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A Better Man 3

As promised here is the final chapter to the story. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks

[COLOR=black][COLOR=silver]Part 3[/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I don?t know?? Ben answered absent mindedly.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Okay, take your time sir.? Gio racked his brain to think of something else to say to keep the dialogue going. ?Do you have any questions about the bus routes?? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben didn?t answer right away. He thought how different Gio treated him now. He liked it. If he had only one day to live looking like this, why waste it searching for Wen Chu? He should take advantage of what fate had giving him as a birthday present. Ben stood up and watched Gio?s eyes widen. He stepped on the bus and felt the vehicle list from his weight. He banged his head on the ceiling. He lowered into a slightly stooped position. He reached for his wallet and realized he didn?t have one. ?Sorry, I forgot my bus pass? Ben started to leave.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Don?t worry sir. This one?s on me? Gio said with a nervous smile.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben watched a bead of moisture roll down the driver?s face. It was the first time he saw Gio sweat. Ben leaned in closer to Gio. Without saying a word he put his hand on the Italian stud?s firm thigh. Ben applied a little pressure. ?You work out?? Gio nodded, flexing his legs to prove the point. Ben decided to have some fun. ?Don?t worry. It takes some man a longer time to put on real muscle. Maybe we can hit the gym together and I can give you some much needed advice.? Ben straightened up as much as he could and put is left leg forward. He flexed his thigh. A slab of muscle exploded forth. ?Is this what you want your legs to look like?? Gio?s already unsteady confidence was shattered. His whole body became gelatin and his gaze fell to his feet. ?Don?t worry, I can whip you into shape? Ben said gently as he ran his hand through Gio?s thick hair. Gio raised his head and looked at Ben?s smiling face. ?I guess I better take a seat.? Ben turned and walked down the aisle of the bus. He had to twist his body to the side to fit down the narrow walkway. He passed by Ellen who he didn?t recognize at first as a blonde. She was staring at Ben as if he was her favorite movie star. Ben found two empty seats on the other side and a row behind Ellen. He sat in the center with each ass cheek on a separate seat. His broad upper body completely covered both seat backs. Ben thought it was amusing he now demanded the same space which two people would normally occupy. He watched Gio in the bus?s large rearview mirror. Gio kept his eyes on Ben the same way. Whenever they made eye contact, Ben would flash a smile.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben only looked away from the mirror whenever Ellen would turn around to casually get a glimpse of him. Ben gave her an indifferent stare when their eyes met. After a few minutes the bus arrived at Ellen?s stop. Ben stood up and grabbed Ellen?s arm as he got up to leave. He leaned into her and whispered in her ear, ?Do I make your womanly juices flow?? Ellen body melted into Ben, her legs giving away temporarily. She looked longingly at Ben and nodded yes. Ben smiled and said confidently ?Good?. He released his grip. Ellen clumsily walked down the aisle, hesitating a moment to get one final eyeful of Ben before stepping off the bus. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]As the vehicle emptied, Ben moved to the front. He sat in the first row opposite the driver. He stared at still nervous transportation employee. Gio became subconscious of his every move as he felt the beautiful passenger?s eyes on him. After about twenty minutes, Ben spoke again, ?When is your shift over??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?In about half an hour? Gio said, his voice still showing signs of strain. ?Why??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I?m a man who likes to pay his debts. I don?t have any money, but maybe there is something I can do for you or to you instead.? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You want to go to the gym now??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I feel like pumping something, but it?s not iron? Ben said seductively. ?Isn?t there anything else we can do together??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]The perspiration on Gio?s face worsened. ?Sure, yes. I mean I can think of a thing or two?.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Only two? I was hoping you had a better imagination than that? Ben chuckled. The rumble of Ben?s deep laugh made Gio?s cock twitch. The tent pole in his pants forced his fly to rise higher. He repositioned his thighs to make it less noticeable. But it didn?t escape Ben, ?That?s a good sign. I must have sparked a couple more ideas.? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Some of Gio?s confidence was returning. After all he couldn?t be all bad if someone like Ben was interested in him. Gio asked to Ben stay on the bus until they reached the city depot. Both stunning examples of humanity got into Gio?s truck. Ben suggested they go to Gio?s place, but Gio thought it would be more special if they went to a hotel. Gio, who was very familiar with the city, drove them to the nearest hotel, the airport Hyatt. Ben thought fate?s gift was getting better and better. They entered the hotel lobby to stares. Ben noticed a banner welcoming a convention of plumbers. There was a line at the check-in desk. Gio who was feeling more and more comfortable around the golden god, leaned into Ben, ?I?ll get us a room, so we can start the most satisfying and imaginative night of my life?.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]A realization came to Ben, Gio expected him to be a great lover. Someone who looked like Ben should have plenty of experience in the sack; but in reality he was a virgin. The pressure to perform beyond Gio?s wildest fantasies suddenly hit him. He looked around the lobby and saw an adjoining bar. He could use a drink, or at least he thought he could. He didn?t have much experience with alcohol either, but it couldn?t hurt. In the movies drunken people always ended up in bed together. ?Great, I?ll be in the bar?, Ben excused himself. He walked across the lobby, all eyes following his progress. He could feel the people staring at him. Their collective gaze mesmerized by the movement of his body, especially what was happening in his tightly packed shorts. Both coming and going, the less than two square feet of Spandex held the entire room spellbound. He approached the bar and carefully balanced himself on a stool. He was constantly surprised how small and fragile everything was to him now. The bartender quickly came to take his order. Ben realized he was never in a bar before since he was still too young to drink. What if the bar tender carded him? ?A,,beer,,,, draft? Ben said deepening his voice even more to appear older. Within seconds a pint appeared before him without question. Ben took a sip of his cold ale. He licked his lips then took a gulp downing half the glass. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben looked around the dark room and suddenly felt a hand caressing his arm. ?My, aren?t you a big boy?? Ben turned to see a man with a slight frame and cute face sitting next to him. He didn?t answer and just took another gulp of his beer finishing the glass. As Ben lifted the glass, his arm flexed slightly from the effort. The cute guy whispered ?wow? as he continued to feel up Ben?s bicep. ?You are so fucking hot. I love a man with muscle and my God do you have muscle. I heard Mr.Galaxy, Nebula or something was staying here.? Ben didn?t respond. Ben nodded to the bar tender as another beer appeared. The aggressive suitor continued, ?Listen, I normally don?t do this, but I?ll blow you at no charge. You only have to let me touch you while you slowly go through your posing routine. What?d you say, muscle man??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?What?? Ben asked in disbelieve.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Oh, please don?t act innocent with me. I?m sure you get propositioned all the time. I just want to cut to the chase. Believe you me, this is a great offer, I?ve been told by many clients I have a very talented mouth?.and tongue.? The groper moved his hand from Ben?s arm to his crotch, ?Of course with you I may have to dislocate my jaw. Jesus Christ, you are a very big boy.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben easily removed the smaller man?s hand from between his thighs. ?Are you a, uh, uh, call?guy??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?If you mean a professional male escort, then the answer is yes. But being with you will be pure pleasure, not business.? The hustler?s hand went back to Ben?s arm.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben?s mind was working up a solution to his problem. ?So have you been doing this long?? The other man answered proudly ?about six years?. Ben was shocked, he estimated the scrawny kid had to be no older than 21 or 22. ?You must have learned a lot of tricks of the trade.? Ben then quickly added, ?No pun intended?.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Oh yes, I?ve done and seen it all. But I?m always willing to learn something new.? The hustler moved his other hand to the underside of Ben?s arm. He now had one hand on Ben?s bicep and one on his tricep. ?Fuck, even with both hands I can?t reach completely around you arm. What is it like 24 inches??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Probably? Ben said quickly not really interested in his impressive measurements at the moment, ?Anyway, I must say having all the sexual knowledge must be very useful in your line of work. I really admire?? Ben stopped in mid sentence as he grimaced in pain.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Are you alright?? the cute boy asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben moved the hand of his free arm to his forehead and rubbed it. ?Yes fine, just a little headache.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?That came out of nowhere??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Actually I was hoping for it.? Ben said with a smirk. His mind was flooded with erotic images[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?What?? the professional asked finally dropping his tired hands from Ben?s arm. Just then Gio walked up to the other side of Ben.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I?ve got our room key? Gio said holding up the card.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]The hustler leaned back and scanned Gio?s form. ?Fuck me. Are you two together?? Ben got up off the stool and stood behind Gio. He wrapped his arms around his partner and licked the side of his neck. Both studs smiled at the smaller observer. ?Hey are you two up for a threesome.? Gio and Ben just laughed and started to walk away. ?I?ll help make it an unforgettable night!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben looked back at the bar without stopping, ?You already have?.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Immediately entering the room, Ben tore Gio?s shirt off his hard body. As Ben ran his fingers through Gio?s soft chest hair, Gio tried to pull Ben?s t-shirt up over his head. The tight fabric won?t budge past Ben?s pec shelf. Ben grabbed onto the t-shirt?s collar with both hands and pulled in opposite directions. With a loud snap the shirt ripped down the center revealing his hulking physique. After a moment of stunned silence, Gio?s mouth fell onto Ben?s right nipple. Gio sucked and nibbled at the downward pointing erogenous zone while pushing the remnants of the t-shirt off his shoulders. Ben felt his cock come to life. He grabbed the back of Gio?s head and guided him over to his left nipple. With his other hand he unbuckled Gio?s belt and nimbly unbuttoned, then unzipped his pants making them fall to his ankles. Gio moved his hungry mouth to Ben?s cavernous cleavage before he traveled down the deeply recessed line that divided Ben?s stacked abs. He started to lick and suck Ben?s growing cock through his skin tight shorts. He wrapped his fingers around the stretchy waistband and tugged. He worked them down to the roundest part of Ben?s ass without much problem. But he had to apply a lot more pressure to make the 34? waistband expand past Ben?s gigantic orbs. The shorts were lowered enough now for Gio to get his first look at Ben?s equipment. Ben?s twin boulders flowed out over the shorts like a landslide. It felt so good to finally have them free from confinement; Ben nudged Gio?s face aside to massage them in his hand. The tip of his rubbery cock was still stuck in the leg of his shorts. Ben pulled in out, the tip hitting Gio in the face. ?Shit, it?s huge!? Gio whispered before continuing his struggle with Ben?s shorts. He had to inch them down past his girder-like thighs. Ben tried to stand still without flexing his leg muscles to make it easier for Gio. Eventually the shorts fell past Ben?s mayonnaise jar sized calves to the floor. Ben stepped out of the shorts and kicked them and his sandals away. Gio started to grope Ben?s legs testing their hardness. He ran his hands over the twin pillar?s sharply defined surface. Ben was now free to flex his legs, Gio moaned his gratitude. He began to lick the rocky crevice between Ben?s thighs. He ran his hands over the back of Ben?s legs. Gio continued to work his tongue upward. He used his nose to push Ben?s heavy ball sack up and out of the way. Ben?s capacious jewel box rested on the top of Gio?s head. When he couldn?t go any higher, he caressed the tender spot behind Ben?s balls with his tongue. He grabbed Ben?s ass cheeks, one in each strong hand, his thick fingers working their way deep into the profound crack. Ben?s cock became hard as steel. Precum drooled from the thick slit at the large, purple knob. It was Ben?s turn to moan. Gio took a deep breathe, inhaling Ben?s earthy essence. Gio wrapped his arms around Ben?s thighs in a powerful bear hug and forced his nose deeper into Ben?s core. Ben felt his cock become painfully harder. Finally needing oxygen, Gio emerged from under Ben?s balls. He looked up at Ben, his face red and sweaty. ?You are so amazingly big and hard and so fucking strong. I can?t believe you?re real? Gio let go of Ben?s ass and began to stroke the rigid I-beam in front of him. Gio forced more precum from Ben?s arching shaft with his hands as if it were a tube of toothpaste. He then hungrily sucked the leakage. ?You taste as good as you look.? While still stroking Ben?s meat stick, Gio moved his oral attention to Ben?s balls, mouthing one at a time. Ben was about to explode. He never expected Gio to be a sniffer and a licker. Of course in Ben?s fantasies, it was him doing the worshiping not Gio. Ben felt a twang of pain from his balls. ?What?s this, a birth mark?? Gio asked as he examined Wen Chu?s branding with his tongue. Ben didn?t what to discuss it. He decided it was time for him to take charge. If Gio liked big, strong men, that?s what Ben would be. He?d be the top Gio wanted.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben had to stoop over slightly to see Gio below his protruding pecs. ?I?ll show you how strong I am, little man.? Ben bent over more and placed his hands under Gio?s arms. He picked Gio up like an adult would a small child. Ben easily supported Gio?s 230 pounds. With his feet off the floor, Gio?s work pants fell off past his shoes. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Gio groped Ben?s bulging biceps. ?Please let me lick them, I want to bury my face in you deep pits.? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben playfully tossed Gio onto the bed. ?There?s plenty of time for that later.? Ben yanked off Gio?s shoes, socks and black underwear. Both muscular men were finally nude. Ben grabbed onto Gio?s throbbing 8 inches. He squeezed it tightly in his enormously powerful hand. Gio inhaled sharply through clenched teeth. ?That?s what I call one well stuffed manicotti? Ben said. He took his other hand and squeezed Gio?s plump twins. ?Nice meatballs too, amici?. Gio erupted, his thick cream landing on his washboard abs. Ben took his hand and rubbed the cum into Gio?s skin. He then brought his fingers to his mouth, ?And the whole package comes with a sweet cream sauce?. Gio reached out for Ben?s hand. He grabbed it and licked it clean of his own cum.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben climbed onto the bed, his upper body dividing Gio?s spread eagle legs. ?I?ve had enough foreplay. It?s time for the main event.? Ben pulled Gio down toward his awaiting cock. Ben positioned his pole at the entrance to Gio?s hole. Gio bit his lower lip in anticipation of the pain. Ben thrust his hips forward. With a loud moan from Gio the two men were one. With each breath Ben went a little deeper inside his lover. Gio stared directly into Ben?s handsome face. He blocked at the pain and concentrated on the intoxicating pleasure. That was the first time Gio had felt such sexual joy, the first of many that night. During the next several hours, both men experienced ecstasy over and over again. Each man?s tongue and cock went into every possible body cavity of the other. Ben took the led with the extensive knowledge he received from the hustler; rimming, fingering and fisting became second nature to him. But he encouraged Gio to live out his fantasies too. But, Gio was more than willing to acquiescence his alpha role in the relationship. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Taking a break between fucking sessions, Ben had taken a shower. When he emerged from the steamy bathroom he found Gio getting dressed. ?Where you going, we?re not done here?, he said stroking his hardening tool.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Please Zach, I can?t take anymore. My body is sore and my cock is so raw, it looks like a piece of tenderized brisket.? Ben said barely able to stand up straight.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Come on, it?s still early. I?ll be gentler this time? Ben now stood directly in front of Gio. He flexed his arm so the mountain of muscle was inches from Gio?s face. ?I just took a shower, but I could use another one of your tongue baths.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Gio eyes widened, his mouth began to water. Gio leaned forward and licked the peaked mass. He grimaced in pain and grabbed his crotch. ?I can?t. I really can?t. Please don?t tempt me. You know I can?t deny you anything?, he pleaded.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Okay, sorry.? Ben lowered his arm removing the irresistible lure. He sat down on the disheveled bed a little disappointed. ?We don?t have to do anything, Gio. We can get some sleep and have breakfast in the morning.? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?That sounds great, but it?s almost midnight. I have to get home.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Home? Why?? Ben saw a guilty look on Gio?s face. ?Do you have someone waiting for you at home??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Gio shook his head yes, his eyes darting from Ben?s face to the floor. ?My wife and daughter.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You?re married? If you?re straight, why the hell are you here with me??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Gio looked directly at Ben. ?You?re kidding right? As any one ever said no to you??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Right, because the way I look. I actually forgot for a minute.? Ben fell back onto the bed. ?This turned out to be one hell of a birthday that?s for sure.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You never said anything about it being your birthday. It seems like I?m the one who got the gift tonight.? Gio sat on the bed next to Ben and rubbed his chest. Ben just stared up at the ceiling. ?I didn?t mean to disappoint you. While she can?t give me what you can, I really do love my wife. We?ve been together for almost seven years. I hope you can understand.? Gio bent over and gently kissed Ben on the lips. ?Happy birthday!? Gio rested his cheek on Ben?s. The abrasive action of their two thick beards rubbing together felt strangely erotic to both of them. Gio whispered in his lover?s ear, ?I don?t regret anything I did here tonight.? Gio lifted his head away from Ben?s. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben put his hand on the back of Gio?s head stopping his elevation, ?Neither do I?. Ben pulled Gio closer. He kissed him deeply and passionately. He finally let go and the men separated. Gio and Ben held their positions, their faces only inches apart. Both men thinking how incredibly beautiful the other one looked at this moment. Gio.stood up and shuffled out of the room. He turned to look at the reclining hunk once more, but Ben didn?t take his eyes off the ceiling. Ben heard the door shut. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben took a deep breath and ran his hands over his face. He rolled over to see the clock that was lying on the floor. Like everything else in the room, it was knocked from it rightful place during one of their trysts. It read 11:38. He caught his reflection in the closet?s mirrored doors. He got off the bed and walked over to the mirror. Alone, in a private space for the first time since his transformation, Ben started to explore his body. He thought he better enjoy it while he could. It might all go away in a few minutes. He slowly ran his hands over each enormous bulge and deep crevice of his magnificently sculpted body. He did the same poses he preformed at the gym earlier.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]He thought about how Gio commented on his incredible strength. Even Ben was surprised how easily he could subdue a man Gio?s size. At one time, he was able to hold back both of Gio?s thick arms with just one hand. Then Ben remembered how he admired Spike?s superior power. He wondered if some how that strength was amplified by the larger size of his muscles. That would mean he was one of the strongest men in the world. He reached into the partially opened closet and lifted the steel rod from its brackets. With a twist of his wrist, all the empty hangers slid off. He examined the five feet long, two inch diameter piece of steel pipe. He grabbed it with both hands about shoulder width apart and squeezed. Ben applied more pressure and the pipe began to curl, within seconds it reached it breaking point and bent in half. Ben forced both sides until perfectly parallel. ?Damn that was easier than I thought?. Ben then wrapped his enormous hands around the doubly thick pipe and squeezed again. He squeezed harder than before but the pipe wouldn?t bend. He then put it behind his neck and squeezed the two ends toward each other in front of his face. In this position he engaged more of his pectoral muscles, Spike?s strongest body part. Ben watched his image in the mirror, his body was pumped. His muscles were swollen, his skin glistened with sweat. Suddenly the ends of the pipe moved. Ben didn?t stop until he formed a perfect U shape. ?Now that?s what I call a test of real strength. Ben dropped the pipe to the floor and did a most muscular pose. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]He massaged his balls feeling Wen Chu?s brand, the only blemish of his otherwise perfectly flawless body. He continued to play with himself while he watched his chest and ab muscles move as he caught his breath. He looked at the clock which now read 11:58. He started to vigorously stroke his cock. He wanted to come once more with this body. His cock was slow to respond. Maybe his time with Gio wore him out more than he thought. He pumped harder. He thought about all the things he still wanted to do as ZachBenson. He wanted to test how straight Geoff really was. He wanted to punch Spike in the chest and knock him on his ass. He wanted to spend a month on a tropical island wearing nothing but a thong and fuck everything in sight. He wanted to go to a nude beach and show them just how beautiful the human male can be. But most of all, he wanted to spend another night with Gio. Suddenly there was sharp pain in his balls. He fell to his knees from the paralyzing sting. Ben looked at the clock, it read 12:00. ?Shit, fuck, not yet? Ben growled. But then the pain stopped. Ben stood up and looked in the mirror. He looked the same as he did a minute ago. He flexed his right arm and felt it with his left. It was as hard as before. He grabbed his rubbery cock and swollen balls. They were just as impressive. But then he realized the brand was gone. He twisted his ball sack the best he could to see the back skin in the mirror. It was as smooth and tan as the rest of his skin. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben was trying to understand what this meant when there was a knock at the door. From the other side, someone said ?room service?. Ben wrapped a bed sheet around his waist and opened the door. It was a older black man with a silver covered dish on a cart. The man entered after recovering from the sight of someone like Ben answering the door half naked. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?What?s this?? Ben asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I don?t know sir? The attendant checked his notes. ?It was ordered by GiovanniApperone.? He lifted the lid off the plate. Underneath was a small birthday cake with a single candle. ?Is it your birthday, sir??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?It was? Ben said feeling suddenly emotional. Someone did care about his birthday.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Well, I hope you had a nice day sir? The employee added as he placed the cover on the cart?s lower shelf.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?It was a day that changed me forever? Ben thought about what had just happened. Did he still have the ability to modify his appearance? Ben looked at the older man trying to find something admirable about him. The man?s thick handlebar mustache caught his eye. It was something he could easily shave if he didn?t want it anymore. ?You have a great mustache there?Willis? Ben commented reading the employee?s name tag. Ben took Willis? hand in his and shook it. ?I really admire your mustache, Willis. Oh, and thank you for the cake.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You?re welcome sir. Did you want me to light the candle?? the hotel employee asked waiting for the guest to release his grip.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?No, that won?t be necessary. But thank you Willis. And again I really admire that mustache of yours.? Ben let go of Willis? hand and walked to the mirror. He looked below his nose. The only thing present was his thick, manly stubble.? Ben ran his finger over his relatively clean shaven upper lip.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Looking confused, Willis backed up toward the door. ?Well, when you are done sir. Just leave the cart in the hall and someone will pick it up.? Willis shut the door behind him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben sat down on the bed and tried to understand his situation. Wen Chu said on his birthday he would be the better man of those he admired. It was no longer his birthday, so it made sense he couldn?t change anymore. But then again, his birthday came ever year. Did that mean next year, the ability would return? A smile came over Ben?s face. ?I might actually start to look forward to my birthdays?. He stood up and peered into the mirror while bouncing his pecs. ?I think I can handle being stuck with this body for the next twelve months.? Ben laughed and walked back to the cart with his birthday cake. On the floor next to the cart was Steve?s business card. It must have fallen out of Ben?s shorts when Gio removed them. He reached down and picked up the card. ?I have Zach?s future to think about now.? He turned toward the nightstand. He felt something cold on his cock. It was frosting from the cake. His cock must have brushed up against it when he turned. ?I have to realize how far this thing hangs out away from my body or I?m going to be knocking things over all the time. Plus there?s my new height and strength and looks and intelligence. Being ZachBenson is a big adjustment for old Benj.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Ben wiped the frosting from his cock. ?Where?s my licker when I need him.? He put his frosted fingers in his mouth. He wondered if Gio would like the taste of the cake?s butter cream more than his man creme. Ben picked the telephone up off the floor and put it back on the night stand. He dialed the hotel operator. ?Yes, could you connect me to SteveGarcia?s room please? Ben caught his reflection in the mirror. He ran his hand through his hair and over upper body. His cock began to surge to life. He grabbed it and pulled gently. ?On second thought operator, connect me to ChaseJameson?s room instead. No, it?s okay. He told me to call anytime day or night. Just tell him it?s his posing partner on the line. I?m sure he?ll want to talk to me.?[/COLOR]
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i really like this story...please don't end here :]
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I agree!!!! Please write about Zach & Chase's meeting up at the hotel! WOOF. This was/is a great story. Thanks!
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Pretty slick story.
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Agreed, good story. Would love to hear how Spike and Beef Stick respond to Ben/Zach's appearance. But I do understand stories have to end somewhere, and there's always fantasies :-)

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Again, thank you to those who wrote such positive comments. Currently, I don't know what else to do with the characters to continue the story. Yes, a sex scene with Chase and Zach would be hot. And going back to the gym is a good idea, but to what end. There has to be some sort of meaning to it all.

I thought of moving the story ahead one year to Zach's next birthday. Or maybe it turns out that Chase was branded by Wen Chu also. But still can't figure out the purpose. Maybe after a break from the story, something will come to me. But like Corwin said, every story has to end.

Oh, and by the way Corwin. I liked your continuation of My Father's Child. I meant to write comments but I didn't. Then as the story moves down the page, I hate to write something to make it top out again. Don't know why, but I do. Anyway, I thought your ideas were great and appreciated how you kept the main points (ex. Wallace being very sickly) of the story intact. Thank you.
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I thought the idea of stealing or copying abilities was darkly exciting. Looking forward to next year's birthday sequel if there is one.
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