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Old October 26th, 2013, 10:33 AM
Alwys lookin4 inspiration
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Blue Pill Part 6

Sorry for the long delay since part 5. Here it is, the long awaited part 6. Hopefully Part 7 won't be too far behind.

In case you need a re-cap:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

And without further ado...

Blue Pill Part 6

I had begun to wonder how I was going to get up from this bench. My stomach bulged so big that it was hard to move. I was finally able to roll onto my side on the bench and swing my legs over the edge, lifting myself off the bench and onto my feet. As soon as I stood up I could see my reflection in the mirror. My eyes bugged out of my head as I saw how massive my body had gotten. I looked like one of those amateur bodybuilders, except I had the roidgut of a professional bodybuilder. My stomach bulged out past my pecs, blocking the view of my lower body.

As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I realized that I was still covered in Chris?s cum. I needed to clean up so I could get home, but there was no way I was going to make it up the stairs to the locker room showers. So I grabbed my duffel bag and the tattered remains of my clothes and headed towards the Olympic sized swimming pool. I figured I could work off some of my sperm gut while cleaning up a bit.

I got to the pool and there was nobody in there, thank god. I was afraid that I might have run into Derek. Derek is the captain of the swim team, 5 foot 10 inches ripped physique with beautiful blue eyes. He practically lived in the water. So to come down to the pool and not see him practicing was a sight.

I headed towards the shallow end of the pool. I dropped my duffel bag off on a bench next to the bathroom entrance and then waded into the warm water of the pool. I watched as chunks of dried sperm came off my body and into the pool water making it cloudy in my wake. Once I was in far enough to float, it became easier to move and I began scrubbing my body off, getting it as clean as I possibly could.

Once my skin was mostly clear of the sperm, I began to make long strokes in the water, trying to minimize my gut. I had done about 20 laps in the pool when I realized about half of my gut was gone. I also realized that because of the increased cardio, my veins were exploding all over my body. I looked absolutely shredded minus the slight gut I had left, but even that looked solid because of the abs that protruded through my gut.

I headed back towards the shallow end of the pool and began my ascent out from the water. As I reached the each of the pool I heard I whistle come from the direction of the bench where I had set my duffel bag down. I turned my head to see Derek sitting on the bench with a huge hard on in his speedo. He couldn?t take his eyes off my body as I walked over towards him and my duffel bag, trying to cover up my dick with my hand. Derek looked down at what I was trying to cover up, ?there?s no point in trying to cover it up because I?ve been watching you for the last fifteen minutes. You have nothing to be embarrassed about!? He began sizing me up and down as he stood up off the bench, grabbing a pec in one hand and a bicep in the other squeezing to feel their hardness. I couldn?t help but flex in response to this sudden worship session. Derek leaned his head in and licked my bicep, making his way to my armpit and licking it as well.

?My god you?ve gotten so fucking huge!? Derek said as he reached down and grabbed onto my crotch. He looked me in the eyes and I asked him ?wanna help me get even bigger?? I had never seen a smirk so big on Derek?s face before, but his dick did the answering as it throbbed in between my thighs as he leaned in and began licking my nipples. I reached around Derek for my duffel bag, finding my torn shorts. I reached into the pocket and grabbed a blue pill with a white stripe. ?Here, take this and will help both of us grow.? Derek didn?t need to be asked twice. He snatched the pill out of my hand and grabbed a water bottle from my bag and took the pill in a flash. I then reached back into my bag and grabbed a plain blue pill. I grabbed the water bottle out of Derek?s hand and swallowed my ration of growth formula.

?You ready for the ride of your life?? I asked Derek as I pushed him back towards the edge of the pool. ?Depends? Are you ready to grow?? Derek asked with that same smirk. I grabbed onto Derek?s waist and he jumped latching his legs around my waist. I then waded into the arm pool water as Derek and I slowly embraced in a passionate kiss. Making things in the pool even hotter. Derek?s wiggled his ass on my dick once he felt it slowly growing across his ass. Derek let go of me and grabbed the sides of his speedo and peeled them off his strong sinewy legs revealing a rock hard 7 inch cock, throbbing against his abs, snaking with veins all the way up to a bulging red mushroom head. My dick finally reached its full glory at 8 inches, as I reached out to feel Derek?s amazing pecs and biceps. He began flexing for me and popping his pecs up and down.

Derek reached down and grabbed a hold of my dick, slowly stroking it making me moan out loud. He began to increase the pressure he was applying to my raging hard on while he simultaneously increased his momentum, bringing me closer to climax. I had to grab his waist again in order to get this process started. I didn?t want to waste any of the growth formula before I got some of his man milk inside me. I knew of only one way to make Derek begin producing milk and that was to give him the fucking of a lifetime.

I reached behind Derek and grabbed onto his ass cheeks, spreading them apart and slowly inserting my thick forefinger into his moistened, smooth hole. This elicited a moan to escape from Derek?s mouth as he began rocking his hips back and forth on my finger, so I decided to slip another finger in. Derek grabbed onto my shoulders, preparing himself for the two finger penetration and he bit onto the nape of my neck. This pushed me over the edge as I pulled out my fingers and repositioned his ready hole over the head of my thick shaft. I slowly lowered him onto my throbbing dick and watched him writhe in my arms in anticipation. Derek groaned as the cock head slowly pushed past his sphincter. Once my dick head was in the rest glided right in behind it thanks to the water as a lubricant.

?Fuck me! Grow for me you little muscle bitch!? Derek yelled out in lust. I meant to keep my promise, so I began pounding his tight hole. Derek bounced off my torso, his ass slapping against the water every time he came back down my pole. As I began increasing the intensity of my fucking, I noticed Derek was starting to get heavier. I looked down to see that the pill was finally starting to take effect. His pecs had begun pushing further our making a shelf for his chin to rest on. Veins started popping all over his pecs as they engorged bigger with more muscle, his nipples slowly pointing towards the water.

I reached up with one hand while still supporting Derek?s ass with the other, to tweak his nipple. Derek?s eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned deep and long and I watched as white fluid began trickling down my finger and then my hand. I brought my hand towards my mouth and inserted my milk covered fingers. ?Mmmmmmm you taste delicious Derek. Time to watch me grow!? As I continued pumping my dick in and out of Derrick?s ass, I leaned my mouth in towards Derek?s nipple, having to lean him back in order to gain access to his nipple which was now at the bottom of his pec. I latched onto his left nipple and began to suck. I felt my mouth fill with a warm deliciously sweet liquid. My senses were on fire as I swallowed. It felt like an out of body experience as my entire body felt extremely energized. I began to suck harder, wanting more and more of this sensation.

Derek lay floating on top of the water as I continued impaling him on my dick. Holding his waist and pulling his body into mine and then pushing him away, all while I continued to suck on his sweet nectar. I watched as I slowly deflated his left pec, leaving the right one looking ridiculously massive. The right pec looked so full, like it was going to burst with all the milk inside of it at any second. As the flow from the left pec slowed down to a trickle, I let go of his left pec and began the same process on Derek?s right pec. The sensation was clearly too much for Derek as I felt his dick throb against my gut and his seed shot all over the water, making it cloudier than it already was. All the precum that was leaking out of Derek?s ass had turned the pool into a hazy fluid. I watched Derek?s eyes as they fluttered back into their head. I sucked even harder making Derek moan in ecstasy. I felt his right pec flow slow down and I unlatched my mouth to look down at a normal Derek. Although his pecs seemed to retain some extra mass from the initial inflation.

I could feel myself getting closer to climax as I slowly pulled my dick out of Derek?s ass and then plunged back in to the hilt. I rested Derek?s back against the buoys in the pool as he continued to float on the water with a dazed look in his eye. Now I was able to let go of him as he was supported by the buoy, I reached my hand up and grasped onto my nipples watching my dick go in and out of Derek?s ass. As I stood there twisting my nipples, I felt myself go over the edge. I felt my cock throb even larger inside of Derek?s ass as I began unleashing my torrent of jizz into his insides. As I began to shoot into Derek, I felt a strange sensation come over my whole body. Like a good stretch in each and every one of my muscles. My dick felt like it was getting even harder and I looked down to see the outline of my dick under Derek?s abs as it bulged thicker and longer. I also noticed that my gut was gone, and in its place was 4 rows of rock solid abs accentuated by throbbing veins. I slowly lost view of my abs as my pecs bulge thicker and wider, my nipples slowly being pulled down further across my chest. I felt a tingling sensation in my arms and shoulders, so I brought my arms up into a double bicep flex and watched as the peaks began to rise higher and my arms got thicker around as my triceps hung further down on my arms. I watched as more and more veins snaked their way across my arms, bulging thicker, feeding all of my new mass. My forearms inflated to match my newly amassed biceps, slowly turning into bulging throbbing bowling pin shaped muscles. I put my arms down to my sides, only to find them being pushed out by my inflating lats. I began to grow wings underneath my triceps as I could feel my back stretching wider like a cobra hood. I could then feel my ass bulge out further and get even harder than it was before. ?Chris will have a hard time getting into this ass!? I said out loud as I reached my hand back flexing my ass as I squeezed it between my fingers. My legs grew stronger by the second as my thighs were being pushed apart by the bulging muscle. I began flexing my calves, feeling them bunch up into hard diamonds of muscle.

I let out a guttural moan as I felt my dick throbbing inside Derek?s ass one last time. I unleashed a huge torrent of jizz into his already overfilled insides as I watched his stomach bulging further out than mine was after Chris fucked me. I began walking towards the edge of the pool again, holding Derek against my body with my enlarged dick still inside his ass. He no longer could hold anymore cum inside him and the entire walk back to the edge of the pool gallons of cum had been pumping out of his ass and into the water. I stepped out of the water, carrying Derek?s unconscious body over to the bench by the bathrooms. Still shooting jizz into his overstuffed ass all that cum shooting back out of his ass and onto the tiled floor, making a loud squirting noise each time. I laid Derek on the bench and pulled my still rock hard dick out, shooting cum all over Derek and the bench. I grabbed hold of my dick and began jerking it wildly, increasing the amount of cum I was shooting out. By the time I was done, Derek was completely covered in jizz and the tile was hidden underneath a pool of jizz. Not to mention the entire Olympic sized pool was now a solid cloud of white. I laughed a little as I realized I had also covered my duffel bag in jizz. So I went into the bathroom to find Derek?s bag on the floor, safe from the pool of jizz. I opened it to find an oversized pair of sweats and a varsity swim team tank top.

I struggled to squeeze the sweat pants over my thighs and my ass barely fit in the material, stretching the fabric to an almost see through effect. I then rolled the tank over my head and popped my arms though the holes and slowly peeled the shirt over my torso. The shirt was taught and straining at the seams around my pecs, but was loose around my midsection. I headed back out into the swimming pool and took one more look at Derek. I figured he would have a lot of questions once he woke up, so I fished through my soggy duffel bag to find an untouched piece of parchment paper and a pen. I also grabbed the last off the pills from my tattered clothes and slipped them into the sweats pockets. I jotted a quick note onto the piece of paper explaining that Derek would really benefit from getting a good workout in.

I headed out of the swimming pool leaving Derek in a pool of cum in his extreme state of bliss. ?It?s time to find Eric and show him how I grew.?
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Totally worth the wait
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Hot damn, I thought the growth would never end. . . or all the cumming.
Watch me grow at

I do keep a few other shots in the scraps folder
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Can't wait for the next one
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Part 7 is in the works. I should have it up either later today or sometime tomorrow. Thanks for all the positive feedback on this story. I'm glad you guys are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it
Visit my tumblr to see my inspiration @
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What became of Part 7?
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Really looking forward to Part 7!
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Yeeeah! Let them grow bigger… with huge roid guts! Grrrr!
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