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Old April 16th, 2012, 04:18 PM
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Ultra GMan
Blessing or Curse? Chapter 7

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra Gman

Chapter 7

The rest of the hike went, well, pretty well. It was another two hours back to the car, although about halfway back we stopped for another twenty minutes as we hiked a few minutes off of the path itself, and I pounded Dom's ass good and hard when he started begging for it. Who said I'm not a giving kind of guy? I honestly hadn't planned on any growing while I was on this trip with Dom, but it worked out very much in his favor. Because I was still in that first 48 hours after a growth sport, my sex drive was still through the roof (especially with eleven inches of hard penis begging for release) and that meant that Dom was getting all the sex he wanted. Which was, quite frankly, a lot. (I'm not sure but I'd guess that Dom also had sex with at least two of the three guys in the Night Owl. Maybe all three of them. And yet, like that rabbit from the battery commercials, Dom kept on going.)

We did finally get back to the guest house, though, and after a quick shower to get rid of all the grime and sweat from the hiking and the fucking, I pulled on my swimsuit and headed back over to the pool. My new swimsuit was already getting a little tight in both the front and the back (thanks, Robert!) but I didn't really mind. If anything it was giving off a nice show for all others there. Most people would be leaving the next morning so it was a last glimpse that they could talk about to all their friends.

Tony and Eric from the Night Owl were both at the pool as well, although their friend Tommy wasn't anywhere to be seen. I took a chaise lounge next to Eric and asked, and Eric just grinned in response. "He's getting dinner ready," he said. "Tommy would spent the whole weekend in the kitchen if we let him."

Well, that sounded promising for dinner tonight with the boys. I stretched out on the chaise lounge and closed my eyes and caught some rays. I never actually fell asleep, so I caught quite a few murmurings of the different passerbys who thought they were quiet. Maybe it's just years of hearing, "Oh my god, look at his penis" and "I could bounce quarters off of that ass" that helps me pick it up so easily. I did my part the best I could, regularly flipping over to provide the best view depending on what you were hoping to check out.

The longer I was there, though, the hornier I began to get. The warm sun just started pushing my libido up, and despite having no shirt on I was getting a little hot under the collar. Finally, in a desperation move to try and avoid a huge erection that popped out of my suit, I got of the chaise lounge and hopped into the water for a bit. The pool itself was surprisingly empty; most of the guys (including Dom and Tony) were sunning themselves or talking, but Eric was splashing around and amusing himself.

"Hey there," I said, swimming over to where Eric was keeping himself afloat in the deep end. "This a private party?"

Eric grinned, and for the first time I noticed his green eyes. It was an unusual combination with jet black hair, and once you added in his dimples and the small scattering of chest hair, it made him look that much more adorable. I was so absorbed that I almost missed his response.

"Hey, Dom vouches for you, so you can't be all bad," he was saying. "That Dom is something else."

I laughed and nodded, treading water effortlessly. "That he is, that he is."

Eric paused for a minute, clearly trying to find the way to ask a question politely. "So how long have you know Dom?" he finally said, delicately.

It was clear to me where Eric was going with this, and I decided to set his mind at ease that I wasn't some sort of jealous boyfriend. "Oh, I've known Dom for a few years now," I said quickly, "when someone tried to set us up on a date and we decided we'd rather just be good friends."

The relief on Eric's face was clear. I found this a tiny bit funny considering that Eric and Tony were, according to Dom, a couple. So it's not like me and Dom being a couple would have automatically spelled doom.

"He's an unstoppable force of nature, our Dom," I added. "Gotta just go with the flow."

"Ohhhhh yeah," Eric said. "All three of us could barely keep up last night. It sure was something else, but it was also a crazy day and night."

Aha, so Dom HAD slept with all three of them. Dom's magic hole really did have no boundaries.

"Anyway," Eric continued, "I'm glad you're coming over, because Tommy brought way too much food. And it'll be nice to have a bit of contrast, too."

I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, but just then Tommy jogged up in his bathing suit and cannonballed into the pool. Eric and I both grabbed onto the wall and spat water out of our mouths and noses, while Tommy finally surfaced. "Perfect remedy for a hot kitchen," he grinned at us. "Anyway, dinner is ready."

"Fantastic," I said, swimming over to the ladder. "I'll get showered and changed and come right over."

Eric laughed at that. "What is this, a formal dining situation?" he said. "Just come on over, we'll all be in our suits."

With hindsight, perhaps a red flag moment? But my crotch, enclosed in lycra and spandex, was still doing the leading and I just went along with it. So I headed over to my chair and toweled off, giving a tiny bit of a show for the other guys at the pool by propping up first one leg and then the other on my chaise lounge and moving the towel nice and slow up and down the leg and around the crotch. As I finished, I glanced over and saw Tommy watching with a grin, drying himself off as well. I slipped on my flip-flops, and all of us strolled over to the Nite Owl.

Inside the building it reminded me of a modern log cabin. You know, the kinds with nice hardwood floors but notable beams of wood making up the walls, and all the modern amenities one would need with a brand-new kitchen and huge connected living/dining room with two couches and several arm chairs. For a bunch of guys all heading out to the Guest House, this would be the perfect place to host a party.

Tommy, meanwhile, was already plating up lasagna, green beans, and pieces of crusty bread for everyone. He was handing out plates, while Eric followed behind him with overly full glasses of red wine.

"Cheers," I said in thanks, and Eric gave a little "it was nothing" look by way of response. Once everyone was seated on couches and armchairs (the guys hadn't headed over to the dining room table, so I had followed suit) we dug in, and the food? Well, Tommy certainly was good in the kitchen. I plowed through the lasagna, unsurprisingly after all the hiking, swimming, and fucking I'd had earlier in the day. I do mean plowed through, too. If Tony, Dom, or I got even close to finishing what we had, Tommy or Eric would dish up more lasagna or pour more wine. And I have to admit, not changing really was a good plan because it helped create such an informal atmosphere that I felt utterly relaxed. Well, relaxed, stuffed, and a little tipsy. Nice and full on all sorts of levels.

We chatted away as we ate and drank, and at one point I glanced over at the counter and saw that between the five of us, we'd polished off an entire large tray of lasagna, and five bottles of wine. Still, this was the place to do it, right?

With the death of the lasagna (although Eric was still pouring more wine), Tommy had sat down next to me and we were chatting about this and that. Being probably a full decade younger than me, it was fun to hear him talk about all the things going on in his life. He still wasn't sure if his job was going to be his career, and he was thinking about going back to grad school, and his love life had just been so empty as long as he could remember, and how nice it was to get away from it all if even for a bit. It reminded me a lot of where I had been ten years earlier.

As I started drinking my yet-again-full glass of wine, I leaned back, into the corner of the couch and spreading my legs wide open in a sprawl, just watching Tommy talk and smiling faintly. He was awfully cute, definitely worked out and had some great pecs, although he could use a little more leg work. And maybe some chest hair, although it was hard to tell if he was naturally smooth or if he'd just had it removed. But he was animated, his hands gesturing wildly in the air (without ever spilling a drop of his own drink), and he had a fun energy about him.

He suddenly stopped, staring at me staring at him. "What are you smiling about?" he said, in a soft, sweet tone.

I grinned, unable to lie. "You," I simply said.

"Oh, really?" he replied, scooting up in-between my legs and then leaning in. "And why are you doing that?" he said quietly. "Is there something I should be doing?"

Before I could respond, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then leaned back. Testing the waters?

"Well," I said slowly, savoring the moment. "I can think of something you could definitely be doing." The wine was really starting to go to my head, don't get me wrong, but this was a pleasant, slow burn infatuation I was feeling. I didn't really mind where this was going. Of course, my balls and cock definitely didn't mind.

At that, I saw a bit of a stirring and growing in Tommy's swimsuit. Then again, I'm sure he was seeing a hell of a lot more in mine. I put my hands on the sides of the couch, preparing to get up so we could head somewhere more private, but Tommy just leaned right into me and began to kiss me deeply. Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced over to where Tony, Eric, and Dom had been sitting. They seemed to have gotten the memo a little earlier than Tommy and me, because Eric was kissing Dom's neck while Tony was slowly moving his hands up Dom's right thigh.

Meanwhile, Tommy wasn't wasting any time. (Ah, youth.) Grabbing my legs, he scooted me down across the couch until I was flat on my back, and then he climbed up on top, sitting on my rapidly growing penis and then laying on top of my chest, kissing me some more. Fearing for my swimsuit's survival (after all, it was brand new and I quite liked it) I ran my hands down to it, pulling it off even as my cock began to push out of its confines entirely.

Tommy gave off a tiny gasp as my penis was freed, pushing hard up into his butt and balls. And then, he scooted off of me entirely, positioning himself behind me and starting to push my legs up into the air.

If I hadn't drank so much, I like to pretend that I might have stopped things at this point. Like I said before, I'd only ever hit twelve inches once before. It'd been part of a huge group sex experience, and that's when I'd both discovered how sex-crazed I got at that size, as well as that I just didn't grow any larger at that point. So I might have tried to stop him. But at the same time, well, I suspect that even if alcohol hadn't been involved I would've gone along with it. Tommy was adorable and young, and his attraction was making me putty in his hands. Well, that and my already amped-up sex drive.

And so, unresisting, I let him push my legs all the way up and back, preparing for what was to come. I could see him stop and fumble for a second at one of the coffee table drawers, pulling out a condom and quickly stretching it onto his penis. And then, with a look of eager excitement on his face, he started pushing into me.

I must have some sort of "just shove right in" look on my face while I'm on vacation, because just like Robert, Tommy was entering me awfully fast. At this point, though, he probably could have driven a pick up truck into my butt and I'd have just moaned a bit. Tommy didn't have a cock that was more than average in length, but his girth was definitely more than normal. It felt good, really filling me up and making me feel especially sexual. More importantly, he had a good rhythm once he was all the way inside, thrusting over and over again with the skill of someone who did this often.

Across the room, I heard Dom suddenly bellow along with some other cries, and I realized that they had definitely been working overtime, since it sounded like the other three boys had just all orgasmed. Tommy just kept thrusting away, though, as if there was no one else there.

I closed my eyes for a second, just letting the sensations of Tommy fucking me wash all over me. It was almost like letting a machine go at me, but one where I didn't have the controls. The monotony and regularity made me just feel like I was being used, and I have to admit I liked that a bit. Just then I felt something kiss me on the neck, and I opened my eyes again and it was Eric.

Surprised, I almost said something but then Tony leaned over the arm of the couch and planted his mouth on mine, even as Eric began to kiss my chest and Tommy kept pounding away at my ass. Oh man. This I hadn't seen coming. And as good as Tommy was on his own, Tony and Eric were hitting all the spots that Tommy wasn't. I started tightening up as my orgasm began to speed closer and closer, and Tommy could definitely tell something was coming and began to slam his dick into me faster and faster.

As he did so, he leaned back a little more, and suddenly I felt Dom's mouth on my waving, throbbing dick. It was too much. I started shooting, and at that Tommy started slamming into me faster and faster, pushing the cum out of me until he started shooting as well. And all the while, Tony and Eric continued to kiss me all over.

Finally, panting, Tommy pulled out of me, shaking his head. "Damn, Dom wasn't kidding when he said you were a sex machine," he gasped. "That was fucking amazing."

I might have said something sharply at Dom (later on, I looked back through my memories and felt a little set up by all of this), but at that moment I was just feeling the energy build in me, knowing that my cock was going to start growing any minute. But just then, Tony and Eric stood up and took me by the hands. Confused and dazed, I stood up and they led me into the master bedroom and onto the king-sized bed.

Even as I could feel my balls starting to fill up and swell, they sat down on either side of me. Eric started kissing me on the lips this time, while Tony began to lick and suck my shoulders and back. My hugely erect penis was at its new full length, and their timing was perfect. I needed sex more than anything else in the world. Fuck or be fucked, I didn't care, it just had to be sex and over and over again if possible.

Tony's hands were now reaching around from behind, stroking my penis and Eric was tweaking my nipples. It was like pushing down the gas pedal that last centimeter even as it was almost at maximum speed, but they were just getting every last ouch of excitement out of me. But at the same time, it was moving me into a different state of mind that's kind of hard to explain.

Do you know how after you've gone swimming in a public pool for a long time, even after you've left you inhale and you can still smell the chlorine? Or you're in a bakery and every time you breathe in you can somehow taste the fresh bread? Well, I breathed in and out and all I could smell and taste was sex. But not literally the smell of semen or sweat, something more figurative. I could just somehow breathe in the essence of sex itself, and it made me feel... well, amazing. I felt so sexually capable at that moment, like I could do anything, and that somehow I had it completely under control. My cock didn't control me, I controlled it. I wanted to have sex and then sex and then sex, but it was like I could turn it off if I had to.

Even as I reveled in this, though, I could feel that something else was happening, that I'd been moved up and down slightly on the bed. The guys were closer, much closer now, pressed up on either side of me. In a daze, I realized that they were pushing their cocks up next to each other now, and slowly they were moving my ass up and over towards where the tips of the two penises stood next to each other.

In other words, they were about to try and double-penetrate me.

Now, this isn't the first time someone had tried to go that route. And quite frankly, I'd always stopped them. It'd seemed like just a bit too much, somehow, even though there are times when my cock has been bigger than the two combined that were wanting to get pushed into me. But I don't know, it just seemed like crossing a line that I wasn't ready for.

At this moment, though, I saw it in a very different light. It wasn't merely that I was craving a massive amount of sex (although that was certainly going on). I was feeling so incredibly sexual and powerful, right then. This was more than just a sex drive surging out of control, it was so much more. I could feel that somehow I was, well, mastering sex in a way that most people hadn't, if that makes sense. (I'm not even sure that it does.) I was male sexuality, with all of its energy radiating through me. And god, I wanted them both to fuck me right then and there.

So I let them shift me into position, and then I started lowering myself onto their penises. The moment of penetration made me suck in my breath for a minute. Tony and Eric were longer than Tommy (probably about 7.5 inches each), although not quite as girthy. But put the two of them together and it was a huge amount of dick powering into my ass. I paused, feeling their heads pushing against my ring and slowly, slowly easing in. And then, suddenly, they both slipped all the way inside me and it went from a vague discomfort to utter bliss.

Some strange sort of groan and gasp slipped out of my lips, but if anyone heard it I'll be surprised. Tony and Eric were both red-faced with excitement and want, and they began kissing me again; Eric pushing his tongue into my mouth, Tony kissing my neck, my shoulders, my ears, my back. And as they did so, I let them both slide all the way inside of me. I was so full just then: of cock, of desire, of energy, of cum. And somehow I felt like all the sexual power and energy was just building up like nothing I'd felt before. It was that sensation I normally had when my cock was growing, but never quite so powerful or drawn out before.

I moved myself up and down on their cocks as best I could, as our position made it hard for them to do too much thrusting. Between the three of us, though, we started getting a rhythm going, and with each little movement I could feel pleasure just spark through my entire body. It was getting more amazing with each moment, and my huge penis just kept slapping back and forth between Eric's chest and mine, unable to stay still with the desire coursing through my body.

And then, suddenly, I started cumming like never before, and it was enough to set both of the boys off. As we came, they were caressing me as well as each other, and I could see that Tommy and Dom had stopped whatever they'd been doing to stand in the doorway, watching me even as their hands absently moved up and down each other's bodies. I didn't care, I felt so amazing, so powerful, so huge, and somehow... getting bigger.

A small voice in the back of my head was screaming that this wasn't supposed to happen, I'd already hit my largest point. But apparently something had changed, and my penis and my balls were swelling and bulging. One, then two more inches stretched out my cock, and it was getting thicker still. My balls were somewhere between plums and peaches, now, and I could feel heat just radiating off of them as they began to churn up vast amounts of semen, desperate for release. And then, I lost control entirely.

The next few hours are quite honestly a blur. That sex-crazed sensation I'd had when I'd previously topped out in growth had hit, only even more powerful. I know that all three of the boys fucked me again, probably multiple times. At least twice I was topping Dom while one of them topped me. I'm pretty sure at one point Tony and Eric teamed up to lick and suck on parts of my cock and balls (too big to fit into either of their mouths) while Tommy fucked me.

It was amazing, it went on for ages, and it only stopped because one by one we all passed out in various spots around the bedroom and living room, sexually spent like no one else ever had. My cock was a monster, now, and if I'd been thinking rationally then I might have been worried that I would never be able to control it at this size.
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OMG, I couldn't hold out reading this. I had to release over and over. Thanks so much for a great story!! Please post more!
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Damn! Hat me hot as hell, Hard and Growing he whole time. Wish I had your writing skills! My cockring stories pale by comparison of a real writer. Thanks
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Ultra GMan
Awww. I'm actually blushing a little bit (fortunately no one else is in the office). And trust me BrawnyJock, I'm always ready for more of your stories!

Glad you're all enjoying it so far.
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