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Old April 17th, 2012, 07:21 AM
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Ultra GMan
Blessing or Curse? Chapter 8

[Thanks for the nice responses, all! Glad you're enjoying it, even with (right now) minimal-at-best muscle growth. Almost at the halfway point of what's been written so far, and I promise that eventually the other muscles will catch up. Honest.]

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra GMan

Chapter 8

I woke up very early the next morning with immense pressure in my balls, a ranging hard on so large it seemed impossible, an uncontrollable need to cum, and immense regret. It was barely light outside, and had my junk not been so out of control I no doubt would have still been asleep. As it was, the four other guys were all still passed out everywhere, some of them snoring away.

I stepped over them as best as I could, but it was hard to maneuver while trying to adjust to my ludicrously large fourteen inch cock swinging in front of me, purple with the need for release. I finally got into the bathroom and closed the door quietly behind me, and then began stroking away. On the bright side, my new cock was immensely sensitive, it seemed. Giving myself a hand job had never felt so utterly amazing, and I actually had to put my mouth on my bicep at one point to keep from crying out. But within minutes I'd cum, big thick strands of semen filling up the toilet.

That momentarily taken care of, I wet a washcloth and gave myself a one-over as best as I could, wiping all the grit and debris off of myself until I almost felt human again. I was feeling rather mortified more than anything else about my behavior last night, even though I knew that I hadn't been in control once my penis had somehow, impossibly, jumped from twelve to fourteen inches. But what was I going to do now? Who the hell would be willing to take a ride on this? How would I even fit into my pants for the drive home?

I could feel myself getting wound up and had to stop. Turning on the sink's faucets, I grabbed hold of it on either side and stuck my head under the water for a minute. The cool water was a shock to the system, but it also helped me calm down a bit. Toweling off the water, I looked down at my penis which was already starting to plump back up to a full erection. Well, I had been asleep for a few hours.

This time I played with my penis and balls a little more, feeling its huge, massive, masculine presence in my hands. I almost hate to admit that it was pretty amazing. I felt like I could fuck the world. Or was it that I would fuck the world? My balls were enormous now, unable to fit more than one in each hand, but so swollen and bursting with cum that every little movement that caused them to shift felt like a tickle of ecstasy moving up and down my spine. When I came this time, it actually felt like a lot more getting pumped out of my balls and cock, as if the extra time and attention had really helped clear the decks. The edge of my need was dulled for now, at least.

Wearing my swimsuit in the other room simply wasn't an option, now. Between my cock, balls, and ultra-muscular ass, the fabric would simply explode under all that pressure. Instead, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Maybe I could find something in my room that I could wear for a bit, like a pair of basketball shorts. Tiptoeing out of the room, I was relieved that the boys were all still dead to the world. I scooped up my discarded swimsuit, got my flip-flops on, and slipped out the door.

I was about halfway back to the main building when I heard a, "Good morning!" off to my right. Surprised anyone else was up, I looked over and saw it was the two owners of the Guesthouse, standing on the porch of their own home on the property. I think I've mentioned them once before; they're a super-sweet couple in their mid-50s who just always have a smile on their faces. I guess if you want to convert what was once your own property into a bed and breakfast for a bunch of gays and lesbians, you've got to be a pretty nice person or you'd go insane.

"You're up early," one of them said, the one who had just a mustache. It was hard to think straight enough to remember their names. Aaron and... Paul? Maybe? "Everything ok?"

I tried to respond with a laugh to shake them off, but something about the way he'd said it suddenly struck a nerve. What came out was a half-laugh, half-strangled-sob. It's not a pleasant sound, if you can imagine it. But encountering other people had suddenly made the full extent of my situation sink in. I was walking down a gravel path wearing only a towel and flip-flops because my penis was so large I couldn't wear pants any more.

The two looked at each other, and then both quickly stepped off the porch towards me, walking faster than most people could jog. "Hey, hey, hey," the first one (Aaron?) said. "You could use some help."

"It's all right," the other one said. "I think we know what's going on."

At that moment I wanted to laugh if I could. How on earth would they know what was going on? But before I could say anything, the first one caught up to me and leaned over to my ear. And then he whispered the Password.

I've said before I'm not the only one with the curse. There are really quite a few of us. And while there's no huge secret society or anything, there is an underground network of sorts. Some secret online message boards (mostly about trading tips for pants and underwear that fit well, or how to "come out" to a new boyfriend), that sort of thing. But most importantly, anyone who's encountered anyone else with the condition knows about the Password.

No, I'm not going to tell you the Password. Telling anyone else at all is strictly forbidden. It's our way of identifying ourselves to one another. A sign that it's ok, you're in the clear, there's nothing to hide. It's also used as an offer to help, in case someone's in a bad situation. Like I was in, for instance.

I closed my eyes for a second, I was so relieved. Hell, I almost wanted to cry. But instead I slowly nodded my head. I was about to start saying thank you when, well, the full implications of the Password sunk into my subconscious and my cock gave off a little jump as blood rushed to it. So much for having the edge dulled on my out-of-control sex drive, right?

They just laughed as my towel momentarily kicked out in front of me. "Come on Paul," the first one said. "Let's take this young man inside and see if we can get him back into a better size."

No sooner did we get inside than they led me upstairs and into the master bedroom. Sitting me down on the edge of the bed, Aaron slowly removed my towel, murmuring that it was ok, I'd be feeling better shortly. He paused when he saw my swelling cock, then shook his head and whistled. "Those boys sure did a number on you," he said. "We saw you in that swimsuit before and, well..."

And with that, he gently pushed me down by my shoulders onto the bed, and then dropped his pants (his shirt still on!) and climbed up on top. "I think I'll go first," he said with a sudden wicked grin. "I always did like a good challenge." My penis was running up along his crack and halfway up his back. This would be a challenge indeed, right?

Well, they did both have the curse, and in this case it was more of a blessing for them. Being able to take just about any size cock pretty easily was always helpful, and among two people who had the blessing, well, sex was usually pretty amazing because there's nothing you can't do at that point. Getting up into a crouch, he half-stood over my huge penis. And then, with Paul guiding him down, Aaron sunk onto my penis with a loud sigh.

"Ohhhhhh," he said. "Goddamn, that feels... wow." Slowly shifting up and down, I could feel his insides grip me tightly, almost massaging the shaft of my penis. Holy cow, Aaron was a good bottom. In the way we were positioned, it didn't lend itself to huge long strokes, but that didn't matter. My penis was just having ripples of pleasure run up and down it, and my balls were already heating up and swelling like the two little cum factories in overdrive that they were.

"Damn, you look good, baby," Paul said, leaning over and kissing Aaron from behind. Aaron smiled like the Cheshire Cat at that, and turned his head slightly to kiss him back. All the while, he kept moving up and down my penis, which was getting closer and closer to exploding. And then of course, it suddenly hit me that there really was no reason to hold back, and at that I erupted inside Aaron.

"Whoa!" he cried out as that first jet of cum blasted into his prostate, and then he started coming as well. Aaron had a pretty respectable dick, what looked to be nine inches, and it was pumping a nice puddle of cum onto my stomach. Even after he'd stopped, I kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting. It felt amazing, not only for that brief fuck we'd just had, but that I could also feel my sex drive really and truly going down somewhat. And sure enough, as we laid there for a minute, I could feel my balls shrink up a tiny bit, and my deflating dick give an extra, non-erection-induced collapse.

"Oh no you don't," Paul grinned. "You can't leave Aaron and I mismatched, or I'll never hear and feel the end of it." Pulling off his shirt and pants, Paul revealed an incredibly hairy chest that just rippled with muscles. Clearly Paul was preparing for the recession by planning on being able to wash laundry on his abs.

Climbing onto the bed on all fours, he gave me that smile again that was both sweet and dirty. "Let me feel that big young cock inside me and fills me up with cum."

Cheesy, yes, but apparently even a thirteen inch cock can be persuaded by cheesy. It started obligingly swelling back up, and with a wide-eyed look of surprise Aaron quickly dismounted. I got off of my back (trying to ignore the puddle of cum now trickling off of me) and moved over to Paul, whose asshole was pushed high up into the air. Without a word, I pushed my cockhead into his hole, and paused so that he could fully adjust.

Well, I don't know why I bothered (after all, both of us had the blessing) because the only reaction to that I got was Paul shoving his ass back towards me, trying to impale himself on my 13-incher. "Don't go all gentle on me now," Paul barked. "Let me feel it! C'mon!"

And let him feel it, I did. Spurred on by this sudden tough side, I started slamming my huge cock into him, over and over. Holy cats, did this feel amazing. It reminded me a bit of how I'd felt when I'd hit twelve inches last night, that I was just somehow sex incarnate. I wasn't quite in control again just yet, but I was getting there, and I secretly knew that Paul was going to take that final edge of sex-crazy out of me. So I just pumped hard into Paul, who kept giving off long drawn-out groans whenever I hit his prostate.

"Don't! Stop!" he kept panting every time I'd slow down even for a second. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Aaron shaking his head with a wry grin. Well, now I knew what Aaron must have gotten to deal with every night. As I pushed back and forth, my balls would swing up and slap into Paul's balls, and the two connecting felt electric, as if each jolt made them a little more potent and powerful and masculine.

And just like that, they unleashed another huge flow of cum, this one into Paul. Paul gave out a strangled cry, still shoving his ass into me to make sure I didn't stop stroking even while shooting. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" he began shouting as he came as well.

Finally, it was over, and as I pulled out I gave off a long sigh. "Thank... thank you," I said. My whole body suddenly started to shake, out of a strange combination of relief and exhaustion.

"Hey, hey, hey," Aaron said, wrapping an arm around me. "C'mon, into the tub with you." Paul slid off the bed, and the two led me now into the bathroom. Paul turned the water on, while Aaron just kept holding me. "You've been through a rough ride, clearly. Just relax... it's ok... you're safe now." Rubbing my shoulders, he kept reassuring me that everything was just fine now.

It's funny, I hadn't felt like I was in any sort of trouble or danger, but the combination of having that horrible, out-of-control sex drive muted and knowing I was around two others with the curse really was a huge relief. And I felt, for lack of a better word, safe. As the water rose, I slid into the tub, and gave off another sigh. This had been a rather crazy weekend.

After a few minutes, I started telling them what had happened; slowly at first, but then increasing in energy and detail. "The worst was," I finally said, "that sudden extra burst of growth. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did, and suddenly I'd utterly lost control."

Aaron stood there for a minute, thinking, and then nodded. "I've got my theory on that," he said. "Paul and I have been around the block a lot, and we've both often felt that a maximum size can sometimes... well, be a sliding scale."

"It's true," Paul said. "I think how big we stop at isn't based just on a set, pre-defined limit, but rather some sort of defense mechanism. So instead it's how much we can really handle. You told Aaron and I that when the first guy in the cabin finished topping you, that you'd felt very much in control still, unlike the last time you were at twelve inches. Maybe you were ready to try being a little bigger? But then the other two boys pushed you too far over the brink too fast, and, well... disaster."

I sat in the water, thinking about that for a minute. "I guess," I finally said. "But I don't think I'd want to ever be that large again. Hell, I don't think I want even these twelve inches."

Paul and Aaron glanced at each other with a grin. "That is a lot of cock," Aaron finally said. "I actually first met Paul when he was at eleven and desperate to lose an inch. And thirty years later, well..."

"Thank you again," I hurriedly said. "I hope this won't cause some sort of problem."

"Oh no!" Paul laughed. "Ten inches on each of us is fine. In fact, I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this addition later today."

"But after you serve up breakfast," Aaron added. "Don't let the kitchen staff be without your expert guidance." Looking pointedly at the clock, Aaron let that last sentence dangle in midair.

Paul nodded quickly. "Right, right, right," he said. "I'll take a shower downstairs and then head on over." He leaned over and ruffled my hair. "You stay here and relax, ok? We'll tell your friends that you're lying down but that you're all right."

I wanted to argue that no, I was fine, but honestly I was exhausted. So I just nodded, and Aaron smiled and ruffled my hair as well. "When you're done with the tub, just go lie down on the bed and take a nap," he said. "I'll change the sheets so you're good to go." And with that, the two of them scooted out of the room and dimmed the lights to a low glow.

For about half an hour, as the water in the huge tub slowly cooled, I just relaxed and exhaled deeply. All this growing and shrinking and screwing had taken far more out of me than I'd thought. Finally, though, the water was getting a little too cool. I pulled the drain in the tub and as the water slowly swirled down and away, I climbed out of the tub and grabbed one of the fresh towels that Aaron and Paul had set out for me. Drying off, I stumbled back into the bedroom, climbed under the fresh warm sheets, and fell asleep.
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Although this story doesn't feature any muscle growth so far, I'm really enjoying it!!!
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Agreed - with above post Even though it doesn't involve growth this was really something interesting, and a GREAT addition to this story. Very, very refreshingly well done!
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