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A Word Out of Place - Part 6

This story is now complete. Content warnings and description for this story accompany part 1. Each part has a link to the next part at the end for your convenience.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten


Just a heads up: I think there's another three or four installments of this story left (and more for the other one, although a lot of it hasn't actually been written yet so who knows), but I'm likely to be really busy this week, and so I may skip a day or two.


A Word Out of Place
Part 6

"You did amazingly well, my Prince. Perhaps I was wrong about the effects of the salts."

"I would much rather pretend it was natural talent. Oh, that feels nice."

"Yes, in all probability you are right. You have great talent with the sword. I once told you that you would be the equal of the captain of the guard in a bit less than a year, but I clearly underestimated you. It has been only six months, and you would at least give him a great deal of work as an opponent."

"I am glad to hear you say that, although I do not seem to be making any progress against you."

"I have told you before: I am magically enhanced. I am not a fitting standard for comparison for ordinary men. I suspect -- and you must understand that I say this as a statement, not a boast -- that if faced by a hundred men, each the equal of the captain, or even one of the other bodyguards, I would still be victorious. But for you to defeat even the captain of the guard would be a remarkable achievement."

"Very reassuring. Thank you. I appreciate the trouble you're taking over this."

"It is nothing, Prince Andrew. I am your bodyguard. I have no other focus than your well-being. If I can make you stronger and healthier, that will only be to the good."

"And, Simon--" Andrew paused.

"Yes, my Prince?"

"Nothing. Thank you again."

"You're welcome. Now, the ordinary rubdown is complete, but I have a salve here which I made with the rest of those salts. To the best of my belief, this should complement the ingested salts and amplify their effect. Hold still while I rub it in."


Prince Andrew lay still on his bed, staring into space. For once, he was not fantasizing about Simon. In truth, he felt better than he had for many nights, but he was lost in thought. Simon's back, without his tunic? That was certainly an object of fantasy, and the throbbing between his legs bore witness to his desire, but could such a situation possibly be engineered without raising suspicion? He could barely face Simon for grappling without revealing his desires, and that with the use of the special protective cup. This would take some thinking.

Outside the door, Simon rested. Passing guards noticed that, unusually, he was smiling.


"Good heavens, Prince Andrew! You're practically melting! What on earth have you been doing? Have some ale."

"Ah, thank you, Ellen. Come, Simon. Why stand when you can sit down by the fire? I've been out gathering firewood."


"Another training exercise from the guards, Ellen. Our Prince is learning to cope with large, heavy objects which are not easy to balance or manage. And it has the practical effect of keeping everyone warm, as well."

"Of course, what Simon isn't telling you, Ellen, is that he has me chopping the trees down as well."

"There is nothing so unusual about that, my Prince. The guards do that as well."

"Yes, but they work in teams, and each one carries only a fraction of the tree! At a walk! You have me running back and forth with the wood!"

"Well, Prince Andrew, if it is half as effective as his other methods, you can hardly fault Master Simon."

"No, and to do him credit, he cut three trees to my one, and managed all the wood in the same number of trips."

"Good heavens!"

"I assure you, Ellen, it was nothing. The Prince's performance was much more exceptional than he makes it out to be."

"Cold comfort, Simon, cold comfort! And now I'm ravenous."

"You're always ravenous, Prince Andrew. Do you know, you are now actually eating more than even Master Simon does?"

"Am I? I am usually too busy at the table to take note."

"Well, it's hardly surprising. I do believe you're the largest man in the castle now. You certainly have the broadest shoulders."

"Really? What about Simon?"

"My Prince, because of the enhancements of the spell, my body has not had to grow as much natural strength. I only attained the size I have because I was heavily trained before the spell fully took hold. I shall probably never be any larger than I am now, because there is no safe training method to push my body beyond its limits." Prince Andrew had a brief mental image of Simon lifting boulders, but stifled it. That could wait for the evening, behind closed doors. "You, on the other hand, are not only eating properly and straining against tremendous resistance, but have the compound to assist you. In addition, the evidence suggests that you have tremendous natural capability."

"Yes, Prince Andrew, you have not even been here a year, and you have gone from a callow youth to the strongest man -- saving your presence, Master Simon -- in the region. You must have great talents in that direction."

"I take that as high praise indeed."

"Oh, say, Master Simon, can you fetch some of that firewood here? We will be baking pies this afternoon, and I will need them."

"Certainly, Ellen. Prince Andrew, you rest here. By my estimation, you have carried enough wood today. Just a moment."

As soon as Simon was out of earshot, Ellen whispered to Andrew. "Well, have you done what I told you yet? It has been three months."

"Ellen, I can't think of an excuse. Whenever I try to imagine seeing Simon that way, I--"

"Ah, say no more, Prince Andrew. Haven't I been your friend since you were old enough to have friends at all? I guessed months ago that you wanted Simon to be more than a teacher."


"There's no need to shout at me, young Prince. Did you really believe I wouldn't find out? I'm forty years your senior, and I've seen enough young men court my staff to recognize the look."


"No, truly, it's charming. I hope you have the courage to act on it, and soon. I'd give a year of my life to have my Robert back for another day, or to have married him a day sooner. Let me make your excuses for you. As luck would have it, I have a perfect one, ready-made for you."

Simon returned with a very large quantity of logs, wrapped in a long canvas cloth, to find Andrew watching as Ellen busily rolled out pie crust. "I hope this is enough."

"More than enough, Master Simon, you have my thanks." Ellen glanced at Andrew. "Prince Andrew, in an entirely creditable way, you are beginning to reek. I suggest a bath."

"The royal bath is temporarily broken. The servent got careless, and the heating chamber caught fire yesterday."

"Ah, well, then you can use the guard bathhouse, can't you? Guard training, guard diet, why not a guard bath? Can you pass me that sack of flour, Master Simon? I'm afraid I was rather carried away with the lard."

"Here, Ellen. Look out, you're--"

"Oh, dear. I'm so sorry, Master Simon! Honestly, it's all over you. That's what I get for reaching over without paying attention. Well, then, Prince Andrew, why not kill two birds with one stone? You can clean off your sweat, and Simon can clean off his flour. I happen to know the guards will not need the bathhouse until this evening, so you would have privacy."

Andrew found it difficult to conceal his amusement. "Well, Ellen, that sounds reasonable. Thank you for the suggestion."

"You had best hurry before someone mistakes Master Simon for a ghost."

Ellen watched the two men leave, and gave a sly smile. Opportunities for matchmaking were slim in the castle, but that merely made her relish them all the more. Then she remembered the original purpose of this bath, and frowned.

Part 7

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Originally Posted by tekuno View Post
Then she remembered the original purpose of this bath, and frowned.
Insert ominous musical sting here. Dun-dun-DUN!

Seriously, I think that Ellen is being very careful and probably is wise to be but it's not really going to help the Prince, nor Simon, once the King finds out what's happened.

Then again the King seriously needs to be brought to justice.
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