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Old September 19th, 2013, 06:55 PM
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Another Quick Growth: Part 2

When I came to, my body and everything in the control booth was covered with thick, inhumanly hot spunk. I managed to stand before the subject's throbbing huge cannon that was supposedly called a cock unleashed the torrent of spunk that I swam in and was knocked off my feet by the sudden impact of the broken safety glass. As I came to, orientating myself, it felt as if I was lying in a kiddie pool, filled to the brim with the hottest, thickest, slimiest gunk glowing a molten, iridescently blue.

Under the crackling of the automatic geiger counters, I heard a rumbling bass voice, growing stronger and stronger. It was swearing, cursing, throatily groaning and moaning. Then I noticed it was MY voice. I inhaled sharply, catching the salty-sweet whiff of pure unrelenting masculinity pounding my nostrils. I shuddered, and though I had came maybe less than five minutes ago my still-hardened cock spewed again.

"Fuck! Unghghgh..." I uttered as I started to rise from the depths of my brief exposure with what could only be described as a muscle god. The room was totalled, the computers sparking as his man-seed had infiltrated even the cooling air ducts. As I tried to get up, I noticed my clothes become noticeably tight, drawing the buttons apart steadily with each passing breath.

Violently I was hit with a spasm that wracked my body, sending me plunging back into the deep blue ocean with a SPLAT!

"FUCK!" I yelled, noticing the deepness of my voice, suddenly changed. I was yelling it to no one in particular, I don't know if anyone else had even survived, but it felt RIGHT as my own spectacular transformation begin to affect me. I gritted my teeth as my shirt suddenly became skin-tight, my overall body beginning to grow like a monstrous weed.

First it was my shirt splitting apart, first the buttons popping off one by one exposing a violently exploding pecs like two rising continents, then the blue-goop covered abs, I had the start of a four pack before the incident, but soon I had a canyon running through it, enough to pour a glass of the elixir of the Muscle God down it and none spilling out of the deep serrated eight-pack. Then the shoulders started ripping, threading, tearing. Watermelon sized delts, each head clearly visible soon erupted through the pinstripe shirt, leading down to my monstrous arms. I thought I was getting off on the muscle god, but my own transformation was to DIE FOR.

"FUCK! UNGHHGGH GIVE ME MORE! MORE!" I yelled through gritted teeth, craving this addiction to muscle. My arms were next as biceps and triceps blew out the sleeves, thick and mountainous, with triple heads on each group, veins as thick as fingers feeding more and more growth down the line. My hands grew, thicker, fingers longer, my forearms bulging.

Everything was happening faster and faster, the cum seemed to have distilled the raw form of the Kirbirium as I must have easily packed on more muscle than the God in the chamber had in a shorter period of time, my back forced me off the floor, my lats ground outwards like wings of a bird, spreading to allow me to fly. Soon each distinct muscle group was fighting for space and my mobility was limited by the fucking freakish amount of muscle that was flexing, growing, swelling like balloons filled to the brim with what could only be described as pure fucking steel. To say it was intoxicating would be putting it mildly, but that was simply putting off my changes below the belt. My legs completely destroyed the thin pants I wore, pieces of cloth floated on the surface of the pool. Underneath were the biggest quads, hamstrings and diamond-carved calves I had seen, my feet were barely able to touch each other as these freaky masses of superhuman flesh were fighting, just like every other part of me in a race to be the biggest.

But there was only one thing that was bigger; I was force to be reckoned with in the bedroom before, sporting a hefty 10" hard ruler wherever I went, but now, the tower was rising and it was gigantic. It throbbed and throbbed like a cement mixer, well over a foot and a half tall, a third of that was the massive, furious purplish-crimson head, leading to rope-thick veins criss-crossing the surface until it reached the base where my balls had swollen to the size of a couch cushion. From the tip of the piss-slit came the same pearlescent goo, with just a hint of blue.

"FUCK!" I screamed as I came again, this time instead of merely being contained by my briefs, they too exploded giving up the fight as nothing on my body seemed to have survived the ride. Rope after thick creamy rope of cum sprayed with enough force to leave a greasy stain on the ceiling, the sprays kept going for a minute or more, enough for me to lay my eyes to roll back in my head from pure fucking pleasure and pass out on the floor. The last thing I noticed was the greatly diminished amount of cum that was in the control room, as if my body had used up all the radiation and protein to fuel my own growth. As my eyes closed again, I knew that this wasn't the end, I knew I had to get more... And the man who could give it to me was still likely growing in the next room.
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AMAZING! Please keep it up! PART 3!!

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Old September 20th, 2013, 12:03 AM
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Very nice,
I hope we have a pair of Titans
"You could be big, too, but you gotta need it, like you need your next breath.?
(from Jaypat's story "I Wanna Get Huge")
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Awsome man, I can't wait for next part!
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Old September 22nd, 2013, 10:39 AM
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Hey fella, when can we expect the third chapter.

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