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Bear & His Buddies 1,2,3

Bear & His Buddies


BY Myoder

The bar was crowded with the usual riff raff and bikers. It was noisy and smoky and generally typical for a Saturday night. Guys were vying for the attention, showing off their tattoos, playing pool and arm wrestling. These were all big guys and this bar had the reputation of being one of the nastiest hangouts in town.
Then Bear and his buddies arrived. They'd heard about the bar from their gang in New Mexico and decided to check it out. When they walked in, the room went silent, and all eyes turned to the door. This is what they saw --

Bear - 47 years old, 6'8" and 550lbs of powerlifter. He was easily 3 feet thick, and his massive muscles strained the sleeves of his plaid shirt. He had long dirty blond hair swept over his head and a full beard that rested on his massive chest. His arms were pushed out to the sides by the flare of his huge thick lats. His gut was big, but solid as a rock and his quads and calves were immense. His basket was pushed forward and down by its sheer weight. His forearms were like two huge hams, covered in brown hair, with an eagle tattoo on one and a serpent on the other. His hands were easily 6" wide across the palm and when he tensed his fists, his huge arms sent little splits up his sleeves. His neck was thick and his traps rose like mountains over his insanely broad shoulders.

Big Jim - 36 years old, 6'4" and easily 375lbs. He was balding with a brown hair and huge mustache that completely covered his mouth. His neck was liek a bull's, thick and veiny. He wore a tank top that stretched tight across his inhuman pecs and over his bowling ball shoulders. His biceps were so tight and huge that his forearms were pulled forward by the tension, veins snaking over the huge muscles. His chest had a trail of hair down the middle and his thick abs were evident through the fabric of the shirt. His legs were like tree trunks and he wore his huge limp dick down his pant leg, displaying his maleness for everyone to see.

Finally there was Mike - 38 years old, 6'2" and 450lbs. His brown hair was swept over his head and he had several days growth of beard. He wore thick glasses and his eyebrows were heavy. Mike was wearing a denim vest that exposed the mat of thick silky hair that trailed over his twitching pecs, the veins still easy to see through all the fur. His biceps were massive and thick and his gut was cut with huge blocks of hair covered muscle. His basket was full and pressed forward by the size of his incredible legs.

The sight of these mountainous men silenced the group in the bar. They walked to the bar and ordered beers sitting down at a table nearby. Pretty soon the noise started up as people began to talk again and the guys were impressing the women with their skills. But a group had gathered near Bear and his buddies. One big guy, just drunk enough, decided he didn't like the attention these new guys were getting and decided to challenge them.

"Hey" he called. "You fuckers arm wrestle?"

Bear grinned. "You wanna wrestle? Sure!" Bear stood up and raised his arms in a double biceps pose. Immediately the sleeves ripped loudly and the huge peak of his freaky 35" guns burst through. His forearms stretched the cuffs and the whole jacket sleeves to the shoulders fell away from the monster muscle. "Let's do it big guy."

The big guy gulped when he saw the size of Bear's arms but having challenged him, couldn't back down. He took off his jacket and flexed his own 24" biceps, grinning back at Bear in an attempt to psyche him out. "I curl 200lbs with these babies!" the big guy said, kissing his massive arms. He came closer to Bear. Bear's huge arms made the other guy look like a boy. They sat face to face and put their arms on the table. Their huge fists clasped together.

"One, two, three!" they counted and the match began. A crowd gathered and watched as Bear held the big guy's arm in place. The big guy was straining against the power of Bear's huge fist and massive bicep, breathing hard and pushing with all the power he had. Bear let the guy work a while, grunting and groaning before giving barely a heave and the man flipped onto the floor.

"Gonna have to do better against these, boy! You curl 200?! Hell, I curl 800 for breakfast. Warm up with 1000lbs and work up to 1500lbs!" Then Bear grabbed the top of his t-shirt and tore it open revealing a mass of hair and huge pecs. His thick gut was solid muscle. He flexed his pecs and the mountains of ripped, pumped muscle bounced obscenely. Immediately, a few of the bikers were on him, running their fingers over the furry chest. Bear just grinned and continue to flex his pecs, enjoying the hands roaming over his massive 550lb frame.

"You boys don't know what power is!" Bear said. "We're three of the strongest, fuckin' powerlifters around. Show 'em, guys!"

Big Jim moved to the pool table. It was a huge solid mahogany table.

"What's this weigh?" Big Jim asked.

"I dunno," one guy said. "But it took 5 guys to move it in here."

"Well climb on, guys!" Big Jim got under the table while 10 of the bikers climbed on top. Then with barely a grunt, Jim hefted the table and started pressing it. His pecs began to swell and bulge and soon his tank top couldn't take the strain, ripping to shreds over his massive frame. Then he managed to stand up and the table lifted high into the air. He pumped out a few more reps with the table and the 10 guys - it had to weigh 2700lbs! Jim was pumped so huge, his massive quads split his pants open and his huge soft dick hung out, half hardening in the excitement of his power. When he put the table down, the guys crawled off it and Jim started pulling his huge dong, getting it even harder and even bigger. This got Bear going and he started rubbing his own growing cock through his pants.

Then Mike got into the action. He walked behind the bar and pulled a heavy chain off the back wall. He wrapped the chain around his massive bicep adn flexed. The huge muscle strained against the chain and Mike grittedhis teeth tight as he flexd harder and harder. His forearms bulged and knotted as the bicep grew harder and larger under the chain. Finally, the heavy-gage chain started snapping and link by link it exploded over his massive, 32inch bicep dropping to the floor. He picked up a few of the links and pressed them together in his hands, grunting as he fused the metal together in his bare hands.

This sent the other guys over the edge. Bear flipped out his dick and started stroking it. The heavy cock was huge! Not yet hard, it was at least 12inches long and 10 inches around. Big Jim was rock hard now and he throbbed his massive 13". Mike ripped off his denim vest and started flexing.Then he pulled out his 12" dick and started stroking it. Bikers all over started ripping open their flies and pulling out their dicks, while the monster powermen flexed and pumped their inhuman muscle.

Then Bear wentbehind the bar and grabbeda couple of full kegs of beer. Each one weighed about 200 lbs. He stroked his massive dick till it was a rock hard 15" and then tied the kegs with a piece of rope to his prick.

"Watch this boys!" Bear said as he stood on the pool table and started flexing his cock. It lifted all 400lbs 3 feet in the air on his cock. He continued to flex the giant dick and lifted the kegs for about 20 reps. Then he undid the rope and immediately a few of the bikers were on his massive cock, licking it, stroking it and playing with his huge hairy nuts. There were guys jerking all over the place, feeling the mass and power of Big Jim, Mike and Bear, climbing on their massive frames, riding their huge powerful cocks and getting off on their muscle.

Pretty soon, Bear started shooting. His massive cock exploded and he let out a loud roar as his cum flew over the bikers. Mike's 12" pole started spewing between the legs of the big guy, while he flexed his 32" biceps for the biker. Big Jim grabbed a couple of bikers and started curling them in his massive hands. He flexed his 13" dong and it shot a load across he bar hitting a mirror at the back of the room. All the other bikers were cumming and flexing for each other, turned on by the maleness that surrounded them.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," Bear grinned... ?

Bear & His Buddies


BY Myoder

After the wild time in the bar, Bear, Mike and Big Jim went back to their hangout - a cabin in the woods with the biggest basement workout room in the county. Thirty foot ceilings and a concrete floor, dug into the hillside.
They got inside and went immediately to the gym. They liked nothing better than to be constantly pumped, seeing how huge they could get, seeing how strong they could be. If they were gonna go back to the bar they wanted to be even freakier than before.

Jim put on some xxlarge track pants, leather wrist bands and a loose tank top and started with bench presses. Mike spotted him as he started the pump with a massive 700lbs. He grunted and strained against the weight, but his muscle responded by bulging huge and hard. His pecs were swelling and growing, each striation getting thicker and harder. His forearms began to swell bigger too and the cords of muscle twisted like cables under his skin. Mike pushed him on.

"C'mon, Man! Fifteen! 16! 17! Gettin huge, Man! 19! 20!" Jim pushed the weight faster and harder as his pecs grew and stretched the shirt tothe tearing point. His forearms and triceps were bulging when, at 30 reps he put the bar back and sat up. A couple of flexes and his gargantuan pecs tore through the tank top, thick striated bands of muscle and hair flexed and tight. He flexed his forearms and the leather wrist bands snapped and fell away. Jim wiped the sweat out of his thick mustache and off his brow.

Then it was Mike's turn. He moved to a dumbell set and picked up two huge weights - 500lbs in each hand. He started curling and the hefting the massive weight. Veins soon began to rise over his arms, shoulders and chest. Still he pumped the incredible dumbells. Jim was getting so turned on watching Mike heft these weight like it was pillows. He pulled out his hugedick and it flopped over his thigh. He knew Mike would be turned on watching the big dick hardening by itself, that it would give Mike even more power and size. Jim flipped his dick back and forth, and it started hardening standing right out in front of him -- all 13 thick inches flexing up and down.

"Oh, Man! YEAH!!" Mike bellowed as he hefted the 500lb dumbells faster and harder. "GETTIN' FUCKIN HUGE, MAN!!!" His arms bulged and peaked, his shoulders became boulders of massive muscle. He pumped his arms so huge they rose out to his sides, pushed out by his swelling lats. Then he grabbed both dumbells in one massive, hairy hand and started pumping 1000lbs in one hand! Ten reps, 20 reps! Finally at 30 reps in each hand he letthe weights fall to the floor. He raised his arms in a freaky display of mass. The peak on his bicep almost reached his fist. His shoulders looked like pumpkins, deep striations all over them and veins snaked over his shoulders and into the mass of hair on his pecs. Jim started licking Mike's huge 34 " guns then rubbed his massive dong over the ripped muscle. Mike grabbed Jim's thick pecs and rubbed his growing crotch over the hard muscle studs mountainous pecs. Then Mike ripped his shorts open and stroked his 12 inch pole and rubbed it over Jim's massive hard pecs.

Then it Bear's turn. He suited up in a weightlifting singlet, stretched tight over hi huge frame. Muscle bulged all over and his whole body was hairy. His long dirty blond hair draped over his shoulders, and his thick beard rested on his massive pecs. He moved to an open part of the gym. There was a series of thick industrial cables attached overhead to some pullies. The cables reached over the pullies and were attached to two school buses. He called the guys over to watch. He grasped the ends of the cables in his massive hands and stood with his huge legs wide apart. Then he started pulling down on the cables. Nothing happened. His arms and shoulders tensed and flexed as he put more force behind the pull. His triceps started shaking and sweat broke out over his brow. His thick neck bulged and his traps rose in huge mounds as he put more and more strength into the lift.

Then there was a groaning of metal. "C'mon, Freak!" Mike and Jim shouted. "LIFT THAT FUCKIN' WEIGHT! PUMP THOSE FREAKY MUSCLES! SHOW US HOW FUCKIN' STRONG YOU ARE, MAN!!" Bear grunted and pushed out deep breaths through his flaring nostrils. His face was red with the strain of the lift. Every muscle was growing over his 6'8" frame. Every muscle pumping and hard.

Then the buses started to lift. Bear put more strength into the liftand yelled,"YEAH!! BIG FUCKIN' STUD LIFTIN' THESE FUCKIN BUSES!!!" The buses lifted quickly off the floor and 6 feet into the air as Bear curled his huge arms in. The shoulder straps on the singlet gaveway and tore off his expanding shoulders. He continued to curl the buses. Five reps, ten reps, twenty reps! Mike and Jim were naked by now, stroking their masive dicks while they watched this huge musclebear lifting this freaky weight.

"REAL BIG MAN LIFTIN' THIS WEIGHT!!" Bear shouted. "GONNA GET FUCKIN HUGE." Bear's dick was starting to harden and push out the fabric of the singlet. Still he pumped the buses. Every muscle grew and expanded the singlet fell away from his massive hairy torso and his cock was exposed -- first 15" of meat bobbing up and down. "LOOK AT THAT FUCKIN' MAN'S DICK! GETTIN' BIGGER!!" He flexed his huge dick and it grew another 2 inches, while he pumped the huge weight.

"YEAHHHH!!!!!" he finally bellowed as he let the buses crash to the floor. Hestood there, looking incredibly massive - 3.5 feet thick with muscle. His traps like huge mountains beside his neck. His neck like a bull's running into his mountainous hairy pecs which twitched and bulged with every breath. His biceps and triceps were huge - easily 39" and ripped. Veins snaked over his massive hairy forearms. His quads were thick and swollen and his calves were rock hard and huge! And his huge 17" rod flexed and bobbed in his excitement. "FEEL IT, LITTLE MEN!!" He shouted. "FEEL WHAT A REAL FUCKIN'MAN IS LIKE". With a sharp intake ofbreath, he raised his arms in a double biceps and Jim and Mike were all over him. They licked every freaky huge muscle, drove their tongues into his mouth and hot ass. They climbed on this giant of muscle and Bear loved it! His cock was rock hard as Jim stood on it. Bear flexed his dick and Jim bobbed up and down.

"YEAH! YOU NEED THIS FUCKIN' MAN'S COCK DON'T YOU, BOYS!!" Bear flexed and Jim started almost jumping on the monster prick. "JUMP ON THAT BIG DICK! TRY AND HURT ME, MAN!" Jim jumped up and down and Bear kept his cock in place. Mike grabbed a plank and came up to Bear. "HIT ME WITH IT, BOY!!!" Mike hauled off and slammed the plankover Bear's pecs. It shattered into a thousand pieces. Bear was not moved. He stood his ground and soon and stroked his cock.

"GOTTA FUCKIN' SHOOT!!!" he bellowed. Jim and Mike climbed onto the mountain of muscle and beat their own huge dicks, shooting wads into Bear's hairy chest, over his back and onto his massive thighs. Bear stroked his dick only a couple of times and let go of it. Cum shot out of the monster 17" dong and splattered half-ways across the gym.

"Yeah!" Bear said, pulling Jim and Mike off his huge body like theywere little children. "Now let's get back to that bar..." ?

Bear & His Buddies


BY Myoder

When Bear, Big Jim and Mike walked back into the bar, Everyone stopped what they were doing and made room. These three huge guys were even bigger now. The guys in the bar were waiting to see what feats of strength they'd perform tonight. Some were already rubbing their stiffening pricks through their jeans. Bear walked upto the bar and ordered beers for the guys. he took off his jacket and flashed his swollen 39" biceps. Immediately, several smaller bikers were squeezing the thick muscle, and Bear let them. He loved the attention he knew his massive muscle and inhuman power would bring him. Jim and Mike were also flexing their pecs and arms for their admirers.
Then the show began. Mike started by grabbing an empty keg and squeezing it with his powerful hands. The metal keg was crushed in a moment and Mike tossed it aside. Then Jim strapped chains around his huge thick forearms and challenged four guys to pull him down. The big men grabbed the chains and pulled with all their strength. Jim stood his ground and pulled his huge arms in. The men pulled back. Jim grunted and tensed and pulled in harder, and the bikers fell in a heap on the floor a his feet. He raised his arms and flexed his massive, bulging biceps. Guys were licking the peaks, chewing on the muscle and licking the sweat out of Jim's hairy pits.

Bear was just about to start his part of the show, when there was a loud noise from the back room. Everyone stopped and listened.

"WHO THE FUCK'S BEEN MESSIN' IN MY BAR??!!!" A deep voice bellowed. The bikers all whispered to themselves. "Oh shit, Frank's back!"

"Who the hell is Frank?" Mike asked.

"The bar owner," one guy said. "He's been gone a long time - 6 months - guess he heard about you guys."

The back door to the bar flew open and the Bear and his buddies were shocked. There stood a man who was immense. He had to be 7' tall and looked to weigh at least 650lbs. He was completely bald, and had a heavy black beard, thick eyebrows and black eyes. He chomped on a big cigar. His neck was one mass of thick muscle and veins, leading into traps that stood like mountainsm striated and big. His shoulders were incredibly broad, deep striations and bands of huge muscle twisted into his pecs and arms. His pecs, under a tight t-shirt, were huge, bulging out far from his massive torso, hairy and flexed tight. Tufts of dark hair billowed over the top of his shirt. His lats spread wide, pushing his arms way out at his sides. His arms were massive twisted steel cords, ripped and huge - easily 38" unpumped, with horseshoe triceps leading into thick, thick hairy forearms. He clenched his massive fists and his forearms bulged. His gut was thick and hard, rising and falling with each breath. His legs were like tree trunks, pressing the fabric of his jeans so incredibly tight you could see the cuts in his quads. His limp dick was clearly visible hanging half-way down his pant leg.

"Who are you fuckers?!" Frank demanded. "And who the fuck said you could rip my bar apart?!!" He moved to Bear and towered over him. Bear was unmoved and calm about the whole thing.

"Me and my buddies were havin' some fun with your boys. Showin' 'em what real men are."

Frank grinned. "Yeah, they like to see strong fuckers at work. That's why they hang out with me!" He flexed his gargantuan pecs and the t-shirt tore open wiht a loud rrrippp. His massive hairy pecs bulged and twitched. Bear was tempted to touch them, but he held back. Instead, Bear flexed his incredible bicep at his side and his shirt sleeve ripped open exposing the inhuman arm. Then he casually walked over to the bar adn behind it. There was a huge refrigeration unit. Bear grappled it from the wall and pulled it into the middle of the room. He reached underneath and with one powerful hairy hand hefted the huge unit into the air.

He pressed the unit over his head for 20 reps then changed hands and pressed it with the other hand. His arms and shoulders were bulging and stretching his shirt, until it finally gave way and tore off his massive body. He stood there pumped and huge, arms swollen and strong, his hairy pecs rising and falling with every breath, twitching and flexing.

"Pretty good for a little guy," Frank said. "Why not try something like this?" He walked out to the parking lot and everyone followed him. He moved to a couple of vans and grabbed a set of chains. He wrapped the chains around the bumpers and grasped the ends in his huge hands. Then he whistled and two guys started the vans. Frank stood his ground as the vans revved their engines. Then he whistled again and the drivers started to move forward. Frank held his ground. His huge arms expanded even more and the rest of his t-shirt tore off his massive shoulders and biceps falling in pieces to the ground.


Frank's huge dick started swelling in his excitement and puhsed his pant leg out tighter and tighter. The vans started to smoke and the tires spun faster and faster as the superhuman giant pulled his arms in. Spinning their tires, the vans were pulled backwards toward Frank.

"ARRGGHH!!!!!" he bellowed and pulled in hard, backing away from the vans which collided end to end and stopped. Frank stood there pumped and massive, his hairy, sweaty body was impossibly huge! His monster dick, swollen and hard, burst through his tight jeans and stood straight out. A full 20 inches of rock hard muscle cock, flexing and bobbing. "GET OVER HERE AND FEEL A REAL FUCKIN' GIANT, BOYS!!! LOOK AT THESE FUCKIN' GUNS!!"

By now all the guys were pulling their dicks at this show of incredible power. Frank flexed his now 41" biceps and called to the guys to climb on. Several big men immediately jumped on the muscle giant and climbed over his body. They looked like little kids crawling over his massive, hairy frame. Two big men straddled his giant dick and he held them in place, flexing his cock with the weight of two men on it.

By now Bear, Mike and Big Jim were stripped and flexing for the guys. Bear grabbed man after man and piled them on his massive frame, a human pyramid of muscle and raw power. "MORE!!" Bear Shouted. "MORE FUCKERS ON THIS MASS!!"

Mike was flexing his huge arms while two guys rode the biceps up and down. His cock was like steel and several guys were jacking him, while he posed and flexed. "RIDE THOSE BIG FUCKIN' BICEPS, BOYS!" he told them.

Jim was pressing man after man over his head, sucking in their dicks with every downstroke while otehr guys were eating his massive dick and licking his hot ass. It wasn't long before the guys were all shooting incredible loads over the muscle studs, but Frank held off. He had one last show he wanted to give them.

He grabbed a long chain and tied it around his 20" monster dick. Then he handed it to bear and told him to pull. Frank stood there with his hands on his hips and Bear started pulling the chain on Frank's dick. Frank winced a little as Bear pulled harder, but he didn't budge from his spot. His dick stretched out but remained hard as rock as he showed the guys how incredibly powerful he was.

"YEAH!!! PULL THAT FUCKIN' DICK!!! GONNA MAKE IT SHOOT, BEAR!!!. BIG FUCKIN MUSCLEMAN'S DICK!!!" Frank yelled. Then he tightened the muscles in his dick and Bear was actually pulled toward him! Frank laughed hard and loud as his huge dick started shooting streams of hot jism all over Bear and the others. He ended, still hard as a rock in a massive most muscular pose, his flexing cock still hard and dripping? ?
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Fantastic! This pushed a lot of my buttons.
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SHIT! Um - nice. Very nice.
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

yahoo: storyen
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