? I think you know that when I?m around you there is nothing that could harm you. Oh yeah, that made you turn into soft putty between my big arms, didn?t it?

Damn, son, I can smell your cum stank all the way up here. You?ve pumped out enough pre-cum to make it look like a major accident has befallen your crotch area. But we both know there is a major tsunami about to be unleashed from your hard cock. My muscles have built up so much pressure inside your tight little body that I bet you could splatter your juice all over that wall on the other side of the room if we aimed for it, couldn?t you? I bet that cannon of yours is just screaming for relief. You realize, pup, that I?m going to make you shoot your first load of ?many to come throughout the night? right here at the bar. Yep, I get off on making other guys shoot off in public places. Watching dudes struggling hard not to spew and my big muscles edging them closer and closer to exploding is so fucking hot. I bet, right now, you are trying to do anything to make that hard rod of yours deflate, aren?t you. You?re trying to imagine anything that would make your ?on fire? body cool down, but it?s not working, is it? You keep looking down at my huge biceps on either side of you and you feel the intense heat radiating off of my hardness all around you and it keeps you suspended in ejaculation mode, doesn?t it. You see, pup, I could make you orgasm any time I wanted to ? but I want it to be a surprise. I could flex one of my huge guns near you face again or simply squeeze you super tightly with my arms and you?d squirt big time. But this papa muscleman has other plans. He?s going to intensify your pleasure by egging you on so much that you?ll feel like your next orgasm is really the first you ever had in your life. Yeah, it?s difficult isn?t, pup, part of you is all polite and gentlemanlike. You don?t want to shoot off a major wad inside this bar. But the other side of you is drowning in desire for the big man behind you and you can?t take your eyes off the reflection of him and you in the mirror. I?m just so huge compared to you and my arms are like muscle magnets that you can?t push away because you?re so drawn to them. I will tell you one thing, little cub, it is going to be my monster guns that finally make you spew. I decided that a long time ago. They look especially huge tonight and the fact that they can make you drool like a slobbering puppy is enough to make this big older man?s heart almost burst with joy. I just love teasing the cum out of weaker men, pup, and I know that it turns you on even more.

I want you to know you really do have a choice, bud. I?m not going to keep you here against your will ? even though we both know I could do it without any problem. These big arms could wrestle you into submission with little effort, but that?s not my style. I want you to choose to have me dominate you. I want you to give yourself freely to me. So if you are having doubts about busting a huge wad here in the middle of the bar, I?ll move my arm, pup, and you can escape now. See, I?ve cleared the big thing that was blocking your exit. You can leave if you want to, but if you do you?ll always look back on this night as your greatest regret. I can promise you that, son.

Well look at you getting even more confident, boy. You backed your ass up against my crotch even tighter than before to show me you?ve chosen to stay. That?s a really nice, pup. Your reward is going to be monumental ? I guarantee it. You like feeling my huge daddy cock pressing into your ass, don?t you, son? Fuck, I think you love that big hard muscle almost as much as you love my arms. Here, let?s turn you around so I can look at your pretty face. Yeah, that?s much better. Now I?m going to squeeze you a little tighter with my legs, pup, because you?re going to need some help to stay standing in a minute. This big daddy mountain of muscle is about to rock your world. Here, let?s place your hands on my honking huge chest ? hell yeah, that got you more excited, didn?t it. You can feel the fur underneath my t-shirt, can?t you? Yeah, I can tell you like your men hairy and I?m certainly not going to disappoint you in that area, boy. Let me inhale and inflate those puppies some more for you, bud. Just so you can get a good feel of how huge I really am. Oh yeah, there?s that gaping mouth and those wide eyes I?ve gotten so used to. So, I think your ready, my little friend. I?ve got my big thighs holding you in place and you have my monstrous pecs to brace yourself against. It?s time for the gun show.

BAM! Aw fuck, look how blasting into a double bi pose has sent you over the edge. Your body is shaking violently and your eyes have rolled back into your head. I think it was the sight of my big biceps bursting through the weak sleeves of my t-shirt that got you ? or it was more likely just the shock of seeing how fucking huge my arms can actually bulge. Man, I?m glad I had my big thighs holding you in place or you?d be down on the ground convulsing like a demon had taken over your body. Damn, you?re spewing a lot of cum for me, son. That?s probably more juice than your body has ever produced before, isn?t it. This big old muscle daddy has just caused you to build up more pressure than you ever thought was possible. Shit, it?s like some dam burst in your pants, son. It?s a good thing you have these hard pecs to support you. Let me bounce those big mounds of beef a little just to help you squirt out a few more big gobs of cum. Yeah, that?s it son, moan for your daddy. You don?t give a fuck what anyone in this place thinks about you right now ? you just want to squeeze out every muscle loving drop of your sweet juice in honor of your muscle bear, don?t you? You?re off in your own little world ? thinking about my big body while you spurt away and moan like a wild animal out in the desert.

I knew you were the right choice for tonight. I could sense that your lust for hard senior muscle made you the perfect partner for this big man. I also realized you were willing to let me dominate you completely ? making you spill your precious seed right here in the middle of this crowded bar. But don?t worry, pup, you?re not the only one spewing. I see about ten to twelve other wet stains appearing on other crotches throughout the place. It seems my little muscle show has been entertaining a lot more worshippers than just you. That?s fine, but remember, pup, I?m leaving with you. You have about five more orgasms scheduled before the sun comes up and then you?re going to help this big man replenish your little body by taking all of my daddy-juice in your tight hole. There?s a night full of muscle pleasure planned for you, pup. I?m going to wear your ass out and it?s going to be muscle daddy heaven for you.
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Wow, wonderful story, I love how you write these things man, they are completely hot! I mean seriously I felt like I was there with him, describing his huge muscles so intricately, and of course I probably would feel the exact way that the little cub would in the presence of such an awesome muscle bear daddy. As always, awesome read, LB, I can't wait for more!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Londonboy (February 15th, 2013)
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Great stuff as always, man!

I'm more of a fan of younger muscleheads, but with your cocky musclemen and excellent writing, I can get off on practically anything you write! A part 3 would definitely be appreciated.
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Londonboy (February 15th, 2013)
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wow! thanks, londonboy. Awesome as always!!!
My youtube channel
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Londonboy (February 16th, 2013)

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