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A Better Man v2 chap 5b

Guys, sorry for not posting the pivotal chapter in the story earlier,

Part 5b The Reach Around original by Clarence591, adapted by Mick93101

?Did you want to be alone with your pillow??
Startled, Zach sat up quickly,
?That voice!?
He saw someone sitting in a chair on the other side of the room,
It took a moment to figure out who it was in the unlit room,
?Shit! What the hell are you doing here, Chase??
Zach got to his feet and stuffed his rubbery rod back into his underwear. The garment stretched down onto his hips from the heavy burden within twitching in protest,
?Please continue. It?s not like I haven?t seen you pump that fire hose before.?
Chase said snidely. He had always thought he had a high sex drive until Zach showed him what perpetual horniness really meant. Zach growled,
?Fuck you!?
?And it?s not like you haven?t done that before.?
?That was a long time ago.?
In the dark, the two men were but equals. Zach flipped on the light switch to better illuminate himself,
?Damn, you?re still here.?
Already, Zach caught Chase?s pointed face softening. He quickly learned how his body swayed people to his advantage if they could see it. Zach cut further,
?I thought vermin scattered when the lights were turned on.?
When the lamp flicked on, Chase?s heart palpitated at the initial sight of the big man. He could feel the second slur settle a little deeper than the last one,
?You and your witty comments. Tell me, does your Middle Eastern friend find you funny or just annoying like everyone else??
Chase asked not moving from his seat.
?He?s Italian.?
Zach quipped as he pulled a matching white tank top over his sculpted torso.
?You always did like the taste of garlic.?
Chase waited for a cutting remark, but Zach just folded his arms over his chest and gave him a ?go away, you bothering me? look.
?This hotel must be where you entrap all your victims. It?s where we first fucked that long time ago.?
?What I do isn?t any of your business anymore, Chase.?
Zach said calmly,
?Everything about you is my business. The great Zach Benson wouldn?t exist without me. I made you what you are!?
There was that winey, unnatural voice again. It was Chase Jameson?s weakest attribute,
?Here we go again.?
Zach sat down on the bed and put his head into his hands and muttered,
?Dammi la pazienza di affrontare questa, merda.?
Zach realized he slipped into a different language,
?I think you do that on purpose, just because you know how much I hate it.?
?I said I?m sorry, like for the millionth time.?
?You certainly are sorry, a sorry son of a bitch who came to me with not even stitch of clothing to wear. I literally gave you the shirt off my back. I held your hand and led you into this business. I introduced you to my agent and publicist. And how did you repay me? You turned everyone against me. Suddenly you?re on the cover of every magazine. All the articles inside say you?re the future of the sport. The man who?s going to have the Olympia title handed to him because no one can challenge him. All the things they used to say about me. Then, the biggest knife in my back, you supplant me on the Size-Zup campaign.?
Zach raised his head,
?Supplant, that word of the day calendar is finally paying off.?
?I can?t believe I ever loved you?
Chase pulled his powerful arm as if he was going to hit Zach,
?Neither can I!?
Zach bound upwards, his coiled arms glistening with power. His temper allowed him to really vent instead of take the first blow,
?You are so bitter and angry; I don?t know how you could love anyone. You?ve twisted the facts to make your delusions seem real. You had alienated Steve beyond the breaking point before I even entered the picture. You told him you wanted out of your contract and when he let you go, you blamed it on me. And you know the magazine editors always want the freshest face on their cover. It was just my time, just as it was yours a few years back. As for Olympia, only the judges know who will win. Historically they don?t give it to the new guy. They prefer the more experienced man, so you still got a shot at the title.?
?A shot? You are an arrogant SOB.?
?That?s not what I meant. It sounds like you would prefer anybody to win it besides me. If you truly loved me, you would be happy for my successes, not resentful. No matter how many times I thanked you, it was never enough. I?m tired of going in circles with you.?
?That?s bullshit, I gave you everything and got nothing in return but hollow words. You never loved me, you just used me.?
?We used each other and you know it.?
Chase finally stood up, the volume of his voice rising too,
?I risked everything for you. I bribed a government official to get you a passport without any identification. I could have ended up in prison because of you.?
Zach stood up too,
?Are you forgetting I was there? I think the correct word for what we did is sodomy, not bribery. And you loved every minute of it.?
Both men stared at each other as the anger raged in their eyes.
Zach finally spoke,
?Listen, I thought we resolved this back in L.A. I just can?t be angry any more. What?s the point? We know it?s over between us. We fell in love with the image of the other person, not the real man. It?s time to move on. I am truly grateful for all you did for me. I never intentionally meant to hurt you. We?re going to be running into each other all the time at trade shows and competitions. I don?t want it to be awkward. If we can?t be friends, can we at least be cordial?? Zach sat back down on the bed as the flash of anger subsided,
?I was worried about you. No one has seen you in months. Where do you go??
?I needed some time away from you and all those other leeches. I came home to rethink things. I couldn?t deal with the fact that the world thought of me as a twenty-five year old has-been.?
Chase took a deep breath,
?But something happened this morning that changed everything for me. I now know there?s a bright future ahead. One I only dreamed was possible. I won?t be stuck in your shadow any longer.?
Chase got a strange look on his face and moved closer to the big man.
?Good, a positive outlook is the first step. I wish you the best, Chase.?
Zach stood up and extended his hand to the approaching man. Chase breathlessly said,
?Please, after all we have been through,?
Chase stood on his toes and leaned into Zach and licked behind his ear, then he kissed him on the neck. Zach?s toes curled. He knew what this gesture always initiated,
?Yes, give into my will, big boy. I want your complete cooperation.?
Anxiously, Chase knew his next move was a make or break situation.
Zach tried to grab Chase before he slipped down the front of his muscular body but somehow failed to stop his advance. In a single gesture, Chase had Zach?s rubbery hose in his mouth and was vacuuming blood into it at a rate that even took Zach?s breath away,
?Let me give you pleasure.?
Zach didn?t trust the voice he heard but stood helplessly by while his manhood inflated and syphoned a substantial portion of his blood stream for its own purposes. As his thinking became foggy, he couldn?t help but notice that Chase hadn?t kept up with his dieting and that the crown of his head was thinning. Now seeing the big man?s hostile energy ebb from his receptive body, Chase rolled Zach?s frenulum skin between his thumb and forefinger while he cooed,
?Gee Zach, I know how much you enjoy speaking all that jibberish. You?re so smart. I would love to have your foreign language skills and I don?t know, say,twenty-five of your IQ points.?
Chase felt a brief pain in the taint of his crotch while Zach growled,
?Get back to blow?in me...?
?Ask me nicely. What?s the German word for please??
Zach grunted absently as a dull ache settle between his temples,
?Oh ya, Bitte.?
Chase?s mind screamed,
?...It worked!?
And marveled at the ease of provoking such a strong response from the unsuspecting man. Then he remembered how Zach was a prisoner to his ever-hard cock?s constant needs,
...eight, nine, ten, eleven...twelve frantic inches...
The brawny muscleman?s best asset had assumed its rightful place on its throne. Chase smiled and victoriously wagged Zach?s septor between his legs,
?If you have one Achilles Tendon, it?s your love of an expert blow job. This is gonna be easy.?
Already he could see that lustful animal gaze in the sex beast?s eyes. Instinctually, he started to dry hump Chase?s fist with an over abundance of cock,
?Come on, suck it!?
?Suck it,?
He hissed.
Chase began to suck earnestly on the mushroom head while looking up to see Zach?s reaction. As the big man drew in a huge gulp of air, his pecs lifted, forcing his head to roll back. Chase couldn?t resist those massive slabs of muscle next to him. His hands felt Zach?s quads, ran up to his pecs and snaked around to his broad back,
?Fuck, you?re way bigger...thirty pounds??
In response, Zach flexed his big dick, making it jump like a flexing muscle.
Greedily, Chase admitted,
?I have a job to do.?
As always, he service Zach expertly?sucking?stimulating?while he felt his competition level muscles,
?Fuck, I?d give anything to stay in this condition.?
This was the ultimate muscle worship.
With just a small thrust, Zach?s cock was arrogantly at the back of Chase?s throat when I looked up. Zach flexed his arms. Chase got serious and grabbed Zach?s glutes to control the muscle monster better. Slowly, Chase forced Zach?s cock further and further into his gullet. With a triumphant laugh, Zach flexed his glutes and thrust the rest of his tool into Chase?s throat. Only with a lack of gag reflex was the big body builder able to accept it deep in his throat.

Zach thrust a few times to show that he was in control while Chase measured the available air in his lungs; deep throating can be terminal when it?s Zach Benson?s cock. that is until I began vacuum sucking his dick and playing with his balls. The way he was moaning told me he was getting really close to a climax. He started to thrust breaking the vacuum but heightening my hope of the ultimate reward?his cum. His hands held my head as he thrust. Chase?s hands greedily ran the length of his legs and up his back before returning to his buns of steel.
As his thrusts grew more vigorous, Chase knew the big man?s carnal lust was building. He loved to be on the verge of cumming and he was one of the few men who could bottom out on Zach?s twelve-incher. Their sexual chemistry was still as hot as ever. Standing at full staff and leaking great dollops of pre-cum. Chase jealously wrapped his hands around the warm flesh and worshipped its greater dimension. Jacking it vigorously, he uttered,
?Oh buddy!?
Zach was very close,
?Your hair looks so thick. I?d love to have hair like yours Zach.?
Chase kissed the throbbing stalk in his hands just before his lips surrounded the purple hued gland. In an instant, he felt Zach warm, testosterone rich batter squirt into his mouth,
He marinated Zach?s thick cock in its own abundant juices as they pulsed up and whispered,
?Fuck me.?
As if he had just taken a hit from his popper jar, Zach felt a rare dull pain roll over his scalp as Zach watched Chase feed on his jizz. Even though he expected to be fucking Gio right now, he heard himself utter,
?Any port in a storm.?
One problem with being one of he world?s most attractive men is that if your sex drive is on overdrive, you never say, no; not to a sexual Olympian like Chase Jameson. With those words, Chase flopped onto his back side and intentionally knocked the only lit lamp off of the night stand,
Now in the dark, his powerful legs confidently locked onto Zach?s lower back and pulled him towards his quivering rose bud. Under the lamp?s light, the old Jap?s mark could have been suspect. Now, in the dark, only Chase felt its presence,
?Oooh ya...?
He brushed his fingers through his hair and said,
?Clumsy, I guess.?
Chase could feel Zach maneuvered his massive upper body into position over Chase?s willing body while his tiny bubble butt slipped his extended staff down along his crack. Zach thrusted his pelvis between the smaller man?s butt cheeks, forcing his log to touch the mattress below them. His manhood was unwaveringly hard as his apple sized gland glistened and drooled. It pounded at Chase?s rectum until he remembered to relax his sphincter muscles for the extra wide load. Instantly, the distinctive firemen?s helmet peeked in past his sphincter ring and invaded Chase?s warm chute,
?Oooh, I forgot how thick you are. I used to be a top until you stretched me open.?
Even though Chase was a germaphobe, he savored the feeling of Zach?s bareback fucking him. In this very hotel, he learned how his body craved the manly juices of this potent stallion. He smiled when his own cock started to swell from the satisfying full feeling just below his ball sack. Few men could give him a hard on while they fucked him,
?Geez Zach, your complexion looks great for this time of year...Tanning parlor??
?I?d love to have a coloration and complexion like yours; even your shade of blue eyes. I?d love to have them too.?
Meanwhile, Zach grunted as his meat slithered into the tight recesses of Chase?s colon. Chase flexed his ass and swallowed a few more inches of the eight inch girth canon,
?Look at how cut you are! I want your freaky metabolism that allows you to stay ripped while putting on muscle so easily!?
Chase kissed Zach again,
?Oh, you?re already at my button.?
While Chase?s eyes rolled into the back of his head, Zach wondered,
?Geez, when did Chase become such a muscle Mary??
His enormous cock swelled in unison to his latest lover?s growing arousal. The two warriors were already in sync, perfect climaxes on the verge of spending their energy forced more blood into each man?s erogenous zones. Zach felt a flush all over his skin, like a niacin flush when he felt Chase?s latest kiss. He disregarded the flush as felt Chase?s enflamed prostate tugging on him to go deeper. Already his convulsions jetisoned his dick honey into Chase?s rarely penetrated deeper recesses as the eight, ninth and tenth inch of his shaft ventured in. The slippery substance was easing the way further for his hypersensitive cock head but his exceptional girth was too much. Zach reached over to the night stand and untwisted the cap on the little brown bottle in his hand. He shoved the vaporous jug up to Chase?s nostril and then his own. As the ether fumes started racing through Chase body, his nostrils flared broader. Gradified by the sensation, Chase started to flex his amazing PC muscles while Zach could feel his mighty stansion start to grow thicker up in his own ass hole, then between his legs; his anus quivered from the immense expansion as the swelling tested the very limits of Chase?s cloying and sucking chute. Hissy adoring fuck buddy planted another sloppy kiss onto Zach ham-sized forearm,
?Give me more, big boy!?
Zach knew the last two inches met with some anatomic resistance but when he looked into Chase?s hungry, wide eyes, he knew he wanted all of him. As he pressed further and felt positively huge. He couldn?t remember being this hard. In five second intervals, every cell in his cock ached to cum,
In the pitch darkness of the room, the two men clutched at each other?s broad, muscular back sides simultaneously and forced their muscles, cocks and sweat to merge into one carnal creature. Eventually, as Zach?s frantic meat pulsed forward to where he felt his low hanging scrotum tickled Chase?s smooth ass cheeks. With each convulsion of the mighty prong up his ass, Chase became more extatic. The two men were locked in coitus. Even though they hadn?t fucked in three months, it still took both of them a long time to accommodate to Zach?s size.
Clutched in each others arms, Chase looked into Zach?s startled eyes,
?Feel that? You are such a bull! You?re firing off dick honey with everyone of those dreamy contractions.?
Both men rolled their eyes simultaneously,
?....I?d like to do that. Pump out honey dew like you do.?
?...I?d also want a quarter of the strength in your muscles when you cum for me...?
Chase kissed the the other hamhock forearm, knowing its legacy was his,
?Give me your best cum shot, stud.?
?Go, god! Guh...GUH....Guh...Grrrh.....Fuck!?
While Chase clutched at the small of Zach?s back, he grasped at his thick hair with the other. Chase held tightly onto Zach?s rutting body tightly as the stud experienced the most scorching orgasm of his young life,
?GUH....Guh......Grrrh.....Fuck again!?
As he held Zach against his body, muscle to muscle, with his one free hand he could feel his fingers embed ever so slightly into the heaving fibers of Zach?s once granite hard muscles. It turned Chase on to realize that with every catapult of Zach?s essence, he was getting weaker while Chase Jameson would be expanding his potential. Chase could feel Zach?s larger manhood pushing up against his own hard prick as he convulsed,

From one in the evening to seven the next morning, the two stallions convulsed and heaved their overgrown muscles together. Zach sweatily on top and Chase eagerly bottoming, as if his career depended on it. For Zach, he thought nothing of the unusually intense muscle marathon. His stamina had never failed him before and his cock was willing to blast off at Chase?s slightest whim,
His virility was amazing yet he was so stoned on the fucking, he avoided listening to Chase?s incessant envious laments,
?Zach, you fucking muscle bull! I want thirty, no forty, what the fuck, fifty pounds of your muscle mass!?
And the jealous clutching of his body parts. He passed them off,
?He?s being a real size queen, now. I?m here for the fucking.?
Chase compared his newly enhanced upper arms against Zach?s pumped up limbs. even though his were resting, his biceps were now bigger than the once mammoth muscle giant?s. He squeezed both while Zach recovered from his latest spend. While his own felt firm and thick, Zach?s great muscle bellies seem to dangle from their ligaments as if slightly deflated. Zach flexed his arms and grunted as the climax rolled up his spinal column. Chase noticed the great peaks never popped for the big man. However, Chase cheered him on, even though he knew his reedy voice was turning Zach?s stomach. The stud grunted,
As the two men came together again, the litany of desires Chase exclaimed were embarrassing and inconceivable,
?I want two and half inches of your height, big guy.?
Both men felt a searing pain throughout their bodies as Chase?s bones elongated and Zach?s shrunk. Chase could feel his muscles lengthen as he grew taller. He had to adjust his position as his legs lengthened and enlarged in width. As Zach continued to blast sperm up through his cock, Chase had to pull Zach?s shrinking body closer to him in order to get him to bottom out. After the pain ceased, Chase smiled as he looked down and saw Zach?s legs were no longer the length that set his cobra silhouette off. Zach to pause but his scorching erection was demanding that he stoke the boiler again. Zach pump and was reassured by his canon?s heavy weight. It?s very size was a constant source of pleasure and gratification. Chase reached for the balls swinging between his legs. Their power and potency had always intrigued Chase,
?Go at it stud!?
Chase squeezed his next intended target. Even though they had fired off eight times during the night, they were still big as lemon,
?I want big balls like yours. Give sixty percent of these balls. Come on, fire off!?
?Guh...Grrrh..... Guh...Grrrh.....?
Again Chase kissed Zach?s clenched mouth,
?I want to jerk both of our cock off at once.?
Zach gratefully hoisted his canon out of the cum filled hole he had devastated. He plopped it on Chase?s pelvis along side his. The sheer volume of the larger man?s equipment dominated the space between their bodies. Chase had to use both hands to encompass their mutual girth,
?I want four inches of length and an inch of your girth. Your cock is beautiful. I want that too.? With the kiss, Chase continue pumping both large phalli. Within his hands, he could feel his cock growing, filling the space vacated by Zach?s receding equipment,
?Shit, this feels so fucking great. Cum for me big guy! I want to your spooge fountain.?
As he brought Zach to verge of climax, the big guy wondered why his meat squirmed in Chase?s pumping hands. Again, Chase was forced to readjust his grip when Zach fired off,
Zach did a double take, never before had he dribbled such a watery spend. As his mechanical convulsions still coiled his meat, only small spurts graced Chase?s milking clutch. With each attempt to hoist a load, his meat felt tired and fatigued, something he hadn?t felt since he was,
Chase ignored the faux paux and continued milking one firm shaft and one limp one. He smiled and prompted,
?That?s it...gimmi everything.?
Chase forced his mouth on a struggling Zach,
?Chase! I?m tired. Let?s fucking do something other than fuck!?
Zach felt a little dizzy. He raised his hand to rub his forehead. All night long he had been experiencing weird phantom pain that quickly subsided,
?What did you say??
?It?s not important.?
As Chase pulled the sweat soaked sheet over his body, he answered with a strange grin on his face,
?Do you feel all right? You look tired; I think it?s time for me to go.?
Chase put one leg out from underneath the bedding but stopped,
?Maybe we should shake hands after all, as friends would.?
Chase raised his hand,
Zach slipped his hand into Chase?s. Chase tightened his hold on the larger man. After a few seconds, Zach released his grip. Chase did not,
?I?ll wrestle ya!?
The two grown men had always ended sex playing boyhood, rough house games. The two muscle men pounced onto the groaning mattress, face to face. Their paw like hands encircled each other?s for superior advantage. Chase continued to squeeze harder. Zach gave him an annoyed look,
?What do you think you?re doing? This is really childish. You know I?m stronger than you.?
Chase kept the same smile on his lips as he prompted Zach,
?Two outta three!?
The two bodybuilders applied their strength against each other. Zach huffed as he got the advantage. He had to pulse his strength against Chase?s smooth, yet yielding resistance. Zach applied more pressure as Chase squeezed the grip in a death grip. Zach?s hand began to hurt; he decided to retaliate but Zach?s pain only increased,
?What the fuck??
He gasped. He looked at Chase?s face,
?You?re enjoying this!?
It felt like the bones in Zach?s hands were about to break. He gritted his teeth, his body became contorted from the pain. His arm fell against the mattress,
?Stop, your breaking my hand!?
?Say please,?
Chase demanded,
Zach was in tears from the pain. Chase finally let go. Zach rubbed his battered hand and noticed the bloated bulge at Chase?s crotch. He was really enjoying this, so much so that he was getting off on it,
?I don?t know how you did that but??
Before Zach could finish Chase slammed his fist into the right side of Zach?s jaw. Zach fell onto his side. He was stunned and confused,
?Why is Chase suddenly so much stronger??
Zach struggled to his knees,
?What the fuck??
Chase hit him again with a punch to the left side of his jaw. Zach fell to his other side; he could taste blood in his mouth. He pushed himself upright using all the strength left in his body. He swayed back and forth for a moment. He saw Chase pull his arm back to hit him again. Zach raised his arms to protect his face,
?Please, don?t.?
Chase twisted his stance and put a powerful uppercut into Zach?s unprotected stomach. With a pitiful moan, Zach collapsed onto the floor in the fetal position, gasping,
?Well, it looks like Samson got his haircut. Comment puis-je r?v? de ce moment. Me knocking the shit out of the unbeatable Zach Benson.?
Chase adjusted his hard package,
?What, no witty come back? Not so cocky when you aren?t the strongest man in the room, heh? That?s something you better get used to.?
A winded Zach tired to speak through his bruised mouth. Chase beat him to the punch line,
?How did I become stronger than you? Easy, I stole your strength.?
Chase mocked,
?You should see your face; your confused, bloody, face. I love it!?
Chase rubbed his hard cock again as he walked over to the large chair in the corner of the room. He picked it up and balanced it in one hand, before setting back in place,
?This is fucking great. I always thought your strength was on the freakish side. I?m going to enjoy being a freak.?
He flopped down in the chair and smiled as he saw Zach still in pain on the floor,
?I?m going to share a story with you that should explain everything. When I was in high school; of course I was a jock and very popular. I?m sure you were too. But, unlike you I wasn?t the biggest. There was another dude by the name of Sergei, a real muscle monster. He wasn?t always a hunk, when I first met Sergei we were in the fifth grade. His parents came here from the Czech Republic. We became best friends. People said we looked and acted like we were brothers. The friendship evolved into something more during our freshman year in high school. We were each other?s first fuck buddy. It was amazing. But during our sophomore year, puberty erupted and changed everything. At first it was good. We both matured it seemed over night. Having been active boys, our new hormones made our bodies muscular and strong. We easily ruled over the other boys in our class. We began to hit the gym, working out like madmen. We became obsessed with lifting. We explored each other?s body as we grew into men. But our genetic differences became more and more apparent. By our junior year we didn?t look like brothers anymore. I was taller and fairer with the so-called swimmer?s build while Sergei was wider, more dense and compact. His hair became darker and his face more rugged with an always present 5 o?clock shadow. I remember how proud he was of his chest hair. He joked that it was a sign of a real man. I think he only said that because I was completely smooth.?
Chase stopped speaking for a moment, as images of Sergei played in his mind. He rubbed his distended crotch before looking down at Zach.
?He was like you in many ways; cocky, virile, and incredibly beautiful. He also had your ability to put on muscle with little effort. I would spend hours in the gym, but like you, he was sloppy about his training, He would stroll in, pump out a few reps and leave. However, he just kept getting bigger and stronger. No matter how much I worked out, I couldn?t keep up with him. He would tease me; make me beg to touch him. He?d make me kiss his flexed arms and tell him how much more of a man he was than me. The sex became less frequent but more violent. I grew to resent him as much as I resent you.?
Zach had rolled over onto his back as the pain in his stomach ebbed,
?I never hit you or treated you like that,?
He slurred his words as he spoke.
?You were clever enough to intimidate me with a more subtle approach. Your constant comments about the light weights I used at the gym and how we didn?t achieve the same gains because I lacked ?intensity?.?
Chase aped air quotes and then continued,
?When we fucked, you manipulated my body to suit your needs. And when you were done, we were done.?
?I?m sorry. I didn?t know. You never said anything.?
Chase walked over and stood over Zach?s horizontal body and knelt down,
?What was I supposed to say, that just being in your presence made me feel like less of a man. You were just so fuckin? big, everywhere.?
His eyes went to the immense bulge between Zach?s legs. He wrapped his hand around Chase?s jumbo eggs and squeezed. Zach put his hands on Chase?s forearm trying to pull him off his man makers but Chase just laughed and squeezed harder. Zach moaned in pain. Chase could see all of Zach?s muscles flex as his body was racked with pain and desperately trying to repel him. Zach pleaded for him to stop his torture as tears rolled down his face again. Chase let go. ?Those big boys of yours are the worst offender. But don?t worry you won?t be burdened with them much longer.?
Chase ran his hand over Zach?s right thigh, easily denting and pinching the once impenetrable cords of strength champion muscle. Zach leg twitched in pain. Chase confessed,
?Being able to so easily overpower you makes me feel so alive, so masculine. Now, where was I? Resentment I think? Yes, that?s right. My resentment grew into hate. I started to avoid Sergei. Because even though I hated him, my lust had greater control over me. He was so beautiful I had to be with him, like I had to be with you. That seems to be a pattern with me. I guess that makes me a bit of a masochist.?
Chase continued the exploration of Zach?s sweaty body. He dug his fingers into the crevices of Zach?s stomach and pulled on his abdominal bricks. Chase ignored Zach?s cries,
?I used to play b-ball at the courts on Juniper St. I?m sure you know it. Anyway, one evening, exactly four years ago today, I was there practicing my foul shots. I heard something happening over by the chess tables. I saw a bunch of kids harassing this old guy. I went over to see what was happening. One of the punks said something to me I didn?t like. Back then it was easy to do, I had a hair trigger from juicing to try to keep up with Sergei. I beat down two of the scrawny ass dudes and the third one ran away. The old guy was so grateful, little did he know it was more an act from roid rage instead of kindness. I asked if he wanted me to call someone. He said no but wanted me to help him home. I don?t know what it was about that old Jap, but I agreed.?
Chase grabbed Zach?s hand and put on his chest,
?Somehow he touched me right here, in my heart.?
Chase then pulled Zach?s fingers backwards until he heard him whimper. Chase laughed and then slapped Zach?s face with his Zach?s hand several times, Like a grade school bully, he asked,
?Why are you hitting yourself, Zach? Why are you hitting yourself? Are you a masochist too?? Chase laughed furiously. He then stood up, straightened his clothes and ran his fingers through his hair. He started to slowly pace as he continued to tell his story,
?He lived a few blocks away in little Korea, I think. We talked along the way and I told him what an asshole Sergei was and how he treated me. He had this camp site set up behind a building. I originally thought he was a bum or something. But he had a pretty sweet deal with this geisha girl helping him out and even a dog. He offered me some tea for my trouble.?
Zach suddenly stopped moaning to listen more intently,
?I drank the tea, and the old fuck drugged me. He put on this gold ring and then he did something that really freaked me out, you?ll never guess.?
Chase stopped his pacing in front of Zach,
?I said guess!?
?He stuck his hand in the fire?
Zach said after spitting out some blood. Chase?s face became angry again. He gave a quick stomp into Zach?s sore gut,
Zach screamed.
?Sometimes you are too smart for your own good, Zachary.?
Chase began to pace again,
?He put his hand into the fire and whispered something into my ear. Do you want to take a guess on what he said??
Zach shook his head no.
?I didn?t think so. He said tomorrow, a special day for fate, I would have a special power. With a kiss, I could take the things I desired from those I love. He then grabbed my balls and burned his ring into my sack. I know it?s hard to believe. I didn?t quite believe it myself at first. I mean what crazy mother fucker burns some dude?s balls right??
Chase looked down at Zach who was listening to every word,
?You don?t seem surprised.?
Chase squatted down next to the larger man again and grabbed the back of his head; his fingers pulled Zach?s hair painfully tight,
?I guess the only emotion you can feel now is fear. You should be afraid.?
Chase ran his free hand down the side of Zach?s face,
?The old guy said it was a curse as much as a gift; because if I truly loved them, I wouldn?t be able to take from them. That Jap was one crazy, old fuck.?
Chase stood up without letting go of Zach?s hair. It forced him to clumsily stand as well,
?The next day was Leap Day. I went to school and was violated by Sergei again. He tormented me and asked, ?I bet you wish you could put on muscle as easily as I can?? I said yes and then he made me kiss his bicep, delts lats and heaving pecs. My balls felt like they were on fire again, but only for a second. The next day the burn mark on my balls was gone and I forgot about the whole thing. But as the weeks went by, I started to make remarkable gains. I was packing on muscle like crazy. I thought at first it was due to the steroids, but I was short of cash and had skipped a cycle. What made it even better, Sergei was shrinking. He started to come to the gym more often, struggling to keep his big muscles. By the time we graduated he had lost about twenty pounds, while I put on over 30. It both cases it was all muscle. People couldn?t believe how big I was getting. After graduating I had to find another place to lift. I wound up at the Heavy Bar and the rest is bodybuilding history. A great story, don?t you think??
Chase forced Zach?s head to nod by yanking on his hair,
?But it?s not over. Just think how delighted I was when this morning, Leap Day morning, I was woken out of a sound sleep at midnight with my balls burning. The old Jap?s mark was back. Suddenly everything made sense. If I knew I actually had this gift four years ago, I would have taken a lot more from Sergei. I won?t make that mistake again. Think how delighted I was when I found out you were in town on this very day. It seems fate wants me to knock you down a peg or two?or three.?
?Please don?t do this, Chase. I have something to tell you. The same?.?
Zach pleaded,
?I don?t want to hear anymore of your shit. It?s time to pay for how you treated me. I?ve been playing this moment over and over in my mind all day,
?I would have taken more of your height but it may be difficult to explain my sudden growth spurt. No one will probably notice 2 inches. They?ll be too busy trying to comprehend my new insane muscle mass. Plus, I like the fact that we are the same height and I weigh more than you. It will make it easier for the judges to compare who?s got the beef on stage. Zach noticed that Chase?s hair, eyes were lighter and his skin more darken and cleared,
?Yes, you?re already seeing it, aren?t you??
Chase grinned as he noticed that Zach?s golden hair had darkened, it ad lost some of its luster and wave. His eye color seemed muddied while his skin appeared pale and ruddier,
?Good luck, Zach.?
The beaten man collapsed onto the floor like a pile of wet rags, his sweat-soaked underwear hung loose on his shorter, thinner frame.
Chase?s larger muscles made him waddle more than usual as he walked over to the mirrored closet doors. He rubbed the newly enhanced meat between his legs. A smile overtook his face as he saw his reflection. His fitted t-shirt now hugged his torso so tightly every muscle detail was clearly visible. His baggy cargo shorts now clung to his larger legs,
?Look at the size of me,?
He said turning from side to side while tensing every muscle. He went into a double bicep pose and heard the shoulder seams of his shirt start to tear,
?Fuck yeah,?
He flexed harder making his titanic muscles break free from their material constraints. The tear continued around his shoulders to his arm pits before stopping half way down his flared lats. He yanked the tattered shirt off his body. He then pulled down his pants and almost came when he saw his thicker cock head sticking out several inches above the waistband of his briefs. He pulled his larger balls out over the waistband and stood sideways. He squeezed his ass and thighs forcing his manly protrusions further from his body. Chase wrapped both hands around his pole,
?So fucking big and thick.?
He moved one hand to his skin encased eggs and squeezed. With another look in the mirror and flex of his balloon-like pecs and shot a load,
Gobs of thick, white goo erupted from his purple head.
?My God, that felt incredible. I love being you.?
He said looking at Zach?s motionless body,
?Hell, I?m better than you. I?m absolutely gorgeous.?
He leaned in to get a closer view at his face,
?I look like I just returned from a month at a spa on a tropical island. While you look like you haven?t slept in weeks.?
Chase covered his enormous package with his underwear and after making several adjustments, pulled up his pants. He opened the closet door and removed one of Zach?s XXXL short sleeve dress shirts he wore to business meetings. Chase pulled it on. He liked the fact the shirt was tight across his back, shoulders and around his arms. He fastened only the three bottom buttons on the shirt letting his thickly developed chest show. The pale blue color of the shirt matched his new eye color and made his deeply tanned skin look more beautiful.
?It is time for me to return to the limelight. Like a conquering hero after facing an insurmountable trial. I am a modern day Napoleon, or better yet, Alexander the Great, he was blonde too. I reemerge smarter and more powerful from the depths of fiery despair.?
Chased raised his arms triumphantly,
?Ich bin der Phoenix!?
He turned to look down at Zach,
?See you later, Zachary, maybe on the Olympia stage? If you have the courage to face me. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to humiliate you in front of the entire bodybuilding community. It will prove once and for all who the future of the sport is.?
Chase checked himself out in the mirror one last time before walking to the door,
?Addio perdente!?
He slammed the door behind him.
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